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This may be the first place you have ever come to seek help. Or it may be that you have tried many avenues before, and are thinking: “I have heard it all”, “I am tired of trying”, “It’s gone on too long to change”, etc. I've been helping people learn to help themselves for amost 17 years.


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7 February 2019

Anger Management for Adults is really helpful in today's circumstances..

7 February 2019

Career planning program helps a lot to me.

7 February 2019

I am grateful to Dr. Farnaz and the Center for Work Life! for changing my life !!! Her powerful presentation transformed me from a follower to a leader . Now I am more focused in every thing I do and can feel the leadership quality within me. More...


A healthy diet is the pinnacle of a healthy life. We are bombarded by processed, genetically modified and mass produced foods. It has become more and more our job to be educated consumers.

I love the fact that I am able to see the result of our work together almost immediately. I love seeing the impact of my work through the change my clients experience.

I was fortunate to have been given the personality and the drive to be a chanage maker, and I asked the universe to help me gain the skills and the training to make it a science and the universe made it happen. I am obliged and feel immense responsibility to pass the message on to those who seek it.

I am invested in your growth. My clients choose me because they experience the difference in my approach and see the results of our work immediately after we start our work together. They tell me over and over how its changed their lives.