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Charlotte Ross

29 December 2018

Thanks for the amazing photos. Charlie is reliable, prompt, and creative. After three days of wedding, he delivered the photos capturing the special moments that I want. Received compliments from guests for the big day photos! Thanks for making the day a special one. More...


Holly Danielovitch

24 December 2018

Reserved Charlie was by far my best decision regarding the wedding.
I didn’t know where to start before signed the contract with Charlie. After that Charlie emailed me shooting instructions 101 for engagement session and wedding day. (Do and Don't on your wedding day! ) I was relaxed and enjoyed my big day. He really captured the breath taking moments of the day. Thank a million!!!! More...


Hazel Clayton

21 December 2018

We engaged Charlie Shin Storyteller for videography service. On our big day, Daniel and Jay assistant arrived early, took the initiative and began snapping away.Daniel captured all the precious moments really well with 5 different angles. Daniel was able to taped the moments for our wedding and we are more than satisfied with video highlight. Highly recommended! More...


Farah Clayton

18 December 2018

Charlie is truly an artist & it's our honor to have been photographed by Charlie & Jay for our wedding. They exceeded our expectations and We honestly felt so proud of them as we have never seen engagement photos turn out so nice. Charlie makes us feel not just comfortable, but truly happy.
My wedding day would have been complete chaos. Instead, Charlie kept me calm and re-assured me that everything was going to be okay when we were behind of schedule due to the weather. My parents were so impressed by Charlie & Jay. My mom told me the next day how much fun Jay was as he went around and took candid photos of all of our guests.

I can't say enough about them and my three bridesmaids are using them for their wedding as well. Thank you Charlie & Jay for amazing photos. My husbsnd and I will definitely use Charlie again for another event in the future.


Christy Singh

14 December 2018

Found Charlie Shin through a google search on event and wedding photographer in DMV area.
My husband and I were focused by the stunning pictures on landing page.
Right from the start, Charlie was accommodating on a short notice for engagement shoot. The photos came out to my satisfaction. On wedding day, another great experience with Charlie and his team.
Charlie pinned the boutonniere for my dad.
They helped me throughput the day. it was fun with them. Photography is subjected to permanent taste, however if you looking for beautiful pictures and awesome services which are reasonably priced, look no further. Overall experience of my wedding photographer is Five stars.


Davina. Sunny Hunter

23 November 2018

Thank you for capturing the moments and emotions. Charlie and Jay were perfectly engaged the big day. Charlie took gorgeous high angle shots with huge camera stand. 30feet above from ground.
It looks like drone photos. They are great with parents and children. They made us feel superstar. Highly recommend!


Louie Shinva

21 October 2018

We had an amazing time with Charlie and J. Absolutely amazed by the quality from all photos! The best experience!
My husband and I were worried we would look unnatural. Charlie had a nice way of bringing out our personalities on the day and made us feel comfortable. Once we received the online gallery link we had a hard time narrowing down which photos we wanted for the album because we loved them all. “DO NOT DOUBT” More...



23 September 2018

We are extremely pleased with the final photos and wedding book. The pictures were beautiful. Charlie has a keen eye for different shots at various vantage points that made many pictures unique and special. He was very pleasurable to work with and took care of the bride to ensure she had everything she needed that day. Thanks Charlie for making our wedding day memorable and collaborating with us on our comments and suggestions for our wedding book!
- Van & Steve



17 September 2018

We were so glad we chose Charlie and Jay to be our photographers. We hired Charlie after calling  him and I thought he was great.
They provided us with the best service and top notch photos. We loved his creativity.  We are speechless over our wedding book.  They were spectacular and I would recommend them.
See you soon for upcoming baby!



2 February 2018

We hired Charlie Shin Storyteller to provide photography and videography services for our September 2017 Indian fusion wedding. We were having a hard time finding a wedding photographer, but when we met with Charlie and saw his work, we knew our search was complete. Charlie was fantastic. He and his team were on time and super easy to work with. We met and skyped with Charlie before our wedding to talk through all the details. On the wedding day we had 2 photographers including Charlie and 2 videographers. Our engagement and wedding photos turned out beautiful and we couldn’t be happier. Charlie really has an eye for shooting creative, stunning photographs. His photos are very unique, so our wedding and engagement photos don’t look anything like everyone else’s run of the mill wedding pictures. Charlie also created a photo album for us based on photos of our choice, and his layouts were gorgeous. He ran the layouts by us to make sure we were happy with everything. Overall, we could not speak more highly about Charlie’s photography. We were also happy with the videography. Overall, we highly recommend Charlie Shin Storyteller! More...



30 December 2017

Thank you very much for everything!

We knew we wanted a phenomenal photographer for our wedding day and didn't know where to go. Charlie came highly recommended from one of our bridesmaid.

After 5 days of our wedding, we received 2000 proofs, all of them are great. I already know they are amazing and that's what's making the anticipation of an album so much harder! Charlie made our day so memorable and we are truly so thankful for that!

Unforgettable experience! Way beyond our expectation!



15 December 2017

I became a big fan of Charlie after I got my wedding proof. Charlie and his team were amazing!! Charlie did our engagement and wedding photos. Their work is absolutely gorgeous and they seem really great to work with! The prices were very reasonable and the quality was magnificent. I would highly recommend him! More...



27 November 2017

Charlie's creative approach in photographic our wedding from the few hours before the ceremony, during the ceremony and through the reception was very visible in the the resulting 500 plus photos. Then the resulting wedding book made us extremely happy. More...



16 November 2017

From the first time we both met Charlie and seen his work, we knew he was the photographer we were going to use! His creativity and imagination can definitely been seen in his photos. The photos he took of our wedding were absolutely beautiful and captured every great moment.

My husband was not too keen on getting a video but he is happy we did. Charlie took our wedding day and made an Mp4 video that captured the essence of our entire wedding in 10 minutes. This video file was able to be emailed easily so we were able to send it to our family that could not make it, especially those that are out of the country.

We even had a Photo Booth provided by Charlie. The guests really enjoyed this feature. We were happy to get copies of the photos so we can see the fun everyone had at our wedding.

Though, our wedding was only one short day, every time we watch our video or look at the photos, we can see the story and love that was there that day. None of this could of happened without Charlie Shin and his team!



13 November 2017

Photographed our Daughter’s boat wedding. Very professional quality photos. Easy to work with and exceed our expectations.



10 November 2017

Charlie was absolutely amazing! Always responsive, intuitive and where we needed him through the whole wedding!



6 October 2017

Charlie Shin worked so hard to capture every moments on our wedding day! We love his photos - thank you so much!!



24 June 2017

charlie is absolutely talented photographer! He is an artist with amazing eye, and he captured our wedding memories perfectly. He is great to work with, flexible and has reasonable price range.
He was trying to capture something different. He adds a touch of sense to his work resulting in amazing shots. Also, Charlie was everywhere to capture our unforgettable memories.
All photos on DVD are gorgeous. Many thanks to Charlie and his team. I am happy to recommend Charlie.



28 December 2016

I've been to several weddings where Charlie and his team were providing photography services and the pictures always looked so terrific. When I got engaged I reached out to Charlie and was not disappointed. Charlie and his team are easy to work with, he is reasonably priced and the pictures turned out perfect! I would highly recommend Charlie Shin Storyteller to anyone looking for a photographer for their special day. More...



27 December 2016

His service was great! He captured the special moments that I didn't even think of.



22 December 2016

Charlie Shin & Co provides great service and professionalism. Their photography is top notch and the prices are reasonable as well.



27 November 2016

Charlie was great! I got married on October 1 at 2941 Restaurant and although it was rainy the pictures still turned out beautifully. Worth every penny!



22 October 2016

Charlie is a creative genius that provides phenomenal service. He delivered the best pictures I've ever seen. I recommend him.



19 June 2016

My fiancé and I loved his energy and passion for capturing genuine moments.
Charlie has the amazing ability to capture fine details and candid moments I wasn't expecting.
Charlie was an absolute joy to work with and look forward to working with him again for my sister’s wedding.



19 May 2016

We were extremely happy with Charlie and his team. There really is no one to compare him to in the DMV area. We opted for the all inclusive package with the engagement session and 3 albums, worth every penny!

The day after our engagement shoot we had edited photos! Very fast AND well done. We had ~1400 photos of our wedding only 2 days after it happened!!! Our parents loved the wedding albums. :)

Charlie and Jay were very accommodating with our out of the box wedding timeline. They took some creative shots we can't wait to hang on our wall. The best part was that they caught those special moments throughout the day without you even realising they were there.

We'd highly recommend Charlie Shin Photography!



29 December 2015

Charlie Shin and his team are true artists! They capture special moments and artistic angles of your special day and design it in a storyline that touches your heart forever. If you want a unique and artistic memory of your day, hire Charlie Shin! He will blow you away with his creativity and artistry! More...



28 December 2015

I want to give more stars to Charlie Shin Storyteller. I was more than impressed with their professionalism. I also love their stunning work. Charlie and his team captured the day like I wanted. They responded to all my concerns immediately. I love the ideas they came up with and the pictures turned out beautiful. Charlie also was helpful in finding other vendors such as DJ and Florist. Overall, we were blown away by the value we got for our money. Thank you again. More...



24 December 2015

Charlie truly did create a story out of our wedding day. He was very flexible in us fusing our two cultures together, combining persian with south asian. For his price, the package deal included so much, and turned out so beautiful! Even the video highlights were breath taking. He is very good at adapting to diversity to make cultures blossom and that was the most important thing to me at our wedding. I would recommend him any day! More...



23 December 2015

Charlie and his team seriously go above and beyond your expectations. Not only are they extremely professional, but they know how to make you feel so special and like family all at the same time. On the wedding day he took tons of behind the scenes photos, capturing special moments that would not have been captured otherwise. He was not intrusive and really seemed to love his work. He was incredibly open to all our suggestions and made our ideas much better. His passion for photography really shows in all of his pictures and the way he treats his clients. I got my wedding album in two months. Fast turn around time. Love it. The finished products were great.I HIGHLY recommend Charlie for any occasions as he works with you to bring your vision to life More...



22 December 2015

From our first meeting, I felt so comfortable with Charlie, that is very important in a wedding photographer. Charlie took our engagement session and we had a such a good time. He was trying to know about our personality. All photos were breathtaking. We had so many compliments from family and friends. There are seriously 2,500 perfect images, I like pretty much every single image.
On wedding day, Charlie and Monica were so much fun to work with! The entire wedding party had a great time with them. When we saw the pictures from the wedding they were incredible!
My husband and I are so happy we decided to hire Charlie, it was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding.



29 September 2015

Charlie Shin Storyteller is absolutely right choice!. Charlie and His team was great to work with, very professional and talented.
He definitely captured the precious moments of our wedding day. We have received many comments on how great our wedding photos looked from our family and friend. Charlie's work is not something of the normal. He adds a little more edge to his work resulting in high-quality photos. I would highly recommend anyone to Charlie and Jay.
Best wishes to you and your team!



18 August 2015

Charlie did an amazing job on my wedding day. I could not have asked for a better photographer! He has so many unique ideas that turn out beautiful! He worked so hard during the entire day! I'm so happy with his work- he's a true artist. More...



4 August 2015

My wife and I were very impressed with Charlie and J. They did cover the photography and photobooth services for our wedding. Charlie was professional throughout the whole process.. charlie was flexible with tailoring the photography coverage that best suited what I needed. On the wedding day, charlie and his team were fantastic. We got all of the shots that we wanted. After three days of wedding, we got all the pictures on the DVD. The pictures themselves are absolutely stunning. I already recommended Charlie to my friend. More...



13 July 2015

Working with Charlie has been a pleasure and the quality of his work is well documented in the high ratings and reviews that he gets. He has been professional from the very beginning. On the wedding day, Charlie and his assistant Jae were very flexible. There were no complaints from our guests. Everything you would expect from a professional photography company, it was there. I thoroughly enjoyed them. And despite his busy schedule, he communicates on time and makes time for you.

1. Charlie's e-mails are short and concise; sometimes too short.
2. My then-fiance was very peeved that she was almost never included in the emails even though she was cc'd whenever I sent an email to Charlie. He only replied back to me. I found this amusing.
3. I thought the cost was a little high. Nevertheless he is rated one of the top photographers in the DMV.
4. We received only a few digital copies of our engagement photos in order to make our invitations. Charlie says we will receive everything at the end in a complete package. This is understandable, however it may be slightly frustrating. As of this review, I haven't received our product yet, but I don't anticipate a delay.



13 June 2015

Recommend CSS for your big day.
I had a wedding in Macau. I met Charlie through wedding planner in Korea. Little Pricy but I love his style and ability to capture right moments.



17 February 2015

Charlie is the top wedding photographer in the United States and I would recommend him to any couple that wants memorable amazing photos.



31 January 2015

Amazing work. Charlie and his team did an exceptional job photographing our wedding day. I'm so thankful that I have stunning pictures to cherish forever of our big day. The most amazing aspect of his work was their ability to capture our emotion. Every moment of the day becomes real for us all over again.
Charlie knows exactly what he is doing and gets it done. The quality and creativity of the picture was superior.
I would recommend Charlie to anyone! Charlie is wonderful!



4 December 2014

I first used Charlie as a vendor with my work in DC and loved him from day one. If you are fortuante enough to work with his partner Monica as well, the two of them together are the DREAM TEAM.
They went above and beyond producing over 1500 photos on the wedding day. Charlie is like a ninja - he is EVERYWHERE. I had so many comments from my family members how he was the best photographer they have ever seen.
There is no need to give Charlie a shot list - I promise you he has the best eye and will blow you away with what he produces. I didn't know it was me in some of the shots - besides the fact that I was the bride!
I couldn't say nicer things about Charlie and his team; he is personable,approchable, responsive, hilarious and willing do work with you on anything. I loved working with them on my wedding day and engagement pictures and will continue to use his company as a photographer for my work as well. I promise, you will NOT be disappointed- he is worth every penny and more.



8 October 2014

We hired Charlie and one of his associates to shoot our wedding. I was a big fan of Charlie's work and was thrilled to find out he was available for our big day. He was flexible with our timing and we got some really great shots throughout the event. Overall I had a really good experience with him and his team. We received our wedding album about 2 months after the wedding and were able to pick up our digital images on CD a few weeks after the wedding. Things I didn't love: a little pricey and I was disappointed that although my wedding album had retouched images the digital version of the images we received had not been retouched so I had to have someone else do that later which was an inconvenience considering Charlie is not inexpensive. More...



25 September 2014

We absolutely love Charlie’s photos! When we first met Charlie at a local bridal fair, we fell in love with his artistic way to capture the moments, as well as the photo album he creates. He offered a comprehensive package for our wedding and executed each with the detail and care we appreciated. He is responsive and also accommodating to our wish. For example, we really wanted our engagement photos to be taken during the cherry blossom week and he was very amenable to our scheduling change when the day of our engagement photo session rained. The engagement pictures turned out fantastic, and he and his assistant certainly did not disappoint us on our wedding day! They were pleasant to work with, really worked hard throughout the wedding to capture every detail, and took amazing and beautiful photos of us, our family, and friends. We can’t wait to see how the photo albums will turn out! The guests also loved the photobooth we got through him – we only wish we added a service so that the guests can e-mail the digital copy to themselves. Overall, we are extremely happy with his service and will recommend without hesitation! More...



10 September 2014

Charlie Shin Photography completely captured every aspect of the wedding I could possibly ask for, from photo journalism to posed pictures, candids, and we are sooo glad we added on the Photobooth package. The professionalism from Charlie Shin himself along with his associates were on point! Not only did we get all the digital prints to all of the pictures taken for our engagement and wedding, we also got all of the photobooth pictures! People are still talking about how much fun the photobooth was. Everything was more than I could ask for. We are very happy with the services we received! More...



19 August 2014

AMAZING PHOTOS! Charlie really has an eye fro photography. Our Engagement and Wedding photos will have folks in awe...



17 July 2014

First of all, he did an awesome job for our engagement photos. I was absolutely satisfied with his work! Photos he took were very unique and creative that all of my friends were asking where we got it done. Taking photos all day can be exhausting but he made it so much fun and exciting. I must say he is definitely good at what he does, and he's got great personality that you will surely become friends with him by the end of the day. I highly recommend him for any special occasion photos! You won't regret choosing him ;) More...



30 May 2014

Charlie is an artist. His pictures are just beautiful. He captures the mood and feeling of his subject like no artist I've ever seen. His candids and portraits are especially moving, and he captured my wedding day beautifully. He and his assistant took over 1600 pictures that day, it was difficult to narrow them down for the wedding album he put together. Though his price is not cheap, it is well worth it and really a bargain for the quality you get. He travels a bit so is sometimes difficult to reach but I was very happy with his work! More...



18 May 2014

If you are planning a wedding, pick Charlie. At first we had a few vendors who had similar packages and offers. But, after meeting Charlie and seeing his work first hand, I had no doubt in my mind Charlie was the one. Since we signed the contract, Charlie took the time to listen, go through any instructions or material I had given, and met with me whenever I needed him to. On the wedding day, Charlie was there on time and was ready. He had studied the must have and nice to have shots. He worked with us patiently. He worked the whole night tirelessly with his team. They didn’t complain a bit even though we were running late. After the wedding, with a week he posted >1200 amazing pictures. And he listen to me on all of the questions and concerns I have. As a bride, I would recommend Charlie to any bride, not just for the quality of the pictures, but also for his hard work, dedication, and professionalism. His service and outcome is second to none! More...



5 May 2014

Working with Charlie was better than I ever expected. My husband and I knew how talented he was just by looking at his other work but he definitely blew my expectations out of the water. He is the master of lighting and lives up to his nickname as the "storyteller". Looking at our wedding photos brings me back to that exact moment during our very special day. Thank you Charlie and to your lovely assistant for shooting on our wedding day. More...



31 December 2013

Do did a fabulous job on our wedding photos. He was energetic, and had a good eye for what is important to capture in wedding photographs: the people who were there to witness and celebrate our marriage. We were really happy that we chose with Do. He kept shooting on 9 hours strait next to me and my husband. I will definitely recommend Charlie Shin Photography. More...



31 December 2013

Daniel video taped our wedding. He was punctual, professional and did a great job in the post production clips we viewed.

The video was a surprise for my mom and dad. Prior to the wedding Daniel was so easy to work with. He had no problem making the very few adjustments that i wanted. When I got wedding DVD, our family watched together for the fist time. We all laughed and cried. It was so beautiful. We would recommend him to any newly engaged one.



24 November 2013

Charlie and his team did such a wonderful job with our wedding pictures! Charlie photographed our friend's wedding and my brothers's wedding so we already knew that he would do a great job. He was always professional and was not only a photographer but also entertainer. He was so fun at the reception. Our pictures turned out great. We have never had such wonderful pictures taken of us. He captured the most important day for us better than we could have imagined. Charlie went far above our expectations. After my wedding, one of my friend booked him for their wedding in Chicago. More...



9 October 2013

The CSP's pictures are amazing! I knew I wanted someone that would understand the look and feel of the photographs that I wanted for our wedding and CSP nailed it! We can't believe how thoroughly, beautifully, and authentically CSP captured the day. My mother-in-law told my sister-in-law that my sister-in-law needed to have CSP take her wedding photographs too!! We are all speechless by your ability to see and capture the largest moments and the smallest details of the day. The extra touches that you added with the computer are spectacular! We thoroughly appreciate your time and talent. I would recommend CSP to any one for any occasion! More...



11 September 2013

I don't know where to start with describing how amazing Charlie at Charlie Shin Storyteller is at his job. He came to Seoul for our wedding photos. The photos are fabulous, and he is a pleasure to work with. He is energetic and excited about taking beautiful pictures. A photographer is with you all day, so it's important to have someone that has a good energy. Charlie was authoritative enough that I didn't have to worry about anything, but also kind and fun at the same time!
He did our engagement session and really got my groom into it! I paid his airfare and hotel. There are cheaper options for photographers, but after the wedding is over your photos are the only thing you have! He was worth every penny! You can just sit back, and enjoy being beautiful!



5 August 2013

I worked with Charlie Shin Photography for my wedding 4/13/13 and overall it was a pleasant experience. I lived in a different state than where the wedding was held so I visited the studio once (nice studio) and our communication was mainly through phone and email. Initially there was a misunderstanding if engagement pictures which we wanted were included in the package, after calling Charlie and speaking with him, that was quickly cleared up.
They were flexible to work with my husband's schedule and mine which was greatly appreciated. The work was excellent! We had the most beautiful pictures, the album is fabulous and we have a good combination of posed and animated pictures. We received sooooo many compliments on our pictures and some of the shots looked like they came out of a magazine!
My husband and I were really happy a link to the pictures was ready in such a short time because we were able to enjoy them on our honeymoon and later send it out to family and friends.
I would recommend Charlie Shin Photography for your wedding or any important event in your life. They are professional, easy going and easy to work with, non-intrusive and you get a good value for the money.
Excellent photography is not cheap at the same time should not break the bank.
Decide that you want it, save up and hire Charlie!
Thanks Charlie Shin Photography for capturing our special day!



24 May 2013

his photos belong in a magazine. they are simply stunning. i feel almost like a model after seeing final results. overall, it was truly easy to work with Charlie. we LOVE the pictures we received. if you want specific photos, make sure you have a list ready though. we were more casual about it and loved the results although im sure there are some setups/specific photos we dont have. but we dont care because the photos are fabulous are still reeling weeks later of how good they are. you get the disk with all photos which some photographers dont want to do. the value of the photos we received and what he cost is his real plus. he is very well priced (except for the books). highly recommend!!! More...



14 January 2013

Vendor was friendly and very professional. The photos turned out great.



30 December 2012

We were completely satisfied with our engagement and wedding pictures done by Charlie Shin Photography. Charlie is so easy to work with and his pictures are nothing short of amazing! I never once worried about how our pictures would turn out because I knew Charlie would do an amazing job. He has all the characteristics you would want in a photographer; he is fun, sweet, energertic, and creative. He even has own Kangnam style dance to get everyones attention and it works!! We are so thankful we got to use Charlie as our wedding photographer. We appreaciate all he did to make our wedding day and pictures perfect!! Thank you Charlie! More...



28 December 2012

I had a wedding in Jeju island in Korea. My friend in New York gave Charlie Shin photography information. After many conversation, I decided to go with him.
Love his photography style. Love it!



27 December 2012

Charlie was fantastic! We had a blast with him, he wasn't just telling us what to do but interacting with us as well! It was like we all had known him for years. All of our pictures came out beautifully and were very quick! I would recommend him to everyone! More...



24 December 2012

Photography was the most important part of my wedding . We found CSP after emailing a lot of photographers and videographers. After our first meeting, I knew he has to be my photographer. I booked his team right away. He is really sweet, always smiling and took the most beautiful photos of my wedding. CSP made us comfortable, laugh and took gorgeous photos. All my family and friends commented on how beautifully Charlie and his team captured our wedding. If you are looking for a really talented, friendly photographer,I highly recommend CSP. Love! More...



14 November 2012

One of my good friends had used Charlie for her wedding 2 years ago, so I was familiar with his work. He puts together a memorable photo album & is very creative with the poses & pictures that he takes. I will absolutely use him in the future & would highly recommend him! More...



10 September 2012

My mom and I met with Charlie while we were looking at vendors, and immediately felt comfortable with him and were impressed with his work. We booked one photographer for the day, one of his assistants. We were lucky enough to have both the assistant and Charlie show up on the wedding day for our pre-ceremony pictures, ceremony and the group photos afterwards. For the reception we just had the assistant. I am so glad we had to photographers during the ceremony because they caught multiple angles of events. It was also good during the photo shoot afterwards because the assistant positioned the lights and screens while Charlie took pictures; I'm not sure how that would have worked out with only one photographer. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the internet link to my pictures within a few weeks. Looking over them, there were a few changes I would have made, such as keeping the flowers from the ceremony in the background of our group pictures. During the reception, we didn't get as many pictures with other people as I would have liked. There were several pictures when we are looking away from the camera because we are looking at a friend's camera, and I would have liked the photographer to be more assertive to get the same shot on his camera - I was too flustered and excited to think about telling everyone to take another. There were also several people that weren't in any pictures. Overall I am very pleased with the picture quality. However, the website itself is very user unfriendly. It was difficult to pick out my pictures for the album because I had to go back and forth between different pages to look at them closely, and then to choose or delete some. Sometimes the pictures were in order, and sometimes not. And sometimes the site was working and sometimes not. It was very frustrating to go through the pictures. I haven't received my photo book yet so I can't comment on that yet. More...



18 July 2012

Charlie was very responsive to questions. My daughter had specific pictures she wanted and the photographer was able to take them all. In fact, he was so unobtrusive that we didn't really even notice him, which is what you want in a wedding. More...



24 May 2012

We worked with Charlie on our annual event and it was absolutely fantastic. He had a fast turnaround time for the photographs and was wonderful to work with - he got back to us quickly, was on time for meetings, showed up to each event on time and didn't leave until the end of the night. His photos turned out beautifully and we couldn't be happier. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience (as it should be!). More...



19 March 2012

Charlie Shin Photography is the best in the business. I am a Catering Manager and have seen my fair share of photographers (and teams) but Charlie Shin Photography went above and beyond our expectations. The quality work is exceptional and all the images from our Wedding and Photo sessions made our special day just perfect. Most brides and grooms have the issue of picking a few images that they love, but for us, we had the difficulty of trying to narrow down what we did not like. Charlie and his team are definitely dedicated, hard working, and have a keen eye to see the perfect picture. Thank you Charlie, Nick, and to the rest of the team for such a memorable experience. We promise to come back when we have children!! More...



16 January 2012

I got married on 10/28/11. Today is 1/16/12 and I have yet to choose from the pictures that were taken by Charlie Shin and his team. The photos are so good that we are having a hard time choosing 130 images for our wedding album. We gave Charlie and his team full creative control of our wedding photos. We simply did not put him in a box and make him take photos based on a pre-determined list of shots. And because of this, the photos turned out fantastic. Charlie and his team were creative and a joy to work with. My family still remembers the funny photographers. The first thing anyone who views our photos want to know is, "Who is the photographer?" We will always use Charlie Shin and his team for our photos. He is truly a five star photographer! More...



7 January 2012

I had over a year to plan my wedding, and the only part that was stressful about the planning was finding someone to capture all the special moments on our special day. Our wedding took place at Herrington on the Bay, in Maryland and everything in the area were over our budget for what we wanted. A very close friend of ours referred Charlie Shin Photography. My husband and I took the chance to book our event with him and we were so happy we did! He knew exactly what we wanted and the easiest person to work with. He is not one of those photographers that made taking pictures with a big group stressful(i have a huge family). He captured so many fun and very memorable moments. I am super satisfied with all of our photos - looking at our pictures makes us feel like we were there again. We got so many compliment from our friends and families with our photos. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a event photographer. You will not be disappointed! More...



13 December 2011

I would definitely recommend Charlie Shin Photography. I was pleased after meeting them. After we booked them, They always kept me informed on what they needed from me and answered my questions quickly. On our wedding day, Charlie and his team was so much fun to work with. I didn't need to ask them to take any particular shots because I trusted that they would know what would work and what wouldn't. In the end, we are very happy with all the beautiful moments Charlie and His team captured. Charlie also makes you feel like a superstar...which is always fun! More...



11 October 2011

Charlie and his team did an amazing job capturing all the important moments from our wedding-- from intimate to fun moments that made us smile. We just viewed our wedding photos and they were just breathtaking. Charlie combines class with an uniquely artistic modern flair. I would recommend him to all my friends. More...



5 October 2011

I got really good service from Charlie.
He was wonderful for our big date!!
If you want to get number one service for your big date,
I strongly recommend to you!



29 June 2011

Excellent vendor I would strongly recommend. We used the vendor for our engagement pictures and wedding very detailed in their picture taking. The vendor captured pictures we didn't even realize were taking place. More...



29 June 2011

Excellent and very attentive! The pictures are fabulous!



20 June 2011

Charlie went above and beyond what most photographers do for their clients. He provided me the photos in a timely manner...quicker than any of my friends received their photos. He focuses on the small details...the small details of the photos, capturing the most amazing and precious moments of the wedding and reception; the small details of service, for example, sending me a slideshow with music that was important to us of our wedding out of nowhere! It is the little things that count in life, and Charlie knows how to tap into those! I would recommend him to ANYONE! If he can shoot a week long Indian wedding without missing a moment or a beat, he can do any wedding! Love Charlie of Charlie Shin Photography!!! :) More...



3 February 2011

Charlie and Sharon were amazing photographers at our wedding!! We had a wonderful time both at our engagement session as well as before, during and after our wedding. Thank you so much for your creativity and uniqueness which made our day so special and memorable!! Charlie was VERY timely and organized. If you are looking for a photographer that is different from all of the rest and affordable, go with Charlie Shin! His packages include so much more than many other photographers in the area who charge more $$$ and his quality is WAAAAAAAY above theirs - Trust me, my husband and I looked before we made our choice and none topped Charlie's studio. More...



27 December 2010

Charlie Shin is a true professional. He provided excellent service before, during, and after the wedding. He is quick to respond to any concern or suggestion. His cost was reasonable for the package he offered. I would highly recommend Charlie to anyone who likes a natural look in their photos with a chic style and great composition with perspective. The photos tell a great story and will be a true asset to your wedding memory collection. More...



14 December 2010

I'm very happy with Charlie's work. He took great pictures of my wedding and really captured the day. His assistant Sharon was also great to work with and she's very personable. My pictures were ready for me to view the week after my wedding. I had the draft of my wedding album a little more than a week after I gave him my picture selections. I LOVED the video of my pictures that he put together to music. It was incredible and a nice way for me to share my pictures with people. Charlie is very focused when he's working and may come across as not warm, but he's a really nice guy and he takes amazing pictures. He's just focused on his art and it's worth it. His wedding books are the best I've seen and that's the main reason I chose him. His creativity is outstanding. Most of my wedding guests said that didn't even notice him during the wedding or reception and I thought that was great!! That meant that he was doing his job and blending in while taking great pictures! I felt like he offered a lot for the price. I really enjoyed working with him and I LOVE his final product. More...



29 November 2010

Charlie was great! He offered professional advice when needed and was not an "in your face" photographer. He also recommended good vendors to me. I saved a lof of money. On wedding day, he captured fantastic images without us knowing he was there. We loved every image!!! More...



12 November 2010

Charlie and his crew were absolutely fantastic. The pictures were beautiful and they did a fantastic job capturing all the right moments during the wedding. Charlie's services are very reasonably priced and they deserve every penny we paid them. I strongly recommend their services to those of you who are seeking a wedding photographer and/or a videographer. More...



12 November 2010

Charlie and his team are phenomenal!!! Charlie shot my older sisters' weddings and two of his team members shot my wedding!!! The pictures were absolutely breath taking and I could not have asked for better photographers! Photography was the one thing that had to be ABSOLUTELY perfect for my wedding... and that's what Charlie and his team guaranteed me! They stood by their word 110%!!! :) More...


Holly Manning

11 November 2010

I found Charlie Shin Photography (CSP) at the Dulles Bridal Showase. After interviewing several D.C. photographers, I decided that CSP had the best value in their packages without sacrificing the editorial/journalistic style that I wanted. Charlie and Sharon were the photographers for our wedding. I sent them a basic schedule (very basic), but they did not miss a beat. I got all of the photo memories that I wanted and did not feel like I had to give direction for what I wanted. When we got back the photos after the wedding (over 950), I couldn't believe how many moments they caught. We love looking at our album and are so glad that we decided to use CSP for our wedding photography. More...



1 October 2010

Charlie you did a great job with the photos!!!!!!!!!



30 September 2010

Charlie was, by far, our favorite wedding vendor. He is an artist in the truest sense of the word, and he captured our day perfectly. We could not ask for more from Charlie or from his work - we absolutely love our photographs and we loved working with him! If we were able to do it all over again, Charlie would be our first phone call. We look forward to working with him in the future for other special occasions and portraits. My husband and I are happy to recommend Charlie. More...



29 June 2010

Charlie and his assistant captured such beautiful moments during my wedding. The pictures are so amazing and breath taking and I can't stop looking at them.



4 May 2010

We had a really great experience working with Charlie Shin Photography. After our initial meeting with Charlie in Atlanta, we knew right away that we wanted to use his studio.

Choosing Charlie & K as our photographers was one of the best decisions we made during the wedding planning process. If we ever had a question, they were very prompt in responding.

We also had a huge time gap between our ceremony and reception to take pictures with our wedding party. We were nervous that the groomsmen would start to get fidgety after too many pictures. However, Charlie & Lee kept us all laughing and made all the pictures a lot of fun to take even for the guys! All the pictures came out beautifully and they were so easy to work with. We were amazed on how they were able to capture every special moment of our day without being noticeable.

It was difficult for us to pick our favorite photos for our wedding album since we loved all. We highly recommend them for anyone that's looking for a photographer!



19 March 2010

The Charlie's pictures are amazing! We can't believe how thoroughly, beautifully, and authentically he and Sharon captured the day. My grandmother commented that it was the first photographs that she could see love in. And my sister-in-law told my sister that my sister needed to have you take her wedding photographs too!! (lucky for my sister, Sharon is already on that job!) We are all speechless by your ability to see and capture the largest moments and the smallest details of the day. We thoroughly appreciate your time and talent. Thanks Charlie & Sharon More...



24 January 2010

Charlie is a fabulous photographer. He captures your wedding in a photo journalistic view but he also takes care of the formal pictures. He was the first one that I saw at the wedding and the last one I saw when I left the reception. He is easy to work with and a joy to be around and that is something that I needed on a stressful day! I would recommend Charlie and his team to anyone looking for a photographer. More...



1 December 2009

Me and my husband chose Charlie for our wedding in November this year and couldn't have been happier with our photos. Charlie and Sharon make you feel really at ease and they know exactly what they are doing so there's no time wasting which means a lot more variety of pictures to choose from. They arrived early to get the first shots of the day which i was dreading but ended up loving them all. The quality was just outstanding. There has been people that have seen the photos and wanted Charlie's number to book him for their wedding. Would not have any hesitation about recommending Charlie. The service we received after the day was exceptional as well and Charlie kept in touch. Thanks a million! Charlie and Sharon More...



2 September 2009

Charlie and his assistant were very professional at the wedding. They came early, listened to us on what we wanted, and took a ton of pictures without being intrusive. I never felt that they were in the way, but they got all the right shots. We haven't seen the photo album yet, but they already posted the pictures- and they are really beautiful. They are also a great deal! I'm excited to see our album and our video. More...



22 July 2009

Studio Kama provided us with photography and makeup services. The photographer and 3 makeup artists arrived very early in the morning to get the ladies ready and beautiful for the wedding. They were very quick in posting the pictures up online. All the guests who saw the pictures said that they were absolutely lovely! More...


Rosa Irene

21 July 2009

Studio Kama was great and working with Charlie (photographer) was our best choice he captured the most special moments of our special day and his work is highly recommended, a bit on the expensive side but if you love photos and what memories they leave behid it is def worth every penny. I totally recommend Studio Kama for anyone that wants perfect photos. More...



17 June 2009

My husband and I were really happy with the services provided by Kama Studio. Charlie and his assistant were professional and friendly, and everything went absolutely smoothly. We're really happy with the photos, and I can't wait to see the photo album! More...



11 June 2009

They were great to work with... very professional and most importantly very creative. The photography was the best part from our wedding and I would recommend anyone who wants to have memories to cherish to use them. There were so many pictures to choose from for the album that we had a hard time picking, however, the way the album was designed is breath taking. We also had the video as well and it was equally as great.

My husband and I are both professional and highly recommend using Studio Kama!



10 June 2009

Charlie Shin and his staff are EXCELLENT!! All of the photos were impressive and really captured the day, and I received my albums within 1 month of finalizing the layout. Most people have commented that they have never seen photos like mine, and now one of my friends is also using Studio Kama for her wedding next year. Charlie is very timely, professional, accommodating, and keeps everyone on track. I would definitely recommend Studio Kama's services to anyone looking for a quality photographer. This was hands down the best investment that we made for our wedding day. Money well spent. More...



8 June 2009

Studio Kama does an excellent job. I will definitely be using them to photograph my new baby when he comes.



8 June 2009

Wonderful! We have the most beautiful and creative album anyone could ask for! They are very professional and took the most amazing pictures capturing the true feeling of our wedding!



7 June 2009

Charlie is an amazing photographer and was sure to capture all our special moments in a most creative and beautiful way. His photojournalistic style ensured we had a complete "story" to tell with our pictures, from start to finish, and he worked with us to create an ever so special -- and totally unique -- wedding album that we will treasure forever. Even with an assistant, additional lighting and large cameras, we *never* felt the photography was intrusive. Charlie and his assistant were always respectful and understood that even while the images were incredibly important, each moment was a feeling that could not be reproduced, nor should be interrupted. We were amazed at some of the shots in the close to 1,000 he took, in fact, as we had not remembered him being anywhere near us at those times. Charlie was also flexible in creating a package that fit our needs. The only reason we did not give Studio Kama five stars across the board is that pre/post-wedding communication at times were a challenge. In all, we could not be more pleased that we chose Charlie and Studio Kama to photograph our wedding day! More...



7 June 2009

We were truly satisfied with our pictures and video from Studio Kama. Everyone worked very hard to capture our big day! We definitely recommend using them!!



21 November 2008

They were good! They came on time on the wedding day, always responsive to your emails and calls. The pictures were nice too. Some of them are very nice and some of them are ok. I wish they took more pictures of my guest not 1000 pictures of me and my husband :) If that's what you want, tell them a head of time. otherwise two photographers will be around you all time and you end up getting same pictures from different angle. but over all, I am happy with their service and final product. More...



20 November 2008

Charlie and Perry were so funny and really took the time and care to make sure they caught all the moments!
I and my wife decided to meet them again later for our future baby's pictures. Thank you for your hard work.



25 October 2008

Studio Kama is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i mean with every single shots, they had wowed us :)
I am so happy with all the follow up services before the wedding and until the day before

to confirm the time with me. Time management skills were excellent as well
showed up early, all ready to roll and directing us to take more funner shots.
it was grrrreat! thanks so much again to charlie!!!!
i will definitely let my friends have you on their big day ( even though, i would like to keep you as my own photographer)
so, studio kama!!!! yes indeed!



12 June 2008

Their photography is stunning. I love their work, and couldn't be happier with the photos that I did get. They took over 2,000 pictures. On the other hand, I got only one formal shot of me with my bridesmaids. The couple that I squeezed in of the bridal party were thrown together... So if what you're looking for are beautiful bridal/portrait shots, they're definitely for you. If you want to make sure you get your standard shots make sure you make a list...

They were very flexible with our arrangement, and that was a big plus. They were willing to work with me and what I wanted in my package, and that was key. It's one of the reasons I picked them.

They are also by far the best deal for the money. I looked at over 40 photographers and they offer way more in their package than everyone else at the same skill level.



21 April 2008

Working with Kama was an absolute pleasure!! I would recommend them to EVERYONE planning a wedding!!!! Kama has a patient and super-courteous staff that pays very close attention to detail. They keep an open line of communication at all times throughout the planning process. Overall their professionalism was top notch, and I am just thrilled with my experience. I cannot stress enough how great it was working with them. Custom built a wedding package to meet my specific needs, and they were worth EVERY PENNY. My wedding day was PERFECT, and I have PERFECT memories to show for it all because of them!! Kama exceeded my expectations in every capacity! More...



6 February 2008

We just got our pictures back last week, and I can't stop looking at them. Charlie did a wonderful job of making both of us feel comfortable and capturing "us". I couldn't have asked for better pictures. Hw was always nest to me wherever I go. More...



16 October 2007

By far, one of the best decisions that I've made on wedding vendors. I truly feel lucky that I found them. They have been in the front and back of the wedding planning with me for months. They have a great team of professionals who can work with you within your budget. They are always willing to stretch their limits to meet your standards. I will absolutely recommend them to my friends for hire. More...



18 July 2007

I like Charlies' job adn his staff. No hassle. I booked him one year ago because of wedding date.

Photos turn out so beautifuly. I love his job.



28 June 2007

Charlie was up there as being the most professional vendor of the day. He got there early...took great shots...was not intrustive...imaginative and just capture the day in his pictures. He knew that I wanted to remember who was at my wedding...and that is exactly what I got. He caught great moments of the day. I still (bad me) have to give him the details for my album...but that is all my fault (did I say he was patient:) More...



24 May 2007

We loved working with everyone at Kama Wedding. They were easy to work with. I recommended Charlie to our friends and now they are using him as their photographer for their wedding next month.
They have a partnership with Shilla Bakery so we used them. I was able to give them what we wanted our cake to look like...they were able to create it.



3 May 2007

I absolutely love Charlie, his work and professionalism! He is creative and amazing in capturing the feeling of the wedding. Moreover, Charlie was on time for every appointment, sincerely listened to what we envisioned our wedding photos to look like and did everything he can to realize that, and went way beyond what we expected - from our casual shots to our wedding day. Also, he's just a wonderful person and that was very important to me as a bride on one of the most special, yet stressful, days of my lilfe. I recently received my wedding album, and it really reflects his work as an artist, as well as what we wanted. I love it! More...



26 February 2007

Charlie was very professional, yet down to earth and easy going. He took amazing pictures that will forever be treasured. He is innovative, non-intrusive and takes the time to make the whole process from meeting with you to pick a package to presenting you with the proofs a very special moment. We have already recommended him to our friends and he's currently booked for our friends wedding. They were that impressed! More...



21 February 2007

I like their photo styles. Price is very reasonable.I like Charlie's work. I strongly recommend him as your wedding photographer. Good Luck

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