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Angela Holmes Moorman

7 January 2019

Such a good place for me to get back to Me. The classes and yogis are very informative, as well as kind and helpful. Vivian, the owner, has been giving me Ayurveda treatments, and WOW what a beautiful difference. Thank you Vivian for being such a big part of my body healing. Namaste ☝️ More...


Flissa Mannella

7 October 2018

Ayurveda is Wonderful &The Yoga is great too!!!


Valyn Carenza-Pack

11 September 2018

Rosie is an inspiring and extremely knowledgeable instructor. Yoga Bindu is a sacred space.


Anna Konya

11 September 2018

This is where I go for physical and spiritual healing


Carol Davis Alesso

11 September 2018

Rosy as a spirit that is unparalleled. Today was one of the best meditations ever


Sandra Garcia

11 September 2018

I like the place, it's relaxing and the people are great.


Leandra Andrews

11 September 2018

What a GREAT yoga studio to experience many kinds of yoga and the science of Ayurveda. San Pedro is truly BLESSED!


Eleanor Farjeon

11 September 2018

Rosie is an amazing, magical instructor. Coming back to town 3 years ago, I felt so welcomed by Rosie and the warm community at Yoga Bindu. I have so much gratitude for the energy & education I have received there. More...


Marcel Nagy

11 September 2018

Casa Ayurveda offers unique services to San Pedro’s yoga community. The new owner, Vivian, is doing a great job at spreading yoga lifestyle principles, come to a workshop.


Barbara Fisher

11 September 2018

Warm and wecoming. Lots of diverse classes. I have enjoyed myself every time I have gone to a class or event.


DeeDee Gonzalez

11 September 2018

After suffering catastrophic injuries, it was suggested by my trauma surgeon to do yoga. I began taking some classes at the local gym. At that time I was still using a walker and/or cane. I mostly watched, and did the moves I was able to. After a few months I decided I wanted to join a yoga studio, and found Casa Ayurveda. I met the owner and was impressed! She told me about the different classes offered, and which may benefit me most. I have taken almost all of the classes. The instructors are great - kind, caring and interested in each student's needs and health issues. More...


Tracy LovestheOcean

11 September 2018

Attended Casa Ayurveda's first workshop today on Mindful eating and eating for your Ayurveda body type. Such an informative and interesting class. A lot of fun was had with hands on projects and other enthusiastic participants. Now to put what has been learnt in motion. Looking forward to next months workshop too. So happy you guys have opened your hearts in San Pedro. Thank you. More...



7 June 2018

Super friendly n professional experience with teachers, students, and owner - Vivian. A special n unique space for healing via food, vibrational, and yoga energies! Love this vibe !

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