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Address: 649 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA
Fax: 215-336-7204

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Vincent S.

24 November 2016

I have been coming here for the last decade for all my cellular services. Very cheap and affordable for anyone looking for a phone plan.


Gail C.

19 August 2014

I took my phone to Paging 2000 after a bad experience with Gadget Fix.  My phone screen shattered a few months back and I had it replaced at Gadget Fix.  My display started acting up recently, and long story short, it was the screen.  I took the phone back to Gadget Fix, and his best fix was for me to pay $94 to replace the screen, as long as I was going to pay in cash right then.  I decided I didn't want to give them any more of my money so I went to Paging 2000.  Everyone was extremely helpful and professional regarding my repair.   I picked up my phone, which was ready in 45 minutes, and it is as good as new.  The quality of the screen is way better than what I got at Gadget Fix, colors were dark and off, and they showed me what had happened with my previous screen.  My husband also fixed his phone recently at Paging 2000 for an affordable price.  His phone works great as well. Their pricing also can't be beat. More...


Sam B.

5 March 2014

This place is great if you are looking for a non-provider affiliated store. Honest, reasonable, and knowledgeable. The owner and all the staff are helpful and know their stuff. They are great at advising which phone and plan to get and carry a ton of no contract services. The hooked me up with Simple and I couldn't be happier. At $41 a month for everything, I am saving a ton of money. Honestly, this is the only non-carrier cell phone store that I trust and go to. They can unlock and repair phones too. The owner is Vietnamese, so a lot of his clients are same, but their english is good and they are very respectful. More...


Jennifer P.

25 August 2012

I seriously love this place. Maybe they're not fast but they sure are reliable when it comes to fixing your phone! My blackberry screen was white and i couldnt get it back to normal. The other place before i visit this one across the street didnt even make the effort to fix it but this place sure did! Love it! More...

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