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Kenda L.

25 July 2019

Great atmosphere, top-quality service and the food was delicious! Fish and chips was the special and it was truly amazing. The unique tarter sauce was divine. Overall a great experience and worth the occasional splurge. More...


John B.

1 July 2019

I took my wife there for her birthday and it was great!  The atmosphere is casual and rustic and the service is great!  The food is great, we started with escargots and a half order of poutine then had the Off the Dock special which was seabass and for dessert we shared a Deep and Delicious for one...ALL of it was amazing!  For drinks my wife had the Primrose which was incredibly flavourful and I very much enjoyed a beer on tap.  Overall it was a great experience and we will be returning!  Definitely worth trying out!!! More...


Cynthia B.

19 June 2019

This place is my go to before shopping at the outlet. We live in the northside and each time i try something new out of the menu. I had their breakfast poutine and hubby had the reuben. Both were delicious. We shared both dishes and we were so full that we didn't have room for dessert. The good news was they have a bread window where you can take home their baked goods. Who can honestly pass up a CRONUT with cookie dough filling. We took a sourdough bread and some cronuts home. I just love the ambience of this place, cozy and classy. Then the impeccable food and attentive customer service makes that 45 minutes drive well worth it. More...


Jessica C.

2 June 2019

Such a gem in Beaumont. We've enjoyed brunch, lunch, dinner, and burger nights. The bread bar is such a treat - those cronuts are to die for!


Lizzete Aranda Michaud

21 May 2019

We went Saturday for supper, table for three. Ambience is very nice, table had very nice presentation.Our waitress Audrey such a nice lady.Our entres beyond delicious, presentation and flavour.And the main course was absolutely Delicious!Definitely we want to return and try the lobster.By the way the dessert was delicious too!! Next time I’m going to take a pictures! More...


Donna Gee

4 May 2019

Excellent food! We loved the mismatched chairs, plates and spoons. Our server was so friendly and patient. The table next to us had a very strict diet and the chef came out to go over the menu and their restrictions. Our beef dinners were so flavorful and tender, we ate them with butter knives! We will be back. More...


Rita Hemmes-Davis

25 April 2019

Great food & service. The hard surfaces make it difficult to hear the server & the fellow diners at our table though. Maybe some soft surfaces like curtains would help.


Yolanda Chang

25 April 2019

Had an exceptionally great experience here! The food at Chartier is really great. Very creative without being too expensive or pretentious. Quality was super great! I really loved the salmon with sourdough crust and the green beans were CRAZY delicious! Service was friendly and attentive. Totally worth the drive if you live in the city. More...


Dan Barbu

25 April 2019

This place has been on my to-go list for quite a few years. I finally had the chance to go last week and I was not disappointed.The food was excellent. I had the smoked meat sandwich with the cream of mushroom soup. Absolutely delicious meal. The mushroom soup was creamy, and the subtle note of truffles in there really great. The smoked meat sandwich was equally great, with the meat being very tender and the in-house made bread completing the flavour.The prices are very fair and the wait staff was equally excellent as the food.Will definitely return here for lunch. Highly recommended. More...


Alex McGee

25 April 2019

Was invited to come here for a surprise birthday get together lunch for a friend. I had heard great things about this place but was super impressed with everything here.The atmosphere is super fun -- kind of rustic. The service was fantastic, the girl that took care of our table was joining around and did an excellent job. It was packed when we got there and I can see why.I ordered the breakfast poutine. It was amazing. The food and drinks were good. A little expensive but I will definitely be back here. More...


Terolenn Mykitiuk

26 March 2019

My fiancé and I visited Chartier for the first time last night for dinner, and it is safe to say we have a new favourite restaurant. Everything from drinks through to dessert was absolutely delicious, and it was provided by some of the best service I've received at a restaurant. I truly cannot say enough good things about Chartier and the staff there; we even spent the drive home raving about our experience. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and looked after. Can't wait to visit again. More...


Geoffrey Allan

26 March 2019

A first visit for me, Chartier is located on 50 Street in beautiful downtown Beaumont. I joined my brother and niece to celebrate his birthday, and we were very impressed. The food was very good. We started with their bread and butter appetizer, which was in house made sourdough bread sitting in a balsamic vinegar with a whipped maple butter. Worth every cent. They have a rotating meat special, which my brother and I both opted for. My niece chose a tourtiere which she thoroughly enjoyed. We even saved room for dessert. I had a sour cherry cheesecake in a jar. Incredible flavour and just the right blend of sweet and sour. It was enthusiastically agreed that we will be back. Keep up the great work folks! More...


Mia Dolanjski

26 March 2019

Super delicious, super friendly service and such a lovely environment. I came in for my birthday and was immediately greeted at the door and brought to my table. Our server Max immediately greeted us and explained extensively the specials of the night. Food was incredible and the cocktails were as well! I will definitely be back (: More...


Emily O.

23 March 2019

Chartier is amazing! They update their menu seasonally so there is always something new to try! Last time I went I had the mushroom breakfast, it was phenomenal! Service is always superior! If you have some time sit at the wood, the main bartender is an artist, amazing to watch and great to chat with! More...


Tracey N.

16 March 2019

The service is perfect and they are more than accommodating. My grandson was teething and they made him some carrot puree,  we all tried it at the table. It was really good, thank you for everything my daughter was very happy that we went there for her Birthday supper. More...


Lydia L.

4 March 2019

Chartier had always been on my top list of places to try ever since hearing about their kickstarter project back in 2015 which raised over $107,000 towards the campaign. It's located about 30 minutes south of downtown Edmonton in Beaumont. My girlfriend took us here for my (very) belated birthday dinner a few months back.The restaurant was already packed with customers at 6:30 PM on a cold Saturday night. I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the interior. Just picture a warm, vintage, and cozy home.Since it was our first time here and we already made the drive, we ordered a little more food than necessary to share.House-made sourdough bread and butter ($7) added with foie gras ($11) was honestly one of highlights of this whole meal. The crust was glossy with a golden brown colour and the texture was incredibly soft. We loved the butter - it was lightly sweetened with a hint of maple flavour and complimented the foie gras.Next, our server recommended the brussel sprouts for a more lighter dish. It's basically brussel sprout leaves, green apple, toasted hazelnuts, parmesan tossed in garlic, lemon, and anchovy vinaigrette. Although this dish was good, it wasn't particularly anything special. You could easily recreate this dish at home by tasting it and distinguishing all the ingredients.It's a sin to not order poutine at a French-Canadian restaurant. This famous poutine came with triple cooked hand-cut French fries, cheese curds, and house made Montreal style gravy. Cheese curds were squeaky and retained their shape despite being poured over by hot gravy. If you wanted that typical melted ooey gooey cheese, this is not for you. Fries were thick, not too soggy, not too crispy, and honestly probably the best poutine in the city.We got offered half the portion ($5) instead of the full given how much we've already ordered and she didn't want us to overstuff ourselves -- talk about hospitality! The actual dish is $9 for double the size.I have to get beef tartare every time I see it on the menu. Chartier made their own take on this using Alberta striploin with pickled blueberries, shallots, thyme, blueberry dust, blueberry mustard, egg yolk, parmesan crisps and house-made potato chips. I was surprised with how it was more sweet than savoury. A little step down from the previous ones I've had but still enjoyable.Apparently, this was everyone's favourite. 1 pound of PEI mussels with Bear and the Flower andouille sausage, pickled red onions, blue cheese, and house-made charred sourdough. This was my least liked dish. PEI mussels are supposed to have a clean fresh ocean smell with a mild fishy taste. These ones were overpowered by a strong fishy smell and instead of tasting like the sea, it reminded of me food that was left in the fridge for a couple of days. The sourdough bread was way too sour to be enjoyable and sausage was quite dry as well. I'd opt out of this dish next time. Maybe it's just me though! My friend didn't seem to mind it though.The wholey cow ($32) was recommended by our server since the dish changes daily depending on what cut of meat they get from the farmer. In partnership with Red Tail Farmers in Castor, AB, they're rotating between beef features from the entire animal. Supporting local farmers that ethically raise their meats is a necessity. This dish was delicious with the pickled vegetables and the steak jus combined everything together.Another dish we fell in love with. Braised chuck with red wine poached pear, bacon roasted mushrooms, and rosemary panko sitting on an apple purée. It reminded me of a hearty beef stew. The chuck was slow-cooked for hours and was fork tender. Fell right apart without a knife. Filling, full-bodied, and beefy. As much as I love ordering tapas, it's refreshing to see restaurants still offering full size dishes.That's it! A very satisfying dinner for us. I'm so glad I finally got to try this place after all this time. I just know I have to go back for their enticing brunch menu. I'm envious of those living in Beaumont -- it's such a beautiful small part of town, and to top it all off, they have Chartier just right there! Notably, the service was also amazing and probably one of the best I've had in awhile. More...


Christian P.

22 February 2019

Charming restaurant, has the feel of old Quebec. Great food and service, excellent venue for date night.


Shawn Isaac

17 February 2019

We have been here a few times and have thoroughly enjoyed every visit. The French onion soup is some of the best I've ever head, the poutine on point, and the chicken amazing. They have 6 rotating beer taps and have had quality beer every time. Avoid coming here if you're looking for Bud or Coors, they only serve good beer here. Highly recommend. More...


Dana-Lee Cleary

17 February 2019

There needs to be half stars! This place is a solid 4.5. Fries were amazing, smoked meat sandwich was huge. Meat, although delicious, was pretty fatty and kind of cold in the middle. Very attentive service and a great atmosphere. More...


Bill Beaton

15 February 2019

This is a hidden gem. Best Poutine in Western Canada. Great Staff. Good Brews. Amazing Food. You Gotta Eat Here!


Britt D.

12 February 2019

We decided to go for a late snack and drink maybe last Thursday. We have always wanted to try chartier but we just continuously have ventured into the city. We got there and it was packed!! We were shocked it was almost 8pm and only spots at the bar. Which was totally fine with us. We ended up trying two drinks each. My husband went with the featured cask which he said for craft was one of the best he's tried. I went with a strawberry champagne cocktail. Oh my GOODNESS. Delicious. We decided naturally on the poutine and the green beans. Well they were out of this world. The best poutines I've ever had. The green beans were also fabulous. Service was wonderful. He was a very friendly guy behind the bar. We can't wait to try it out for dinner! More...


Terence C.

11 February 2019

My wife tells me we're going to dinner at a French restaurant, and I think... where is there a French restaurant in Edmonton? Well, it's not technically in Edmonton but it's in a small town just south east about 30 minutes outside of Edmonton in Beaumont. It's a beautiful small town that's got a quaint main street like many similar sized towns. Near the middle of town, we find Chartier on the main street through town. There is parking in the back as the parking in the front of the restaurant is often hard to find when it's busy. When you walk into the restaurant, the first thing you see is a wall of fresh daily baked breads that you can purchase and take home to enjoy. Right after you pass the entry way there's a long bar and an open space with tables of different sizes. We were seated a bit further back near the kitchen that had a window probably for serving and convenience but it allowed for open views into the prep area, which for some might be a plus. All the chairs at the various tables were different sizes and styles which sounds bad but in this space it worked and fit with the decor of the space. In our party of four we decided on 4 different large plates, the Beaumont Smoked Meat Sandwich with a side of poutine (at an additional cost), the Tourtière, the Wholey Cow special (which was a burger when we went) also with a side of poutine, and a seafood bisque served with 3 buns made in-house. The smoked meat sandwich was something that you'd expect to find in a Montreal deli complete with brisket, served on sourdough bread, dijon mustard and pickles. It was a decent sized sandwich and was more than filling enough for a dinner portion especially when coupled with a small poutine. I'd go back for this sandwich alone because it was delicious (at least the small portion I was able to have had shared with me). The tourtière is a bison meat pie, that was also a large portion more than enough to fill my friend who ordered it. He stated that he loved it granted he had been craving this for a while so that might have made him biased to it all. My wife had ordered the burger with the side poutine. The burger was very juicy and thick, it was a bit tall to eat comfortably, and it did sort of fall apart near the end but the taste was still there and she would order it again.  The poutine was a bit salty and didn't quite meet our expectations for poutine but it wasn't bad per se, it's just that everything else was just that much better. I had the seafood bisque which looked very rich and creamy however it didn't feel heavy at all, the seafood tasted fresh and nothing was terribly over powering which is a good thing, and the buns that came with bisque were just heavenly. Hot, fresh and fluffy were such a great to have with butter or eat as a vessel to dip the bisque. Throughout the meal we were attended to often but not so much that it felt annoying. The wait staff were always friendly and engaging in conversation but it never felt forced. The overall experience was great and I would definitely be going back for special occasions or other things to celebrate because it is a bit pricey but worth the money. Check back with them frequently as they do change their menus every so often. Just for reference I went here almost a month or so ago and since I've gone they have changed a few menu items. More...



10 February 2019

We tried this place since it was well recommended by our friends. Wow amazing food. Very friendly staff. Love the atmosphere. We were so relaxed. Sandwich and the Tourtière were die for. Will recommend to any one. More...


Kelsey A.

3 February 2019

Worth the 45 min drive for me! I had a Caesar which was perfect with just enough spice, my friend and I shared a poutine (it could have had more cheese and thinner fries but otherwise it was very delicious), I had the beef bourguignon which was perfectly cooked and the bacon and mushrooms that came with it were very delicious. Then I had the molasses brown bread pudding. I was a little skeptical about the blueberries with it but it was just perfect. Service was great- my water glass was never empty, and the atmosphere is rustic and comforting with the lights dimmed. I thoroughly enjoyed Chartier and absolutely recommend it. More...


Stephen McLean

30 January 2019

It was really good. We ordered 4 items, and loved 3 of them.
You've got to order the tempura beans!

I would have given them a 5 star rating except for the dirty bathroom. It was kinda gross.

We will eat there again though, so I'll update my review at that time.


Jan J.

26 January 2019

Always a fav for brunch and well worth the drive for the friendly staff, attentive service and fab food. Great for families, couples, groups small and large... the menu changes to reflect seasonal fare, but dont ever pass on on their infamous poutine with squeaky cheese curds, delectable gravy... and if you indulge with the breakfast version, the perfectly poached egg with the truffled hollandaise is blissfully sinful. Go big or go home with flavor here! Stop off before or after you eat st their small bakery counter for some killer treats and delish fresh baked sourdough bread. More...


Samuel Ritter

25 January 2019

Best restaurant I've been to so far in my life great food, great service the food is amazing there poutine is fantastic the best poutine I've had in my life


Natoriesh ..

23 January 2019

Quaint little place in Beaumont. Has a very cozy feel to it. There is a restaurant side and also a lounge side and it seems like it's as good a place to come for dinner as it is for drinks with coworkers on a Friday evening. We went there for dinner on a Tuesday night. While it wasn't overly busy when we got there (around 7:00) it did get a little busier within the hour. I would recommend making reservations. Our server - Keanna - was super friendly and attentive. Most of the items on their menu are either gluten free or can be made gluten free. They also have two gluten free beers. It's probably one of the more gluten free friendly restaurants I've been to in and around Edmonton. Keanna was VERY informed and knowledgeable about gluten-free options and substitutions. Not for me - but they also seem to have a lot of vegan options, as well. I got the smoked meat sandwich with the gluten free bread. As far as gluten free sandwiches go - I'd give it a 8/10. Poutine was my side - with gluten free gravy and my understanding is that the fries have a dedicated fryer (and they... seem... to be made fresh). The gravy was really good and the cheese was cheese curds (not squeaky). My only complaint about the poutine would be that it did not have enough cheese in it, but that might be a personal preference thing. My partner got the Star burger (we were told that Tuesday was burger night). It was massive and the bread was super soft. It was thoroughly enjoyed. For dessert - we got the creme brûlée and it was fantastic! Probably one of the better ones I've had. Would definitely recommend it. Wish we had more room to try some of the other deserts - as they all look really good. Overall - I would return. I think there are enough unique dishes here to keep someone coming back regularly, it's incredibly gluten-free friendly, and the service is superb. More...


Megan L.

21 January 2019

This restaurant is very lovely.  The food is EXCELLENT.  I loved the dim ambiance, the decor and the overall atmosphere.  It's perfect for a date night or even an outing with a group of friends.  5 stars! More...


Cheryl C.

21 January 2019

If you're wondering if brunch here is worth a trip out to Beaumont, lemme tell you now... IT IS. Although it was mainly street parking I saw, there were a few spots available. We also made reservations on the day of and just 30 minutes prior to arrival since my little one was at a birthday party and I was craving something beyond fast food on a Saturday. The interior is quite cozy, rustic, but with elegant touches, and mismatched chairs that all suits the cabin like theme. Service is quick, friendly, and very helpful with assisting (we had asked for extra napkins, cutlery, and a couple other things with our messy little one). The food here though... it's next level... from presentation, texture, and taste; it's very unique and memorable. We had the scotch egg, mushroom benedict toast, and pain perdu. And; because the entrance doubles as their bakery, we took home 2 orange creamsicle cronuts...yes I typed right: CRONUTS...available locally here! The food is so impressive here, I cannot find words that would properly describe it, but it's absolutely a restaurant gem in Beaumont and I'd love to come back to try their other dishes during their lunch or dinner times. More...


Stephanie A.

18 January 2019

One of the best restaurants I have been to! Food is great especially the bread and the caramelized Brie! Staff is also very nice and welcoming. I always recommend this restaurant to friends and family. As well as guests where I work for good places to eat that isn't too far from the airport! More...


Simon T.

3 January 2019

Dinner for 4 on a Wednesday night, so cozy in this place.  Service was excellent, it was refined, friendly, professional, helpful. Menu had loads of options that looked appetizing.  To start, we shared the green beans which were battered, deep fried and presented in an empty tin of maple syrup, lightly drizzled with a red pepper sauce. Excellent.Poutine was starter #2, really well done with triple cooked fries and proper curds and gravy.Battered mushrooms were a bit disappointing, batter was way too thick and the mushroom hidden somewhere in the mess.  We didn't finish them.   Loads of delicious looking mains, but in the end I went for the sous vide steak special with a mushroom ragu (topped with fried onions)  and fries.  Delicious.  Best main of the night.  My wife was looking forward to the tortiere, unfortunately it came out cold in the middle. When she brought it to the attention of the staff, they offered to take it back and warm it up....little did we know it was heated in the microwave. When it came back it was a soggy mess, and we sent it back again.  Staff handled it well, they comped it and the half of my steak and apologized profusely. Great spot, great staff, good beer menu, food ranged from great to meh. I'd go back and give them another try.3.5 rounds up to a 4....too bad no half stars. More...


Mary S.

28 December 2018

It had been a while since doing brunch at Chartier and it was as good as I had remembered. The scotch egg was so yummy and the service was good (as per usual). I was a little bummed that the cinniminis had sold out before I had a chance to buy some but that's on me. Go team Chartier! More...


Justin M.

13 December 2018

Went for steak and frites night for my wife's bday, nothing but good things to say. Service was awesome, the steak feature was unreal, drinks were great, and they let us bring our own cake and no charge. Thank you for another great experience!!Best restaurant around by far. More...


Sarah B.

10 December 2018

I had been wanting to try this restaurant but was hesitant as it's on the complete opposite side of the city from me. After putting it in the GPS, I saw that Beaumont really wasn't that far so we made a reservation a couple of weeks in advance. When you first walk up to Chartier, you feel the warmth and excitment coming out of the restaurant. Inside, the decor is chic with touches of French heritage. Upon recommendation, we had the fresh bread as an appetizer and added on the bruleed brie. I have dreams about this dish. It was the perfect combination with the maple butter and herbed salt. The bread was a fresh sour dough that wasn't over powering in taste. Unfortunately, we were disappointed with our main dishes. We tried the smoke meat sandwich and the beef special (a large cut of steak). The smoke meat was pretty fatty and didn't measure up to the Montreal version. The steak ended up being more fat than meat and had a slightly plastic taste to it - possibly because it was cooked sous vide?I will definitely be making the drive out again  just for that bread and appetizers because it definitely filled you up! More...



12 November 2018

In just the few short years that they've been open, Chartier has become the heart of Beaumont, literally and figuratively. With Beaumont being just a half hour drive south of the city, the French-Canadian restaurant welcomes anyone and everyone through its doors. It's become a local favourite for brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert. ...Read full post on seethecity.blogspot.com More...



4 November 2018

Very nice setting. Friendly staff. Food is excellent. Wife and I had a fun time. Saturday night was vinyl night. DJ music selection was great. We will be back.


Jess S.

25 October 2018

Although my experience during dinner wasn't so great, my next visit for Sunday brunch redeemed themselves!!I can truthfully say this experience at Chartier was a million and ten times better than my first dinner experience here.Every single dish we had was amazing and the service was excellent as well. Breakfast poutine is definitely not a good idea to share when you already have your own dishes to eat   I had the mushrooms on toast benny and it was great. They use local growers and companies for majority of their dishes!! My friend ordered the breakfast sandwich and she loved it! Everything was really generously portioned and worth the price.Everything was so filling and affordable, fresh and well put together! More...


Devon M.

14 October 2018

What a cute little place in the middle of Beaumont! I was recommended by a friend who is a foodie and I wasn't disappointed! Poutine was amazing! I had the breakfast sandwich off their fall brunch menu, and I loved it! The bread was a little hard on the top bun but that would be my only complaint! Reasonably priced! Super cute decor and the staff were very friendly and accommodating! More...


Clement C.

9 October 2018

Came here for brunch with family, the menu was more breakfast than lunch. There maybe two items on the menu that did not involve eggs. We ordered couple of cinnamon buns to share, Poutine, Egg Donovan, Mushroom Bennie and Pain Perdu which was our favorite. It was basically french toast and had some bacon bits on it. The combination of sweet and savory was very nice.Our second favorite was the cinnamon buns, soft and not overly sweet. The gravy on the Poutine was very rustic. The Egg Donovan and Mushrooms Bennie were quite okay, but the crust of the sourdough bread was chewy and hard to cut. In my opinion, the amount of Hollandaise put on the poach eggs was a little lacking.We had two servers due to shift change, both were very friendly and chatted with us but the speed of the service was a little slow. Also, the milk that the kids had was sour. If I am in Edmonton again, I will try to go back perhaps for dinner. More...


Bray M.

23 September 2018

Very professional and attentive staff. Very impressed with the food and ambiance of the room. The manager Ally went above and beyond for us tonight. We definitely recommend!


Dawn L.

22 September 2018

What an awesome find!!  We had a fabulous brunch this Saturday morning.  So fabulous,  I have not one thing to grumble about. We were greeted promptly and friendly at the front door. Despite the time of week, we were immediately seated, served hot delicious coffee and had our order taken.  Brunch arrived quickly, was hot and tasty. MacKenzie,our waitress, couldn't have been better. Thank you for the terrific service. Five stars in every department. More...


Smitty S.

9 September 2018

Fantastic restaurant in a quaint little town! This place has a relaxed, rustic chic vibe. I absolutely looove the decor! I recommend making a reservation as it seems to be a busy place but we did a walk in and sat at the bar as it was only 2 of us. They have a decent beer selection (local) and based on what I saw on the wall behind the bar, decent scotch selection as well.Everything on the menu sounded deliciously decedent but I decided on the breakfast poutine and cappuccino and the boyfriend got a coffee and les oeufs. The poutine had the biggest cheese curds I have ever seen and they were so fresh! Quite literally the best poutine I have tasted! The gravy was the real deal and the potatoes were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It came with a poached egg topped with truffle hollandaise. Mmm mmm so good! The sourdough toast that came with my boyfriend's breakfast was fresh and rustic. It came with a side of fresh raspberry rhubarb jam which was a nice mix of sweet and tart (which they sell at the door and we ended up buying a jar of). The service was great and the food was so yummy! We are actually goinback next weekend with friends. THAT is how good it is! More...


Sophia H.

10 August 2018

We went here for our wedding anniversary and all the staff were so sweet and congratulated us which was so sweet. We started with a few cocktails that were good but a bit pricey. We started with a delicious Caesar salad that was topped with escargot!!! For our main we decided to be a little crazy and trip the lobster poutine! It was Huge! The lobster was over cooked unfortunately but the homecut fries and the gravy and lobster bisque gravy was to die for!!! Soooo good!!! We were too full for dessert but there was some great options!! The atmosphere and the environment in general was so great and a really wonderful spot in a cute little town! Worth the visit and we hope to go back soon!!! More...


Heather M.

24 July 2018

Absolutely wonderful place for lunch or dinner. Amazing ambience. Spot on food. Canadiana at it's finest.


D P.

11 July 2018

The service and food were excellent.   Definitely recommend the poutine and the peach donut


Tony B.

8 July 2018

This place is fucking fantastic! 5 stars. But unfortunately no photos because I was busy stuffing my face!I met my brother in-law and his kids out here for brunch on a Sunday morning... it was packed! Beaumont's an interesting town... I'm not saying I was the only minority in the restaurant. But I was the only minority in the restaurant... fortunately enough unlike my review of "The Peaks" restaurant everyone here is extremely friendly! You're treated like family here and the service is incredibly attentive.I ordered the Mushroom Benny... and it was delicious. The hollandaise sauce is incredibly milky and smooth as well as rich and full of flavour. The other sticking point of this restaurant is that it IS kid-friendly. BUT you wouldn't imagine that. The interior is gorgeous and the details in the restaurant design are very meticulous-- the owners really do care.I will definitely be back here for dinner seeing how brunch was spectacular! More...



28 June 2018

My Dinner Club went here a few week ago for a lovely evening filled with delicious locally sourced dishes. We started off with cocktails and wine. The ladies all chose the Aperol Spritz which was refreshing and reminded me of Spritz cocktails I've had in Italy. We all agreed that our favourite dishes were those from the Small Plates menu. My husband has the Poutine with triple cooked handcut fries. I may have snuck a few bites. Yum. It was so good he was pretty full after it. The rest of us shared the scrumptious sourdough bread made in house (and apparently able to purchase through their bread window) and some lovely maple salted butter served with salted herbs. One plate added the bruleed brie, which was amazing...both creamy and sweet. My absolute favourite order was the Haricot Vert. This was tempura deep fried green beans served in a maple syrup tin, and dipped into smoked maple mayonnaise. I would order that again in a heartbeat. For mains our choices varied. Our vegetarian didn't want the off menu choice our server offered and went with poutine (she didn't care about the gravy...as she calls herself a bad vegetarian. Lol). One friend ordered the Beef Bourguignon and for a few bites of my meal my friend offered me a taste. The red wine poached pears and bacon roasted mushrooms were incredible. I had the Sourdough Crusted Salmon. I loved the tasty crust on it but found the dish overall pretty dry. I think it needed a sauce or more of the promised salad to balance it. The so called salad didn't consist of much. The dried seasoned farro and wild rice only made it drier. The marinated roasted oyster mushrooms had a strange sour flavor to my pallet. My husband and another friend ordered the daily special under the title "Whole Cow." We all love that this restaurant teams up with Red Tail Farm in Castor, Alberta for this. The featured "part of the cow" was shoulder which is a tough piece. Both agreed the dish was tasty but a little too chewy. We ended the meal with a shared dessert: S'more! This was a chocolate cake with a graham cracker base topped with dark chocolate creameux and the most wonderful marshmallow fluff, topped with a maple graham cookie. Our waitress was fantastic and we adored the decor of this restaurant. It had an assortment of fun framed chalk boards on the walls, mismatched chairs, every plate of food was served on a different piece of china, even our dessert spoons were adorable and all unique. We definitely recommend this gem in the little town of Beaumont. More...


Jason S.

28 June 2018

Chartier is a very cute and warm restaurant. The interior is nice and the staff are friendly. We went to this restaurant for a Valentine's day celebration. We ordered a few dishes to share and the portions were quite large. In fact we ended up packing a lot of it home. The food here is quite rich and so if you're looking for something light this isn't the place to go. We had poutine, beef tartar and a duck dish. The food is good and nicely presented. We weren't blown away and haven't been back but it's still worth a try. More...


Geneva M.

26 June 2018

It was a beautiful Saturday so decided to go out for an early dinner. When we walked in the decor was fabulous! Very cozy environment. Dinner starts at 4 so we went a little early to have a drink. Bartender was extremely knowledgeable on her drinks and gave us a few testers to ensure we liked what we were getting, which was much appreciated. We started out with the tuna tartare which was DELICIOUS! My husband went with the pork belly which he said was yummy (a little fatty in my Opinion - but that's what you get when you order pork belly!) I went with the chicken poulet au citron which was good but nothing amazing. We will definitely be back to try more dishes! More...


Spencer K.

13 June 2018

Excellent. In town from NY on business and Chartier was recommended by the desk clerk at our hotel. Great good, great service. Our server Sloane was right on point. A must if you are in the neighborhood!! More...


Linda L.

10 June 2018

My husband and I visited for supper last week and enjoyed their summer specials menu of halibut fish n chips. Very tasty and the staff accommodating as always. We will be back to share the 1lb or lobster poutine More...


Philip G.

7 June 2018

I had a great time at this restaurant with my brother. The food tends to be on the rich side but it's absolutely delicious. I'd just warn that my eyes are always bigger than my stomach when I go here! More...


Jenn B.

4 June 2018

My boyfriend and I went for brunch yesterday for the first time. We split the cinnamon bun (it's huge!! We took half home!!) and the each had a breakfast dish. The food was AMAZING, the service was friendly, attentive but not clingy, the atmosphere is great and the decor is super cute. We ended up buying a few items from the bread window on the way out as well. We will absolutely be back! Thank you for a great brunch :) More...


L K.

28 May 2018

We started with the charcuterie board for 2 ($32) selection of meats, pate maison, cheeses, house made savoury jam (can't remember the name) grainy mustard, house pickles and fresh sourdough bread made in house (probably the best sourdough in the city) There wasn't enough bread so ordered a few more slices. For main hubby had the Beaumont Smoked Meat Sandwich with hand cut fries and I had the Pork Belly with risotto, parsley purée, parmesan crisps and Brussel sprout leaves. Pork was a tad dry but the flavours were magnificent. Hubby complained about the portion of the sandwich ($18) but he loves his meat &  bread. It was a good sandwich. For dessert we had the creme brûlée and Lime jar, a perfect way to end the evening. The brûlée had the crack any good brûlée should have and the lime jar had just the perfect amount of tartness. Our sever Calvin made the experience even more enjoyable, he is very hospitable. We raved about the bread and as a parting gift he sent us home with a loaf of bread. More...


Mike R.

21 May 2018

Another amazing dining experience. The food and concept are 100% spot on. Stop making me wrote more


Tracey R.

20 May 2018

Good options are absolutely great. Their cinnamon buns are absolutely huge. Staff are fantastic.


Paul D.

20 May 2018

This is a great spot for breakfast or brunch.  The servings are large so be aware that a small plate isn't that small but otherwise an imaginative and creative menu well executed,The brunch cocktails are classics with a twist. Caesar with black pepper jam and a twist on an Aperol twist with a splash of strawberry juice are characteristic of the restaurants approach, nicely blending sweet and savory, and reasonably priced at 9$ each.Baked goods are wonderful, although be aware the cinnamon bun is massive.  It is full bore decadent sweetness but in general the menu is characterized by that blend of sweet and savory seen in the Caesar. The pain perdu is a wonderful blend of sweet and salt. Scotch eggs are well executed. It is so nice to go to a brunch that isn't just cheese and eggs. My only criticism is portion sizes are too big for me, but beyond that a great place for weekend brunch. More...


Billie R.

17 May 2018

The drinks and food are always delicious. The service is always prompt and friendly. We love the new outdoor seating and enjoy following their Instagram for updates on the menu for things like burger night!



12 May 2018

Hmm I guess Zomato took away the half points system. I would have wanted to give this a 4.5 because it's not really a 5.0 - oh well 4.0 it is. I had a lot of fun driving into Beaumont and parking easily in front of the restaurant for free. The people are so nice here and you get a nice French community feel. The poutine I had was huge and it was out of this world bang for your buck. It really stuffed me. I couldn't finish it because I had to save room for Lobster mac and cheese (heavenly) and mussels. I wanted to order everything off the lunch menu but the server advised me not to - and she was right. Among two people, I'd say 3 dishes at the most - not 4! I can't wait to visit Beaumont again and try some other menu items at Chartier. This is a worthwhile excursion out of Edmonton! More...


Pamela D.

8 May 2018

Visited Beaumont for the first time last week with the intention of lunching at Chartier. I've heard so much about this place and have wanted to try it out for a while after reading so many awesome Yelp reviews. I knew they a were born of one of the most successful Kickstarted projects in Canada. Bringing an authentic French Canadian resto to the French Canadian town. I love the style of the place from the minute you walk in (that pink sofa should be in my house), fresh bread sold at the entrance. The style is country vintage with some great features, including the town map with names of all the Kickstarter supporters printed on it. Chairs are all individually painted, window into the kitchen and the cutest crockery event. I ordered a cup of tea, the cup and saucer was adorable and matched the menu but I think that was a coincidence. All very aesthetically pleasing. The food... oh the food. I am a sucker for sharing plates so we opted for the business board and a portion of the lobster mac to share at the table. The lobster mac had the biggest chinks of lobster, creamiest sauce and was pretty much the best lobster mac I've ever had. The biz board was a treat as well, it included a skillet of scallops, mussels, sausage and served with crusty bread, a gorgeous fresh salad and homemade oatmeal cookies. I enjoyed every bite. P.S. You can book a table with Yelp reservations  - WIN! More...


Chad T.

30 April 2018

very cozy and nice place, but service was not as good. had to wait a long time before getting food. but overall, a great place :)


Chris C.

6 April 2018

I finally made it to this restaurant, which I have been hoping to get to for quite a while! A friend of mine Pierre lives in Nisku suggested we meet there, and I was like let's do it!That's quite a price with the ambiance in the decor, it's a lot more cosy than I thought it would be. Do you think got some really nice sheepskin for is on each table in case you get a little cold.She need you walk in there's a bit of a bread store, where they're selling breads and pastries... Really cool touch, and I'm sure does well in Beaumont for that.I will deathly be back for dinner but this time just had some drinks and some small plates. The selection of craft beer on tap was awesome, and we need of having the muscles which were cooked to perfection. So tender and really nice flavors. There's also a daily special which was some deep-fried smelts, which I haven't seen in a very long time on a menu so I definitely jump at that. It was done really nice on toast and was cooked delicately.Definitely will be back for dinner... Can't wait to try the Beef Bourguignon and other French favs! More...


Mina K.

1 April 2018

We came here on Easter Sunday for our first visit and I was spectacular! It's fun to take the drive out to Beaumont to this fun, unique joint. The French Canadian flair is delightful and the staff are super gracious. But most importantly, the food is delicious and inventive ! Aside from some classics like the poutine (magic) the dishes are very creative. They also have an unbelievable bakery in house that is pumping out delicious breads and treats. Can't recommend this place enough ! More...


Ariel K.

24 March 2018

Took the trek to Beaumont to visit the French Canadian Restaurant Chartier on a Sunday evening. I can say that this gem was worth the trip "out of town". Without a doubt this was the best dining experience I've had since coming back to Edmonton a few years ago.There's no question that there is good food to be found in Edmonton, now more so than ever. But Chartier does so many other things well that set it apart. The atmosphere and restaurant decor is quirky but makes sense. It has a fine dining vibe, but doesn't take itself too seriously. Customers are there for 1st dates, 100th dates and also for family get togethers (with crayons and colouring pages for kids). And somehow, unbelievably, it's not scatter brain - it all works. Combined with their excellent and humble customer service, Chartier is hitting home runs like the Expos in the 90s. For starters we ordered the tempura beans with a maple syrup mayonnaise, the poutine (of course), and the mussels. The tempura beans were a table favourite and I believe one of their most popular dishes. Poutine is never not tasty, but somehow Chartier's doesn't have you feeling sluggish afterwards. It was tasty without having to reach for water to restore your water balance like you do with most salty poutines. The mussels were also delicious and was a fair serving for the price. I daresay that they were nuanced and a little different than other white wine mussel dishes I've had.My main was the duck and blue berry perogies. I also tried the tourtiere (sorry tourtière) a French Canadian meat pie, the only other French Canadian dish I recognized. Needless to say, both were good and fair portions as well.I have two regrets - we went for an early dinner (mom life) and weren't as hungry as we should have been. We took leftovers home and will have to try their desserts next time. Secondly, I don't know much about French Canadian food, so while I can vouch for the food being excellent, I can't tell you more about how French Canadian it was. If you need a pretend vacation, take the S.O. and the kids on an excursion to one of Edmonton's (well, Greater Edmonton's) best restaurants. With the great food, service and atmosphere, you might actually believe you're on vacation! More...


Sam H.

19 March 2018

I'm such a fan of Chartier. The restaurant atmosphere is pretty much exactly the way I'd choose to furnish a small restaurant if given the opportunity. The food has always been really really good and on brand with the french theme. As they are consistently changing their menu, I can't say which item I particularly loved and promise that it'll be there the next time you visit. However, I haven't yet had an item on the menu that I wasn't happy with. They also have a great bread window throughout the year with different items on it everyday starting from noon until they sell out, and I highly recommend the sourdough bread to bring to people you want to impress (with bread). More...


Angry Frenchman

16 March 2018

This place is well worth the drive from Edmonton. A variety of great dishes. Nice atmosphere and they offer a solid contribution to the world of poutine! I've been here half a dozen times and the service has always been great. Make a reservation for Sunday brunch as this place gets PACKED. More...


Christina B.

13 March 2018

Chartiers Mussels dish was flavourful and balanced, craving their sour dough bread drenched in broth will become 'a thing' ~ this dish is a great way to start your meal. Paired with appies, & Prosecco, Chartier will appeal to your pallet and desire for great service and atmosphere!! It is worth the drive to Beaumont. Tip parking in back. More...


Brad P.

10 March 2018

Wow what a great breakfast.  Stopped in for a quick breakfast and it was spectacular.  Not only was the food excellent, the service was well beyond great.  Everyone was friendly and wanted you to enjoy your experience.  Ate a great breakfast and took two cinnamon buns to go for the family. They were super big, soft and tasty.  What a great find. More...


Roland H.

8 March 2018

Chartier is a little taste of Quebec in Alberta. It is also an award winning French restaurant in Beaumont, Alberta. It's cute and quaint. It was listed as one of Canada's best restaurant by EnRoute Magazine. We went with a big group so we had the opportunity to share many of the dishes on the menu. Some of the highlights included:(1) Haricots Vert which are tempura fried green beans with smoked maple mayonnaise;(2) Poutine;(3) Beef Tartare; (4) Tourtiere;(5) Beef Bourguignon; an (6) Duck and Perogies.The food is quite filling and hardy (classic Quebec cuisine) so plan accordingly. More...


Nelson K.

2 March 2018

Really good fine dining without the attitude.  The food is definitely on Point and the service is excellent.  My waitress Brooklyn was amazing and provided one of the best dining experiences I had over my two weeks in the Edmonton area.  The breakfast poutine was so good, with the egg cooked just right to flow out onto the poutine.  If your in Beaumont or even in Edmonton it's worth the drive. More...


Kirsty M.

11 February 2018

A gem of a restaurant in Beaumount! I tried the poutine, tourtiere, and the creme brule for dessert. The poutine was tasty with nice housemade fries, tasty gravy and real cheesecurds, best poutine I've had in years. The tourtiere was seasoned perfectly, just like memeres. So delicious! I chose the creme brule for dessert and it was a nice light finish to a wonderful meal. Will definitely be back!! More...


Jacquelyne A.

7 February 2018

This may be Edmonton and Area's best restaurant. A long time friend of mine lives down the road from Chartier and told my partner and I that we simply had to try it.Their dinner menu is a tad on the expensive side so we opted to get a brunch reservation. We headed out for brunch on a Sunday morning and it was packed. You'll definitely want a reservation or be willing to wait.We were seated promptly and I was already enamored by the rustic charm. None of the chairs or tables match. There were blankets on the back of our chairs. The tea cups and plates are all different. It really feels like you've stepped into a fusion of old country home and modern comfort.We ordered Les Oueffs, The Flapper De Stacker and the Breakfast Poutine. All of them were phenomenal. The Flapper De Stacker were the most delicious pancakes that I have ever had. I honestly debated eating my partner's meal, as the candied carrots and cream cheese icing were to die for. Then I tasted my poutine and knew that this was a place I'd be back to. The truffle hollandaise was perfect, heaven in my mouth. The Andouille sausage was made in house and was pretty spicey but still great. I couldn't find a single problem with any of the dishes. Our server was pleasant. She was attentive, except for refilling our water. That was the only thing I could find that wasn't on point. On the way out I tried a sample of their cinnamon bun, which is HUUUGE. The balance of cinnamon and sweet was delectable. One bun is enough for 3-4 people to have.Chartier also has a bread window where they sell fresh baked bread, baked goodies and preserves.Overall, this was the best brunch I've had in a long while and despite living in Downtown Edmonton, we will be back. Go make a reservation now, it's that good!!!! More...


P G.

21 January 2018

Great food. We really enjoyed everything we ordered. The atmosphere was great and our server Penelope was awesome. Thank you!


Elizabeth Mary

14 January 2018

Chartier is an amazing brunch experience! I highly recommend the Flapper de Jacker and the Jolly Roger. The service is also friendly and efficient!


Ari Y.

13 January 2018

Just stopped with my gf for a dinner in Chartier,The place was full so we sit at the barFirst I gotta say the place look very nice lastTime I've been in a place look like that was in Puerto Rico in a michlien star restaurant so you guys getting a star just for that..The Bar man was a nice dude serve as good and fast, and wine was good, the starts small plate I got the beans and mayonnaise something delicious and the meat tartar both delicious. For main we share the duck on froguies Gotta say was the best duck I ever eat!!!Delicious delicious delicious I'll be back!! More...


Danielle B.

9 January 2018

I recently read about this restaurant online, in an article about the top restaurants in Canada. When I saw that they are located in Beaumont, I got really excited because my sister lives there and I was going to visit her for Christmas. I immediately made a reservation to take my sister for lunch the day I arrived in town. When we got there, the restaurant was quite busy. Thank goodness I had made a reservation! We were seated right away and quickly read over the menu. Everything sounded amazing so it was tough deciding what to get. We settled on some mussels to start, followed by their smoked meat sandwich and the lobster mac & cheese. The broth with the mussels had bits of chorizo and blue cheese swimming in it. Their house-made sourdough bread was lightly charred and perched on top, still warm from the grill. Perfect for soaking up that delicious broth. The smoked meat was accompanied by grainy mustard and crunchy pickles, between slices of sourdough. I discovered they also sell their bread at the front of the restaurant (or at a separate window outside in the warmer months) Of course, we picked up a couple on our way home!The lobster mac & cheese was my favourite - thank goodness we were sharing everything - I don't think I would've been happy with only a few bites of this. The portion is a good size, and the sauce was creamy and oh-so-cheesy, topped with crunchy panko breadcrumbs. Yum! The highlight of the meal for me, the real star of the day, was the dessert. Specifically, the lemon meringue dessert. This was absolute perfection. I will have to find excuses to visit my sister more often, just so I can go back to have this dessert. It was WOW. The lemon curd was sweet and and tart, the texture was nice and smooth, and the shortbread cookie was a stellar choice to have as the crust. All of this was topped by lightly torched marshmallowy meringue and a sprig of mint. For me, dessert doesn't get much better than this.Our server was very friendly and made some good recommendations. She did forget to put in one of our orders, but was quick to fix it. It was fortunate that we were sharing, though, as one of us would've been eating our entrée alone otherwise. It's definitely a bit pricey for the area, but coming from Vancouver and now Toronto, I'm used to seeing more expensive restaurants. I think as people start to have a greater appreciation for high quality food, they won't mind spending a few more dollars for it. I really wanted to go back here for dinner but I just couldn't squeeze it in this trip. I will need to go back soon, though, as I'm dying to try their beef bourguignon. More...


Nicole W.

5 January 2018

I was torn between a 4.5 and a 5 star rating.. but can't figure out how to give half a star so here it is... 5 stars!!There has been a tonne of hype since this place opened and personally I didn't get caught up in it... like really, how good could it be for our little town? Then I had the opportunity to go with my friend for my birthday dinner and I have to say how impressed I was.If you're nit picky about matching, then I wouldn't recommend this place as it'll drive you nuts as all of the plates, cups, etc are a hodge podge of mixes. Really, who cares - they're clean :)We started off with the tempura beans and I have to say - WOW! They were so delicious, I could have ordered a couple of orders and just had that for dinner. I will definitely be back, if not just for the tempura beans.My friend ordered the chicken which was good.. juicy and large portions. I had the steak, which after eating sooooooo much turkey for Christmas, I really appreciated. It was delicious and so were the parmesan fries that it came with. I took leftovers home and ended up eating them for breakfast as I couldn't wait till lunch to finish them off!Our server was nice and considering how packed the place was, the service was great... and the food came out of the kitchen fast! It has definitely given the people of Beaumont the option of a great meal without having to drive to Edmonton... which I appreciate. More...


Rory N.

21 December 2017

The Poutine is awesome - HUGE portion.  1 order for 2-3 pp as a side or an appetizer.  The staff were very accommodating as my daughter wanted a sandwich but her mouth was sore from her braces.  Staff is very friendly!


Kris T.

19 December 2017

This place is fantastic! Definitely some of the best food in the Edmonton area! The beef bourguignon and the tourtiere were amazing, and the homemade  chocolates were the best we've ever had!


Lisa B.

17 December 2017

Phenomenal - nothing else to say. Not a bad choice on the menu and the bread window?!?! Thank you for being part of this world.



2 December 2017

Located on the main strip of Beaumont sits this amazing French pub/bistro/restaurant. The minute you walk in you are greeted with the smell of fresh baked bread, a bar service rotational craft beers, and ambiance that reminds you of a rustic chalet/pub. Looking at the lunch menu the Montreal smoked meat sandwich with your choice of side, and poutine made with thick fresh cut potatoes. Amazingly the side salad was the best part. Poutine was pretty good, menus indicated duck, bison, pork....could only taste hint of bison, duck was no where to be found.... montreal smoked meat had sliced pickles inside and a Dijon mustard that was a bit over powering. Would like to go back and try some more. More...


Kim R.

1 December 2017

This is a jewel of a restaurant in Beaumont. The food was great and the menu had a variety of options. The staff was super friendly. I can see why this restaurant is such a popular place. My only downside was I found the prices to be on the high side. More...


Laini G.

25 November 2017

FINALLY made to Chartier today, and loved it. Hubs and I don't get this far south this often, but I was going to a house warming party for a friend of mine in Leduc, and I have another friend who lives in Beaumont, so it seemed like a perfect combo. We arrived at our reservation time and were seated right away. LOVED the decor. The fancy mismatched gold frames with chalkboard specials, the tract map of farms painted on the wall, mismatched brightly painted chairs with pillows and fur throws slung over the back were charming, and the mismatched dishes only added to the quirkiness. Tried both the latte and the regular coffee, and were both delicious and strong. I had the Salmon Benny, which was fantastic. The rustic bread was phenomenal. Hubs had Les Oeufs, and was looking forward to the handmade Andouille, but found it disappointing. He'd been picturing something like what he used to get at the much-missed Culina Millcreek, but it was more like a weiner. So he was underwhelmed.Our companions also wanted to try the Cromesquis-- which are sort of like balls of crumbs and seed butter which are fried, I think, and served with jam and "bacon dust." They have to use the seed butter because of so many peanut allergies, but these did nothing for me at all. Our server was a delight. Very friendly, very attentive, and our orders were all correct and came out hot and quick. Hoping we can make it back some day, but we live on the north side, so it's a bit of a trek. But Beaumont's a cute little town. Totally worth the drive. More...


Sarah G.

23 November 2017

Amazing experience! From the moment we walked in for dinner we were charmed by the friendliness of the staff, from the hostess to our server who gave us an overview of the menu and the philosophy of the restaurant. We enjoyed every bite and still ended up taking some leftovers home. Two weeks later, we came back and brought friends. Again, an excellent evening, with all of us wowed by the food and service. Looking forward to the next visit! More...


Eat With Sharon

16 November 2017

My first visit to Chartier was for brunch. I'll start off by saying that all the good stuff you have heard about Chartier is true. It is cozy, rustic and inviting. The food is fresh and local and the staff and service are amazing. I can't wait to come back again! ...Read full post on eatwithshar0n.com More...



12 November 2017

Friendly staff, family and kid friendly.. and did I mention their dinner plate sized gorgeous cinnamon buns that are bigger than your head? Enjoyed a lovely birthday brunch with 2 large groups which the manager Sylvia was happy to help us organize. Service was friendly, kid menu had huge servings, and overall, I can see why most people say it's the best place in Edmonton to have brunch.. even if they are technically in the quaint little town of Beaumont. The Hollandaise sauce was killer, the new onion cake ginger pork platter was a hit, as was the cured salmon, and the Scottish egg choices. Excellently fried crisp on outside and mash potatoey inside fries with a wicked gravy for their poutine. Their farrow choice resembled oatmeal and was redolent in apples and cinnamon. The sausage we added onto as a side was the only disappointment.. bit on the dry and mealy side, but their bacon was nicely crisp and thick cut. Feel like a bit of indulgence? Start with a criso mimosa or alcohol free strawberry or cucumber lemonade, or have 64degree eggs that have delightfully runny yolks in a donut wih kots of candied maple bacon or the same runny egg inside the Scottish egg: think huge sausage meatball with a runny egg inside. Mmmm. Yup. We waddled out.. but not without a loaf of their tangy warm out of oven sour dough bread, 2 humongous cinnamon buns (our friends had one taste and bought some too lol), chewy gingerbread cookies, a pastry I forgot the name of, and a decadent fudge chocolate pecan bar... I don't think I need to eat again for next 3 days lol! This bright and happening spot is perfect for dates as well as family. Look forward to seeing and tasting more of their menu which is a modern updated French, which Chartier adds their own refreshing twist to. eatyourcity.ca More...


Brandy V.

22 October 2017

What a cute & funky place! I had heard great things from friends so we went to check it out for date night. We live in mill woods and although Chartier is in Beaumont, it was only a 12 min drive, and it was a pretty drive at that!The atmosphere is rustic-eclectic with all of the mismatching chairs and plates. Our server was super friendly and knowledgeable about the menu.We opted to share 4 small plates - the tempura green beans (my favorite of the night - THAT MAPLE YUM), the poutine, the sourdough (with delish balsamic glaze), and the French onion soup. They were all incredible and we left bursting at the seams. Next time we will try a large plate! More...



18 October 2017

came here for my birthday brunch and I was seriously impressed. We had the breakfast poutine and the salmon Benedict and I can't decide what one was better. The coffee, service, and atmosphere was great too. Can't wait to come back and try the dinner menu. More...


Helen S.

14 October 2017

What a little gem in Beaumont. The freshly baked sourdough paired with Foie Gras was amazing and the Beets Napoleon was absolutely delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed the Duck and Perogies which was a perfect blend of sweet and savoury. My husband had the Elk Shoulder on Mushroom Risotto, it was so tender and flavourful. I cannot believe what a nice little spot this is just a few minutes away from the city. More...


Russ V

13 October 2017

Had a nice date with my wife. We were seated right by the kitchen which we thought would be noisy but despite being a loud restaurant it wasn’t overwhelming. Being right by the hub meant for exceptional service from many of the staff who all happily and eagerly checked in on us and answered questions, great service. Food was excellent - beef tartare was delicious, and the green bean appetizer was STELLAR. They had a an amazing seafood bisque with their house made sour dough which was exceptional. My wife had the beef bourguigion was was also very good. Would highly recommend and definitely will be back despite the drive from west Edmonton. More...



12 October 2017

Eclectic diner with a lively ambience from the crowds on a weekend brunch. Our waitress was sweet and friendly and gave good recommendations as we came to try their poutine and was delightedly surprised we were unable to even finish the breakfast poutine, and two appys. Even so, we didn't feel bloated or greasy. Excellent meal, would recommend! More...


Jack G.

3 October 2017

A great restaurant. The poutine is authentic and delicious! The decor is interesting and matches the variation and quality you get from the menu.



2 October 2017

Enjoyed a delicious brunch here on a Sunday afternoon with my boyfriend. Upon entering I immediately loved the rustic decor and china ware. This is a very cute French/Quebec inspired restaurant. We didn’t have to wait long at all to be seated at the bar to wait for an open table. Enjoyed some delicious brunch booze while waiting for a free table. The Canoe trip was absolutely mouthwatering and refreshing, I will be back again for that drink! I also tried the Franco 76 with prosecco,which I found wasn’t as much of a brunch drink as it was a nice glass of wine.Would have enjoyed it much better with some orange juice possibly.For breakfast we enjoyed the Eggs Donovan and The Eggs option which came with my choice of scrambled eggs, bacon, baby potatoes and sour dough bread. The raspberry jam that came on the side for the bread was absolutely divine and delicious! The service was wonderful, the bartender was very knowledgeable and friendly and answered all our questions. Wish we could have tried all the brunch options. We decided to take a cinnamon bun to go and as the menu says, so, so big. That it was. Topped with cream cheese goodness and oh so chewy, warm and melt in your mouth good. Can’t wait to come back to try more brunch options and dinner! If you are looking for a brunch spot, this may be your new favourite. It’s definitely worth the drive to Beaumont! More...


Blobs Eat Yeg

19 September 2017

Hands down in my top 3 for the greater Edmonton area. Beaumont is about a 1/2 hour drive from downtown, but the anticipation that builds the whole way about what delicious thing I'm about to have makes it all worth it. We have been to Chartier 4 times now, 3 times for dinner and once for brunch. For dinner we have had les haricots verts, fresh bread, butter & creton, mussels, and la poutine de la mer rossenau (pour deux). The lobster poutine we had twice.. and both times I think I shed a tear. Every single item has blown my mind. Being from atlantic canada, the flavours of canadian french food are close and dear to my heart. I have never been somewhere that gets the certain spice of poutine gravy just right before coming here. Les haricots verts might top my list of favourite bites EVER. That maple mayonnaise, sweet baby jesus. Do not even get me started on brunch. We recently went and had the best french toast (Pain perdu) we had ever had. It was pure ecstasy in bread form. The décor is lively and rustic. The staff are always friendly and always seem pleasantly surprised that we came all the way from downtown. The whole atmosphere transports me home to the best home cooking I've ever had. Keep doing what you're doing! We will be back. More...


Joel R.

8 September 2017

We went to Chartier for the first time this evening and were very impressed. The service was first rate, and the food was really excellent. We started with the fresh bread and brie,  and while we're usually not bread eaters, it was delicious. The highlights for me were the beef bourguignon, which was superb, and the fresh fruit pie, which was equally fabulous. The salmon was also great. I wish it was a little quieter, but I'll still definitely come back.For those Edmontonians concerned that Beaumont of "out of town," the drive was only about 20 minutes. More...


Amanda Mary Helen

4 September 2017

First time here and won't be the last. Snagged a couple spots at the bar and were super impressed with the ambience, professional staff, speedy service, craft drinks and delicious food. Do Yourself a favour and check this place out ! More...


Alexis Vestby

1 September 2017

Wow. This place has some of the best French inspired cuisine I've ever had. We started off with the bread board and baked Brie with honey and the mussels. I was sold when they brought the home made thick cut sourdough out! The mussels with blue cheese and sausage was to die for, melt in your mouth sensation. I could have died then and been happy. For entrees my friend ordered the beef and it melted in your mouth. Spectacular home made mashed potatoes that were as smooth as silk. I ordered the seafood feature which was seared Atlantic salmon on a bed of the creamiest red pepper risotto. It was delicious. Now let me tell you about dessert. I keep dreaming of this dessert. I ordered the banana bread. Toasted banana bread with a hint of chocolate chip, layered with banana crème and a flambé banana, topped with vanilla bean ice cream. It was the most scrumptious thing I had ever eaten. I want to go back just for that. Also I have to say our server, Penelope, was just fantastic and attentive. Each meal was brought exactly at the right time so you weren't rushed or kept waiting. The ambiance was perfect not too loud not too quiet. You can either dress up or down and you'll look like you're meant to be there. Definitely going back. More...



27 August 2017

A must eat! Everything I ate here was incredible. The staff are friendly, and I love the atmosphere. The beef chuck I had was beyond belief. So moist and tender. Paired with the apple puree & roasted pair....wow. Everyone in my party was amazed at their food. Will go again, especially to try a dessert! More...


Jonathan Seib

11 August 2017

Chartier's is possibly the best eating establishment in the capital region. Their unique and creative dishes infuse the best of Canadian cuisine with a fine-dining twist. Their cocktails are inventive, delicious and their selection is incredible. I can't say enough about this AMAZING restaurant. More...


Jackie M.

7 August 2017

There were a lot of things to like about Chartier.  The service was really good - with our reservation we were quick to be seated at a great spot, we had a friendly and knowledgeable waiter, great decor, no cheesy background music. To be honest, there were quite a few hiccups after that. We ordered our drinks and they came a long time after our appetizer - meaning the timing of drinks to food was off for the entire meal - they missed the chance to sell us wine.  We were told on arrival that they were already out of the duck and smoked meat - good to know in advance but not great on such a small menu.  But then when asked (not shared with us to begin with) the waiter told us there wasn't a seafood or vegetarian special either - just what already appeared on the menu. Very few things to choose from remained.  We enjoyed our drinks a lot, especially the sangria. The meal was a bit spotty however. The appetizer poutine isn't special in any way that I could see - yummy but like any I've ever had which surprised me.  My son didn't like his vegan burger at all - likened it to a haggis burger - gritty and overpowering mustard flavor.  I had the appetizer cod cakes with a side of heritage tomatoes - both delicious and filling.  My husband's strip loin was done perfectly and paired with a very nice risotto and sauce.  Dessert went to another level!  Really good decaf coffee (I know I know!).  The lemon curd was to die for and perfect for sharing.  I would love to have a recipe for the citrus  shortbread inside.  My husband had the harvest pie which was raspberry and blueberry with an incredibly tender crust.  So definitely more good than bad - just a shame we were not served from a full menu. More...



1 August 2017

the staffs are very friendly and attentive. Food is delicious especially their poutine which I think is the best poutine I've ever had. My wife was given a birthday shot for free which was a plus. I will definitely come back in the future to order their Lobster poutine! I regretted not ordering it! More...


Courtney C.

1 August 2017

Our Harry Potter burger night at Chartier was scrumptious! I had the Leaky Cauldron blackened chicken. Great staff, atmosphere and company :) for sure coming back to try the regular menu!



24 July 2017

Excellent place for brunch on a Sunday. Worth the drive from Edmonton. Fresh tasty food, friendly staff. Make sure you make a reservation! I highly recommend!


Kim S.

23 July 2017

The brunch was delicious, we started off with a cinnamon bun (which was bigger than any I've ever seen and had so much icing!) and for brunch had Les Oeufs which I couldn't finish. Portion sizings are generous. Definitely going back. More...


Kim D.

14 July 2017

The best restaurant have ever been there for a long time! Ce restaurant canadien francais offre des ingrédients frais et délicieux.Tout est fait maison. Meme le pain! J'ai essayé le brunch et le lunch..c'était excellent! Le prix est correct, vu la qualité des produits. Bon choix de menu. Bon choix de consommation. Je recommande ce restaurant a tout le monde. Ça vaut le détour! More...


James M.

13 July 2017

Wonderful atmosphere with even better food. An amazing find in a small town. A full and deserved 5-Stars from both of us.


Laurel P.

26 June 2017

What better way to start your weekend than with brunch in Beaumont Chartier is a lovely little French-Canadian restaurant found a short drive south of Edmonton. Fun fact: it recently opened in 2015 as the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign.I started out my meal with a cucumber lemonade. It was absolutely divine! While they also offer classic breakfast cocktails, this non-alcoholic drink really hits the spot on a hot summer morning. For my meal, I went with the lemon chevre omelette. Vegetarian options aren't plentiful on their menu (this was the only veg-friendly large plate) but to be fair, it is a pretty small menu. Regardless, the omelette was wonderful. The eggs were cooked to perfection and the ingredients really spoke for themselves. A great balance of lemon and cheese.I love the balance they found between cute and rustic when it comes to decor. All of the food is served on mismatched plates which adds some charm to the experience.  The service here is also great. Very attentive and friendly. You definitely get the impression that people enjoy working here.I'm so happy we made the trip out here to try Chartier. Pro-tip: definitely make a reservation, especially if you're driving in from Edmonton. It gets busy and you don't want to miss out! More...


Trenton B.

26 June 2017

Chartier is simply magnifique! Everything about this lovely French restaurant is delightful from its fresh bread to its small but varied menu to the mismatched mugs that accompany an altogether quaint atmosphere. I went for brunch and the smell of fresh bread was still wafting throughout the restaurant as we sat down. The menu was divided into small plates (such as cinnamon buns and  poached egg inside a bacon glazed bagel) and big plates (featuring omelettes, fresh sausage and eggs benedict).  Each item on the menu looked incredibly tasty and while there weren't a great deal of vegetarian optionsI was pleased nonetheless to see a few tasty offerings. You can tell that each ingredient listed on the menu was carefully and deliciously prepared, ranging from bacon maple glaze, to whipped cream cheese to smoked dill and other fresh cheeses. The freshly baked sourdough is flavourful, chewy and might just be the highlight of the whole place. You can also get their bread from a bread window if you get there in time on certain days!The service, brunch food and atmosphere were all fantastic and I'd happy make the trip out to Beaumont to visit Chartier again for any meal! More...


John A.

12 June 2017

a veery interesting experience  food top rate  as well as service   wonderfulcollection of chairs tables and dishes  a uniqe place


Laura T.

8 June 2017

I really loved everything about this place. Cool decor. Neat vibe. Great service including all the info about the special price on charcuterie, differences between the cheeses and even taking the time to tell me why there was salt on the plate for the bread and butter (hello fresh sourdough bread that brought happiness to my soul like I was in SFO). Excellent food from appetizer to dessert. Cool drink menu selection and bar was well sectioned off but flowed nicely with the restaurant. There was an outside seating area right beside the walk up bread window. The restaurant was mostly full with larger tables and we didn't have a hard time talking amongst the two of us. Extra bonus is that there is street parking as well as parking behind the restaurant.Now about the food. As it was my first time there and as I was much earlier than anticipated, I thought I'd take advantage of the before 6 pm prices. The first of the two Sam's brought me a sample of the cheese (all 3 were fantastic) but I went with the one with the orange rind (oka?) as I wasn't sure on how big a loaf of bread really was there. I could have easily ordered more cheese but no matter, I was happily in my own bliss with the butter and salt on fresh sourdough bread. I selected the cod for supper and for a brief second I had food envy of the beef dish my friend ordered. That disappeared pretty fast as I got lost in the comfort food flavours in my dish. Thank goodness I still had some bread from the charcuterie so I could wipe my dish clean! We somehow managed to create enough space in our very full stomachs for a very sharable pie crust dessert rolls topped with ice cream. All I gotta say is that I'll be back to try the other desserts, as there were plenty of options. Just before we left, I'm assuming the manager came out with two loaves of bread for us to take home as a thank you for being so understanding about the hot room temperature (honestly thought it was me for the first bit until the waitress mentioned she was melting too when she saw my paper fan). That was a really nice touch and a wonderful way to end the evening after a great catch up with my dear friend for a girl's night out. More...


Ed M.

8 June 2017

great meal - I entertained a colleague from Austria and this was a great example  of  local food.  We enjoyed the ambiance of the room and it was a great evening.


Alan E.

5 June 2017

Went for Brunch this past Saturday and breakfast, service and ambience were excellent!Had the best maple marinated French toast I ever had in my life!  My daughter who doesn't even like French toast loved it! More...


Traveling Dutch S.

24 May 2017

Un-Bee-Lee-Vable.  We've eaten at some amazing places over the years and this place takes the....poutine.....I mean cake, I mean EVERYTHING.  The staff are young and friendly and fun, the owner Darren is present (body and spirit) and is there for questions about anything.  He suggested we try their German wine (Germany is not known for their vino) and he was spot on.  If you like a rich Malbec, try their German Der Rote, it's awesome.  We also had their mead beer and aperol spritz (yummy girly drink!)The poutine is out of this world authentic- not New York Fries with KFC gravy and Kraft cheese, nope.  It's the real deal.  The harticot verts (green beans) are so yum, the tempura is so crispy and the dipping sauce- wowzers!Main course (been there twice now) consisted of lobster poutine (yup, more poutine), the chicken, and Beaumont meat sandwich which were all top notch.  Dessert you cannot go wrong with sugar glass (mason jar filled with caramel that hasn't set....still has that yummy griitty brown sugar texture).I could literally eat here all day, every day and never get bored.   The place is the bestest of the bestest and am so glad they are in the Edmonton/Beaumont area.  It gives a touch of class and authenticity we all love.  Good work, Chartier, keep it up!  :-) More...



7 May 2017

Where to start. As soon as you walk into this place the staff are ready too greet you! They were all super happy and nice. We sat down at a table next too the window, it was a little bit cold but I am thankful we were there for the light. The restaurant was a little bit dark. I started off too drink the canoe trip, which was delicious! It wasn't too sweet or strong. We had the beef tartare too start which was super yummy and just the right amount. Next we shared the lobster poutine, the best poutine I have ever had and the lobster was cooked perfectly!! We actually have leftovers. I would recommend this dish too everyone, it is a little pricey but definitely worth it! Last we had a French dessert that tasted like cinnamon buns, it was light and so yummy! Our waitress was very knowledgeable of the menu which I appreciate and as well very attentive in such a busy place! I would recommend this place too everyone and especially on date night!! More...


Bob L.

4 May 2017

They make a lot of the components for their menu items in house so the flavours are unique and exceptionally good. The atmosphere is very relaxed and you are not rushed through your meal. Prices are slightly higher than normal but for the quality of the food they are very fair. Had the BLT and it was great, can't wait to try the smoked meat sandwich next time. More...



30 April 2017

Great experience at Chartier. Nice staff, delicious food and great atmosphere. It was very busy so a reservation is definitely the way to go. We were here for dinner and will be back soon to try their lunch menu. More...


Leah M.

30 April 2017

This place has a great reputation for good reason. The atmosphere is rustic chic and you would feel comfortable dressed up or casual. I loved everything I had. Our server was great helping us choose a wine by offering samples and answering any questions about the menu. Some items like bone marrow I'm not adventurous enough to try but we started with the homemade bread & butter and mushroom toast, which was very good. I had the Beef Bourgeon and ate every bit of it. One person at our table was admittedly a fussy eater and the chief came and spoke to her personally to adjust the sides to her prime rib dinner. She loved it and found out she loves truffle butter too. My husband is also a fussy eater and didn't love the leeks on the cod. For dessert my husband had the blueberry pie, which was a small entire pie crafted to perfection! I must come back to try the poutine and cocktail creations! More...


Deann C.

28 April 2017

All around great experience. Both food and servers were incredible. Our group tried several dishes and all were amazing. Beef, Veg, Fish....didn't matter. Incredible.The flexibility to bring our own wine was nice. We simply were charged a corkage fee.Decor is rustic with fun touches in the mix and match of the dinnerware and silverware. Fun date night place or family night. More...



27 April 2017

Excellent food, giant portions, great service, even despite a packed restaurant and the fact that we had a large group of 10. We had enough people to order one of everything on the menu, but boy the portion sizes are HUGE! Most of them made awesome leftovers though, so the price value is actually quite on point. If I had one big complaint, it is that the space is very open with lots of bare concrete surfaces, so it gets very loud because the sound from everyone is reflecting off of everything, including the kitchen which is partly open concept. I'd probably come back more often if I didnt have to go all the way out to Beaumont to get there! More...


Alyssa C.

23 April 2017

My sister and I came for brunch and it was absolutely delicious! We sat at the bar because the restaurant was full and the service was great!


Jay L.

14 April 2017

Always amazing food and great service. You can tell this restaurant really cares about their customers through the level of service and the thought that goes into the menu selections, both drink and food. They support local, and their bread window is amazing if you get chance to stop by on the weekend. Delicious fresh baking that changes daily. I grew up in Beaumont but live in the city, and this restaurant is definitely a favourite of mine. As my partner is celiac, they have always been very accommodating and can modify most of the items on their menu. More...


Wayne R.

2 April 2017

We were driving back from Camrose and decided to take a side trip to explore Beaumont. Stopped at Chartier as I heard about their poutine on the radio.We arrived Sunday afternoon just as the kitchen closed. The staff were great and checked if we could still get some food.They succeeded and we had poutine as well as pain au chocolate.The poutine was top notch although we could have gone for smaller, crisper fries. Great gravy and curds.The pain au chocolate was amazing. We ordered two more for the road and we will be back. More...


Carrie H.

25 March 2017

Really enjoyed an evening out at Chartier. The food was delicious! We had mussels to start & they were amazing. I had the tourtière as a main, which was rich & decadent. My husband had the beef. He liked it but felt the portion was smaller than anticipated. The wine was excellent too. Would definitely visit again. More...



20 March 2017

I had the burger of the day which was a burger but the bun was two Yorkshire Puddings. It tasted fantastic. If I were on death row this would be my last supper with the real french poutine on the side. Food was amazing. The servers were short the night we went but the hostess stepped in and made sure all the tables were not neglected. So it was good. Its very open and theres lots of space. Great experience, just a little pricy. More...


Salvador G.

16 March 2017

I turned 30 and got lazy because all I did was eat out for 2 weeks. We went to Chartier for my La Familia birthday dinner. I saw some friend's post about this restaurant on FB and it looked pretty good, so i went and it was REALLY DOPE.The Beaumont smoked meat sandwich consisted of house smoked slow-cooked brisket, sourdough bread, thyme dijon. Jason said "it was bombs" and I take his word for it. Everyone at the table pretty much all gto the poutine. Classic Quebecois poutine which had triple cooked handcut french fries, cheese curds, and Montreal gravy. It was really tasty but i preferred the curds to be melted a little bit more, but nonetheless we all ate every last bit of it's goodness. Most people at the table got the Beef Bourguignnon because on the menu it sounded too good to be true. On my plate it was even better with the taste of the braised chuck with the copious amounts of bacon roasted mushrooms....damn, it was quite the dish. Oh it even had a sliced pear on it that was weird but really good too, i licked the plate clean from it's neck to it's back.This place is located in Beaumont but it's worth the drive. Even if you come out on the weekend for the lunch menu it's good times. The ambiance is the best also with no chair being the same, it's like an unexpected get together at grandma's cabin. Apparently Thursday night is the best night because it's Cask night and they have a special beer they serve until it's all out. The main selling point are the prices, the sandwich was 13, poutine was 10 and beef was 29. There's only one dish over 30 bucks if you don't include the dinner for 2 option. This place is worth it's value. Definitely coming back, also got to follow @dinechartier and check out the special dishes they have. Finally Beaumont has a restaurant worth going to....shoutout to Maina's Donair, you're still awesome.Sal says: Just Eat ItJay says: " if Chartier was next door to my work I would get it often." More...



26 February 2017

Best place I have been to in years. I tell everyone about. Head chef Steve is a food genius like how Kayne West is a lyrical genius, but less cocky. Which means he's the greatest chef in the world. I wish I could give it a 10/5. More...


Jeff Miller

26 February 2017

Chartier is easily one of my favorites in the edmonton area. I have been 3 or 4 times now and the staff is always great and the food is even better!


Douglas P.

24 February 2017

Food was excellent.  Staff were awesome and friendly. The only complaint was the loudness.  We took an elderly lady and it was too loud for her.



11 February 2017

Amazing service from the second we walked in the door. Friendly staff, knowledgeable of the menu and very helpful. Appetizers came quickly, drinks flowed and the main coursed followed within minutes. The food was incredible. We had poutine to start as everyone raves about it here. It actuality got better as we ate through the plate. 1lb is more than enough for 2 people. I had the Beef Bourguignon and hubby had the meat pie - both spectacular More...


Gary I.

11 February 2017

This is a marvellous gem and easier for south siders to get to than downtown. The food is innovative, fresh and beautifully prepared. The setting is relaxed but trendy - a good vibe. Our server was a perfect combination of professional and friendly. We weren't rushed at all. There are big windows in the front which we're told they open in the summer. Can't wait to try it in the summer, and also try their brunch which looks fabulous. I highly recommend Chartier! More...


Jeff S.

5 February 2017

I can't wait to get back and try every single thing on the menu that I missed this time. I brought home bread and a cinnamon bun, and will do that again next time!



17 January 2017

Dinned here for the first time with a friend who is Celiac. Venue: Rustic elegance Staff: Charming and warm Food: Chartier is a French-Canadian restaurant located in the heart of downtown Beaumont, that has also mastered art of gluten free cuisine, in the guise of delicious comfort food. We couldn't choose between their famous French Onion Soup or the humongous plate of poutine that floated passed our table, so we decided to get both! Yup, it was THAT kind of day! Hehe.. So we ordered up 2 soups and split the plate of poutine and boy-oh-boy, did it live up to chatter!! It's slim pickings in the gluten free world, so if you're craving some home cooking, its well worth the drive! Even if you're commuting all the way from St. Albert! *Ahem! More...


Michelle G.

16 January 2017

It was fabulous from beginning to end ! Highly recommend! Amazing owners amazing staff and phenomenal atmosphere


Kat W.

7 January 2017

This French Canadian restaurant makes an awesome poutine! The fries are thickly cut, huge pieces of cheese curds and delicious gravy smothered on top! It's a poutine that definitely eats like a meal! You can order a 1 pound or 2 pound poutine. The 1 pound poutine is a bit too generous for me. I shared with my sister.  Last time, our poutines came out a bit too salty. We had just come right before closing time. The server informed us that the fries are salted prior to the gravy being applied on top. Our fries may have been closer to the bottom of the salting bowls...something like this. Anyways, when the server came to ask me how our food was tasting, I let her know and she kindly had the kitchen make a new unsalted batch. Our server was very apologetic and offered to replace the poutines for the others at our table.The new batch of unsalted poutine was absolutely perfect! I didn't think the poutine was too salty the first time I came here. In fact I didn't stop daydreaming about my first experience with the poutine here. They have a variety of poutine options: Butter chicken (special when we came), smoked meat and beef. There's also a whole entire menu (other than poutine) to try here! I'm just gushing about the poutine! Imagine the rest! There are other appetizers, entrees and desserts here! Our server also let us know about their amazing brunch! Come check this place out! Especially if you have some out of country guests that are visiting you! It's so Canadian! More...


Larry C.

3 December 2016

My 15 year old grandson accompanied me as he is a poutine lover. It is the best!! I had the French Onion soup plus 1lb of poutine  (my grandson had the 2 lb) and couldn't finish it. The soup was excellent! Great service!! I wish the wine list had more on the glass side. Lots of bottled. It is a small restaurant and consequently noisy when busy (which is most of the time). All in, another satisfying experience at the Chartier! More...


George H.

29 November 2016

It's taken me a year and the Anthony Henday completion to get down to Chartier in Beaumont and I should have come earlier! This place is a gem and I will be back very soon. It's worth the drive from North Edmonton to get a proper 1lb  poutine! The in house baked sourdough bread is exactly how I like it crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They offer it with a variety of dishes but it's best with the foie gras, herb salt, and balsamic reduction. It's a must have with the mussels as well since the andouille sausage white wine liquid is begging to be sopped up. The smoked flank steak with deep fried mash potato balls is also an instant favorite. The cheesy mash oozes out of the crunchy outer shell of tempura and perfectly components the smokey steak cooked to a perfect medium rare. Ending the meal with two house made truffles was perfect since we were soo stuffed from the previous 6 courses! Each small bite of truffle was rich, smooth and creamy. We didn't try any of the cocktails but that will have to happen on our next visit. The wine by the glass selection was small but seemed thoughtful.The ambiance starts with the outer facade which makes you think of Montreal with the exposed brick. The theme continues when you enter and you're greeted with a warm cozy atmosphere filled with amazing aromas, friendly smiles and contented appetites. I shall return post haste! More...


Michelle K.

15 November 2016

Service & food were all amazing!! Same with the drinks! Their poutine and smoked meat sandwich are to die for. As well as their Chartier Cesar


Nat H.

31 October 2016

Run, do not walk, to Chartier.  Our group of six had the pleasure of dining there on a bustling Saturday evening and we are already planning our next evening there.  I should say from the outset that we were a complicated group: many allergies and dietary restrictions.  We wrote to the restaurant ahead of time to ask if our restrictions could be accommodated and the entire staff was open and responsive, modifying existing menu items for sensitivities to wheat, onions, soy, and dairy.  The chef even offered to make a special dish for some of us.  We ended up declining the offer only because he was so open to making minor changes to the very appealing existing dishes.  The results--both the regular and modified items--were outstanding.  The smoked flank steak was perfectly cooked and beatifully flavored with diced bacon, vegetables and a reduction; the beef tartare was out of this world; even the bread and butter were sublime.  Several of us chose (and loved) the very rich beef bourguignon and more wishes they had selected the inventive savory pumpkin pie.  (Me, I'm going back for the lobster at some point). Those of us who enjoyed dessert went for the tarte au sucre (with perfectly tender crust and smooth filling) and the hot chocolate (decadently chocolatey with homemade marshmallows).  The service was attentive without ever being overbearing and every part of our dining experience was simply a treat.  For me, Chartier ranks as high on my list of favorite Edmonton restaurants as Corso 32 and Uccellino (albeit with a very different and more casual vibe).  If you love a fantastic restaurant, this place is for you. More...


Fat Sal

13 October 2016

I turned 30 and got lazy because all I did was eat out for 2 weeks. We went to Chartier for my La Familia birthday dinner. I saw some friend’s post about this restaurant on FB and it looked pretty good, so i went and it was REALLY DOPE. The Beaumont smoked meat sandwich consisted of house smoked slow-cooked brisket, sourdough bread, thyme dijon. Jason said “it was bombs” and I take his word for it. Everyone at the table pretty much all gto the poutine. Classic Quebecois poutine which had triple cooked handcut french fries, cheese curds, and Montreal gravy. It was really tasty but i preferred the curds to be melted a little bit more, but nonetheless we all ate every last bit of it’s goodness. Most people at the table got the Beef Bourguignnon because on the menu it sounded too good to be true. On my plate it was even better with the taste of the braised chuck with the copious amounts of bacon roasted mushrooms….damn, it was quite the dish. Oh it even had a sliced pear on it that was weird but really good too, i licked the plate clean from it’s neck to it’s back. This place is located in Beaumont but it’s worth the drive. Even if you come out on the weekend for the lunch menu it’s good times. The ambiance is the best also with no chair being the same, it’s like an unexpected get together at grandma’s cabin. Apparently Thursday night is the best night because it’s Cask night and they have a special beer they serve until it’s all out. The main selling point are the prices, the sandwich was 13, poutine was 10 and beef was 29. There’s only one dish over 30 bucks if you don’t include the dinner for 2 option. This place is worth it’s value. Definitely coming back, also got to follow @dinechartier and check out the special dishes they have. Finally Beaumont has a restaurant worth going to….shoutout to Maina’s Donair, you’re still awesome. Sal says: Just Eat It Jay says: " if Chartier was next door to my work I would get it often." #yegeats #yeg #food #foodie #foodporn #instafood #delicious #yummy #lunch #dinner #beaumont More...



12 October 2016

Chartier has been on my radar ever since the beginning of their successful Kickstarter campaign. Rustic, French-Canadian food in Edmonton, er, Beaumount is a pretty hard thing to find in this neck of the woods. I can’t recall ever coming to Beaumont but it’s a cute little town and surprisingly not too far of a drive from the “city”. ...Read full post on cherrybobombs.wordpress.com More...


Jonny M.

11 October 2016

Chartier has been on my radar ever since the beginning of their successful Kickstarter campaign. Rustic, French-Canadian food in Edmonton, er, Beaumount is a pretty hard thing to find in this neck of the woods. I can't recall ever coming to Beaumont but it's a cute little town and surprisingly not too far of a drive from the "city".They have a beautiful patio outside with about five long tables but no one was sitting outside when we arrived. If the weather was a little better, I'm sure it would have been full.L and J came with me for a Wednesday evening dinner and lucky we had the foresight to make a reservation! The place was packed for a freaking Wednesday which I took as a very good sign. From the moment you walk in, you can tell everyone loves being here. Real genuine, kind and compassionate service that's a rarity these days. Seriously, everyone from the hostess to our waitress were fantastic. We even got to chat with Sylvia near the end of our meal - interesting that her take on the restaurant is that they want you to leave feeling stuffed silly. Reminds me of the glutinous visions of Au Pied du Cochon and Joe Beef.The inside is absolutely gorgeous with a great eye for detail: the lighting is lovely, the blue, hand painted bar area is charming, the assortment of mismatching chairs along with the fancy plating. My one friend would love this place based on the plates alone. Endearing would be a good way to put it.- Bread & butter ($5.00)- Haricots vert ($9.00)- Poutine ($10.00)- Fish and chips ($20.00)- Duck grunt ($26.00)- Salmon pea-gnocchi-o ($25.00)- Beaumont Betty ($9.00)- Pouding chômeur ($7.00)Is it worth the drive to little ol Beaumount? Absolutely. Great food, ambiance and service. The perfect place to go for a date or with friends and family. Can't wait to come back to try their brunch and hopefully bread window! More...


DarDar T.

1 October 2016

Great food even for us vegetarians. Wine selection was good. Service was excellent. The poutine is legit, as close to Quebec poutine add I've had in Alberta.


Kelly L.

7 September 2016

Please change your hours online!  We drove out today from Fort Saskatchewan and it said open today at 11.   Sign on the door says 4 pm!   Disappointed.  Went to Leduc for lunch and was even more disappointed!  Hope to try again some other time.*******Thank you for your response Sylvia.   Looking forward to trying Chartier on a different date!! More...


Boyd M.

14 August 2016

Honestly, Chartier was the best meal I've had in a long time.  I had the salmon with gnocchi as my main, the bread to start, and cheesecake for dessert.  My wife comes from an Italian family, so I've eaten all kinds of gnocchi.  Chartier beat them all, hands down.  The salmon was amazing, the dessert was great.  Chartier exceeded all of my expectations.  I'd highly recommend them! More...


Heather M.

7 August 2016

Excellent food with a serious French Canadian flair. Locally sourced, made from scratch gourmet (but not outrageous or presumptuous) food and I've not had better in Alberta. We had brunch and it was lovely, from the tastefully mismatched antique table settings to the up cycled barnboard on the walls, great staff and attentive service, and a wonderful small town feel. We'll be back often! More...


Charlene M.

31 July 2016

Brunch and dinner all in one day. Took my pops for brunch this morning and was blown away with the amazing service, quality and food. Everything was high quality from start to finish. Want some amazing knowledge about your food and amazing personal service? Ask to sit in Samantha's section. She provided such amazing customer service (and sent me home with the dinner menu to drool over) that I went home and convinced my husband to take me back for dinner! Everything we ate was high end and delicious. The scotch egg (holy crap so good) duck and waffles (rich rich deliciousness) poutine (perfection, potatoes could have been cut ever so slightly smaller for a better potato to curds/gravy ratio) beef bourgnion (hubby says DELICIOUS!) and tomato tart (spectacular) all exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to come back and try more things off their menu. Honestly Samantha made our stay so enjoyable. In fact everyone who worked there really made you feel at home and it really seemed like everyone was happy to be at work. Seriously though, Sam - you rock. Thanks so much for an amazing day of indulgence :) More...


Love My Steak

23 July 2016

Great food, it's a happening place. the wait was a little long. but it was worth the wait. food was delicious. will definitly come back. They also have a patio, I think I will try that next time. More...


Christen B.

18 July 2016

Chartier was recommended to me by a colleague, so I decided to surprise my husband a few weeks ago with brunch. Apparently this place has enough of a reputation that when I said we were going to Beaumont, the surprise was ruined. Oh well!The restaurant has a shabby chic atmosphere complete with mismatched chairs and dining-ware but it was just the right amount of cute. The staff were friendly and especially helpful in locating us a spot in the corner where we could have baby (who was sleeping) close, but not in the way. While there were other noisy children that day, ours certainly wasn't one of them :)The food was good but nothing overly memorable - I had "the eggs" - Hubby had the Duck and Waffle. And because we just couldn't help ourselves, we brought home a cinnamon roll (sampling a bite before packing it up.) Overall the food and atmosphere felt like somewhere back home in Kentucky and I found a lot of comfort in that. I did not however, sense any French flare. Perhaps we need to return for dinner to get the full experience!?! More...


Kathy S.

14 July 2016

Lovely atmosphere, pleasant staff.  Fish and chips was good, though a little more fish would've been nice as it's not an inexpensive meal. I, personally, found the fries cold, but the others with me said theirs were fine.  Interesting variety of craft beer!! More...


Chaele H.

9 July 2016

My husband and I went here for brunch this morning after reading several reviews and learning that it got it'd start on kickstarter, a site we frequent and often support.  So we thought we would check it out.  We weren't disappointed and will definitely be back.  My husband had the duck and waffles.  The duck was cooked to perfection and the massive waffles were light and fluffy.  I had the scotch egg.  Not an item you usually find in Alberta on the menu.  It was delicious.  Soft poached egg wrapped in mild sausage, and deep fried, served with homestyle hasbrowns, and arugula.  As we were getting ready to leave we saw a plate size cinnamon bun go out to the patio, and so we had to order one to take home.  Ask about the bread window that opens up at 11am.   The staff were friendly, the portions huge, and the price modest.  Looking for a place for brunch just a little bit different?  Take the short journey out to Beaumont it's well worth the drive! More...


Blaine B.

2 July 2016

Ventured out to Beaumont to try this spot I'd read about online. We went for brunch on a Saturday. Simply outstanding. The atmosphere and staff were terrific, the food was excellent and the craft beer selection, although small, was awesome. I love the fact that they have local, and interesting brews on tap. We'll be back numerous times I'm sure to try out more of the menu and enjoy some hard to find beer. More...


Nicky P.

22 June 2016

Delicious food and exceptional service. Rustic decor and bright and open. The food is amazing.


David D.

11 June 2016

Outstanding....mushroom and cabbage appetizer, the bread, the beef bourgionion and salmon! What service, what atmosphere, but the food! Taste, presentation and price, it's all here. A must visit, worth the drive. Oh..,and creme brûlée More...


Adrien H.

7 June 2016

Vraiment une belle expérience de repas ! Les plats étaient tous élaborés et délicieux. Le personnel était absolument charmant pendant toute la soirée. L'ambiance du lieu participe aussi de l'expérience. Le menu change régulièrement et c'est toujours aussi bien.  Il est évident que les propriétaires ont beaucoup penser aux détails, et ils ont très bon goût !Je recommande les plats qui contiennent leur confiture de poivre ! More...


Jessica C.

15 May 2016

My really good friend funded their Kickstarter so we decided to go for an early meal prior to a concert they were attending on Saturday evening. Before I review the food I'm going to say the ONLY reason I didn't give them a 5-star review was because the service was a little on the underwhelming side. We were late for our reservation, so I can understand that is annoying for the restaurant, and we did call and update them on our arrival time twice though. However when we showed up we were reminded twice by the hostesses that we'd need to be done by 6 pm, and then when we were greeted by our server he again reminded us about the fact that they needed us out by 6 pm Then it took ages for them to take our order, and it took well over 20 minutes for me to get my drink because they needed to "change the box" for the cola (which is DELICIOUS by the way). There was also a noticeable lack of experience with our server, but he was friendly and easy to get along with for the most part, just very slow and made some interesting placement and timing choices. Now, on to the food! Oh the food! I don't care if you're a 5 star only picky eater or you're a sandwich and fries kind of person, YOU WILL LIKE THIS PLACE. Their poutine is spot-on. The fries are the big steak-cut fries, which NORMALLY I am not a fan of, but these ones were cooked PERFECTLY and the gravy was delicious (and it's gluten-free for those of you who are conscious of that). The cheese curds were squeaky and huge and lovely, and that poutine was the things dreams are made of. It was also huge compared to some of their other dishes, so score to that! We got the Charcutterie which was Creton (I am French -Canadian so this is my child hood and it was SO GOOD.) Purscuitto and Smoked Meat with house made pickles, jams, comptoes, bread, mustard and some cheeses (an emmental, another I didn't recognize but it was good, and a blue cheese which I avoided like the plague lol) The Charcuterie was a bit less than what I was expecting, having seen photos of other people's, however, it was good none the less. Their smoked meat is delicious and I'm looking forward to coming back and trying the sandwich. We ordered the Tomarrow soup which is awesome. That's the best tomato soup I've had in a long time. It was a nice touch being served with the bone marrow and toast. mmm. for Mains we got the Tourtiere - because you can't go to a French Canadian restaurant and not. And it did NOT disappoint and the rhubarb jam that came with it was AWESOME. Such a classic dish. I really enjoyed it. We got the hen which came with a perfectly cooked egg on top and this Ratatouille that was amazing. The hen itself was 2 small rounds of white and dark meat that were cooked to perfection. Not dry, and Totally full of flavor. This restaurant has cane cola on tap and I would totally go there just to get a big-gulp filled if that was socially acceptable. It's delicious. Worth the $3 for a small glass, and I waited for a refill even after we paid because I was not leaving without a second small glass of that amazing soda. I'll be going back for sure, and will reassess the service issues we had when we're not on a "time crunch" so to speak. More...


Cindy N

13 May 2016

I remember like it was just yesterday: it was March and I had just plopped down $200 to support Chartier’s Kickstarter project. I was paying for a meal for two at what was going to be Beaumont’s newest and greatest French-Canadian restaurant and going to experience all that was promised to me by the campaign video. Fast forward over a year later and now I’m writing about my first eats at Chartier. I have so much to say — brace yourself for photographs of dinner and brunch, and lots of swooning. ...Read full post on letsomnom.com More...


Cindy N.

13 May 2016

I have so much to say about both dinner and brunch! This French-Canadian restaurant in the town of Beaumont is worth the trip! First off, Beaumont is nowhere near as far as I thought it would be. It's a half hour away from the downtown core. It's also a hop, skip, and jump away from anybody residing south of the river. Get yourself onto the Henday and you're golden. A straight road once you turn south onto 50th Street, Chartier is located right in the heart of Beaumont. The interior space is rustic and in the quaintest way possible: old church pews, barnwood scavenged from the area, and lovely incandescent lighting decorate the room. There's even a feature wall with the names of all their Kickstarter supporters! For dinner: Coho Salmon Ceviche with charred fresh ramps, grapefruit slices, and sourdough bread and salted butter. I was happy to see local business Effing Seafood spread his love all the way to Beaumont! The Pork Jowl Cakes came out next and both Diane and I were swooning at just the plating of it. Pork jowl (or cheek) is one of my favourite parts of the pig! Pan fried and formed into cakes, this was one of the most memorable dishes for the night. I was surprised by the lack of fillers used in the cake -- amazing amount of tender pork crammed into a taste bomb. Combined with a black pepper jam and an apple rocket slaw, this dish really took it to the next level, a well-balanced bite of tart, sweet, savoury and also the arugula's pepperiness. Is that a word? You can't really go to a French-Canadian restaurant and not order the Poutine. Our appetizer sized Canadian staple came with triple-cooked handcut french fries, cheese curds, and a gluten-free Montreal gravy. The menu says it's "magic" and I believe it. Cheese curds currently not made in house quite yet but they were squeaky so I was happy! It's the fries that get all the love, the best bits and pieces being the ones with crispy skin. Crispy Duck. The dish was true to its description, crispy (and apparently, gluten-free!). The use of blue cheese and rosemary in the ganache was pleasant as a sauce although hard-pressed to find if I hadn't reread the menu. It was also described with sriracha, which surprisingly didn't overpower any other flavours in the dish, albeit question usage in a French-Canadian restaurant. I didn't know what to think about the smoked broccoli, although I think personal taste really comes to play as Diane absolutely loved it!Tourtière, a meat pie with bison, pork, and confit duck. The pie crust was flaky, the fillings well mixed and tender. Served with brussel sprouts and a housemade rhubarb relish, this was a winning dish!Usually cubed and braised in a red wine sauce to make a stew, I wasn't expecting a bigger cut on our Beef Bourguignon plate. Because I already had that visualization in mind, I thought the dish needed a touch more sauce or moisture. Granted, when eaten with the smashed pear and bacon roasted mushrooms (oh lordy!), the entrée was much better. A kudos to whoever peppered the dish, seriously makes a world of difference!Tarte au Sucre comes with a housemade salted whiskey ice cream. I mean, come on. The flavours were on point and the texture of the ice cream was smooth. It's a butter tart cousin and perfect for those with a sweet tooth.Chartier's Creme Brûlée rotates flavours and that night's feature was orange. Our custard was perfectly set and smooth, creamy in consistency and had a great vanilla flavour. I found it difficult to find any citrus notes from my bites that night but neither of us seemed to mind.For brunch, I went with my boyfriend and we both started off with local roaster Iconoclast coffee. Eggs Donovan: poached eggs with shaved Montreal smoked meat, pickle, and a delightful dijon hollandaise over a housemade English muffin. I'm not the biggest fan of mustard but the amount of dijon is just right on this dish. I didn't think it was too early for a bit of Duck and Waffle, the chicken-alternative being my favourite for any time of day. Might have bit off more than I could chew (physically), the dish is massive! As Chef Brochu stated as the dish came out, "It's a bit fiendish." But OH MAN, was it good. A sweet Cap N' Crunch crusted duck thigh, whole wheat waffle, and berry preserve with thickened maple syrup, the dish comes across like it would be a sugar high but was actually quite savoury. I had to keep fighting away Joe's fork as it reached over to steal a waffle square numerous times. I don't even know if I want to try anything else on the brunch menu... how can you top this Okay, maybe you can. We ended up taking a Cinnamon Bun for the road. I don't know how people will take it when I say this, but I think Cinnzeo cinnamon buns are the bomb. And never have I tasted a restaurant-made cinnamon bun that has come close to it until now. Chartier's cinnamon bun is perfect. I kid you not. Thumbs up all around for food, atmosphere, and service for Chartier! More...


Susan M.

8 May 2016

We had such a great meal for our anniversary last night. Everything was perfect...decor, food and our server Max was awesome!!We will be back


Vicky W.

7 May 2016

Lively atmosphere, good food (try the Charcuterie if you're hungry!).  Tourtière was delicious ... and OMG the whiskey Ice Cream!!


Helen A.

26 April 2016

My husband and I LOVE this restaurant. Amazing food and owners/staff.  We've been there for brunch a few times (amazing lox and bagels), dinner a few times and we've gone later in the night for drinks and appies. We've never been disappointed (which is why we keep going back). The owners and chefs will do whatever is possible to accommodate a request outside of the menu. If you're looking to try craft beers they have a great selection. Everything (breads, meats, desserts) is made in house and amazing.  A fantastic gem for Beaumont. More...


Eric G.

11 April 2016

Such a beautifully crafted restaurant, very warm and friendly staff make you feel at home as soon as you walk in. Only tried brunches so far, everything was delicious though!


Kelly G.

7 April 2016

Great atmosphere. Clean. Unique. Delicious. Nothing else like it in Beaumont - a real treat!