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Chelsey helps men and women find their best weight, feel amazing, and ditch yo-yo dieting for good. She’s a Registered Dietitian, nutritionist, and coach who believes that healthy eating should be flexible and enjoyable. She creates customized meal plans with delicious recipes and grocery lists that fit your goals, medical needs, and preferences.


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Dawn McIntosh

26 August 2019

Highly recommend Chelsey Love. She is an experienced Nutritionist and recognizes that each person has their own relationship with food, has a unique lifestyle and the approach needs to individual. Chelsey has helped me to create new eating habits and a healthier relationship with food. More...


Katie Ross

21 May 2019

A dietician worthy of your time & money. Chelsey is positive, encouraging, and professional. I walked away from each session feeling inspired, and equipped with the tools to help myself, and my family, live a healthier lifestyle. Our family loved trying all the new recipes. Thanks Chelsey! More...


Susan Kiyonaga

21 May 2019

Chelsey is such a knowledgeable and positive individual. Our sessions were very informative and left me with exciting (and healthy) meal planning ideas! Thanks Chelsey!!


Rachel Rebecca

17 September 2018

Chelsey is an incredible dietician who is committed to her clients through the good the bad and the ugly. She cares about her clients and their holistic health and provides firm but kind direction to promote healthy lifestyles that will last. Chelsey is reliable, knowledgeable, encouraging, helpful and always goes above and beyond for the success of her clients. She explains concisely how to change habits and always comes prepared with strategies to overcome various challenges and temptations with eating. I would highly recommend Chelsey to anyone who is looking to make a positive healthy lifestyle change. She will be your biggest cheerleader even in the toughest of days. Chelsey Love is the real deal! More...


Amy Cowan

9 June 2017

Most people think dietitians are just there to help you with weight loss. As someone who has never struggled with weight issues, I never considered reaching out to one. Until last year, when my IBS symptoms became completely unmanageable. Chelsey met with me every week to help me through the low-FODMAP diet and slowly reintroduce foods to help determine my triggers. The 9 months I spent working with Chelsey were honestly life changing. I've come out of this with more knowledge and understanding of nutrition and how it affects our body than I could have ever imagined. I would highly recommend Chelsey to anyone looking to learn more about nutrition or to keep you on a steady diet. She was there for me every week, encouraging me to keep with it and helped me stay on track. If I ever need more help again, I wont hesitate to reach out to Chelsey. More...

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