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CFM Group is a full-service digital marketing agency that works with companies, brands, authors and mission-driven thought leaders to advance ideas that matter. From digital PR campaigns to dynamic new websites and eye-catching design to social media strategy and campaigns, we bring every aspect of the process under one roof so that our clients benefit from a single, integrated approach.

The company’s team represents combined experience of over 20 years serving a diverse range of companies and industries. CFM Group creates online strategies that target a client’s current and potential customer community. We build, engage and influence communities responsibly using social media, digital marketing, media/public relations and advertising.

CFM Group strives to make marketing and publicity effective and accessible to everyone. We love what we do, and we want to share our passion, expertise, creativity and sense of humor to support the missions of our clients. We want to be a catalyst of innovation and a vibrant leader in our industry.

Feel free to Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram or drop us a message here (no matter the question, we like challenges) and we’ll get back to you.


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CFM Group Reviews

CFM Group Reviews


CFM group is doing managerial marketing and helps starup companies with their professional advices except building websites...

Used this pro
Review of CFM Group by Steve Bruce
5 29/07/2018 Steve Bruce

CFM Group helped deliver my website in 2018.

I have found them to be flexible, helpful and have had a professional approach throughout the project.

I am sure if you use them for any of your projects large or small that you will be pleased with the results and will clearly see the commitment they give as a team.

“Very professional and empathetic with there approach”

Review of CFM Group by Pendred Printing
5 25/07/2018 Pendred Printing

I have worked with Nick on multiple projects, he is a pleasure to collaborate with. CFM offer a wealth of services and experience to their clients, highly recommended for any business looking to improve their marketing and web presence.

Review of CFM Group by Seb Melville
5 01/07/2018 Seb Melville


Review of CFM Group by Yeil Alontaga
5 20/06/2018 Yeil Alontaga

Excellent service! I would highly recommend Nick and CFM Group

Review of CFM Group by Ricky
5 19/06/2018 Ricky

One of the best! Help and support me and my business a lot. I definitely recommend.

Review of CFM Group by Maria Bates
5 19/06/2018 Maria Bates

There are other full-service digital marketing agencies but then there is CFM.

Over the years I have used many of their services and cannot recommend them highly enough.

They have a no-nonsense approach to getting things done. No long rambling sales pitch, just dynamic ideas and an excellent grasp of what the client really needs.

Thier knowledge of the ever-changing digital marketplace is always right on trend and using their services eliminates what can be a hugely stressful task, trying to keep up to date with everything that is required for modern social media and PR engagement.

I suggest listening to their advice and then just letting them get on with running your account. They won't let you down.

Thank you CFM, I would not go anywhere else.

Review of CFM Group by Stuart Parish (Writer and Author)
5 03/03/2018 Stuart Parish (Writer and Author)

I have worked as a client with CFM Group for at least six months now, and I have to say, I am over the moon with the services they have provided.

Very efficient, very friendly, and run and managed by the best. Defiantly a service you should use if your trying to promote and advertise a business.

A huge thank you to Nick, and his team at CFM Group. :)

Review of CFM Group by Will Bailey
5 03/03/2018 Will Bailey

A pleasure to do business with. Excellent customer service - always very quick to repsond. Highly recommended.

Review of CFM Group by David
5 03/03/2018 David

Experience, open minded and great full experience. I would highly recomend it

Review of CFM Group by Kay
5 23/02/2018 Kay

Absolutely Outstanding! They will take your vision and project as their’s and run with it till it’s done and dusted to your complete satisfaction!! No regrets working with CFM !!

Review of CFM Group by Viresh Patel
5 21/02/2018 Viresh Patel

It has been a pleasure working with Nick and CFM Group for the past 6 years.

They have elevated our Digital profile, tripled our turnover and created a genuine Brand name for us locally.

Their support is superb and they are 24/7 on hand for anything we need and have in depth knowledge of Social Media and Marketing.


Review of CFM Group by Myrto zafeiropoulou
5 10/02/2018 Myrto zafeiropoulou

Amazing outcome! Our website looks exactly as I wanted.

Review of CFM Group by Ricky
5 10/02/2018 Ricky

One of your team name’s Nick Kalavas done a great stuff for us. Very keen on job and quick response for everything for my business. Also great advise for business opportunity as well. Keep up a good work. Recommended 👍

Review of CFM Group by Waseem Chaudry
5 09/02/2018 Waseem Chaudry

Excellent service from the get go on all aspects, Marketing - Social Media - Website and Ordering system!

CFM Group replied:
Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated Its been a pleasure working with you Nick Kalavas CFM Group
Review of CFM Group by Apostolos Tzovas
5 09/02/2018 Apostolos Tzovas

CFM Group helped us drive 3 times more traffic to our website .

What is more , their marketing was instrumental in attracting a number of different companies to our resort for Business and other related activities.

Thank you so much - Highly recommended

CFM Group replied:
Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated

Its been a pleasure working with you

Nick Kalavas
CFM Group
Review of CFM Group by Mokhan Gill
5 09/02/2018 Mokhan Gill

CFM Group helped create our business, website, online ordering system, all printing material and social media since our inception and we have gone from strength to strength.

Now at 4 stores and growing rapidly.

Nick is very helpful and highly knowledgeable about Social Media and Marketing and the simplicity of our ordering system and rapport is amazing

Fantastic team - Fantastic work!

Ginos Dial a Pizza - More Pizza 4 your Dough

CFM Group replied:
Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated

Its been a pleasure working with you

Nick Kalavas
CFM Group
Review of CFM Group by Wayne Donovan
5 09/02/2018 Wayne Donovan

The result was outstanding! We were incredibly happy with our well designed, modern website at a minimal cost as per our request.

Super work Nick

CFM Group replied:
Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated

Its been a pleasure working with you

Nick Kalavas
CFM Group
Review of CFM Group by Giovanni Favarulo
5 09/02/2018 Giovanni Favarulo

If you’re looking for a no nonsense high-quality web design service then this is the one. Verry happy!

Have a look at our website and booking system at!

Thanks Nick

CFM Group replied:
Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated

Its been a pleasure working with you

Nick Kalavas
CFM Group
Review of CFM Group by Joe Oliver
5 09/02/2018 Joe Oliver

Fast, Cheap, Easy to use and great support on our Social Media and other business ventures. . Instant updates.

Highly recommended - Nick is the best.

Thank You

CFM Group replied:
Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated

Its been a pleasure working with you

Nick Kalavas
CFM Group
Review of CFM Group by Lama Saud
5 09/02/2018 Lama Saud

Very helpful, I only have a low level of web and hosting understanding and CFM Group! have been great.

My questions are easily answered and the information provided on their site provides answers to help with set up and running.

I have worked on a different hosting site for a group I help with and found CFM Group so much better and easier to use and better value.

We love our website. Thanks guys

CFM Group replied:
Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated

Its been a pleasure working with you

Nick Kalavas
CFM Group

CFM Group

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CFM Group Q&A

CFM Group Q&A

What makes a great website?

Imagine this situation.
You wake up, check your calendar and you realize it’s your mother’s birthday tomorrow and you’ve forgotten to buy her a present.
Luckily, you still have time to go to a jewelry store and get her a nice pair of earrings. The problem is, you have no idea where you can get them. You get up, make a coffee and turn your computer on.
Google gives you a couple of results but you click the first one anyways. Once it loads, you see a website that looks like that:
what makes a good website
For the very first moment, you think that you were attacked by a virus with no taste in aesthetics or it’s an awful popup advertisement.
Luckily, remnants of common sense suggest to check the website URL and you see that you’re on the jewelry store’s website.
You turn the computer off with a relief, thinking that if the company’s website looks so tasteless, their jewelry can’t be any better. You decide to buy your mother a box of chocolates and a book.
This short story of a website visitor who was scared away by a horribly bad website is much more common than you think.
Although above example is only a representation of a really, really bad website, from time to time we come across pages that look like they were designed by the Mad Hatter. And I’m not only talking about company websites, I’m also talking about auction pages.
So, if you’re wondering what makes a good website, I’m going to give you a handful of design tips on how to create a fetching, user-friendly and effective website.
Design tip #1: Purpose
Each page of your website should have a clear purpose. It will most probably sell your products and services, generate leads or build your brand.
Ask yourself what is your customer going to look for on your website. Will it be information, purchase, entertainment?
It’s easy if your website is supposed to entertain. You can share pictures, videos, podcasts or humorous art but you should remember to update it often.
what makes a good website
If you’re creating an informational website, it means that its users will look for learning something new or understanding some topics better. Such websites should contain a knowledge base, tips and trick, “how to” guides or product pictures.
But if you’re creating an e-commerce website, you need to remember that this website is selling. This means that you need to have a nice design, high-quality pictures and persuasive copy with clear information about the benefits customer is going to get from you.
Design tip #2: Visuals
Your website needs to be eye-catchy so visitors want to explore it. If it’s unattractive and old-fashioned, it might mean that you don’t care about improving your product or services.
Even if you’re not a web designer, you should have an impact on how your website is going to look. The best way to figure out what you want is to check your competitor’s websites and think about what you like and what would fit your brand’s personality.
You can also look for inspiration on websites like Awwwards that show best website examples of graphic design. It will let you get familiar with web design trends and form an opinion about what you like or dislike.
If you want to find pictures that are free to commercial use, you can check Pixabay, Unsplash or Flickr. Don’t rely on stock photos too much though, I’d recommend sticking to something that looks more natural.
Don’t use huge images if you don’t want your website to be slow and keep in mind to upload them in PNG or JPG format. Always use graphics and pictures that fit the content and, for heaven’s sake, don’t use anything that blinks, flashes or rotates.
Remember about whitespace so the website looks clear and aesthetic.
Sometimes less is more!
what makes a good website
Try to limit the number of different fonts to 3 and stick to the standard font families. I know that sticking to Helvetica or Arial might sound boring, but thanks to this your website will format correctly on more browsers!
Design tip #3: Relevant, original content
None of your website visitors will have time to read essays about your products or services so remember about the main rule of content writing: clear communication.
Once your website visitors enters your website, make sure they know who you are, they know what you do and what kind of benefits they can get if they decide to become your customers.
what makes a good website
Under “clear communication” I also understand a couple of less obvious things: the use of headlines and subheadings, bullet points and paragraphs.
(It’s good to remember about engine optimization before the content is written down, but since it’s a huge topic, you might want to listen to this podcast episode: SEO for dummies!)
Design tip #4: Clear website navigation
Navigation is about how easy it is for people to take action and move around your website.
You can have the most beautiful website ever, but if your customers won’t be able to find the information they are looking for or get confused while encountering obstacles in the purchase process, your website won’t sell.
what makes a good website
Think about creating a logical page hierarchy with clickable buttons and categories. Also, remember about the “three click rule” of clear navigation. This rule means that users should be able to find the information they are looking for within three clicks.
There is also a rule called the F-shaped pattern.
Most of what people see is in the top and left of the screen and we should put the most important information there. The right side of the screen is rarely explored, so we should not place there any important information, buttons or CTAs.
what makes a good website
Your website is your business card
You have probably seen at least a couple of really seductive websites that you didn’t want to leave.
Maybe you liked the gallery of Mulberry handbags, or maybe you couldn’t stop browsing through Quechua jackets, trying to decide which one you like the most. There was something that made those websites awesome: a design.
A good website grabs your attention and evokes emotions making you want to stay. It’s intuitive, easy to use and gives you a clear reason why you want to browse it. It has clear copy, clear CTAs and nice visuals.
But a good website is something that is not only made for a customer. Your website reflects you as a business owner and professional.
Your website is your company’s business card as people judge your brand based on what they can see on the Internet. That’s why, if you’re wondering if it makes sense to spend your time and efforts on creating an awesome website, let me tell you: it does.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

We tend to let the clients ask all the questions so as to make sure they get what they require and are comfortable with all aspects of our agreement.
Depending on the project, we will then ask the client any questions required relevant in a simple and easy form that is filled in at their convenience.

Describe your creative process.

So the first thing I would say with this, is that these steps or stages, are iterative (they are not necessarily in a linear fashion). So sometimes we'll go back and forth between each of these different stages. So having said that let’s go into the first part.
The first stage is the idea of PREPARATION, the idea that we are immersing ourselves in the domain. If you are an social media strategist or marketer you are looking at all the previous market research and what other companies have done before.
So this stage is normally best carried out in a quiet environment. It’s really this stage that we are trying to absorb as much information as possible because this information will go into our sub-consciousness where it is very important for the second stage, or second level.
The second stage is what we call the INCUBATION stage. In incubation this is when all the information that we have gathered in the PREPARATION stage really goes back. It starts to churn in the back of our mind, in the sub-consciousness. This is an extremely important stage because sometimes it can take days, or weeks, or months or sometimes even years. Now the interesting thing about the incubation stages it that to a certain extent it is not really under your control how long that stage will take. It is something you cannot really rush because what it leads to is the third stage.
The third stage is what most of the public think is a classic signal or sign of a creative person, what is called the INSIGHT stage or the insight step. With insight it is really the idea of the ‘Aha’ moment, the ‘Eureka’ moment. Although it is probably the smallest part of the five steps, it is possible one of the most important parts. We have a very creative and exciting young teams full of creativity at CFM group and relish this stage as our favourite one.
The fourth stage is this idea of EVALUATION.
It’s the idea of going out to a small group of trusted friends and saying:
“I’ve had this idea, what do you think about this?”
It is very important part because we only have a limited amount of time to do certain things. Often you find that people who are called the most ‘creative people’ are often very good at this stage, the evaluation stage. They have all these ideas but they can use self-criticism and reflection to say “these are the ones that have the most merit and that I’m going to work on”.
And then we have the final stage. This is called ELABORATION. This is where Edison said that it’s “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Now the elaboration stage is the 99% perspiration stage. This is where we are actually doing the work. So many people out there think that the creative process is that insight, that ‘Aha’ moment, or the the preparation part. But really a creative individual isn’t complete, and I don’t think they can do anything that really lasts, unless they can go through that and actually put in the hard work. The elaboration; testing the idea, working on the idea, those late nights in the studio, working at your desk, those hours in the labratory if you are scientist, those days testing and micro-testing products. This is the elaboration stage.
So the 5 stages of our creative process are:
1. Preparation
2. Incubation
3. Insight
4. Evaluation
5. Elaboration

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

To kick off new projects I provide a free website consultation so that I can fully understand your website requirements. I’ll go through options on functionality, design, style and marketing to work out exactly what you need from your website. I’ll then send you a detailed proposal based on our meeting that clearly sets out the costs, timeframes and specifications of what I recommend. Once the client accepts the proposal then it's all systems go.

What do you love most about your job?

I love helping..its as simple as that really.
I love my job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other.
Most of our customers have stayed with us for years so we've got some really great working relationships which we are very fortunate to have.

What inspired you to start your own business?

A friend advised me to do what I'm good at, do what is easy for me and do what I love... sounds too simple, but it actually led me to starting two businesses that make work fun for me every day!
Most of us resist doing what's easy and what we are good at - we're too busy proving ourselves... what if business could be blissful and contribute way more to our life than just money?

Why should our clients choose you?

We do not only provide quality and affordable services but also make sure to guide our clients throughout the process of their project, explaining the steps followed and assisting in all aspects of marketing and business.
In addition, we become a part of their team by being there at all times to support, advise and nurture them as a young business or start up.

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