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Madelyne Markowitz

8 August 2019

I’ve been working out with DeAnthony for almost 3 years now. I have lost weight and inches and gained muscle and strength. Through his coaching I’ve gained confidence and enjoy working out. DeAnthony has the knowledge to assess an individual’s capabilities/ needs and tailor trainings to help you achieve your goals. Charged Up is a great environment to work out in no matter your age or capabilities. DeAnthony is a great role model and coach for guiding someone to be their best! More...


Stephanie Holloway

8 August 2019

Best trainer around been training for a few years and he always challenges me and my results are proof



1 August 2019

Love coming to the gym and working out with Drew! Total body workouts - time flies through our sessions.


Lamar Walker

1 August 2019

Man I really like working out there they have great trainers and I like the working out there


Anne Marie Gattari

30 July 2019

I’ve worked out with trainers, in groups, alone at various gyms and studios doing every routine and style of exercise there is for my entire adult life. No other place, no trainer, no routine comes close to matching DeAnthony at Charged Up. This man is a complete pro and knows intrinsically what each of his clients needs, just how far to push and exactly how to motivate. As a 63-year-old woman, I have achieved results that I never thought possible. This gym is the real deal! More...


rachel peeples

28 July 2019

I've been training with DeAnthony for 3 years now and I can honestly say that I've never felt or looked better. He's good at what he does and it shows through his clients. I would definitely recommend him.



24 July 2019

Didn't take long to see progress. Training doesn't feel like a task but more of a hobby.


Aisha Dennis

24 July 2019

This is THE PLACE to be! You will achieve and exceed your health and fitness goals! The experience and professionalism exhibited in this place is awesome. Also the heart of this young man as he works diligently with you from ground zero to get you to the next level.. inspires you to go higher each time! I suffered a personal injury and had limitations but he's been working with me to achieve greatness and we're at 80% and climbing! Do yourself a favor and check him out. More...