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CC Marketing Online helps small business owners, sole proprietors, freelancers, coaches and consultants to get more traffic to their websites. I take a holistic approach to digital marketing, making sure that your website follows best practices for content marketing, technical SEO and creating a Google-friendly site while presenting SEO concepts in plain English.


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You have about 3 seconds to capture a user's attention online, so a great website needs to have clear messaging and content that is relevant for your users. It should also be easy-to-navigate, have a strong call-to-action, and a form where people can opt in to your email list.

What is the goal that your visitors are trying to achieve by visiting your website? What questions do your clients ask you most often? (This last one is a good source of content for your site!)

I love helping people to understand SEO. Yes, it can be technical but it's not rocket science. :)

I once read that someone who is self-employed would rather work 16 hours for themselves than 8 hours for someone else. That's how I feel.

You and I could be a good fit if you're a small business, sole proprietor, freelancer, consultant, and coach who is interested in getting more traffic to your site but you're not sure where to start.


An affordable assessment to identify critical, “low-hanging fruit” SEO opportunities for your website. If you already have a website but aren’t getting traffic, this is where I recommend you start.

A well-designed website that is set up to be useful for your visitors and optimized for search engines. If you don’t yet have a website (or you have one from 2015), this is the recommended starting point.

A complete audit of your website’s search performance. This includes a thorough competitive analysis of your competitors’ websites to identify opportunities for you to get more traffic. Recommended for sites that have done the basics and want to go to the next level.