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"I always wanted to sing with a real rock band -- you guys made my dream come true!"

That's what Teri raved after she sang "Proud Mary" with us the other night, and it's a sentiment we hear all the time. Live band karaoke is way more fun than regular karaoke, and we specialize in making every singer feel like a rock star.


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Tiffinni Saint Ranae

23 July 2018



Blu Gutierrez

23 July 2018

Awesome band! I had a fantastic time at the House of Blues. These guys rock!


Patrick Texas

23 July 2018

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Cynthia-Cid Strickler

23 July 2018

Top notch band! Professional musicians who are supportive and fun. Always a good time with Casual Encounters Karaoke Band!


Leslie Chesebrough Mihalko

23 July 2018

I hope you enjoyed our little town as much as Wrightwood enjoyed having you spend the evening with us. So fun!


Sue Ziehmer Harris

23 July 2018

Talented, professional, creative musicians having fun. Really does not get any better. Once you go live band karaoke...let's just say I love it!


Monica Whitmer

23 July 2018

Live band Karaoke is a WHOLE NEW Experience! The band is Great and it was So exciting to be On Stage with real music! Lots of fun - but a little terrifying - like jumping out of an airplane!

Know your songs "down Cold" and you will have a Blast!!!


Nicholas Carpio

23 July 2018

These guys are pretty dope, imagine having to know 300+ songs off of the top of your head. And having to just play them on demand. For like several nights out of the week. Tough stuff. More...


Thad Szabo

23 July 2018

If you love karaoke, you have to try it backed by a live band. Although the members rotate in and out for any gig in a particular week, all the line-ups I've sung with play well together. Their song choices have strong enough hooks that you'll know where to come in, and they play rather tight. The energy is exactly what you want in a live performance. If you've always wanted to front a band, but have never had the time or opportunity, this will definitely scratch that itch for you. More...


Kat Betts

23 July 2018

This Band was so fun and motivating! They enhance those who need it with their songs and compliment others even more who don’t. I am definitely going back!�


Vanessa Pritchett

23 July 2018

My previous post was a mistake, just to let you all know this band freaking rocks and they definitely brought me out my shell when I sang "Killing Me Softly". I had never moved around like that before while singing karaoke. Look forward to seeing you guys again and I love that you have Rihanna "Love on the Brain" which is one of my favorite karaoke songs to do even if I don't do it as well as she does. Keep rocking out and see ya soon More...


Randy Garcia

23 July 2018

Very good band. The regulars are so nice if I say so myself.


Frankie Rodriguez

23 July 2018

Casual Encounters Karaoke is own my personal make a wish foundation. Yesterday morning I heard a great song on the radio that I hadn't heard since the 90s (Flagpole Sitta by Danger Harvey) and thought "I'd love to do that at karaoke!" but then realized that band was a one hit wonder, and it's unlikely anyone would have that song in their book. But Casual Encounters Karaoke has it!

Even if you don't like to sing, I recommend coming out to see Casual Encounters for two important reasons:

1. Live band karaoke attracts people who can actually sing, although the musicians in Casual Encounters Karaoke are helpful if you need it (cough cough no rhythm cough). Sometimes I wonder if professional singers go to live band karaoke for the same reason that professional comedians do shows in small clubs- to hone their chops. There's often a shocking amount of talent to be heard at live band karaoke, and since Casual Encounters Karaoke has solid musicians and a well-curated song list, singers are sure to have a great experience.

2. Live band karaoke takes more guts than regular karaoke, so the audience is more supportive. It's 100x more exciting for the singers, but it's also a lot more entertaining for the crowd. So even if you don't like to sing in public (cough cough chicken cough), you'll have a fun time listening to the singers and the band.


Kendall Day

23 July 2018

Amazing fun band! They all play extremely well and make you comfortable singing no matter what your skill level may be.


Azad Stephen

23 July 2018

They keep it moving so quick that you won't even realize your date has zero personality. Definitely worth checking out. The band is good and they have good volume control.

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