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I have worked as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor for 36 years in the Mt. Washington Valley. I work with clients to restore balance in the body, mind and spirit. I may recommend changes or additions to your lifestyle including: healthy nutrition, vitamins and supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies, meditation, juicing, and stress control measures.


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Claudette Costa O'Dowd

13 October 2019

Dr. Dabney was very helpful to me. He took his time to try and help me feel better. I could really tell he does care and he’s kind.


Mary Beth Crehan O'Doherty

21 September 2019

I attended the restorative yoga class and it was wonderful. Just what I needed and Kasey leads at such a nice pace . Great studio too .


Hollie A Digges

17 August 2019

The best girlfriends trip ever! Courtney and Ed Beddow are the best host and hostess! We have had the best food all homemade caught by Ed and Andy! Tomorrow night we will go to fishing camp and have bomb fire delicious barbecue! Drinking and games! Make a plan for party of 6 and have fun fun time! More...


Meghan Lissner

28 July 2019

I was so fortunate to come across Center for Natural Health and Rehabilitation. Dr. Jody and Dr. Rebecca are amazing. They have taken wonderful care of me. I feel great and have them to thank. More...


Jean Curnow

3 July 2019

Yes, I highly recommend the Center !


Sue Mentesana Linder

26 June 2019

I injured my neck doing CrossFit and was in excruciating pain for months. I underwent multiple shots to my neck and was eating muscle relaxers, pain meds, and anti-inflammatory pills like they were candy. My team of doctors all recommended surgery. I saw 3 neurosurgeons who all agreed I needed a spinal fusion. This is a procedure where they remove 2 spinal discs and fuse my spine together. I would’ve had a 4” scar on my neck and potentially permanent issues swallowing. I found Dr Jody who has a decompression machine. He put together a treatment plan for me that comprised of 3 weekly decompressions sessions, stimulation, and adjustment. In less than a month, I no longer felt like my head was pushed into my neck, the stabling pain in my shoulder blade disappeared, and I was sleeping through the night again. I am 85% better in less than 3 months. I am so grateful I found Dr Jody and didn’t have surgery. I am getting better everyday thanks to his treatment plan. He is helping me get back to my very active lifestyle. The entire staff is extremely nice and takes an interest in my well-being. It is a very welcoming place to get effective treatment. More...


Debra Ann

14 June 2019

I want to Thank Dr. Dabney for his time and caring nature. Most doctors would not go this extra mile for the health and wellbeing of their patents. He has been there to help me thru my medical problems. He listens and he cares. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. . More...


Lorraine Fargnoli Santandrea

12 June 2019

I love The Balance Center! Kasey is a wonderful yoga instructor and mentor. She is compassionate, caring and professional and encourages her students to be confident in a serene and nurturing environment. Her Ayurvedic products are awesome, too. ❤️ ‍♀️ More...


Michelle Nardone

11 May 2019

Dr. Paul Dabney has been a godsend. There has been two times he has helped me out of a bad situation regarding some gut issues. He quickly responded so that I could improve the situation as fast as possible! I highly recommend him. More...


Patti Phillips

22 April 2019

Wonderful information about how to lead a healthier life. Dr. McElwee is super knowledgeable and supportive.


Holo Prizm

16 April 2019

Dr Ella McEllwee changed my life for the better in 2001,, I credit her and the Facility with true insight and treatment that had led to my continued health.


Debbie Malone

31 March 2019

Yes, I love the yoga classes. And I love the assistance that Kasey has given me to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Kimber Peralta

11 March 2019

Dr. Miller is so knowledgeable and will listen to you as a patient and work WITH you. She has been so thorough and I have never had a doctor spend so much time with me trying to work everything out. Completely worth the time and money to come here if traditional medicine is leaving you unsatisfied. More...


Tina Jackson

11 March 2019

would love to try it have had a stroke and hard to get myself going again


EddieandDale West

7 March 2019

I had such pain in my leg that I could barely walk. The next day after a foot detox, I could walk and had 90% less pain. I love the low impact exercise center. I highly recommend these services. Thank you, Gidget Goad for your services. More...


Marcia Murphy

14 February 2019

I am astonished at how much better I feel both physically and emotionally after just one month! I will be a patient for life!


Margaret Allen Wolfinbarger

23 January 2019

Dr. Amy has been a balm for our family. She has a true gift for healing. Between treatments for my behaviorally challenged son to extreme food and environmental allergies for me, she has made a real difference in our lives. She is caring, compassionate and actually helps instead of providing a band aid. The gentle touch and kind word are something that cannot be measured in mere words. Her care is PRICELESS. We love The Center for Natural Health! More...


Messarine Perkins

14 January 2019

Quite an eye opener. Very kind and informative.


Erin Morrill Holt

12 January 2019

Dr. Emily Miller is fantastic!! She was so thorough and present with my son and I. She is very knowledgable and I 100% recommend her to!


Yvonne Leung

2 January 2019

Great place for yoga and learning the benefits of Ayurveda!! Kasey, the owner is wonderful, extremely helpful and knowledgeable! Namaste ‍♀️


Marie Zapien

2 January 2019

Smart, funny "Dr. Jackie!"


Karen Malatesta

18 December 2018

Kasey is the kindest; most caring yoga instructor and business owner. Her studio is clean and has a relaxed feeling to it as soon as you walk in! I highly recommend anyone whom is interested in mindfulness and feeling great! More...


Brett B.

6 December 2018

Call and double check before your first appointment. They had me scheduled for acupuncture. The desk is serviced by students so double check!   Suffered with stomach problems for a year. Terrible pain in the URQ. No doctor really believed me. I had to be stern and demand the tests. Swedish finally diagnosed me with inflamed small intestine. Then said that's all they could do. They referred me here. Two visits in and I'm feeling better although still cautious, therefore only 4 stars so far. Visits are 1-2 hours. They really listen and accept my insurance. So far so good. I may have a food allergy. I am very hopeful after so many months of being terribly sick. XXXXXX - 4 months later. I'm doing well. Have not had any problems. Didn't narrow it down to a food allergy but the pain is gone. The diet they put me on worked. I'm back to eating normally with a few exceptions. They did what MD's could not with only knowledge and diet. More...


Matt R.

19 November 2018

Love treatments here with Dr Simon and his students.  He is very knowledgeable and helpful.  I go to him first before my regular medical doctor. I save a great deal and learn more.  Dr Simon has a great manner and I find the cheerfulness of the students an added bonus. It's unfortunate the parking lot is designed for sub compact cars only. My car is small but the parking spaces are way to narrow to the point of ridiculousness. Finally got it squeezed into a spot. If you have a standard sized car or bigger forget it. Overall I rate Bastyr with all stars.  Feel lucky this school is 2 miles from my home.  I would recommend walking here though or taking the bus. Or have a friend drop you off. More...


Stephanie Vallozzi

11 November 2018

First timer this morning. The space is great, has a great ambiance, and all the required items were available for no additional charge. Clean. Welcoming. Kasey is great at giving instruction where you do not need to look around. Just when I felt myself asking "is my leg right?" she had an instruction that would follow up on that pose and how it should feel. I will be back. More...


Tiffany Rung-Duck

10 November 2018

Dr Dabney's willingness to provide information, options, and his amazing kindness truly has touched my heart. Makes me feel like I may truly be able to find some relief with all the health issues I have been experiencing! Thank you Dr Dabney!!


Michael Vasco

6 November 2018

I don’t know what I would do without the Well of Life! It is so great to have a facility to help restore your body when overcome with an illness or any ailment rather than resorting to harmful medications that may “fix” the symptom but cause collateral damage. The clinicians are all so knowledgeable that I look forward to each appointment because I learn how to properly care for my body both physically and mentally. You won’t be disappointed by the Well! More...


Lucy Collis

28 October 2018

Dr Paul Dabney has very helpful advise! He was professional and caring!


Naomi Lynn Jirele

16 October 2018

My initial visit was astounding! I am already amazed at the different therapies and how they are working together to bring my knee and entire body into wholeness! Knowledge is power and now I get to implement all of my assignments in between visits! Dr Joe is so very knowledgeable, thorough and kind! I feel like I am in super good hands, trusting that the program he has put me on will bring the desired results! More...


Debbie Smith

10 October 2018

I can't believe how much the foot detox has helped my joints.....I love the tables too!!!!!


Jaime Creta

31 August 2018

Dr. Paul Dabney provided excellent service. I was experiencing some rather ominous symptoms and he guided me patiently through a list of possibilities for natural treatment that really made a difference pretty much immiedately. Highly recommend.


Kathy Maloney

30 August 2018

I have been going to Dr Cara for about 4 years and highly recommended her to anyone dealing with health issues and pain she truly has a healing touch


Ruth Olander

29 August 2018

I am so pleased with the care that I received from Dr Joe! Everyone in the office are so friendly and helpful with all my health care needs. I highly recommend them.


Natasha Wilson

17 August 2018

Dr Dabney is awesome!! He provided exceptional information on how to care for my child and followed up with me days later to check her progress. He is caring and knowledgeable doctor. More...


Angela McHardy

2 August 2018

I went onto a Parkinson's forum because I was worried about my memory! Dr Dabney waded in and recommended neuroma and associated supplements! He offered free advice unaffiliated to any company. Wow! What an immediate and sustained improvement! Thank you so much xx More...


Brittany Nims Benson

31 July 2018

I was introduced to Dr. Dabney via an ulcerative colitis forum I was on to seek information for my 11 year old daughter who was diagnosed with UC in January. He graciously offered to be part of my daughter’s team and he asked me to call him with my questions...ON A SATURDAY!! He gave me an hour of his time and provided information and advice on ways to heal my daughter’s gut in conjunction with the medication she’s taking. I can’t think of any other doctor who would do this for someone they know, let alone a complete stranger! Thank you, Dr. Dabney for giving us hope! More...


Elise J.

21 July 2018

Went here for an allergy test. Good atmosphere. The physicians, therapists, assistants were all helpful, friendly, courteous. I felt comfortable and welcomed


Elizabeth Havrilo

20 July 2018

Dr. Dabney is the best! His recommendations are great and I’m excited to start my healing journey. I will totally recommend him to anyone seeking advice and solutions to their health. Thanks Doc!


Lily Marquez Sarangay

6 July 2018

Very relaxing massage Sylvia. TLC. Thanks dr nick for the supplements. You are all grrreat!!!!


Heather Beam

3 July 2018

What a great place! Our daughter competes in USA jr national competitive jump rope and was able to compete thanks to Dr. Serra. He helped her with relieving most of back pain and she was able to perform well at Nationals this June receiving 3 medals (1 gold,2 silver) and 7 ribbons. She was so happy to do well despite having a lot of back pain. She was able to see all of her hard work pay off. Thank you again for the help. More...


Popi Toulantas

29 June 2018

Dr Dabney, you are a godsend!! Thank you for your amazing service and knowledgeable advice and contribution to this world! It's doctors like you who make the world a better place � thank you! More...


Agnieszka Raher

11 June 2018

Dr Dabney save me life . He is providing excellent care for his patients . He got a lot medical knowledge and high professionalism. Thank you for your care . I highly recommend his service . More...


Terri Stanfa McLaughlin

29 May 2018

Great..loved the class,nice place �


Amber Dawn LaBelle

23 May 2018

Dr. Dabney, thank you for being a voice for advice and support in this group. You are a very special person, and we are all very blessed to have you lend your expertise.


Robin Shapiro

22 May 2018

Thank you Dr. Dabney for your contribution,time & charity you give to all the people with IBD. Your relentless efforts helping do not go unnoticed. The advice you give means so much to people that can not afford to seek out the help they need. Thank you again on behalf of everyone in the group. More...


Rachel Sargent

13 May 2018

Amy has done treatments on all 3 of my children. NAET has helped them deal with sensitivities to food as well as gain better insight to physical issues stemming from emotions. Recently my daughter was in the hospital a few times (missed 3 weeks of school and had multiple doctors visits)and they could not find the cause. I took her to see Amy and after 3 treatments she started to show improvement. The Center for Natural healing has competent practitioners that know when to refer to mainstream medicine and on many cases compliment treatment from mainstream medicine to get to the core issue not just treat the symptoms. More...


Kim Harper

7 May 2018

Our family have been patients of Dr. Amy's for a couple of years now. She has been nothing short of a Godsend for us. My oldest daughter was a day away from undergoing surgery for a diagnosis which would have never alleviated her symptoms. A friend referred us to Dr. Amy and within her first visit symptoms were improving and we canceled her surgery. Through NAET, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments my daughter is back to feeling like herself - without harmful interventions. Through God's wisdom and grace, Dr. Amy continues to use her gifts to heal our family naturally & for that I cannot thank her enough! More...


Christine Reiser

4 May 2018

We’ve been patients of Dr. Cara Washburn for a couple years. I’ve been seeing chiropractors for over a dozen years and what draws me to Dr. Cara is the way she shares her knowledge. Dr. Cara explains what she is doing and you have confidence that she knows all about the bones, ligaments, nerves, muscles, and meridians and why she is making each movement and choice. She works through the different angles until she finds what your body needs. I’ve always trusted that she will only do what she believes will be value added and she doesn’t schedule extra appointments or do additional treatments to lock you in financially. She cares about her patients, their health, their emotions, their plans and their budgets. The best endorsement that I can make about Dr. Cara Washburn is that I have her work with my children. I trust her technique, knowledge and skills to adjust my children and she has gained their trust as well. We love Dr. Cara’s new office and wish her all the best in growing her practice! More...


Trish Hiduk

27 April 2018

Thank you Dr. Cara for taking excellent care of me! I love your approach, philosophy and caring nature. Look forward to our future visits. �


René Lutz Cullen

9 April 2018

Thank you Dr. Paul for all your help Great help and very kind of you to share your knowledge and expertise


Carrie Lombardi Larrabee

7 April 2018

Dr Dabney has been a tremendous help to me and the Ulcerative Colitis community. His daily recommendations and easy access for his guidance are priceless! He's a very special person with real concern for his patients. More...


Ashleigh Anne

4 April 2018

We love Dr. Amy! She has helped my son tremendously with his eczema allergies!


David Fischer

30 March 2018

best adjustments ever!! Dr Serra is MY chiropractor and wonderful


Gina Peru-Friccero

29 March 2018

Excellent help with health issues. I got a lot of help with back pain some years back.


Heather Kemper-Hussey

6 March 2018

For a couple months, I was immobile until I went to see Dr. Cara Bowling-Washburn. She listened to my issues and was able to get me back to working out within a week. Thank you, Cara — I will always recommend you! More...


lori s.

22 January 2018

The only choice in medical for me.Doctors and ND's are great. Dr Ellabaddi is the best hands down. She is smarter then a regular M.D. She cares and looks at the whole person. People who care about themselves and want to truly be healthy and happy, this is the place for that. More...


Debbie Urman

10 January 2018

I have only been to Be Well 2 times and I already feel so much better. My arthritis doesn’t hurt and I am smiling. It’s been a good while. My fibromyalgia seems good too! I watched my mom go through a program like this in Wisconsin and it worked so well. Her health improved so much. Thank you Gidget Goad & Kelly @ Nashicon! I heard you guys on the radio last week! Thank you! More...


Loretta Ercolani Prichett

27 December 2017

My daughter Taylor loves working there and my daughter Sarah is being well care for. Our whole family is learning a new living!


Carol Conner

30 November 2017

Friendly, knowledgeable instructors and a warm welcoming environment.


Debra Liz Beltran

7 November 2017

Dr. Kidd is wonderful! It is comforting to have a Doctor who will not just cover up the symptoms with a pill. Dr. Kidd is very patient and kind and she takes the time to REALLY get to know the whole person.


Deborah Papson

26 October 2017

You will look at your health in a totally different way. In a much better way.... If you want quality top notch holistic health care you have come to the right place!


Kc Gramie

26 October 2017

I love the Well of Life Center . You have to go !!!


Taylor Burkit

25 October 2017

I’ve been a client of The Well for about 4 years and am so thankful to have found a place like this. I love that The Well can help me know what is actually going on in my body instead of being treated for symptoms and given things that might fix what is going on. What a great resource The Well has been for me in my journey to live a healthier lifestyle! I totally recommend it! More...


Cori Rittenhouse

25 October 2017

If you’re looking for true healing, the Well of Life Center is for you! They don’t just give you something for your symptoms, they go to the root of the problem and help you heal from the inside out. They work with you, step by step, to help you live your healthiest life, all while educating you on what is actually going on inside your body. Whether you are at the end of your rope, you are looking to get off of medications, or the medical community has been unable to offer you any solutions, I can’t recommend the Well of Life Center enough! More...


Kim Crompton Rineer

25 October 2017

My family has benefited so much from the Well of Life Center! It has revolutionized our health and our home. We are thankful for facilities like the Well that offer alternatives to mainstream medical practices and can offer holistic solutions to health symptoms.


Michele Hunkele Brown

28 July 2017

My son Aidan has been working with Cynthia for over a year. He is a two-time cancer survivor and doing great. I will begin working with Cynthia next week. I can't wait for her to help me just like she has helped my son, my niece and other family members. Cynthia and her staff provide sound advice on nutrition, life-style and the process of healing. She recommends supplements that I have seen work. I am such a mess that I will be hard to put back together. Yet, I believe in the work Cynthia does and feel optimistic. We travel from Indiana to PA to see her. She is worth it! More...


Linda Kuyath

11 July 2017

The staff at Center for Natural Healthcare are wonderful! From the time you walk thru the door until you walk out, you will be treated with great care! I'm so pleased with how my treatments are helping and would highly recommend the Center for Natural Healthcare! More...


Lauren K.

18 May 2017

I have been seeing Dr Altman now for about 6 months. She is so thorough, I feel that she actually cares about my concerns and my health (she's made time to see me after her normally scheduled end of day, when I had urgent concerns) and I feel like I'm not being pushed to take a bunch of chemical medicine that I don't need. What's better is that the center is really cost efficient for me with my insurance plan (I only pay $20 copays each visit) and I feel like I'm getting great integrative medical care. I could not recommend Bastyr's private practice more, nor the care of Dr Lela Altman more. If you are looking for a caring, dedicated, knowledgeable, thorough and affordable PCP, definitely pay her a visit. More...


Stacy Plath Wegner

17 May 2017

Great service and concerned about the whole body not just the reason you came in. Supportive and caring environment.


Teresa F.

11 March 2017

I'd like to leave a specific review for one of the Doctors here: Dr Nancy Mercer.  She specializes in Homeopathy, with many years of prior experience as a Naturopathic Physician.  I feel deeply grateful for her expertise as her specialized skills have given us more help than any other treatment thus far with tons of various symptoms; specifically 3 kids with Tourette's syndrome, OCD,  ADD, and anxiety symptoms.  I'm continually astonished at the broad scope of what homeopathic medicine can offer support for.  We've had radically improved symptoms over the last two and half years of working with her.  My kids are all very different and I've been told, very difficult cases.  Dr Mercer is incredible intuitive, a very good listener, a critical and detailed thinker, extremely patient and very empathetic, and realistic while being incredibly hopeful and positive of what various remedies could effect.  Many patients can find effective help within two visits.  Some of my kids took 6 months of trying- but totally worth it.  You'll usually see something change with every remedy.  But when you nail the right one, it's amazing.  Life changing!!!  So be patient if your case is more complicated or difficult like ours were!!   I highly value how available and responsive she's been to us, even when it's urgent.  She's deeply earned my trust.  Homeopathy is truly the definition of wholistic care.  She will ask a thousand detailed questions about you: physical/ emotional/ mental/ personality, preferences, and general body makeup.  It's fascinating actually!!  No matter what your challenge is- no matter how far fetched or intangible it may seem, I bet she could find a remedy to fit your needs.  Homeopathy= it's like treating like.  Kind of like a vaccine, only without any risks.  You could give homeopathic medicine to a baby, or an elderly person or someone on many traditional medications, all without ill affects, or contraindications, and without any harm.  It's that safe.  And the positive changes can be dramatic!!  So easy!!I do recommend if you go to Bastyr Center with kids that you bring your own quiet toys and books.  I hv only one experience here so far as Dr Mercer just joined them after being in private practice for years.  Parking seemed fine, the office updated and pleasant.  I agree with a few other reviewers though: the front office check- in folks were rather rude and onery about me being a few minutes late my first time-- I shared the details with the doctor and she assured me she would address front office hospitality!!  That's critical!!  I look forward to working more with Bastyr as their doctors are highly renowned.  Dr Mercer also teaches at Bastyr and is highly respected and depended on by the group of doctors we see in a clinic clear down in  Federal Way.  I drive almost 50 min to see her: she's that good, with a great reputation in the business.  Give her and homeopathy a chance; she knows her stuff better than most, understanding deeply the nuances of working with this invaluable therapeutic natural medicine.  Being a NP also gives her  both a big, and detailed, picture of the body as a whole.  I love that.Four stars reserved for Bastyr office, as I don't hv much experience there yet.  Five plus stars for Dr Nancy Mercer. More...


Handsome G.

21 February 2017

Bastyr-- The Nations Leading Naturopathic School First and foremost, Bastyr produces some of the finest N.D's in the country. Dr. Sohdi, the formulator of Ayush Herbs has an amazing Ayurvedic  line up of supplements that out perform so called leading patent chemical drugs without side effects like death. Our natural bodies were not created to be healed by synthetic and unnatural patent medications, which are only band-aids  that simply mask symptoms.  Moreover, ancient Ayurvedic Medicine is backed with over 4000 years of research. That dwarfs Rockefeller's inferior allopathic "patent chemical" sick care system. But hey, it's a good business model right  Sure it is, because you can't make money on healthy people you can only make money on sick people therefore it just makes good sense to keep your customers sick so that they keep coming back for more and more drugs.  After all, it's the allopathic way,.... all about making money.  So,  Dr John Bastyr had the right understanding for healing the body and his legacy lives on today. More...


Laura S.

28 January 2017

If you're looking for individualized care from a compassionate doctor, you need to look no further.  Dr. Nick Dimovski and his team wrap you in a supportive web of holistic care.  Services include chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and nutritional counseling.  Treatment plans are tailor made to your needs. I am truly grateful for the help and care I have received at Center for Natural Health.  As a healer myself, it is a comfort to have other professionals who I can turn to who truly work from the heart. More...


Nan Dearman

12 December 2016

I have been doing this program for a few years. It's very easy to do and you can tell the results of your efforts. Gidget is very knowledgeable and will help you find what works best for you,


Jeannine G.

25 October 2016

This review is specifically for Dr. Brignall, who has helped me work through some complicated issues regarding autoimmune and cancer problems. I'm not an easy patient (I'm nice ;) but have a lot of weirdo health problems - like allergies to medicines and multiple rare disorders) so I appreciate that he takes extra time to understand you and tries to give practical advice (in my case, very helpful in terms of medicines to take for symptom management) and one extra thing - when you're confronting something as scary as a possibly terminal cancer, you really want to feel listened to and cared for, and I did with Dr. Brignall. More...


Sa Y.

11 September 2016

Besides pharmacy that doesn't bill insurance, besides the cashiers perky attitudes, I like this place. So far, tinctures made from natural plants are working its maaaagic! Already stopped pains & diarrhea. We need to do blood test. Like the fact there's parking. More...


Karen Oxrider

12 July 2016

I appreciate the knowledge, passion and focus that Dr. Kidd provides to support my overall health and well being.



10 June 2016

You check in on a different floor than you see the Dr. so get there extra early although it's all off the one elevator. Expect without warning appointments to take two hours, especially first appts. and at least one hour later. This is because if you choose student internship 'Team Care' to get sliding fee (though they now likely take Medicaid/public federal insurance administered by the state and rebranded 'Applehealth.') Bring three months proof of income and I think also copies of three months bank statements, if going sliding fee or just ask what you need in advance. So while sometimes there weren't results, sometimes there were. Those times were very important because 'conventional medicine' (i.e. my 'regular Dr.') had not been able to get the changes I was desiring. Either way you will likely learn more about your health since they take more time and are more thorough. They do consider all the possible factors in your life and while they can prescribe the same medicine most of the time (not narcotics I believe) (they can prescribe antibiotics for example) they are more inclined as naturopaths to recommend more naturally made /vs synthetic medicinals from their dispensary (sometimes homemade nasty tasting concoctions that surprisingly may actually do the job-yay!). They also sell brands like HEEL arnica which I've found helpful for inflammation as well as Integrative Therapeutics brand vitamins and supplements. They have both referigerated and non-referigerated items. Admittedly they aren't convenient for me to get to so I just purchase what they prescribe online if I don't want to walk away with it that day while I'm there. So nice to walk away about 30 min. later with your herbal options. Their dispensary sells food also if you happen to be in a hurry. Not sure why the word 'dispensary' is so closely associated with ones selling THC but this is not the case. They mix herbal tinctures with and without alcohol (per your preference) that you take in droplets in your mouth if your team recommends and you accept. Their staff has always been nice and explain things, they are trained to also answer questions about the over the counter products they sell. Onsite acupuncture is on a different floor and their team is happy to have you. Again expect a very long first consult: but aren't you worth it? They are open weekends and evenings too so this is a great clinic for those who work business hours and non-traditional hours. I've noticed they seem to maintain their young front desk staff for years which may be a good sign. As with all naturopaths I wish the people who scheduled you for an ND would say ' most ND's will ask you to return in two weeks with a personal log with dates and times and specifics of what you are doing at home that may related to the health challenge/concern. For example, if weight is a concern you may want to keep two weeks of a food log before your appt. noting how much and when, if sleep is a concern you may want to track what you do and eat two hours before going to bed, how many times you wake up, what  hours you sleep.' You can check the National Sleep Foundation for their sleep log for example. This can save you time and copays and get you farther along on solving or improving the medical challenge.' Would you like to make sure your appt. is at least two weeks our for this reason or would you like to schedule for as soon as possible? What I did not find helpful was reducing pain and reducing and eliminating hemorrhoids. I'm not sure why when I complained of continued pain and pain so much that I didn't think I could sit at work and focus on getting work done why they didn't recommend a numbing cream or gel which I learned about only years later. Then again, neither did my conventional Dr. inform me of this option despite multiple appointments. All I heard was how 'small' it was. The pain was not small. What seems strange to me is that when I told the young white male intern I wanted help with pain he was silent. In fact they never did help me get rid of months of hemorrhoids. I accidentally came across a cure: I rode a bike one day despite the pain. After months of being tired of not feeling good (you know when your butt hurts you don't like to make it hurt more by going and moving it around more) I decided to take a bike ride in the beautiful spring sun...upon return at some point they were gone...I theorize bicycling vs. laying down to take pressure off my rump to reduce pain seemed to have pumped the blood out of them. What they did help with: learning I had very low blood pressure at times and it coincided with feeling 'wiped out.' Tincture for libido worked immediately: incredible success and felt 'natural' like my  own libido, which it probably was. I did not attend a third acupuncture appt. so I did not get a chance to see what it would help with but by the way yes it does feel like fine needles going into your body, not sure why I thought it wouldn't. More...


Anastasia Finnigan

13 April 2016

Helped me so much with my lupus after my own doctor was unable to and referred me for treatment. The personal care with the students and their ND is top notch.


Sherry Mosier

6 April 2016

I'm so grateful I won a free month at be well it has helped me so much I'm able to walk with out pain feel so much better it has helped with the fluid in my legs thanks so much


Maribeth T.

2 April 2016

I have been seeing Hazel Philp for years and drive from Tacoma to Seattle to see her. She has been a partner in my health for many years and I look forward to seeing her and her students at least once a year for my thyroid check. (Cancer surivivor.)Suffice to say since the change was made to LabCorp I have no complaint about the techs but the billing aspect/coordination with the clinic is abysmal.I get great care, the practitioners spend a great deal of time w/me, I feel I'm treated as a whole person: inside/out, physical/psychological/emotional. That's the way I like it!!! More...


Rebecca Toscano

6 March 2016

Kasey has been treating me for years. She prescribed, "Neem Oil," for me for several reasons. I just want to share that this stuff is amazing!! I was having break outs on my face. I started using Neem on my face every night along with my normal night face cream. NO MORE BREAK OUTS!!! And if something starts to pop out, I simply spot treat with Neem as much as possible and it goes away much faster, or doesn't even fully pop out! I use Neem on other problem areas of my body as well. My skin has definitely improved with using Neem on a daily basis. More...


Lorraine Krane

24 February 2016

Dr. Kidd is a very knowledgable and kind practitioner!


Daniel J Haer

20 November 2015

This place is awesome the instruction is very good and clear. I felt much better when I walked out then I did when I walked in


Bryan E.

15 November 2015

An amazing facility run by an amazing woman and Ayurvedic practitioner.   Drop in, you won't be disappointed.   Took a yoga class there recently - fantastic


m c.

12 October 2015

I am surprised at all the negativity on Yelp for this student clinic! This place is AMAZING!It is a student teaching clinic for Bastyr University whose sole purpose is to teach students how to be clinicians- Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, etc... As for the front desk and insurance billing, that is a whole other entity that has little to do with patient care from my perspective. These students are learning techniques for building rapport, getting to the bottom of a health concern, and performing sometimes difficult physical exams and you can tell that some are better than others but all in different stages of their learning process. The bottom line is that they care and they are willing to do the work to help you out. My experience here has always been positive. More...


Amy J.

12 August 2015

I'm a little disappointed to see so many negative reviews, but my experience here has always been fantastic. I go through practitioner care and I do not receive treatments via the student clinic, so maybe that's the difference? My acupuncturist, Dr. Apachai, is an amazing practitioner who cares, offers a deep and thorough body of knowledge and experience. He's helped me with many issues and I'm so glad I found him and the BCfNH. More...


Gabriel Andrew

3 June 2015

Dr. Miller is extremely knowledgeable and is an expert in her field. She focuses on treating and analyzing health issues instead of simply treating the symptoms with pills, which so many doctors do today. For chronic/acute issues or just maintaining general well-being, I would highly recommend Dr. Miller! More...


Lina McLean Teglo

9 May 2015

After the arthritis treatments by Dr. Wicks the pain in my joints is gone. What she does is amazing. Also she has helped many allergies and I feel so much better. No spring or fall allergies! Thank you for all you do! More...


Lindsay Pohlmann Narsh

7 May 2015

My son and I both see Dr. Wicks. She has helped us both tremendously with many different health conditions/issues. To name a few: eczema, food allergies, behavior issues, sleep issues and anxiety. She is truly compassionate and wants to see her patients get well. We can't thank her enough for all she has done for us. More...


Ronna Martin

1 May 2015

Courtney Beddow knows and understands the human body. From color pod treatment, to sauna, to facials, to hair removal, to massage, to acupuncture and more, you'll find what you need to treat yourself to a spa day.


Caitlin Hoover

25 April 2015

1st time being here and they are super nice and kind and want to help you. The appointment might take awhile but that's only cause they really wanna get all the information to help you. I really loved my 1st appointment there. (: More...


Kati Giuffrida

22 April 2015

For the first time in my life, today I woke up without a stuffy nose. Dr. Wicks is a life changer. After just one year, no more migraines or constant ear pain and 99 % fewer panic attacks... And that's just the start.


Kara Jackson

10 January 2015

They really care and help your wellness journey. So you can feel your best. They are well rounded in many areas of care in health and wellness for your whole family.


Bondgirl007 A.

11 December 2014

I was diagnosed with PCOS about three years ago, since then, I've been looking for a treatment that could reduce my symptoms. It was not until I met Dr. Forghani that I felt comfortable and knew I was in good hands. She was very welcoming and answered all questions during my first visit. There were various test she wanted to do- and although I was hesitant due to cost- those exams helped her prepare a treatment that has helped my PCOS tremendously! Dr. Forghani is knowledgeable, kind, patient, professional and always answers questions, even via email. I feel comfortable reaching out to her anytime I need clarification or guidance. I feel better each day and confident that my condition is under control. I know I will remain a faithful patient of hers and highly recommend her! Plus, I love the location of her office, it's quaint, clean and just love going to my follow-up appointments with her. More...


Carol Harblin

15 November 2014

The healing begins at the front door.


Jerry M.

22 October 2014

I had the best experience at Bastyr Clinic! From the time I checked in, to the time I got home!  It is a natural health institution, so the majority of people are skeptical, but I have full faith in the doctors that helped me today. Not only were they super involved in my case, but they wrote everything I said down while still focusing on me, were pro active about brainstorming diagnosis's and very interested in third variables that could be associated with my current condition. They never ruled out possibilities, they didn't treat my ideas like they were stupid like other regular MD's have, and to top it off, there were three very well educated minds in the room, and they didn't let each other miss anything!  I don't think I will go to another doctor ever again, it would just be a waste of my time! Not to mention, their hours are convenient for working individuals. More...


Priscilla Martinez

13 September 2014

Greatest experience I've had when it comes to going to a doctor. I'm no longer cautious to making an appointment, I'm more excited about what I will learn from my visit and leave empowered knowing what I need to do. In addition, I feel like I've been cared for during my visit. The physicians and student clinicians are knowledgeable and I'm very grateful for their services. Receptionists are friendly and attentive as well. Thank you!! More...


Shirlene Cox

30 July 2014

Great place for acupuncture


Doreen M.

26 July 2014

For some reason I thought cranial sacral therapy was a head and neck massage. I was a mistaken but I enjoyed my session on laying in a wrap, napping, and relaxing!  The wrap is cold at first, then is neutral, and then gets warm.  She then places her fingertips on your head and neck.  I will use my other coupon!  Great customer service and thorough!  Easy parking! More...


Brian H.

3 July 2014

I just went here today to pick up a medication that my doc had called about earlier in the day.  As they only had one left in stock they held it for me for about 6 hours until I could get there after work.  That was great.When I got to Bastyr, the signage was very adequate and directed me to the appropriate place.  Inside, the dispensary was well-lit and staffed appropriate.  Since I had never been there before I wasn't exactly sure which window (there were 3) that I needed to go to, so I picked the one I thought would be appropriate and I won!  I got the right window.  The people at the pick-up counter were very nice and had my meds sitting reserved on a shelf right next to them.  Sweet!  No waiting!The only negatives are that it's kind of a little pricey, and today at least, their credit cards readers were either broken or almost broken.  Gotta get this fixed yo! More...


Julie D.

30 May 2014

Dr F is awesome! She is SO thorough, really takes her time with her patients and answers any and all questions you have without making you feel rushed. I originally went for just biopuncture treatments but ended up seeing her as my regular doctor because she's so great to her patients! So happy with her! More...


John W.

15 March 2014

Like SJ (review below), I have been seeing Dr. Forghani for biopuncture treatments. As a physician assistant trained in western medicine (and I have an affinity for eastern medicine as well), I cannot explain how it works, but I can definitely say that it does work and is totally safe!I used to suffer from neck pain/left upper back pain secondary to a car accident that resulted in a small impingement between my C2-C3 vertebrae. In the three years before turning to biopuncture I had had steroid trigger point injections, oral steroids, muscle relaxants, physical therapy and countless massages. And I was about to turn to epidural steroid injections until I heard about these treatments.As of this writing, Dr. Forghani and I have been treating my pain for about 8 months, and I am virtually pain-free!!! Is it correcting my impingement? Probably not, but I don't care. The fact that I can avoid steroids and popping pills now is just amazing. Are there a lot of injections? Sure. But again, don't care...totally worth it; especially because she is extremely gentle in her technique.I highly recommend biopuncture therapy (and tell all my patients with chronic pain about it), and I highly recommend trying Dr. Forghani for the service! More...


Alicia H.

14 February 2014

Everything about Bastyr Center for Natural Health exuberates health, wellness, peace, grace, and healing - - and I never want to leave.  Their physicians and students have been so open and communicative to all of my extensive health issues and I never could have imagined there was "this place in this world" that existed...that wasn't "Western medicine".  They aren't in some "haul ass" hurry to get in you in and get you out and that alone has made me feel at ease in every sense.  To suggest that the doctors and everyone I have interacted with have been "friendly" is a complete understatement.  They actually CARE.  You can tell they CARE.  I'm currently receiving treatment in both the homeopathy and constitutional hydrotherapy departments; I went into both knowing absolutely NOTHING about what I'd be getting myself into.  The doctors and students (students are optional) explained everything and now I feel like I'm a pro!After nearly four years traveling throughout the United States to a number of our nation's best hospitals and physicians for the best of the best treatments for my health, I've found that some of the best is right here in Seattle at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. More...


J. Alan Moll

3 February 2014

Natural Health (and preventative ) Care (aka "Bastyre" taught N.D.'s) needs to be recognized in the Health Care industry as a VIABLE option in health care, IF we hope to contain run-away health care costs, and get it INCLUDED in our insurance coverage!! Why can't Obama understand that?! The "machinery" needs to be revamped to replace the predominent "profit motive" with a "best care for the patient motive"! Put Naturopathic and Homiopathic on equal footing with the allopathic-pharmacological conglomerate! More...


Lisa Seelhorst

2 February 2014

So excited to start my journey at the well of life center. My clinician Tiffany is so knowledgable , she really listens and cares about helping you. I'm learning so much about proper nutrition! Thank you well of life!! More...


Cathy G.

31 October 2013

I really needed my prescription due ot a bad cold/virus. There was a mixup DANG. When we got it resolved.. it was so nicely done. I just have to compliment the patience to unsnarl a compute rerror and to be plain old nice when I was not so happy about it. Good old plain old nice. In a situation of illness.. this is 3 of 3 reviews getting needed items and the best of all. More...


S J.

22 October 2013

I have suffered from a chronic inflammation in my leg for 1,5 years after a sciatic issue. I had tried everything, some improving my condition, but it was not until I met Dr. Forghani I experienced rapid improvement and healing. She treated me with Biopuncture, which is based on injections with homeopathic fluid, including the quality brand Traumeel. So it's natural but super effective. Yes, it does include needle injections but Dr. Forghani is extremely gentle and empathic so anyone with fear of needles should try it anyway. I felt very safe and would highly recommend Biopuncture by Dr. Forghani and Docere Center to anyone wanting to get help through a natural and holistic approach. More...


Ava Loftin

31 August 2013

Amazing health care provided at Bastyr. They are my provider of choice after many years of disappointment in traditional western medicine.


Lesley S.

12 August 2013

I was seen through the teaching clinic for counseling and even though our time was too short since I didn't start when the new sessions began, I have to say I had a good relationship with the third year student and she helped deal with some issues and recommended a book, which I am reading now.  It was unfortunate I was not able to make my last apt. but all in all it was a great experience and I felt she was able to listen and add suggestions.  I only wished we had longer sessions.  I want to thank my counselor  for her time, understanding and compassion  Thank you for offering this service and it was affordable !!!!  Lesley S. More...


Renee McCandless

8 August 2013

As a client/patient since Feb., 2013, I have changed! I was so hoping to do so, you know, tone up, slim down, etc. As it is now Aug., I can honestly say I have done that! What I didn't expect was to develop relationships with others, learn more about my body and to enter a spiritual journey as well. I have several physical limitations, but I thought I would try the toning tables. When I came for a trial, I couldn't get on the toning tables without assistance. "Oh my, another lofty goal", is what I thought. But I actually WANTED to come back to try again. Gidget Goad has a desire to help. I praise God for her & her business. I can see God growing her, as well as me! I invite anyone to come and visit. The trial on the tables is free. The toning tables is just one aspect of Be Well Center. There is much more beyond the door! I have lost over 33 pounds and a couple dress sizes. August is here & I am learning more & experiencing more of what Be Well Center has to offer! I am only just beginning this special journey that God has for me! -- Blessings & Be Well! Renee McCandless More...


Heather H.

12 May 2013

I came here requesting a more intensive acupuncture and cupping treatment for my acute neck and shoulder pain. A generous lifestyle of dental assisting will do that to you and of course life's added stress. My budget is also on a smaller scale, so I was thrilled to know that I could have proper treatment done for me, but at more than half the cost at most holistic places. Less frills and more focus on the ailment/treatment and I am more than ok with that! I was with two doctors the entire time, both very relaxed and thoroughly went through the treatment with me before and during. Spot on with timing as well!! Since this was my first time, the treatment was slightly rushed but thankfully I can afford to come back and it'll be a quicker start. The best part is that I felt the students and physicians both made it very personal from meeting me at the reception to leading me out. Almost all general practices do not do that! That speaks volumes! More...


E P.

30 November 2012

Chiro Dr. Bott and massage therapist Karie may just be the best natural healers in the area.


Kristine H.

16 October 2012

My new naturopath sent me here to get labs on a Saturday. Appointments were required but thankfully they could fit me in so I wouldn't have to fast again overnight. There's parking underneath the building and also on the street if you can find it. I been back a couple times since my first visit and the last time, I had to wriggle back inside my car because some wise-ass coloured WAY outside their parking lines. Ugh. More...


Jonathan M.

15 August 2012

Wow. Who knew that medical care could go hand-in-hand with being treated like an actual human being? I've never been so respected and felt so cared for by everyone, from the doctors to the administrative assistants, from the Chinese herb people to the cashiers. Love this place.


Emily C.

21 April 2012

My husband and I just visited the Bastyr Clinic in Seattle and it was a great experience! It's a little bit of a drive for us but well worth it :) We went to Team Care and met with a pair of students and a doctor in different rooms. It is such a great experience to not only have your health problems solved but also help and be a part of someone's training for their passion!  oh? Everyone wants to check my ear? go for it! ahahaha!Looking forward to my next visit with them. More...


Aaron R.

4 April 2012

Bastyr is the premiere center for Naturopathic Medicine in the Northwest.  The student clinicians are well trained & give an extensive exam. After years of going to a conventional doctor and being placed on medication, one after the other, I went in & they got to the root of my health concerns.  I'm currently off my MD's pharmaceuticals & feeling healthier than ever. More...


Jason K.

15 February 2012

I received the most thorough care from Bastyr.  The students worked with me to solve the problem rather than trying to diagnose me within the first 2 minutes and push me out the door.


Lydia N.

23 December 2011

Bastyr offered free acupuncture after the Seattle Marathon! The staff made sure everything moved quickly and for a lot of people who have never done acupuncture before, the doctors made sure to explain every step and explain the philosophy ("I'm going to put needles in your hand for your foot pain because it's like if you want to turn off a light in the middle of the room, you have to flick the switch somewhere else").The session was only 10 minutes, so I don't know if it would've been more effective if the needles had stayed in longer. But it was a lovely experience and my foot did feel better. More...


Hilary G.

10 August 2011

had my first experience at Bastyr today. i hate going to doctors' offices, so definitely was not looking forward to it. but the staff was really nice and very helpful & patient as i asked questions and tried to figure out where to go. the exam was thorough and the students were competent and friendly.  as someone without health insurance, i appreciated the ease of applying for income based discounts and was happy with the service i received.  i will be going back for a follow-up visit and will definitely go back in the future when a need arises. More...


Melissa H.

11 June 2011

I've been going here off and on for years and have never had a bad experience. Even with inexperienced students.  No place is perfect, and there are always going to be students (of anything!) that are clueless and either have a lot to learn or are in the wrong place. If you have a bad experience with a student, it's important to speak up to the supervisor - even if you do it later.  The reason many of us go there is because seeing students is cheaper and I believe that sometimes I get better care b/c the students are seeing things and asking questions that can end up enhancing everyone's understanding of what is going on. More...


rebecca f.

2 April 2011

I've been going to Dr. John Bott for over ten years.  I've sent my mother, my husband, an aunt, and lots of friends to him, and everyone has consistently had a positive expedience.  Now the office is sort of adjacent to the Big Bend Yoga Center, and there is a massage therapist who also works there whom I'd like to visit.  A 5 star review for a fabulous chiropractor and health professional! As good as it gets.  I recommend him without hesitation. More...


Ty S.

11 March 2011

Nothing but praise for students and staff. Very thorough in their analysis of your health.  Discount if paying cash - I like that!!!


stacy s.

20 October 2010

This was the first place to have a doctor that can actually read a blood test, and then be thinking about the results enough to look into other options.


Julie M.

11 September 2010

I have only been seen by Dr. Natalie Freedman.  She is thorough, an incredible listener, and is completely holistic in her approach.  I have never had a better GP.


Liv G.

6 May 2010

As someone who is trying to stay healthy through diet and lifestyle, I have been going to Bastyr for quite a while and think they have the right approach to wellness.  They are thorough and I have never felt I was being rushed.  Also, their advice is usually sound. More...


Mei-I F.

2 January 2010

I have had an undiagnosed skin irritation for many years and it has been so frustrating!  I had been to many dermatologists, allergy specialists, etc. and no one has been able to diagnose or treat my symptoms.  That is until I began seeing a fantastic ND at Bastyr.  Not only did she immediately give me a diagnosis, she was 99% sure what was causing my rashes.  A food allergy/intolerance test was conducted and when the results came back I was really surprised but relieved.  I had no idea I had an intolerance to certain foods.  She put me on a pretty strict diet and prescribed some homeopathic supplements.  I went home and googled the diagnosis and OMG she was right on!  Well, nearly 6 months later, my skin flare-ups are much more under control and I have peace of mind. More...


Christabel F.

11 August 2009

I really love Bastyr's little dispensary.  I never leave with just my prescriptions.  I always end up with something I probably didn't know I needed until I went in.   Last time it was a scarf and some Kombucha.  I'm okay with it since it's supporting Bastyr.I think there are primarily students working here but they do a great job and they've all been really friendly.  They get everything together MUCH faster than at a traditional pharmacy. More...


G S.

14 March 2008

I haven't been to the new place - but went to the old one on 45th and Stone many many times. Be prepared to be there 2 hours! Since it's a school - two students attend to you, asking you tons and tons of questions, many totally irrelevant. Then they examine you, then they leave the room for about a half hour to consult with their teacher on a diagnosis and remedies etc to give you. It's a great place, great concept but I now go to a regular ND office as I don't have time to be there 2 hours and get questioned extensively. It's just not necessary and not the real world for these students to think it is. More...


Jeff C.

3 March 2008

ahh. you have too much Chi energy. Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Naturopathic treatment (my fave is being wrapped up in warm wet towels with peat when you have a cold). This is the teaching clinic for the largests alternative medicine clinic in the US so you are seen for really long appointments (an hour) in most cases. You can pick to be seen by either the student clinicians or their professors but the care is top quality and the facility is the most beautiful medical clinic I have ever seen. As good as their clinical care is their administrative care is lacking. You often have wait for up to 10 minutes to get through on the phone. They never acknowledge you when you are standign at the front desk and frankly they seem overwhelmed by their own computer system. They have also however dropped many of their discounts for Seniors and others and they cost about the same as private practice now. They are also very agressive in their billing practices (we had dual coverage and no one wanted to be in first position) so don't miss a copay if you want to avoid a mark on your credit score. More...


Ninja S.

16 March 2007

This was my first acupuncture experience and it was pretty fantastic.Everyone is very new-agey here; happy and polite.  Treatments are very affordable as it is a teaching facility, so you won't go broke if you don't have insurance.A variety of alternative treatments are available here including chinese herbs, nutrition, and homeopathic treatments. More...


Tiffany S.

17 August 2006

The people here are so nice that I was worried I'd fallen into some sort of health cult. I went in for a simple nutritional evaluation and ended up having to return for something else. Both times the students and the doctors could not have been more wonderful, informative, and helpful. The offices are really nice and soothing. It's not like I'm excited to have to go back to the doctors but I'm not dreading it. I would also recommend them to anyone who has a mixed bag of symptoms that they need sorting out. They'll get to the bottom of it! More...


Becca C.

5 April 2006

I love going to Bastyr Center for Natural Health. I haven't been there since they moved, but the building looks great.I like Bastyr because I can get affordable natural health care. They take some insurance, but it's still affordable if you don't have any that covers them. It can be frustrating if you're looking to get in and get out because a student team as well as a licensed doctor will see you. I enjoy people spending time helping me feel better, so it's worth it to me. They have a great dispensary (cheaper than health food stores). They offer nutrition, counseling, acupuncture, physical medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, and homeopathy. So great! My favorite doctor is Melissa McClintock. More...

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