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Address: 3920 FM 1960 W, #210, Houston, TX 77068, USA

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Kelly Finnen

30 March 2019

Facials and eyelashes too!!!


Casey Jo Edmiston

18 September 2018

Easy going, fun atmosphere to learn. Glad I’m back in school and live that I chose here. Ross Briggs, Mrs. Teasley, Mrs. Erica- they all rock !!


Nina Shives

14 July 2018

I have been coming to Champion Beauty College for awhile bringing my Grand daughter to get her hair done. Each visit has alway been very nice, but this last time it was great. Zoe wanted a different style ,we showed the picture to the stylist and to the instructor. On Zoe type of hair it's washed ,rinsed then a conditioner blow dry then it's cut then the flat iron & styled. The instructor did the hair cut it was a different cut for this type of style Zoe wanted . About 6/7 girls came over to watch Ms.Teasley cut her hair, as she was cutting she explained why you should cut this way, she was very detailed in this. Girls were paying attention to her even one of the guest was right in on this. They named this type of hair cut " attitude" only because you can flip one side to the other or just bend your head down bring it up it covers your eyes , they all were laughing trying to show Zoe how to show an attitude. As I was sitting in there waiting and watching them, the music was great , the students getting along with each other, as some student come they hello, some leaving they say goodby it was just a very pleasant atmosphere. Stylist talking with there guest ,smiling just enjoying what they were doing. My Grand daughter really liked her hair style as I did . More...


Donda J.

21 June 2017

This school has seriously implemented many positive changes in the past year. They are upgrading and changing curriculm, added business classes to help students  better prepare for their start in the cosmotolgy industry. Flexibility for students who have children or jobs. More...


Lora C.

22 May 2017

I didn't actually get a service here, this review is based on my experience. There's a commercial on tv that says don't you wish everyone was honest and upfront?   I went to champions beauty school because another place totally messed my hair up. Horrible haircut!!  So not wanting to spend a lot more, I went t champions. I showed a picture of what I wanted and the instructor (I'm assuming that's who it was) very politely said you know these are students. I get that. The student saw the picture and said I'm not sure I feel comfortable cutting that short.  I respect the fact that she was honest enough to tell me that!!!!!  I would have had 2 bad haircuts in 3 days and Ladies you know that will send you into a deep funk!!  I will go back when I get my haircut to try a service or two based solely on this refreshing experience! More...


Donda J.

25 May 2016

I was a student at champions beauty college, I graduated from the esthtician  program. The teacher, Ms Erica, was very helpful during my time there. I worked and went to school at the same time, they were very accommodating with my work schedule. I loved the flexibility and smaller school size. I won a scholorship through the International Dermal  Institute to continue with 100 extra esthetic hours. They helped me a lot to attain my goal. I love having my esthetic license. More...

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