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Catch The Moment was nurtured within a family run business that for many years had been supplying a personal and high quality digital printing and photographic service. Today it represents friendly, professional, studio and event photography combined with creating commercial visual projects.


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Rhea B Watkins

I had my photos was amazing, cant wait for my sons photos!! Such a brilliant place to have your photos, perfect!


Catherine Bingham

Passports came at last (after the passport office problem) thank you so much. Wasn't expecting to have nice photos but I love them, really lovely shots of the boys.


Lianna Lee Davies

AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! The worst experience I’ve had ever had in any shop I’ve ever been in. I came in to get a USA visa picture (which I’ve had a few of) the prices were not around in the shop, the owner took 3 pictures of me on a white background and then when I went to till to pay she told me it was £25... I asked her again and she said £25. I was in a rush as I needed to get this picture off... so I relunantly paid in good faith thinking that visa pictures had gone up (I last had one about 18months ago) and then she told me it was going to be 15/20mins (which was a little frustrating) so I was like okay I need to pop to the bank. Whilst I was in the bank I contacted my touring manager / band (I’m a touring musician) and asked them if they thought it was steep... there reply was Yes as everyone else had done there’s that day and it should only cost between £7-10. So I thought I would inquire about the price / why it was so expensive when I came back into the shop / find out what extra service it was I was receiving for the price to be hiked up so much.

I got back in the shop and the owner had left to Re-park her car and the shop assistant couldn’t help me that I needed to talk with the owner (the shop assistant was very lovely)

I asked the shop assistant if the pictures had been printed and she said not yet as the owner had to pop out.

The owner came back in 15 mins later (so in total a 25mins later)

When she came back in I explained that I had spoken with my tour manager and he seemed to think that was steep and asked if she could explain to me what the service I was paying for...

She went absolutely ballistic at me, saying I was discrediting her artist ability as a photographer and all the work that had gone into it (she took 3 pics of a white background and hadn’t even started the ‘much needed work on my photo’) she told me how she was affiliated with the US embassy on their website and how I’m trying to ruin her reputation she went on shouting at me / being unreasonable / giving me the worst costumer service I’ve ever experienced. She said I could have a refund so I agreed after being hurled so much abuse at... (I would have been happy to pay the £25 if she just explained what the cost was for and not straight away kick off at me... I have budgets to stick to... and I felt ripped off slightly)

As she said that other customers walked in and then she said she wasn’t going to give me the full refund because I’ve ruined her day... WHAT?!?!

I explained to her that I actually also work at local business as a bar manager (being a musician never pays a great wage!) and what she was doing was against the law and I will take it up with trading standards for unfair practice she then changed her mind and said she would give me £22.50... I explained I wanted my full refund as she had not yet performed the service nor had I received the goods... then she said she didn’t want to give me the refund because I was being unreasonable and I needed to wait so she could think what to do (I had no time left... I had left work to quickly do this... ) so I explained I was not going to leave until I get my refund she flung £20 at me and said that’s all
I’m getting and to get out her shop.

I said to her as I left I will take this to trading standards and inform other local businesses who I’m affiliated with to avoid at all costs.

In her reply was more screaming telling me to get my manager here and there’s nothing I can do about this and just general obsenities at me.

So I’m £5 down (which is illegal and I will be taking further ) and the whole experience really upset me.

I’ve never experienced such a horrible experience in my life... I’ve never even written a review on these before but I want to warn people to never use this service.

The worst experience I’ve ever received in shop in my WHOLE LIFE



Louisa Tickner-jenkins

I had some old VHS tapes transferred to DVD. They were done so professionally each one is chaptered and all in chronological order, it has been a joy to watch them. Thank you.



Whether its a formal ball, dinner or charity event. An event photographer is a great addition to any event adding that extra sparkle. Capture the glamour, excitement and fun of the event at no cost to the event organiser. We will set up, space permitting, a fully equipped portable, digital studio complete with background and studio lighting. We will also set up our digital printing lab which enables us to print lab quality prints on the night for guests to take away almost immediately. If you want us to capture the guests’ arrivals or some informal images at the pre-dinner gathering then we’re more than happy to do so.

We love weddings and every wedding is unique and very special! Our wedding photography packages are tailored to suit your individual needs. All of our albums are hand finished and sourced from one of the finest labs in the world, so that we can guarantee that you will end up with a beautiful product that will last a lifetime. In addition to the discs and albums, we can also provide canvases, glacier blocks or just normal prints with a variety of finishes.

Within our Studio, at 285a Gloucester Road we offer a wide range of photographic services, from individual portraits, to family photography. We also produce professional passport photographs and specialise in Infant Photography. Our baby passport photographs benefit from a 100% success rate.

Protect your family memories by digitising and repairing your damaged photographs today. Although prints are one of the most reliable methods to store images, it is always best to have a digital copy in case of fire or damage as prints are easily destructible. Fingerprint oil, damp and poor storage can all increase the deterioration of a print very quickly. We are experts in repairing damage in photographs – from pen scribbles, to creases and tears and fading. We are highly trained in digital photo restoration.

We transform ordinary photographs into contemporary, fun, and unique works of art perfect for decorating your home with. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your friends and family look no further – create stunning personalised presents from your photographs by choosing a transformation and printing onto poster, canvas, or some of our many photo gift items. For timeless classics, choose one of our Fine Art styles – from Oils, to a Van Gogh Impasto, or romantic Watercolour piece. For contemporary home decorations pick a Pop Art, Mosaic, Splash or Spot Colour. It couldn’t be easier – simply bring your photo in-store and ask us to help you choose your style and print options.

Personalised Photo Gifts - The ideal gift in an instant. take a photo of your choice and have in printed on anything from a mug, snow globe, keyring, coaster or mouse mat. Canvas Printing - Transform your home by adding a personal touch with canvases from your own images, we offer various sizes. Personal Art - We can add a touch of magic to transform regular snaps into nice pieces of fairy art, taking your loved ones into a surreal world full of colour and adventure. Image Books - Our Image Books are a great way to share and display your favourite photos and memories. You can choose from a number of different layouts and customise the background colour of each page. Enlargements - If you are looking to enlarge an image to poster size, Catch the Moment has the technology to fulfil your requirements.

From passport photos to head shots, we offer a range of portrait services within out in store studio fitted with lighting and a range of coloured backdrops. Our high end cameras produce high quality images that we can manipulate for you to get the desired effect.