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Casa McKibben

Cameron, Texas, Milam


Casa McKibben

Cameron, Texas, Milam



We offer boarding, daycare, grooming and training at our facility just north of Cameron Texas.

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Pat England

27 September 2019

Our little miniature schnauzer is 5 months old and we took her to Mark. What a kind patient and animal friendly advocate. Mark trained Maggie in a loving manner. Maggie is now housebroken, crate trained, interacts with dogs and cats, and follows commands to sit, stay, down and come. Now if my husband and I can stay trained is the real question. More...


Jessica Gonzalez

22 August 2019

I took our German Shepard to Casa McKibben at the recommendation of our vet. He is a young puppy and very active. Jethro stayed for 2 weeks. What a difference! Jethro was clearly happy and well behaved when picked him up. Mark spent time with us when we picked him up, showing is how to work with him on what he already knows and how to keep his training moving forward. Thank you Mark! More...


kelly brotherton

22 August 2019

There is no way to express how amazing Mark is with dogs! He has a sixth sense when it comes to communicating with and training dogs.... but also how he trains us HUMANS! HAHA.We have brought our 9 month old rottie (Chip) to Casa McKibben three times for training and boarding and each time our big boy comes back better and better behavior!! And its not only the training and boarding.... its the FUN your dog will have! As soon as Chip sees his puppy pals his little nubbin of a tail starts to dance and he knows that he is in for the time of his life. Nothing but crazy dog fun and walks in the woods.Extras that Mark provides.... YouTube videos so you can see your furry best friend and also what Mark refers to as, "phone calls for life"!Not only have we trusted Mark with our Chip, but we told him that we were looking for a friend for Chip at home. Mark took it upon himself to personally find and train the PERFECT match for our family. And. he. DID!!!!This photo shows Mercy and Chip laying on the ground past out after playing with each other outside. Mark found the most submissive female to help even out Chip's goofy bull in a china shop demeanor. It is settled, there is only one person that we will ever trust with our dogs.... and that is Mark at Casa McKibben! You can rest assured that your four legged family member is safe with HIM!But be warned..... your pup might have so much fun, that they don't want to leave! hahaha!-Kelly and Beau More...


Victoria Dwyer

8 August 2019

I brought him a wild animal and two weeks later he gave me a much calmer well behaved puppy. I’ve waited a few days to leave my review to make sure he really was trained and not just tired from all the playing he was doing there. It’s been five days and he’s still much better behaved. My biggest thing was that I love to take my dog with my everywhere but I couldn’t get him to calm down enough to be in public. I’ve taken him to the pet store, my office and to lunch with me and he was calm and easy to control every time. not only that but Waylon seemed happy and healthy after two weeks there. I hope I don’t have to bring him back for training again but I will most definitely be sending him back next time I need to board my dog! More...


Lidia savage

30 May 2019

Mark is amazing he trained our 5 month old Rottweiler we were having issues with some aggression and after Mark worked with him he came home a new puppy i have had no issues he is loving toward the kids and does well with other dogs


Shayna Pardue

30 May 2019

I just picked up my German Shepherd floki. We sent him for training bc we was having trouble with potty training and off leash. Now floki is doing great with potty training. Also he is almost off leash trained. Mark did all this in just two weeks. Me and my husband was really happy with the results. I highly recommend sending your dog to him to be trained. He does an amazing job. Thank you for helping us with floki. More...


Heather Murphy

6 February 2019

Mark was amazing with my dogs! I have two year old American bully that hated the kennel but is now kennel trained thanks to Mark! He is always willing to answer a call and answer questions or address concerns. We will definitely be taking our dogs back to Casa McKibben! More...