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Angela Dominick

6 December 2018

Scott came highly recommended to me over 8 years ago. I had a hard time finding someone I connected with, I met with several therapists before finding a safe place with no judgements. I have seen Scott on my own and as a couple, always with the same kind approach. I have a healthier sence of self and know I have better skills in my back pocket due to the work I have done with Scott. I would and do recommend Scott, even to my own family! More...


Daniel McGrath

6 December 2018

One of the biggest factors when choosing a counselor is finding a sense of connection, and I felt that with Scott from our first meeting. Developing this type of relationship takes time, which means it’s an investment. Scott helped me through a huge transition in my life, and over time we have established the type of open and trusting relationship that allows me to bring any issue into the conversation, be it family, career, relationships, or daily health and wellness. My investment in Scott has paid dividends far beyond anything I could’ve hoped for. More...


Jon Thomas

6 December 2018

Drug addiction, anxiety and depression are things I've stuggled with for a long time. Since beginning therapy with Scott I have learned how to navigate through lifes challenges being sober and in recovery. I don't know where I'd be without Scott's guidance and knowledge. He has truly helped me get to a place where I want to be in life. More...


Matthew Klos

6 November 2018

I have been a patient of Scott’s for over 5 years and can not give him a high enough recommendation. Wether you are a person in crisis, recovering addict, or simply a person looking to dive deeper into their own self. Scott is able to create a safe and welcoming environment to explore those issues. Over the years I have seen many therapists nine as patient and open minded as Scott. He has been able to help me unwrap my own trauma allowing me to live a healthier and more fulfilling life! I urge anyone seeking help to give him a call! More...


Ernest Stone

6 October 2018

Scott is exceedingly talented, but also compassionate, genuine, and amazingly dedicated and loyal. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I have referred many of my own clients to Scott for substance abuse counseling, as well as for counseling in other areas. Without exception, the people I refer to him thank me profusely, using words like "life changing", "best ever", and "saved my life". More...