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Chef Redd's BBQ and Soulfood



Chef Redd's BBQ and Soulfood



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Andrea R.

13 October 2019

Walking in, I was already sold when the smell hit me  as soon as I walked in the door, and the food was just a great. But what really made me love the place was the service- amazing, loving great service. My only regret is since I was only visiting in Augusta I won't be able to return soon enough. More...


Helen P.

19 September 2019

Always pass by here and decided to try this today. It was SO good. I got the pulled pork sandwich. Not only was it fast to come out but the chef came and greeted me too. He was very nice and personable. Service was really attentive and friendly as well. Def will be back with others More...


Ken H.

6 September 2019

We have eaten a lot of BBQ in our time. Redds is a place that makes the best! You can feed a family of 4 for about $30 and be full at the end of the meal. The service was great and the atmosphere is enjoyable. Don't pass it up. The meat falls off the bone and the green beans are to die for! More...


Jen I.

1 July 2019

Every employee that helped us (including Chef Redd himself!) were the sweetest people. We had brisket and chopped pork and both had great flavor. Hands down my favorite things were their yams, rolls, and their peach cobbler!! More...


Angel M.

5 June 2019

My family and I thought the food was delicious! We just moved to Augusta, and this will be a family favorite! We all had the 1/3 rib plate various sides. All delicious! Ribs, potato salad, cabbage was my personal fave! Max and cheese, Lima beans, and green beans. My husband and my 2 teen boys enjoyed it thoroughly! The customer service was fantastic! And my heart enjoys nothing more than a family restaurant!! I felt very welcomed and honestly could not have been more pleased with the service and the food. More...


Victoria B.

7 May 2019

This iteration of Chef Redd's BBQ is in the old Woody's spot on N. Leg Road. Visiting there was complicated by the ongoing construction; it was difficult both getting into and out of the parking lot with both Wrightsboro and N. Leg in chunks. The addition of rain on the day I dropped in just added a level of complication and should serve as an indication of how much I like Redd's food. Ironically, I did not get the que, but went for a smothered pork chop special. It was well seasoned; the meat was so tender and juicy that it cut with a plastic fork! Loved the cabbage and peas and their big flavors too. I did not wait long for my order and in the ten minutes that passed, the rain faded away into drizzles. My only disappointments during this visit was that the dessert I wanted was sold out and there wasn't beer available (thus my decision to take out, rather than dine in). I usually wait until a second visit to a business or venue before posting a review on Yelp. Anyone can have an 'off' or 'up' night and consistency is important to me. We have been following Redd around for years now and have visited his food truck, restaurant and 'pop up' situations before. The meat is always good and smoky, the sides are generous and tasty and Redd is always smiling and personable. My supper cost around $10 (excluding tax). The 'specials' aren't on the printed menus, so you'll need to drop by and check them out. The restaurant is open, albeit a chore to navigate to right now, but I hope you decide to pay it visit and enjoy Redd's food yourself. More...