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Cascadiom offers professional photo and video services. Whether you need a hired hand to help with a specialized aspect of your project or for someone to produce and deliver an entire project, Cascadiom is equipped and able to meet your needs.


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Every piece of media is telling a story, I love to find and see that story come to life with all my clients.

While I was already in the process of finishing my film degree and pursuing my passion for storytelling, I found my university had a variety of media needs. I started Cascadiom as a way to serve my school and has grown over the years into helping commercial and artistic clients tell great stories.

I'm an incredibly empathetic person by nature. I care about why you want to do your project in the first place, and I'm committed to help you think through and problem solve every step of the way. I've also studied and trained for over a decade in the technical and creative practices of storytelling and media production. I bring all my experience and knowledge to every project and together with my clients we can create amazing images and narratives.



Whether you have product, an event, or story you want to tell, Cascadiom will work with you to develop your idea, film and edit it all while ensuring that your vision is achieved and you have a video you'll be proud to share.