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We care about the service we deliver and your happiness.

Inspired by my late grandma, Rosa, who worked as a maid the majority of her life, our company is built around the principles of caring for clients AND caring for our cleaners.

Inviting strangers into your home can be.



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While we've been cleaning for a combined 23 years, we've officially been in business since April 2019.

Yes, we provide our own equipment and supplies. We use GREEN, ECO-FRIENDLY cleaning supplies that work, for the health of our customers and ourselves.

The satisfaction and surprise of our customers when they see how clean their home can get. That's honestly the best part We've had so many one-time cleaning requests turn into recurring customers and it feels good to make a connection. That people trust us with their homes means a lot.

Inspired by my late grandma, Rosa, who worked as a maid the majority of her life, I built Checklist Maids around the principles of caring for clients AND caring for our housekeepers.

The main reason behind using plant-derived, GREEN cleaning products is learning how toxic conventional cleaners can be. As a mom with 2 of my 4 children having asthma, I don't allow toxic cleaners in my home, so I don't bring them into yours.

Checklist Maids is a unique system to the people of Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nassau County (Long Island) in that it is a hybrid between the common big cleaning companies and independent cleaners. We took the best of both worlds to create a dynamic scenario where everyone wins- our clients, our cleaners and our company.

As a small business, we have minimal overhead- no company cars, or large offices, or television ads, or uniforms… you get the idea. With low overhead, we’re able to:
- pay our cleaners a better, fair wage,
- offer our clients dependable and experienced home cleaning professionals who have chosen cleaning as their career path and care about what they do,
- and offer both a seamless booking and scheduling platform that benefits all.

So awesome customer service, great booking and communication systems like the big companies, and the true care and excellent work of professional independent home cleaners.

We provide top-level customer service and support by handling your scheduling, billing/payments, work order notes and accounts with care and professionalism because this is your home, and as homeowners in Queens, we know how important that is.

We match your cleaning jobs only to qualified cleaners who have passed our screening registration and onboarding process. The cleaners we work with must have professional house cleaning experience with a track record of satisfied clients, must have professional industry training and/or the equivalent in work experience, must pass a background screening and reference checks and must demonstrate qualifications to get do the job professionally.



For those who have used our service or another professional cleaning service within the past 30 days.

For homes that haven't been professionally cleaned in the last 30 days and/or require a deeper level of cleaning above and beyond a standard cleaning.

A Move In/Out cleaning is designed for those looking to add a professional appeal to their place when they leave in order to increase the likelihood of resale or simply impressing your landlord. Includes the interior and exterior of fridge, oven, and cabinets. *property must be empty