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Rika Manabe

23 May 2019

I've been waiting for a shop like this to open in my neighborhood outside downtown Seattle area for a long time. The items are well selected and with great quality. The owner was very friendly and went out of her way to give me a great service. I will be a regular. More...


Helaine Clem

22 May 2019

Truly artistic arrangements


DrTara Rohrbach

26 March 2019

I love the flowers and love the service. What a great addition to Wallingford!


Anthony Morales

24 February 2019

Wonderful local shop with good prices for the area and quality. Staff is very nice.


Alice Villasenor

27 October 2018

I recently was looking for a florist that could deliver a flower arrangement to a memorial service of a close family friend that we couldn't attend. I was finding it hard to find a florist close to the University District church where the memorial service was taking place that had a reputation that would be trust worthy. I ultimately contacted Cedarhouse Flowers. Although only 5 reviews, the reviews were very complementary. I now concur after having received excellent service and a beautiful arrangement from them. Parnel, the owner, was very responsive, even on Monday when she is closed to communicate with me that she could assist us with the Wednesday delivery. She called me first thing Tuesday morning and discussed my budget and what I was hoping for. Although she hates taking pictures of her work, I had specifically asked for one so that I could send it to my parents who were unable to attend the service after a 60 year friendship so this arrangement was really important to them. She sent a picture and it was in fact a perfect and beautiful arrangement that pleased both my parents and the rest of my family. I do not hesitate in highly recommending Parnel and her company, Cedarhouse Flowers. More...


Chris Coyle

29 June 2018

I called at 230 on a Tuesday afternoon, I needed a birthday flower vase. Not only did she come through by 430, but she was so nice and had an amazing vase full of beautiful flowers. Thank you so much! My girlfriend loved the flowers. They were perfectly tailored to my girlfriends taste. More...


Jason Lee

25 May 2018

ordered a bouquet of peonies for valentine's day, and they came wonderfully arranged!


Suzie Schofield

25 May 2018

Whether receiving or sending -- flowers make me happy. Cedarhouse Flowers is a sure thing for lush, gorgeous designs. I love original touches that add depth or interest. If I'm going to send something, I want it to "wow" – and that's how I feel about Parnel's work. Plus, she uses local growers so you know the arrangement will last. More...


Gillian Stanley

25 May 2018

My arrangement was beautiful. Gorgeous design and lasted a long time. I'll be back, Cedarhouse!


Douglas Obie

25 May 2018

Not your average flowers. If you are looking for beautiful, artistic, quality flowers. You have found the right place.


Kristin Kildall

7 February 2018

Parnel has an amazing eye for flower design. Her arrangements are modern and full, and definitely not fussy. I love the use of delicate ferns and unusual flowers and berries. She made bouquets and corsages for a friend's wedding and I've signed up for the monthly subscription. Parnel has been easy to work with and I'll definitely come to her again! More...


Megan Pedersen

7 November 2017

Cedarhouse Flowers is pure artistry. Whether designed around an event (wedding, birthday, loss of a loved one) or a theme (fall, romance, joy), the arrangements are eclectic, lush and layered. I will never go anywhere else again! More...


Heather Ley

11 September 2017

Never cliché; always whimsical and just gorgeous flowers and greenery--always!

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