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Chigs Terry is a Personal Trainer with many year's vast experience in the fitness industry.
Chigs is a Personal trainer and kickboxing instructor with 11+ years Martial Arts experience, as well as his own kickboxing personal training spanning 7 years.


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Ebony Kingston

10 July 2017

I can honestly say that a personal session with Chigs is pleasurable. By this, I mean I enjoy that he makes me work extremely hard and really pushes me to get the maximum effect. I always say that in order to have a personal trainer, one needs to have a trainer that will make you work hard and one that has no mercy. That is the way I like me trainers to be and that is why I rate Chigs. More...

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I have a consultation with the client, understanding how they feel physically and mentally,

There is no secret. The plan is to enjoy what you are doing, stay positive, motivated and dedicated to your dream.

I enjoy seeing the increase in confidence as clients start to see results and the smiles on their faces when they tell me about compliments they have received.

I have been training people part-time for 8+ years whilst working a full-time job and enjoy training people and seeing them achieve their goals. I decided to quit my full time job and do what I enjoy doing on a full-time basis.

I am fun, enthusiastic and will make the experience enjoyable as well as driven towards your goal(s)