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Chef Stef is YOUR Personal Chef in the Hudson Valley.
Call 8455548370 for immediate quotes, or email stefan at chefstefny . com
as I don't use this platform often anymore

He offers a wide range of services that YOU are looking for including:


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Marilyn Rios

23 July 2018

I have had the chance to attend several of his cooking classes.
They have been fun, instructional, full of tips and delicious. Makes everything easy and simple. Cant wait for the upcoming Hudson Valley Wine and Chocolate Festival where he will be cooking. More...


Marie Pinyan

23 July 2018

Today's luncheon was delicious.
Everything was set up and ready to go on time.
Thank you for being so accommodating with the crazy weather!


Michelle Catucci Murphy

23 July 2018

Chef Stef brought food for my daughters graduation party and it was awesome!!!!


Alison Christine

23 July 2018

Awesome!! He set everything up and the food was SO GOOD. I thought I had ordered too much, but we barely had any leftovers! And it was so affordable too. A fraction of the cost of going to a restaurant. We’re definitely using Chef Stef for our next party! More...


Jacqueline Adams

23 July 2018

We had an amazing experience working with Chef Stef! We did appetizers for a small party and everything was perfect. The food was outstanding! And the team was so professional when setting up. Chef Stef was so easy to work with— I picked some appetizers from a set menu and then requested some others, and Chef was so accommodating and flexible. The price was also incredibly reasonable— especially for the quality! I highly recommend using Chef Stef and can’t wait to have him cater our next event. Thank you, Chef Stef!!!!!! More...


Leon Leybs

23 July 2018

Chef Stef cooked for our 13-person dinner. The food.. was... INCREDIBLE! Not often do you get a unanimous agreement on whether the food was good or not, but after dinner, everyone was not only impressed with the food, but also with the flawless service.
Chef worked with me to determine what type of service and food we wanted, then came up with a few dishes for me to choose from. Everything was easy, efficient, and best of all, I got to spend time with friends and family while he prepared and plated the whole 4 course meal.
I would hate to think how much time I would've have to spend cooking and not enjoying the day and the company if it wasn't for Chef Stef.

Thank you for all your work and the amazing food.


I begin by asking the client exactly what they want. It is their event; they should have it the way they want it. We discuss the theme of the event, the clientele in attendance and any dietary or allergic restrictions. From there we build the event.

Seeing the satisfaction of the people afterwards. The good feedback. Hearing that everyone enjoyed the food and service makes me satisfied in my ability as a chef.

I worked in private country clubs for 15 years pleasing some of then most scrutinizing individuals, and have learned to be very accommodating to individual needs. I wanted to bring that service to the regular consumer.

I am very accommodating to the individual, and very easy to work with. I bring me services to the consumer, so it is always at their leisure and preference what they receive.



Buffets that can be setup anywhere! 100% disposable containers and serving utensils makes cleanup a breeze especially at off-premise locations.

Chef Stef posts a menu to order from each week that is delivered to you in a "heat and serve" setup. Great for busy families, those that have difficulty cooking for themselves or people that want restaurant-quality meals without the crazy expense.

Chef Stef offers public classes once a month in Cold Spring, NY. They are 100% hands-on lessons. You cook along with the chef, and get to eat it as well. Private, in-home lessons are perfect if you need more individual instruction and guidance. Chef Stef comes to your home, sets everything up and instructs you on multiple things. Multiple, progressive sessions can also be scheduled.

For individuals with personal health goals whom need guidance, or those placed on a restrictive diet by their healthcare professional. Chef Stef can also prepare foods and meals in accordance with licensed health and weight loss programs.