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Charles Sweed

9 July 2019

All I can say is AMAZING and try it for yourself!!!


Adena CHarm

7 July 2019

Dang, a sample of dirty rice wasn’t enough, both my husband and wanted more. Delicious! Looks like I’ve found my next party’s chef. Casey your rice was a hit.



27 April 2019

The food was amazing. Chef Cassy is a true artist. Highly recommend looking her up and trying her menu. Great for large parties also.


Shuna Anderson

26 March 2019

Cassy came to my school campus and had a food truck set up for teacher. I enjoyed my chicken salad and my savory fried collard greens. I hope she continues to come. #Full More...


Tonya Henderson

26 December 2018

Cassie did an outstanding job in making all the food for our wedding! The food was the talk of the wedding and three weeks later I still have people complimenting the food she made. She brought her truck on site so that everything that came out was fresh and hot! The next day she came back out and made brunch for about 20 of my guests and not only was it wonderful but she is a joy and such a talented person to be around. We will definitely use her services again and send all our friends to her. Her friend greens are to die for and I don't like greens...you can't go wrong if Cassie is in the kitchen! More...


Neil Schnitker

26 December 2018

Cassy made a meal for 12 people within 90 minutes for me when my scheduled Caterer canceled. She showed up on time, with amazing food! She was professional, fast, and her food was the best! My customers couldn't stop talking about how great the food was! Thank Cassy for saving the day - I have your number saved and will use you again! More...



26 November 2018

Chef Cassy is a great Caterer. Her food is delicious and state of the arts. If you need to impress your friends call her and be amazed.


Carol Brock

26 November 2018

Chef Cassie's food is amazing!! She prepared our food for our wedding this past Saturday and brunch the next day. There is not a single item on her menu that is not prepared with the love and passion that she has for her dishes. The uniqueness and flavors are incredible. Great job Cassie. May God continue to bless you and your family. More...


KS Boheme

27 September 2018

A Taste of the South with a Big Helping of SoulChef Cassy Jones was the personal chef of our family reunion. She was at our house from 7 am to 9 pm. She cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner, did all the shopping, and did ALL the dishes!Every summer we all return to Dallas for a week-long family vacation. Four families get together for about 20 people that include kids, grandkids, in-laws, and close family friends. As a special treat, Chef Cassy was hired to do the cooking and kitchen cleaning, so all that work didn’t fall on just a handful of people. As one of those ‘handful of people,’ having her there was like a rock-star vacation. Thank you, Chef Cassy.Our menus were set beforehand. They were emailed and approved by everyone. We had two vegetarians, one paleo, one nut allergy, and a shellfish allergy. Chef took care of everyone. She even enlisted the grandkids to help in hopes they would branch out and taste more food.Breakfast was always hot and ready at 9 am and served until 10 am. Lunch was served at 2 pm and dinner at 7:30 pm. Just for an example of some of our meals we had dark chocolate Ghirardelli Belgian waffles, Paninis, salmon, enchilada casserole, and the most amazing prime rib. For appies, we ate Bacon Roll-Ups, Alligator Poppers, and Deep Fried Collard Greens. You mean like at the Texas State Fair, Deep Fried Collard Greens? That’s right. Chef Cassy won the Big Tex Choice Awards in 2013 with these greens.The food delish, but what spoke more than her cooking was her professionalism. She was never late, never complained, hustled when one of the kids had accidentally eaten one of the ingredients for a snack, and even ran out to the store when it was discovered that we were missing a key small appliance. She was on her feet for 12-14 hours a day and did it all with an easy smile and full of grace.We’ve never had help, and I was a little uneasy about having a stranger in the house. I was worried about nothing. Chef has a smooth, easy-going manner and is a joy to talk to. On our last day, we all gave a champagne toast for Chef because she’d made this family reunion a very special one.Chef if you read this, thank you for giving me the courage to try and poach my own eggs. I’ve been doing it since we got home. Delish!! More...


Jonathon Clayton

25 May 2018

Thank you so much for catering our lunch today. The roasted chicken, potatoes and seasonal veggies were not only healthy, but delicious!


Jin West

25 May 2018

Me and my husband have officially started a new tradition. This is the second year we have ordered a pan of brisket from Chef Cassy and it is exception once again. Juicy and tender, almost like a piece if beef bacon, just melting in your mouth and... Just wow. Thank you, Chef Cassy. Merry Christmas. More...


Gail Henderson

25 May 2018

Cassy catered a very special event for me....My 1 year breast cancer survivor party.I wanted to celebrate God's favor with my friends and supporters in style. Cassy helped make this occasion special. The food (cajun) was so good. My guests were so impressed with the meal and enjoyed it all. The gumbo was excellent . Secondly, the server was very efficient and paid close attention to every detail and my guests. I would definitely recommend her services and food More...


Jeanette J.

24 December 2017

Me and my husband have officially started a new tradition. This is the second year we have ordered a pan of brisket from Chef Cassy and it is exception once again. Juicy and tender, almost like a piece if beef bacon, just melting in your mouth and... Just wow. Thank you, Chef Cassy. Merry Christmas. More...


Charlot Phillips

7 July 2017

Very good food and ellecent Service will always used chef cassy'cuisine.


Tachana Fennell

22 November 2016

Great person to work with and awesome food

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I have 2, my deep fried collard greens which landed me a booth at the state fair and my alligator poppers which won me an award at the fair.