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Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau



Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau



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Joerg Krückels

18 August 2019

Einfach nur schön.Muss man hin!!


Claudette Anderson

18 August 2019

clear air, good food, the weather.


Nick Catalina

16 August 2019

beautiful place amazing


Edd D Riggan

13 August 2019

a A wonderful place everyone should see it at least once


Pattÿ A Mendoza

11 August 2019

A beautiful Island! with a gorgeous sunset ♥️


Diana Cuffie

11 August 2019

Lovely little island. People were very welcoming.


Kathleen Carey

9 August 2019

I was in Italy last month. Catalina was every bit as beautiful. I spent one day just shopping and ate at Antonio’s. I want to go back and camp overnight and explore.


Earl Guillory

6 August 2019

glass bottom boat and a golf cart tour are a must!


Nooe US

29 July 2019

So Beautiful island I have visited before


Karen Frieze-Lewis

29 July 2019

My great grandparents lived there for years. My Grandpa John Mock was stationed at Camp Cactus and his picture is in there Museum.


Swamy Nagubadi

26 July 2019

Beautiful island and great nature experience close to metro LA.


Alejandro Grillo Espinosa De Avendaño

23 July 2019

beautiful view. thanks god for this place


Arlene Baca O'Hara

21 July 2019

Gorgeous place for a day trip on the Catalina Ferry. Took the Grandkids. Recommend.


Jim Rutherford

20 July 2019

Everything Sailing Fishing Exploring


Amy Baltazar

17 July 2019

Beautiful day on Catalina. There are so many activities to do here that you really need more than one day. Can be a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth a visit. Snorkeling is free and it’s awesome! More...


Idalee Bencomo

13 July 2019

Love the relax atmosphere!!


Victoria Taylor

7 July 2019

My husband and I had the best time celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary here. The island is so beautiful, perfect weather, lots to do, great food and great services and the locals are friendly. We know where to retire when we’re ready. More...


Suzanne Borer Haupt

6 July 2019

Wonderful 4th of July festivities!


Saleh Rashdan

5 July 2019

Yazan and I enjoyed the whole day there at Catalina Island...So beautiful. it was wonderful seeing the beautiful beach, the views and the people .Fascinating. We loved the food, the shopping and all the flurry of activities everywhere. It is definitely a place where we want to go again and recommend to friends and family. More...


Rachel Rostad

4 July 2019

Such an awesome place to escape for a weekend!


Taufik Arief

27 June 2019

Lovely island, beautiful beach


Richel D'Arezzo Swingrover

23 June 2019

Everything! My husband is from there and that's where we met!!!! Fantastic!!!!!


Vivian Humphrey

20 June 2019

Beautiful island. Lovely views. Definitely recommend you rent a golf cart and tour the island.


Melanie McShane

16 June 2019

Catalina Island is my happy place! For a quick, low-key getaway, nothing beats hoping on a boat and leaving LA behind.


Flower Power

13 June 2019

we had a great time there the people are down to earth and it was a lot of things to do there for the tourist


Anne Kridle

10 June 2019

What a perfect little getaway!


Mikayla Falco

4 June 2019

I totally recommend going it was the best school trip i’ve ever taken and there was so much to do ! The people there are great and totally wish to see them again !


Shannon Dooley Graham

2 June 2019

We went for Taste Around Avalon, which was a wonderful experience and also thoroughly enjoyed the walking ghost tour with Chuck Liddel, Catalina’s Google.


Laurie Kennedy

30 May 2019

Antonio restaurant. yum. pancake cottage. the buffalo restaurant awesome staff and yummy food. Lionel with the shuttle service. even though we didn't use any sort of public transportation was so friendly. he knows my friend and wanted me to tell her Hi! what's not to love about the island. every time I leave I can't wait to go back. ❤❤ More...


Nadia Herron

20 May 2019

A must see when visiting LA area. Easy access through the Catalina Express. Spend the day shopping, dining and excursions or stay at a hotel.


Cuong Luong

5 May 2019

Great place for family and friends to hang out and enjoy the wonderful food and atmosphere. The beaches are nice and the people are friendly. Nice get away.


Josie Morquecho Ruvalcaba

29 April 2019

We had a great time.. Best part was Bike Riding...


Kathy Bolin Selinski

19 April 2019

Catalina was awesome, such a beautiful island right here off our California coast, a must see!


Maria Angela

14 April 2019

Beautiful relaxing place, enjoyed the golf cart rentals very relaxing and able to drink around the island


Melodie Cunningham

10 April 2019

no stop lights in the whole city warm friendly people


Joyce Myles

28 March 2019

Catalina Island is relaxing, adventurous and lively. The people are friendly. The water/oceans are breathlessly clean.


Jeff Ruddy

27 March 2019

Wonderful people and adventures await!


Julia Will Gawel

21 March 2019

Beautiful island and so much fun!


BmaverickNavas Gomez

4 March 2019

100% Nice. and. wondefull


Tanya Stankovska

19 February 2019

Paradise on Earth! Nothing compares to the beauty and energy of the island, pure magic


Throck Gildersleeve

19 February 2019

Perfect 4 day getaway. Enough time to see Avalon and to kick back for a day or two.....


Sherry Castillero

10 February 2019

Quaint, charming and wonderful!


Julie Schwatken Ellis

29 January 2019

We took a 4 hour island tour on a hummer. Breathtaking views. Tour guide Delilah gave us amazing facts about the island. Great decision for the price and I almost thought I couldn’t afford it ‍♀️ Try it! You’ll love it!! At this point, I wish we had also rented a golf cart to explore Avalon. Maybe gone to the golf course. It’s a nice boat ride to the island and a great experience overall!! More...


Olga Ortiz Koopman

16 January 2019

It's really not far for us. It's peaceful and relaxing. It's for everyone couples, singles as well as families. There are several things to do. My older grandkids had fun on the zip line and my younger kids loved hanging out by water and Water Park on the beach during the summer. They have several tours and activities for everyone. Then there's Descanso Beach to enjoy music and have fun during the summer. When my husband and I go we stay at a hotel. For our family reunion, we rented a house and it was perfect. We go 2 or 3 times a year and we probably should go more often. More...


Sally Kikkert

14 January 2019

Friendly people. In 1996 we sailed there, on a 21 ft Catalina. 4 miles from Avalon our rudder broke. The bar owner let us use his address to order a new one from the mainland, and also called for us. 4 days later, we were off on our sail around the island. I got my Open Water during the 3 days from Catalina Scuba Love. Super people. Such a unique and beautiful place! The next summer we returned from Santa Barbara Island. My cousin is running the Marathon this weekend 2019! I would go in the summer. Snorkeling is great in the coves. Saw a guitar fish! More...


Eric Bordo

10 January 2019

Best kept secret in the Pacific just 26 miles across the sea...


Marsi Latimer

10 January 2019

We love traveling to Catalina Island as a family and usually spend time there during Spring Break! It’s beautiful! ☀️


Susie B Vargas

7 January 2019

A great place to see... nice for family bonding ❤️❤️


Patricia Gentile Piscitello

7 January 2019

My magical paradise ❤️ The wheaten, colors of sky and ocean. Love the food. The shops. Never miss going there when I’m out in California ❤️


Edward C Stanton

1 January 2019

Love this island :) been there so many times over the years and it's always awesome !!!


Erik Kerstenbeck

27 December 2018

Great sailing destination


Jane Hildreth Diles

27 December 2018

What a beautiful day trip! Island has so much to offer and the scenery is incredible. Try dinner at Mt. Ada, great food, ambience, gorgeous scenery and great waitstaff. Awesome taxi driver, Thomas, for tour around the island. More...


Stacey Kirkland Jacobi

14 December 2018

I love love love love love love love diving there.


Frankie M Solorio

8 December 2018

Great friendly love inviting people and all around good times


Julia O'Brien Gaffney

4 December 2018

be sure there is no wind advisory. many pukes on the boat on return trip. the crew seemed like it was business as usual. got engaged on catalina 27 years ago. I love the island More...


Sherri Gilson

15 November 2018

The peace in the off season,fun in the summer.Just a Beautiful Place.Food Excellent,Great Shopping.Hiking.Just Everything.I Love it all.


Nilza Flores Cruz

7 November 2018



Sunny M.

24 October 2018

Walked around this area during my visit. It's quite a walk from the main area to this area. You follow along a path that takes you right up to this structure. We didn't get to go inside. There are lots of scuba instructors giving lessons right behind the structure and to the sides. Historical building. I can say I've been there. More...


Chuck Wright

9 October 2018

Very informative! Good advice on what to do.


Cindy Florence

22 September 2018

Great place to visit! My sisters and I are planning another trip there. Loved it! �


Maria Pottratz

20 September 2018

so so beautiful very clean very friendly Island so much to do absolutely coming back again.. we rented out the go-kart to go driveway up into the mountains it was so beautiful and breathtaking next time we're going to go parachute sailing absolutely beautiful a very clean and open beach everything was just so clean and everyone was so friendly and I love the tiny little cars that they see driving


Irene Maria

12 September 2018

Beautiful ocean and delicious pizza and root beer.


Betty Collins

5 September 2018

Worth a visit. A gem for sure.


Deidre Davy

23 August 2018

beautiful time on this amazing Island definitely have to do it again we drive the golf carts and take a tour and also dine at some of the local and restaurants and Shop then after all of that we take a relaxing evening on the beach


Sergio Sànchez

16 August 2018

https://youtu.be/7FMcdGep7pc niceee, i edit video to my experience in the island


Carolyn Ingrid Fadullon

7 August 2018

Gorgeous , beautiful, so much worth going Need I say more? Just go....


Alicia Cataline

7 August 2018

snorkeling and hiking and restaurants.


Elsa Hartwick

6 August 2018

Snorkeling and zip lining are my favorites. The boat ride to see the seals is fun too.


Karina Saqui Santes

13 July 2018


Mohebullah Moheb

4 July 2018

Wooow it is the most amazing place that I visited in my entire life.


Ted Dahlson

3 July 2018

Just spent four days on the island. Family had a great time


Phyllis White

29 June 2018

Excellent short getaway. Took my friends yacht over for a lazy weekend and did not want to leave. Slow paced if that is what you like, beautiful waters, food, people. Weather great.


Jorge Alvarado Gonzalez

27 June 2018

I just love Catalina Island , for snorkeling and the buffalo burgers .


James F.

22 June 2018

My wife and I, really enjoyed Santa Catalina Islands. We went there three times recently. Loved it And we would both love to live there, work there but need something affordable.


Tanya Tressitte Borghello

13 June 2018

Amazing place. Loved it!


Kristy Lanoy Fomin

9 June 2018

Loved my day visit. Wish I had done overnight. Dove with Dive Catalina. Great guys! One of the best dives for scenery and ocean life! Amazing food and tons of shopping. The water is gorgeous. Will go back! More...


Kim Eddy

24 May 2018

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!


Dallin Law

15 May 2018

Was awesome visited in a cruise I will be visiting again God willing.


Olivia Jordan

7 April 2018

I recommend the bus tour. My grandchildren and I learned about its history and current weather problems. With new rains the Bison should be very happy there. Residents rent out their homes for the summer to tourists from around the world. The descendants of Mr. Wrigley fly in to their parents home to relax from studies at USC and bring lucky friends with them. You can see them driving around the island having fun, if you happen to cross paths as we did while riding on the bus from the airport. I would love to return. More...


Maria Lima

3 March 2018

Excelente, Megusto Mucho, , Hermozo Lugar Recomendado. Para Todos!! AValon Es Unl Lugar Donde Sepuede Pasarla bien, Con Amigos, Lugares Turisticos, yo Tuve Oportunidad, CaminarCuando Fuimos en Grupo y Nadar Ensus playas! Me En Canto!!


Joan Poggioni Sambrato

3 March 2018



Lauren Christine

18 February 2018

Umm so amazing. This place is great for kids, couples, families and even pets. It’s absolutely beautiful and is the best place I’ve been. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. It is expensive, but what isn’t? I had the time of my life here soaking up Descanso Beach, snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean, ocean side drink service and golf carts. The ice cream at scoops was amazing. Need I say more? Must go!!! More...


Tony Santaana Lagajino

8 February 2018

SNAKE;-> It's A Beautiful Island To Visit. If you On a Boat This is a Great Place to take Vacation .I was Here Back in 2013 and I'm Coming back this Summer with My wife by Helicopter Or Boat .


Jimmy Forano

13 January 2018

My wife and I and family, really enjoyed the three times we were there. Great place to be always. Come to Santa Catalina Islands. Looking to work full time there. Try the Casino great place to visit old dance hall built by Wrigley's. You can enjoy the New Years there, going to a ball. More...


Jason Lang

8 November 2017

Beautiful place, stayed there for 1 day and it was amazing.


Sergio D.

11 October 2017

A really nice place to get away for the weekend or even longer. There's so much to see do and eat here. The water is clean nice and relaxing. Rent a golf cart and really get around the place. It's worth it. More...


Cristina Bruner

19 September 2017

So fun! Love the island, the beach and all the cool stores and yummy eatery! Definitely returning!!


Kevin Beechum

17 September 2017

We come to island every year for 2 months on are boat & we love it there. Everyone there is very nice & harbor Patrole Guys are great �


Janina Ellgren

16 September 2017

Awesome place, hope to come back one day!


Brian Rozell

15 September 2017

Wonderfully beautiful island! Great escape from the every day ... only an hour boat ride from the mainland .


Marlene Benson

31 August 2017

Fabulous! We had an amazing time! We will be back again soon!�������


Tongjia Ming

22 August 2017

I love the life of this island ���


Janine Ferris Hosseini

20 August 2017

Stunningly beautiful. Exceeded expectations. I shall return!!!!


Adriana Alcaraz

15 August 2017

My boyfriend and I had the best time on the island. We celebrated our anniversary. Such a beautiful and majestic place. Everything was perfect.So much beauty for the eye to take in. Never a boring moment. So much do and eat. The people are so friendly. We can't wait to go again. More...


Ray Kelly

11 August 2017

We did a day trip on Catalina Express ferry. It was great.


Steven J. Sheppard

10 August 2017

What a great couple of day's. I can't believe I had not come here before! We will be back, and soon!!


Julie Shaw

31 July 2017

I lived there it is amazing place to live and lots to do and see (:


Ken Allen

31 July 2017

The buffalo are beautiful in the daytime but when nighttime arrives that's when you have to watch your back they'll sneak up on you like horned ninjas! Scuba is great! Clear blue seas with wonderful distance but you have to be weary of your surroundings not so much from sharks but buffalo! Avalon is incredible, drinks-wonderful but watch where you step... buffalo! More...


Christian L. Newberry

30 July 2017

Great getaway! This island is a great family desination.


Maria Ramirez

25 July 2017

This is my 2nd trip to Catalina, the tour guides are great. Its a great place to spend the day. I Recomend to bring your own food. Both times I've visited the island I had a bad customer service at the restaurants. Really bad customer service at the ticket booth on the peer. They make you feel unwanted. More...


Angelina Ieng

22 July 2017

It was my first time there, I love it, I really enjoy walking around and see all the beautiful view at the beaches and houses.


Victor Jimenez

18 July 2017

Catalina feels like you are farther away than you are. You don't see a lot of corporate restaurants and hotels. Mostly independent restaurants and bars. Again, makes one feel "disconnected" from the mainland-an escape of sorts from the grind. More...


Daniel Garcia

8 July 2017

Had a Grandt Tme with My , Lovely Wife ♡ Thanks , Catalina Island :) .


Julie Basham Vaughn

4 July 2017

Catalina Island is amazing! Everyone was very hospitable. Great food at the Bluewater Avalon!


Mary Greathouse

3 July 2017

We enjoyed the whole day there at Catalina Island...So beautiful. We took a tour, it was wonderful seeing the beautiful homes, the view and hearing the historical commentary regarding Catalina. Fascinating. We loved the food, the shopping and all the flurry of activities everywhere. It is definitely a place where we want to go again and recommend to friends and family. More...


Humphrey Alvarez

28 June 2017

Nothing like sitting on your boat with friends, family & a cocktail watching the sun go up & down.


Steven C.

26 June 2017

Catalina is definitely one of the most relaxing places to go if you happen to want to escape the hectic SoCal traffic. I booked the Catalina Express and left the long beach port at 8:15AM it was extremely early but it was definitely worth spending an entire day on the Catalina Island. Upon you land to the port of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island, you will be greeted by shops and food places within a mile. At Catalina, the majority of people (visitors/ tourists/ some resident) all drive golf carts to places. I would recommend explore the shops and food places around on foot and rent a goal cart to explore the city of Avalon. Golf cart rental is $45 an hour. They also ask for a deposit of $45. Some of the places that you might want to visit is the powerplant for the city of Avalon, the veiwpoint to look at the port, the botanic garden, the casino, and the pier. Besides the port of Avalon, I would also recommend driving the golf cart or walking to Descanso Beach, which is only a mile next to Avalon. The beach of Descanso is amazing! They have a juice bar/ drink bar right next to the beach. Literally! you get to sit right next to the beach to enjoy the amazing view in front of you. You also have a variety of different water activities such as kayaking, pedal boating, motor boat rental, and more. They also have ziplining as well! For us, we spent only a day on the island and I would say it is very doable! However, if you do want to spend the night and enjoy the island then I would recommend staying at mt. Ada as it sits on top of the hill and it has the gorgeous Catalina port view. More...


Lawrence Mark

15 June 2017

I'm wondering it would be possible to ride a bicycle all around the island to raise awareness about veteran suicide and for the rights Native Americans. I rode a bicycle from Alexandria, Louisiana to Key West and back up the East Coast of Florida last Winter. I will be riding in California this fall. I want to go to Hawaii and ride all over those islands too next Winter. I would like to go to Catalina in October. I hope I can camp somewhere along the way if I have to. More...


Jen G.

14 May 2017

Happy Mother's Day, Yelpies. Wanted to write a quick review to add to my Holidaze List. Decided on Catalina Island cuz it's a nice day trip for MoDay, a weekend staycation or a fun port to visit on a Carnival cruise. The last option is my favorite, as I love cruising,The little island has quaint shops, restaurants, and water activities you can partake in. Lots of beautiful photo ops. When the weather is perfect, it makes spending time on the island even better.Every time we go on a Carnival cruise, Catalina Island is one of our fave ports to visit.A great little spot to visit in So. Cal. More...


Dennis P.

7 May 2017

Went parasailing first thing once our cruise ship anchored. What a great time we had, the staff was very friendly. The boat crew were friendly with our safety in mind at all time but they made sure we had a great time.


Marcia Figueroa

7 May 2017

What a gorgeous place!! I'm so glad we came!! � the food is geat!! Would've loved to have gone fishing!


Pam S.

24 April 2017

If you've never been on a helicopter,  do it!! We took the Catalina Express to Avalon and helicopters back. The pilot was awesome, and they even upgraded our helicopter! It was such an amazing experience!! More...


Vere Yasmin Dennis Mendoza

23 April 2017

I'm going back at soon as possible only one word to describe.. Awesome


Brenda Beza

16 April 2017

Beautiful place. The is home made it is exelente. I can't wait to to come back.


Joe Spratling

19 March 2017

Super fun to hike not a lot of other people wild Buffalo cool campsites nice locals


Rashmi V.

8 January 2017

Came here for my Birthday!! It was my 1st time. Honestly, there's not a whole lot to do here. If your gonna come here I recommend the following:1. Bring bottle waters or make sure to buy bottle waters as the restaurants do not provide water there is a cost associated.2. Rent a golf cart and tour the island3. Take a TourWe stayed here for the night and overall it was a good time. I'm glad we rented a golf cart and did our own little sight seeing there was some nice picturesque views and we even saw some deer. There are certain spots you cannot take the golf cart which there will be signs that display.We walked around and had a good time and ate, went to the arcade, browsed around. All in all I had a great birthday something different. I would come back again in the summer and probably do a tour and some snorkeling. Remember on your Birthday take the Catalina express and get a free ride. =) More...


Tiffany D.

31 December 2016

Catalina is a hidden gem! What a wonderful day trip/weekend getaway from LA/long beach/the mainland. You can take the Catalina Express 1 hour from Long Beach and emerge in a totally different world. If you land in Avalon, you can go scuba diving at Casino Point Dive Park, a stellar marine reserve and beautiful dive park full of fish and marine life. You can rent golf carts and zip around the island, exploring the trails or the cute town of Avalon. You can snorkel or chill on the main beach for free. They have tons of aquatic rentals too -- paddle boards, snorkel gear, dive gear, etc. Avalon is full of cute shops, restaurants, and bars that will show you a wonderful weekend getaway and a fun time. Very quaint, very kitchy. There's also a zipline. Many of the hotels will give you a free pick up/return to the ferry. There's several festivals and concerts throughout the year, so time your visit for a lively town block party. The bars feel very local and divey, in the best ways possible. If you land at Two Harbors on the other side of the island, life is calmer and slower. You can camp on the beach (literally on the sand) if you reserve your spot in advance! There are trails, hikes, and mountain bike paths all around. It's literally a world of difference just an hour away from bustling LA. If you come by private charter boat, there are several other stellar dive points and places to visit, like Ship Rock, etc. It's a beautiful, lush, quiet island that is totally removed from LA while being so close! Definitely worth a visit!Pro Tip: Catalina Express is free on your birthday (for everyone)! Book your tickets in advance as they do get sold out, especially in the summer months. More...


Troy Sweetland

18 December 2016

It's all about getting off the beaten path here. Catalina Express crew and Park rangers are super cool. Go during the winter, when the locals are bored and willing to talk. Book a captain, like Cpt Scott at Catalina Coastal Tours to take you somewhere people don't congregate. Do your thing. More...


Andy C.

31 October 2016

This island is beautiful. When I arrived here, I saw the wonderful harbor, the colorful buildings and the pretty bay. I went to skyline tour and I saw the cows and understood the history of Catalina island. There are a lot of fish in the ocean. When I rode the glass boat, I saw many kind of fish. More...


Maridel A.

19 October 2016

so cute... its like a mini San Diego on an island. Would love to come back and explore the entire island. I can't imagine living out here though. Definitely worth visiting.


Uwe Menne

11 October 2016

Sooooooooooo wonderful is Catalina Island!!!! :)


Keith P.

17 September 2016

I've had Catalina Island on my list of places to visit for a while now and wasn't sure what to expect.  This island is cozy and quaint but also super small and touristy.  The town of Avalon at the port is pretty much everything on the island.  This small town is pretty much a single street with ice cream parlors, bars, restaurants, and boutiques,  You can see everything within a few hours of walking around.   The beach is super small to non existent and the round picturesque landmark casino is not a real casino.  I was told by our tour guide casino in Italian means meeting place and it is actual a dance hall and movie theater.  In the off season I'm sure this place would be a relaxing and simple place to get away for the weekend.  Golf carts are very popular as a means to get around and scuba diving is top notch here.  I've been told by friends, don't waste your time on the submarine and the ziplines around the corner are a lot of fun. We decided to ride Segways around the island but we were disappointed because they were first generation Segways that were on their last leg and not as fun as riding around on X2 models. More...


Tom M.

14 August 2016

Don't Do ANY of the tours. All are overpriced and you will only see what you would have otherwise seen doing some of the available activities.Snorkeling (all you need is a mask and a snorkel) you will see all fish that you would see going on the submarine tour.Golf carts will show you the island and more that the bus tour would show youTo have the best time, avoid anything that involves you interacting with people who work on the island. They are all in such bad moods. Not once was someone polite.It's a beautiful island and the best things you can do are the cheapest. More...


Marina Linn

18 July 2016

Love this place! Will come back next summer, expensive yes it is but maybe that is because in the winter very few tourists visit so they try to make it up on Summer


Richard B.

13 July 2016

My first trip to Catalina. Stayed at the Edgewater hotel suite #1 overlooking the green pier right on the boardwalk and beach. Fantastic.  The hotel is very nice is you get suite 1 the other rooms are nice but no view. We stayed two nights and loved it More...


Bob Hoagland

13 June 2016

Where else can you experience brilliantly clear ocean waters with kelp forests and beaches and sweet little hotels and restaurants not over priced yet yummy? I love Catalina. I will say it again, I LOVE CATALINA! No dumbass moviestars with their dumbass entourages rather a few normal people lounging on the beautiful beach! Who could want for more?! I wanna go back!! More...


Andy C.

6 June 2016

Oh Santa Catalina Island, what a beautiful place to come and visit for the day or to spend the weekend at. Known for the natural beauty of the land, this place once placed home to celebrities, gangs, and still currently plays home to bison on the land. Just a quick hour long ferry ride over from Long Beach is Catalina Island. A beautiful town where walking maybe at most 30 minutes gets you to where you need to be. Golf carts make up majority of the vehicles here so watching where you are crossing, and don't get run over, because they usually don't stop. Known as a popular tourist getaway now, Catalina is a beautiful area where you can "get away" for a nice vacation. I recently spent time on the island for a bachelorette weekend with friends. It was a great trip over and I had the best time. Literally walking everywhere gets you to where you need to be. You can rent a golf cart, but that's about $86 a day... where as a cab from the house we were staying at to the main strip area was about $15 a ride.Fun activities to do around the island include parasailing, snorkeling, riding on a half submerged submarine, mini golfing, zip lining, and even taking a ride on a glass bottom boat! Great restaurants line up the "Boardwalk" area and the night life is great for people watching. Honestly, grab an ice cream from Scoops and watch the drunks hit the Boardwalk! More...


Ronald M.

8 May 2016

After 61 years, born and raised in Los Angeles, a trip to Catalina Island was long overdue. And we enjoyed the whole experience, from the Catalina Express ride over from San Pedro to the Glass bottom boat and Discovery tour; an expedition into the Island's back country. With plenty of great restaurants and shops too. We plan to return in the not too distant future. A great birthday getaway. More...


Mark Scott Daniels

6 May 2016

Smart site for trip/hotel bookings...bring back the seaplanes and a new S.S. Catalina! I miss the old days!


Zenaida Callori

1 May 2016

Its so nice place to go and still in California. very pretty any were you look : people are very Friendly.. we are planing to go back this summer. I can't get Enough of that place.. Love It Catalina Island....:) More...


Kimberly Andries

24 April 2016

Beautiful place to be. Enjoy the scenery and make sure you go for the zip line ❤️


Chloe S.

17 April 2016

I LOVE Catalina Island. Only about 26 miles from LA and you feel like you are worlds away! A must visit. I have been here several times. Always a wonderful experience.


Nhi T.

27 March 2016

This island is pretty, you just need a couple days to explore the whole island. You can rent a goft car  for 2 hours to drive around the island. Also can do snorkeling, scuba diving within a day if the water is good, not windy. Only Thing is not good here is whenever you need to go to drug store, any convenient store, they charge super overpriced which is understandable because there is tourist attraction. So get ready everything for yourself, don't buy stuffs on the island. I got a charger in the drug store, which normally costs 5$ in target. They charged me 15$ and it doesn't even work with my phone. More...


Irene Alonzo Malone

12 March 2016

The 3rd time I visited Catalina Island was for work. I had to conduct an Explosive Inspection on your Rock Quarry that you have on the other side of the Island. The gentleman that I met was very professional and I learned alot from him. Of course I got to spend the nite on the Island. I stayed at the (Pink Hotel) which I forgot the name of it,,,,, More...


Don Stephenson

2 February 2016

I have been there several times...always a great time. I wish there was a limit to the way overused golfcarts.


Desene Cobb

20 December 2015

I love going there it takes all my stress away. I feel at home even though I have never lived there


Merch Moras

19 December 2015

The island reeks of adventure and nostalgic romance...


Chris Hill

19 December 2015

Ready to go back!!!


Holly Sanders

14 December 2015

As I was visiting California for the first time, actually working for the U.S. Army, originally came from Fort Hood, Texas. The trip to Catalina Island was such a memorable experience. From the picturesque scenery, to the excellent food, to the memorable tours. I especially loved being able to see the California Sea Lions while at play. I was able to capture such wonderful photographs. I would highly v recommend a visit to the island, as you won't be disappointed! Next time I hope to bring my husband. More...


Cynthia Marion

9 December 2015

It is like visiting paradise Beautiful city with wonderful places to eat and shop. Blue waters of the. Pacific to match the blue skies


Javier Garcia

30 November 2015

Very beautiful and very relax very good food and nice people


Martin Laffer

18 November 2015

Don't go there. I like (love) that it's not crowded. A hidden jewel.


Barbara Harayda

13 November 2015

Absolutely a lovely quaint island with many good eateries and great shopping. It us really a peaceful island and you really feel like you are away from the busy life. Worth a visit. A gem for sure


Perrucci Pietro

7 November 2015

Cosa penso di Catalina island posso dire bellissima stupenda da visitare assolutamente


Caitlynn Acosta

5 November 2015

I love Catalina Island! Definitely my all time favorite vacation spot. Breath taking island views and so much to do on the island. Absolutely can't wait to go back!


June Sepulveda

3 November 2015

I loved it so much! I am looking forward to going again! Again! And again! It's literally a "getaway" from everything!


Darlene Day- Bauer

1 November 2015

Wonderful place, Wonderful memories! Looking forward to visiting again!!


Rich Thompson

21 October 2015

What a wonderful place to spend a couple days with some great friends. Would take the boat over every weekend but its a tough commute from Va.


Maria A Gutierrez

17 October 2015

It's a beautiful!


GloriaAnn Baca

17 October 2015

✨Catalina Island is a Paradise Get AwayGreat things to do! Fantastic restaurants! Music, weather, Perfect! We'll Be Back


Cherie Marie Moscato

16 October 2015

What a great get~a~way for the day & a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday with all the feebies that you get & a free boat pass to the Island!!! Amazing & Beautiful place to visit & so many fun things to do!! We'll worth a day away from the mainland indeed :) More...


J L.

15 October 2015

Love visiting this beautiful and tranquil island; the serene water view is spectacular from every angle.  There are various water and land tours to partake as well dinning options.  I love to unwind here by spending my lazy, breezy, and super relaxing day just taking in all the natural beauty that this island has to offer. Cheers to celebrating the good life! More...


Cari P.

15 October 2015

We Love Catalina! From beautiful beaches to Jazz at the casino or great food and art! Enjoy a helicopter  ride or a the Catalina express boat from Long Beach to get there!! Take friends and rent a house or condo and don't forget to get q place with a golf cart!! More...


Nicole D.

9 October 2015

I love Catalina! I've been twice now and enjoyed it both times. The first time we stayed over one night, which was nice, and this latest time we went just for a day trip, which was also very nice. There is some great hiking that can be done on the island, enjoyable food, little shops, mini golf, ice cream, and beautiful views. My favorite Catalina day is: get off the boat and go mini golfing, walk around a bit, grab lunch at Blue Water outside on the deck and soak in the views, rent a golf cart and drive around the island and take great pictures, get some ice cream...and that's about it! There is a great hike I did the first time that you get to the trailhead through the botanical gardens. I would love to try the zip lining when I go back, and perhaps camp on the beach. There are plenty of great happy hours on the island. It's a great time! More...


Sal M.

6 October 2015

Loving this island the more I make it out here, has a bit of a charm in many ways.This is my second time and did a bit more every time I have arrived.You could make it a week or weekend or even a day and you will enjoy every minute of it.The first time I came was for a day, and it was cool. This last time I came and stood for two days and had a wonderful time. Did a tour and was amazed at the views.Tried a few more eateries and was pleased.Night walk was very Romantic and a great way to end our evening here.Shop around for hotel rooms, you will be surprised at the rates. So want to leave metropolis Get on a boat and hangout in Catalina, you will not be disappointed. More...


Samantha G.

16 September 2015

I lived in California for many years and feel like I went most everywhere you possibly could. But I never did make it to Catalina Island. So for my birthday this year, we traveled to SoCal from Vegas and we finally went. It was a holiday weekend, so prices for hotels, etc. were through the roof. Thus, we only got to spend one day here. It's a beautiful island with many, many things to do both in the water and on land. There's really only two towns, so there's a lot of undeveloped, natural areas. It's beautiful and cool. And it's just an hour by boat from Long Beach. This is definitely a California must-do! More...


Kim Dupree

11 August 2015

i went to Catalina Island in September of 2014 and had the absolutely best vacation a girl could ever dream of. It was actually my first trip to CA ever but now this Island has become a part of me on a trip to reconnect 3 middle to High school besties who was reconnecting after 35 yrs of not even speaking must less spending time together and what a beautiful place to not only reconnect with long lost friends but to reconnect with yourself and the breathtaking Island this happened it couldn't have been more perfect. Shopping at the shops getting to know the locals to dinner on the docks it's absolutely a must to visit if you haven't already your missing out! We have now decided on our trip this now annual trip in September but none will ever compare to Catalina it truly does become a part of you More...


Lisa F.

21 June 2015

Love coming to catalina/Avalon !    It really is a spectacular place to spend a night or w weekend !  If only for the night , take a early more boat and leave the next day in the late afternoon...it feels like a whole weekend !  The shops are great and my opinion no more expensive than the malls on mainland.  If your having s birthday, even the boat ride is free for you !   Avalon has great history and the experience feels like your in a Caribbean so a little day or two here and you feel like you have been away for a week !  Lots of tours, great restaurants and just walking around makes for quite the entertainment here ! More...


John C.

6 June 2015

Great place to get away from the mainland, nice beaches with clear water and many water sports and activities. My friends and I frequent Avalon all summer long being that we are all avid sport fisherman out of Palos Verdes, Ca. We always stay right off the board walk at the Mac Rae hotel, it's centrally located to all the bars and restaurants. Hotel also has a great northerly view of the beach boardwalk and our boat. Highly recommend this place to anyone trying to escape for the weekend from all the  hustle and bustle of the city. More...


Amelia Cortez

25 May 2015

Un lugar muy mágico me encantó fui de vacaciones con mi familia hace años atras


Diane Gutz

15 May 2015

Is enchanted place I was there for my 50 birthday , Beautiful Place.


Margarita Pacheco

9 May 2015

Más omenos no tiene la gran cosa


Deborah J.

24 April 2015

Hadn't been to Avalon in years but my husband and I visited for a couple of days earlier this week.  The town looked great!  Lots of new shops and eateries, and everyone was so nice!  We had such a relaxing visit...we will definitely be back soon! More...


Angie Ploch

18 April 2015

It's a great place and fun getting there! So much to do and see!


Patricia JeheZavel BetanCourt Estrada

15 April 2015

Everything! Very easy and beautiful on water route getting there. Once you're there you don't want to leave this AWESOME and gorgeous Island of many endless adventures.


Kevin Williams

15 April 2015

Wonderful, clean and friendly. Great place to disconnect from the mainland hustle. Try to stay 2-5 days if you can. We recommend the one-hour casino tour, and ask for Rebecca, the singing tour guide. She's terrific!


Martha M.

13 April 2015

Great place to relax with the family or in a group.  We visited the island during our sons' Spring Break for the day, and after a choppy ride from the Catalina Cruise, we were a bit queasy coming off the boat...  It was my first time there, and I loved the vibe of the island...Everyone was very friendly and down to earth.  I really believe that one day may not have been enough to explore the island, which I understand has lots of things to do.  All we really got to do was have a delicious brunch at one restaurant, walk around the main street for a bit, and we also rented a golf cart to drive around and take in many of the breathtaking views...then, it was time to board our charter to return!I believe we will be back, but maybe for the weekend so that we can do much much more. More...


P R.

9 April 2015

First timer, one day trip. After reading the many posts, I made sure to rent a golf cart. We cruised around the island. Stopped at Descanso beach for a quick dip but, its very rocky. Overrall, a nice little get away. I can not imagine staying there longer than a day but, lots of people do... More...


Carlos Guerrero

7 April 2015



Jonathan C.

30 March 2015

Just want to share this information to every restaurant establishments in Avalon, Catalina Island. Please standardize restaurant policies to accommodate patrons with dogs visiting the island. After all, it's California law now and took effect this year (2015).  mercurynews.com/business… More...


K M.

23 March 2015

Catalina is my absolute favorite place to vacation!  I live in San Diego, so it's great for a day trip or a weekend away. Avalon is a small town, so you might think there wouldn't be much to do, but that's very wrong!  There's stuff to do with your kids, your friends, your parents, etc. There's lots of outdoor activities to do, as well as a museum, spas, lots of restaurants, and shopping!  Perfect weather year round too!!  I'd recommend a trip to the island to everyone!Make sure to check out the town of Two Harbors as well!  It's more for just relaxing and exploring. There's less to do with your kids, as there is only 1 restaurant, and a bar. But if you like camping, hiking, kayaking, boating, relaxing on the beach, etc. this is he town for you!! More...


Sandra Starkey

13 February 2015

It's my home away from home :-) Stay for a week or a day, it's a great place to loose yourself!


Sarah Hailstone

3 January 2015

I love Catalina!! The people,the scenery and the overall vibe is perfect!


Cyndee Shellhaas

8 December 2014

One of my happy spots on this Earth. The boat trip over usually manage to find some whales.


Debbie Lane Turner

17 November 2014

We went for the very first time to celebrate my birthday this month and had an AMAZING time :) I didn't want to leave and am already planning my next trip over ! It's simply beautiful ! I love you, Catalina ~♥ More...


Jan F.

3 November 2014

My husband and I just spent 3 nights in Catalina during the jazz festival.  While there, booked two tours with the Santa Catalina Island Company, the Avalon City tour and the 4+ hour outback adventure tour.  The tour guides, Cindy and Bear were fantastic and knew all about the respective turf and history of the island.  I would highly recommend using them. More...


Vanessa L.

27 September 2014

Amazing place!!! I came here for my 21st birthday and had a great time! Great getaway. . It is pricey so make sure you take enough $$$! If you wanna get involved in activities which most likely everyone does there. The vibe is great! Luau Larry's bar was a great experience! Great drinks and reasonable price. Overall, if you want to escape from the valley and have some fun for the weekend this is for YOU! More...


Tim McFadden

16 September 2014

Catalina island is so beautiful !!


Susan N.

10 September 2014

Excellence is so important and hands down Santa Catalina offers just that! We started our adventure with "Bear" and the 4 hour tour of the Island! His thorough knowledge and excitement about his job made it infectious for the entire group and we all had a blast! He is a keeper! We then zip lined and were terrified! Ray and Yafet were absolutely hands down the best to help us quickly get over our fear(s)! A fun time was had by all as well. Lisa at the photo/gift shop was a doll as well! To my horror, the next day I realized I misplaced my zip line photo and called and spoke to Toby who rectified the situation by quickly emailing me a copy! Like I said, the excellence was great! Two thumbs up as we will be back to the Island and will sign up for a few more tours when we return! Thank you! More...


Tony Hill

3 September 2014

We had and have the best time on the Island! This year, I walked around all the hills and had a chance to see the Zip line which I will do for sure next year. The water was so perfect and the pizza I had by myself along with a coke was just the best! We went many times to the Avalon Grill which is always great! Cannot wait to be there for my birthday on Nov 7th 2014!!! More...


Kelly Barton-Behrend

12 August 2014

Went a few years ago, loved the golf carts and the bus ride around the Island, best burgers on the pier. Love to go back.


D.p. Buonaccorsi

29 July 2014

A great place to unwind with friends and family. As you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, exploing, golf and of course eating and drinking.


Lynda De Casse

28 July 2014

My favorite place on earth!


Norma Alicia Moreno

27 July 2014

Spent two birthdays there and loved it.


Rhonda Way

11 July 2014

Fun place to go. The days fly by with all the fun things that there are to do there. I love it. Went para sailing! :-)


Christopher Landra

7 July 2014

The only time I have been to Catalina Island was back in 1990 during a school band trip from Richmond, BC. I would have been 13 years old. As many vacations and trips I have taken on my own or with family; your European style paradise rich with 1920's culture and history with California grounds, has always been my best memories. I have always wanted to come back, just havent; yet. Revisiting Catalina Islands Avalon bay is definitely on my bucket list. Miss you all, and hopefully see you soon More...


Nancy Fohs

21 June 2014

Catalina is my husband and I most favorite place to go. We both feel like when we go to Catalina, we discharge, meaning all the electricity in us from the city life, disappears.


Tim C.

20 June 2014

Awesome place to go to get a break from the crazy hustle bustle atmosphere of the mainland.  Went for two days, stayed at the very nice, clean, quaint and legendary Hotel Metropole.  Had a blast sightseeing on the island with a couple motorized bicycles that zip you around quite quickly.  **Just a Note**  Do not zip around too fast, you will run out of things to do in no time. More...


Cynthia Grab

20 June 2014

One of my favorite place, love to spend time on the island.


Gary Richardson

28 May 2014

I stayed on the island two times I love it,drove golf cart around outstanding place can somebody tell me what's the name of that pizza place, the best pizza ever taste


Yuri K.

13 May 2014

So I began my birthday adventure of exploring what Avalon had to offer by taking the first boat out. Most businesses were closed so I went full gear on the role of being a tourist by taking several photo ops as I walked through their quaint neighborhood. There were quite a few parked golf carts at street side, so it seemed to be the vehicle of choice in this small town. Took note of several great gardening designs while strolling along with coffee in hand from Lloyd's of Avalon (recommend coffee from Catalina Coffee Co instead). Stopped by the Visitor's Center for a free map of Avalon and found out that the local Drug Store's willing to charge up your smart phone for a small fee (there's also the library and a couple outlets I was able to locate...ahh, the pros and cons of upgrading to a smart phone....even my external charger didn't last very long). The Discovery Tour office gave out a free passport to savings, courtesy of Santa Catalina Island Co. I highly recommend you pick this up on your trip to Catalina Island. (great savings on activities and comp drinks). Book your free 30 minute walking tour of the historic Avalon Casino as soon as possible because they sell out (only two tours per day). It's $9.50 admission if you can't make it on your birthday and totally worth checking out. Don't let the name fool you into thinking it's a gambling establishment. Back in the day, Avalon Casino was known to be a place for gathering and entertainment. This ornate building houses a grand ballroom, a domed surround sound theatre (movie still playing on Fri/Sat), museum (closed on Thurs), and art gallery. The front desk associate at the Pavilion Hotel (gorgeous and swanky; where I'd like to stay on my next trip) was very humble to assist me with the booking.  I took the trolley up (about $5 roundtrip) to Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden where they offered free birthday admission and where Sky Hike begins (easy hike). There are several types of hiking trails on Catalina Island, including overnights and require free mandatory hiking permits available at Hermit Gulch campground office. Keep track of your time as the trolley comes around hourly. I enjoyed my hike, met and chatted with a lovely couple but had to run down from the top of Sky hike to the Casino because the next trolley wouldn't get me to my tour on time.After my hike and Casino Tour I took a nap on a chaise lounge while charging my phone at Descanso Beach Club. I believe they were closed for renovations so I wasn't able to take advantage of my comp drink but it looks like they normally charge an entrance fee along with chaise rental fee, which I didn't have to pay for. I took a free shuttle ride to/from Buffalo Nickel Restaurant for my free birthday meal (buffalo burger, fries, and washed it down w/Dos Equis).  Headed over to Lloyd's of Avalon for a free scoop of ice cream (known for their homemade taffy confectionary; serves 50 cent coffee (ugh, bitter); loved their ginger candies). Ended my day at Catalina Coffee and Cookie Co. for a free 12 oz of gourmet coffee and discovered their homemade peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie (Oh So Yummy!!).The people there were pleasant to deal with. It was very relaxing and I had a great time spending my day in Avalon. I would definitely recommend going with a significant other or in a group with at least one person celebrating their birthday as there's a lot of BOGO deals offered. It's always much better to share memorable experiences with others. On my next trip, I'd like to take advantage of the Catalina Zip Line Eco Tour. A two hour scenic adventure sailing through the air at speeds up to 45 miles per hour! More...


Marcelinoy Gaby Hernandez

8 May 2014

Bonito lugar


David McKie

2 May 2014

Great group of people. Very friendly and helpful


Chavo Lopez

9 April 2014



Jorge Banda

4 April 2014

Ofertas de viaje


Leilani C.

31 March 2014

Beautiful mini getaway from the mainland!The island seriously reminded me of Prince Eric's kingdom in the Little Mermaid haha. Bring a swimsuit and be prepared to swim, parasail, shop, eat, or lay by the beach. If you're 25 and older you can rent a gold cart and roam Avalon. If you're underage, you can rent bikes with motors to get by. There's also a casino there! Unfortunately it was overcast when we were there otherwise we would have gone parasailing! More...


Lilia Diazdeleon

27 March 2014

Es una isla maravillosa yo ya estuve hay y me la pase de maravilla


Yolanda Avitia

25 March 2014

Great place to visit!! Looking fwd to going back!!


Bob Haffey

12 March 2014

U gotta go it's a So Cal magic spot!!!


Cristian Roldan

7 February 2014



Lissette G.

6 December 2013

Catalina.. Friendly,relaxed & casual


Carl Wilhelmy

4 December 2013

This is an excellent place to enjoy lifes many pleasures. The beauty of the island is breathless. i stayed at The Zane Grey. In the room ,named, Purple Sage. If you have the time, take the skyline tour. Your tour guide, Cindy Lowe. .No matter the season, you will always have a grand time on the island. A few hours or a few days...a very beautiful romantic place to go and have fun. More...


Cathy L.

15 November 2013

Breathtaking sunrise and the ocean view is amazing! We saw a hundreds of dolphins just having fun ! Beautiful island to visit! If you're mooring your boat it's $38. More...


Ann Montgomery

10 September 2013

I was 16 when I first visited Catalina and still come back at least once a year from Texas. Each trip is as exciting as the first. If I had one word....magical!


Patti Pierce

21 June 2013

Its like a trip to beautiful Greece on a YMCA budget and everyone speaks English


Jae Payne

1 June 2013

What do we like about Catalina? EVERYTHING! Many years of great fun and memories! The Hermosa and Catalina Beach Rental homes, for certain; Antonio's (although stapling the dollars to the walls like in the good old days is missed!!!), kayaking and paddle boarding - the list goes on and on and on.... More...


Dennis D. Alabaso

22 October 2011

Does anyone have a business telephone number for the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce?


Qype User benshi…

31 January 2010

Catalina is one of the more eccentric destinations in Southern California, a 35km-long island entirely owned at one time by the chewing gum king William Wrigley. It is a gorgeous place with the two tiny settlements of Avalon and Two Harbors at either end and a 640m high mountain in the middle. It sits 35km off the coast at Long Beach and is a world unto itself. Catalina is about as relaxed as it gets in Southern California. Autos are for residents only and require years of waiting until someone else gets rid of theirs. Golf carts are the normal mode of transport, but are so restricted that most people just walk. There are several very good hotels in Avalon (Two Harbors is bare-bones), but most people either come over for the day or sail here on their own boat (the mooring facilities are excellent, with regular water taxis to shore, although things can get tricky in a storm). When the last ferry leaves around 19:00 for Long Beach, the island settles down to a quiet slumber. For centuries, the Chumash Indians hung out here, lolling around on the beaches all day and scooping fish out of the sea with their bare hands. The early Spanish, with all their godly bustle and ambition, found this disconcerting. Today, most people get their seafood at the excellent restaurants, but the pace they keep is as lazy and relaxed as ever. More...


Qype User katie2…

31 January 2009

This is one of the eight california channel islands.It is open daily but like many tourist attractions in the area the opening hours where not that great.It was cheap to visit it but then the places to eat there were expensive and since no cars are allowed you have to use the public transport which is rather annoying.The avalon casino was the best thing on the island as it had a cool art deco ballroom which i liked taking loads of pictures of.There is also a museum where you can find out about the islands history.There are some really lovely views of the shoreline. More...


Qype User Prince…

30 December 2008

Die Insel liegt ca. 35 kilometer vor der Küste, scheint aber Welten entfernt vom Trubel der stadt L.A. Fähren legen im mediteranen anmutenden Avalon dem Geschäftszentrum der Insel an. Das Inselinnere darf nur per Fuß oder mit dem Rad erkundet werden, bzw im Rahmen einer organisierten Tour. Am schönsten ist Catalina am Abend, wenn die letzte Fähre fuhr. Würde eine Übernachtung empfehlen. Einfach eine Wohlfühloase. Vedient in jeglichen Kategorien 5* More...