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I bring traditional Italian and fusion cuisine to Austin and nearby areas.
My services include personal cooking at your home, meal prepping for those too busy to cook, cooking lessons and catering.
I specialize in Italian cuisine but can also do any Mediterranean cuisine such as French, Spanish Greek or Turkish.


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Elena D.

5 March 2019

Chef Daniele was hired for a private birthday party and he did an amazing job! His food was delicious and on spot, full of flavors and authentic, he was also super clean and the guests were so happy because he was really taking care of us 100%. Super thumb up!!!


John Phillip Godfrey

21 January 2019

Just had a delicious meal of gnocchi and ravioli made fresh at home at under the expert guidance of Chef Daniele. Learned a lot and had a great time with the family. Daniele is a cheerful supportive teacher. More...


Lora C.

3 January 2019

My family and I enjoyed a private cooking class with Chef Daniele at Faraday's Kitchen for my 50th birthday!  We had an amazing time and learned so much.  From knife skills to the proper deglazing of a pan...we did it all.  I couldn't believe by the end of the night we were rolling out Beetroot Ravioli for an incredible dish with Gorgonzola Fondue and Crunchy Prosciutto.  We made delicate pillows of perfect gnocchi, paired with asparagus and shrimp.  And finally, a rustic Pappardelle with Chicken Cacciatora Ragout. The timing of each dish was perfectly orchestrated and executed.  Chef Daniele was engaging, thorough and charming.  We can't wait to come back! More...


Ashley M.

14 October 2018

Chef Daniele, all I can say is thank you!!!!! My boyfriend and I truly enjoyed this beginners pasta class and both of us would love to do it again somewhere down the road! We had so much fun breaking out of our shells and trying new things. We are excited to take the recipes we created and share them with other people. Chef Daniele was very personable, helping and funny! He tells you a lot about his background. His Instagram @personalchefdaniele is something you won't want to miss out on seeing either! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! Truly a unique experience. :) More...


Shelly Abbott

23 July 2018

Chef Daniele catered a dinner party for 10 ladies. He and his assistant came to a house we had rented on Lake Travis and cooked a wonderful meal. I reached out in advance to Daniele to create a menu that was perfect for the event including vegetarian options. The food was amazing! The food was fresh and all prepared onsite. Daniele is professional, super nice and has a wonderful personality. I highly recommend Daniele! More...


Lisa C.

14 April 2018

Chef Daniele was the absolute cherry to our amazing bachelorette weekend in Austin, TX! He came to our house and cooked us the most amazing 3-course meal. When we were done, he kicked back with us for a drink and a chat. He is so nice and sweet and had so much fun getting to know us all! I would recommend Daniele a million times over and am looking forward to my next trip back to Austin!! Thank you!!!! More...


Tony Lockridge

19 February 2018

Perfect experience. Fun, engaging, and amazing cuisine. the tiramisu was life changing :)


Hollyanne N.

16 December 2017

Chef Daniele is an amazing instructor! He took the time to walk us through each step and made sure we felt confident with the technique. This dishes turned out fantastic and Chef Daniele made the experience fun and entertaining. We're first timers at pasta making but would recommend his classes for any level. We enjoyed what we learned so much that we tested out making pasta several days following our class and will continue!! More...


Patricia Burford Ryan

21 August 2017

I've taken two cooking classes with Daniele, and they were both fantastic! He's a great chef and teacher, with a fun personality.


Patrick Ormos

6 March 2017

Spent a wonderful afternoon with Daniele at his home learning about pasta. I had always wanted to learn how to make gnocchi and other fresh pasta but had never really had the opportunity. This year with the happy coincidence of Daniele's class and my birthday, I decided to g for it. We learned how to make pappardelle, gnocchi, and tagliatelle. We also made three sauces: bolognese, a red pepper emulsion sauce, and brown butter with sage. All three sauces were wonderful. We upped the level of spice in the red pepper sauce and it was quite wonderful. I love nutty brown butter. Adding fresh sage to it really woke it up. While each sauce was intended to complement one specific pasta, we ended up trying all three with each of the pasta varieties thus making nine dishes! I love gnocchi and was astounded at how easy it was to make. Daniele coached me through the entire process while allowing me to make it myself. Making the other dishes...the pappardelle were very easy, and the tagliatelle were finicky but not difficult. There is something wonderful about seeing the work of your hands at the end of the workshop. I took home some of the gnocchi and sauces for dinner that night, pairing it with a steamed fish and orange and white mashed sweet potatoes with cheesecake for desert. What a great meal! The gnocchi will definitely become part of my repertoire. Thanks to Danielle for a wonderful afternoon. More...


Justin Kelley

6 March 2017

Always delicious. I've had many of his dishes and they are magnificent! I wish I could have more!


Stefany Bre

24 October 2016

Great food!Daniele's not only an incredible chef but he's also fun and professional at the same time!Hire him if you want to have a great time while learning how to make delicious meals!


Lin Vic

4 October 2016

Daniele's food is to die for!!!! Try it!!!!! I have tried his Egg Plant Parmigana, Pizza Parties, and Chicken with Asparagus. He isn't charginfg enough so get it while it's available at this price!!!! More...


Rick Durchholz

1 October 2016

Daniele makes some of the best Italian food I have ever had. He makes itilian foods that I have never had before and they are incredible. He is also very entertaining and teaches very well if you want to learn. More...


Carolyn Durchholz

1 October 2016

Daniele is the best cook I've met in my life. He pays attention to detail and he is a total perfectionist in the kitchen. He makes cooking a fun and memorable night every time. Be prepared for a wonderful evening with Daniele More...


All of my guests love my Steak Daniele, which is a filet mignon (which is best-served medium rare), which my signature gorgonzola mushroom sauce.

I work with my guests to customize their experience to their tastes and budget. I am always open to edit recipes for those with dietary restrictions and am very sensitive to my guests' needs.

My guests, of course. I love the satisfaction of giving my guests a cultural experience and the best meal they've had outside of Italy.

When I lived in Florence, Italy (where I am from) - I worked for NYU teaching cooking lessons to students there. Then, I met my wife Hali and we decided to move to Austin to pursue our own businesses, she as an Italian travel planner and me as a chef.

I'll bring a slice of Italy right to your home! My pricing is competitive and every menu is customized.