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Jordyn Leigh

14 August 2019

Catalyst is a fantastic gym with a unique approach to meet all of your exercise goals! I enjoy working with each of the trainers. They each take my goals into consideration and personalize my workouts based on my injuries and what I’m looking for in a workout. Check them out- it’s well worth your time! More...


William Sinon

30 June 2019

Jim Adams is physical fitness guru


Drew Hughes

25 April 2019

Catalyst is a great gym with fantastic trainers. I usually have a hard time sticking with any one fitness activity, but the folks at Catalyst check in regularly to reassess where I'm at and develop new/dynamic programs that add variety and keep me engaged (I've been coming back for three years). Jim Adams has built an outstanding team of experienced trainers who meet me where I'm at, care about my success, and make sure I have fun with the process. I highly recommend checking it out. More...


Lance Burditt

25 April 2019

Catalyst is so much more than a gym— it’s a community that inspires me to be better! Jim and his team are true professionals constantly investing in themselves to continually enhance their client’s experience. I’ve never been happier with a workout experience. I look forward to years of continually being challenged by the Catalyst Tribe! Thank you so much! More...


colleen richmond

26 March 2019

Catalyst is a gym that listens. I have been a member for about 2 years and the trainers have worked with me thru an injury - I was able to stay active despite the injury thanks to Catalyst. They are always striving to make my workouts challenging and fun. Great gym and great trainers! More...


Carin Thumm

24 February 2019

The evening crowd at Catalyst has taken a thing I know I should do for health reasons and turned it into a thing that 9/10 I look forward to doing (and that 1/10 is on me and my attitude walking in, never on them … but I always leave feeling better, happier, and lighter – and that has EVERYTHING to do with the trainers and the environment they’ve created; their ability to get me out of my head and make things FUN). I love the small, family feel to Catalyst. Nothing about this place is cookie cutter typical gym, and for that I am especially grateful. From the music (it’s ever evolving and rotating - not just a generic mix of Top 40 stuff which T H A N K Y O U), to the jokes, to the new things worked into my sessions “just because,” to making gym-friends with other clients the Catalyst tribe is something I’m thrilled to be a part of. #CatalystCares More...


Emily Garrison

24 February 2019

Impressed by the intelligence and overall professionalism of Catalyst and their trainers. This is a great place to be, and an even better place to work out. The people are great, and have formed almost a sense of family with their trainers. Love it! More...


Kelly McHoney

24 February 2019

This is the first time in my life I enjoy working out. Everytime I go, I know I will get a well-rounded, personalized training session with a trainer who is current in the field. I like the way they work together to ensure safe and proper form for everyone, not just the clients with whom they are currently working. Not only do I get a great workout but always leave with a smile on my face. The overall culture is one of encouragement and well-being. More...


Stephanie Ryan

24 February 2019

I love this place, I know it’s a gym but am reluctant to call it that. I love the trainers, everyone is available when you need them, you are given age and body appropriate regimens and advanced reasonably. Before you know it, you haven’t aged! I’ve been working out at Catalyst going on 3 years, and have no plans to stop! I love the people and I cherish the workout. Thank you for helping me grow old with grace guys! More...


Nancy Gross

24 February 2019

The best experience yet!!!Trainers pay attention, making sure exercises are executed correctly.Fun and friendly atmosphere, I actually look forward to my workouts.I am forever a true fan!!! Thank you all for everything you do!!! More...


Colleen Blair Richmond

13 February 2019

Great trainers. Great exercise programs. Check them out!


Cynthia Potter

6 February 2019

If you want to get in shape and up your game, then Catalyst is for you...They people are great and trainers know what they're doing....


Sarah Parks

25 January 2019

This gym has the best training atmosphere I’ve ever had. The trainers are so knowledgeable and fun. The variety of exercises is endless. You truly are part of a family here. More...


Sarah Hale

25 January 2019

Catalyst has given me so much more than incredible, personalized workouts, it has given me a supportive "tribe" of people to share the journey with. For the last two years I have been continually thrilled with the way the professional and knowledgable trainers really take the time to help me meet my fitness goals, tailor my workouts around my middle-aged aches and pains and most importantly constantly change my workouts to prevent me from getting bored or burned out as so often can happen with other programs. I cannot more highly recommend Catalyst Strength and Functional Nutrition as my workouts are truly the high-light of my day! More...


Wendy Bell

19 December 2018

This is a great place to workout! If you want to give yourself a holiday gift, end of the year gift or just want to start taking care of yourself, start here! You are worth it!


Samantha Lee Adams

16 August 2018

Best new gym in St. Louis !!! So much to offer they know there stuff


Lyuba Bukhshtaber

9 July 2018

� this place! �



24 May 2018

Lots of “fitness” places out there, but none like Catalyst Strength and Functional Nutrition for results. Great staff, great community, great workouts. Can you tell I like this place? I’m a raving fan, try it and you’ll be too. More...


Ian Nimblett

23 May 2018

If you are looking for a gym to join, then look no further than Catalyst Strength and Functional Nutrition! Great people, Great coaching, Great community!


Traci Lauer Bell

10 November 2017

Fabulous trainers who are smart and really care about a person and their goals.


Lance Burditt

13 August 2017

Jim has assembled a terrific team of professionals who really meet me where I was and are quickly getting me towards my goals. I genuinely enjoy the staff and really appreciate the flexibility the schedule allows. Thanks Catalyst team for your tailored approach to each individual and the warm/courteous atmosphere you've created. More...


Frank Nash

12 February 2017

This is not a gym, this is an experience.... A journey towards a leaner, happier, healthier you, Discovering ones inner athlete through expert fitness coaching, nutritional guidance and mindset training in this fun inspiring environment is what makes Catalyst the very best. wish I could give 6 stars. :)


Eric Gilbert

15 January 2017

Jim Adams and his team are the sharpest group of trainers I've found. They work well as a team and meet all of their clients where they are. This is not a "one program fits all kind of shop". They've worked me out of injury and to higher performance than I ever expected. Strong group, working on both kind and body, without being weird about it. More...


Ashley Lancaster

22 December 2016

Great place with wonderful trainers. Exciting program and despite being small group training, you feel like it's very personalized.


stacey hutchens

21 December 2016

Great trainers...good for all levels


Scott Lollar

1 February 2016

Jim and the rest of the staff do an excellent job customizing workouts. Love the accountability with the periodic progress reviews.


Casey Washack

25 April 2015

James Adams is one of the best in the business!


Austin Rabbitt

25 April 2015

Jim is one of the best trainers I have seen in the business. Extremely knowledgeable and practices what he preaches.


Matt Mee

25 April 2015

Every question I asked he answered in a way I can understand it, didn't get all technical on me. Made me feel on his level and very helpful. Its got a 5 star rating, but I give it 10 stars More...

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