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Carpets clinic is acknowledged as a premium rug cleaning service provider across the UK. Our skilled and well-trained professionals efficiently offer your desired service, making your rug and carpet clean, germ-free and appealing. Our major ambition is to maintain hygiene and wellness of your home by removing all impurities, bacteria, and dirt from your carpets that make them look old and lifeless.


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Gabriella Csoppus

7 June 2019

I've just had a large silk persian rug cleaned by the Carpets Clinic, and they've done a brilliant job. Will definitely use them again.


Gaynor Hayde

4 May 2019

Massoum collected two rugs from our home in Harston Cambridge in order to remove fringing and make good the rug ends. He was also to look for an extra rug for us to bring with him when returning our rugs. I cant even begin to write about the brilliant service we have received. The rugs were returned in a brilliant state. Three new rugs were brought for us to choose one. Outstanding service from a pleasant, professional person that we can highly recommend More...


Brad A Pathak

12 April 2019

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I am most proud of the satisfaction I can bring to a customer when they are able to see their rug transformed. I am able to produce art which people admire and show appreciation towards which drives me to start a new project. I no longer see this as my job but as a hobby which I am paid to do.

I trained to repair rugs and kilims in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan. After arriving in the UK in 1998, I worked at Benardout and Benardout repairing high-quality carpets and tapestries. In the year 2001, I started my own business at Royal Park, North Acton specializing in the restoration of kilims and carpets. Eventually, I was able to establish my brainchild, Carpets Clinic that provides full hand washing facilities located in London and have gained an excellent reputation in the carpet world for expert cleaning, conservation, restoration and repair of carpets, kilims and tapestries.

I see myself as a perfectionist, I will not present a half-finished job to a client and I will always work to the best of my ability. Being a perfectionist is down to my love for my job and being able to bring new life into carpets which people thought that would not be possible. No rug should be thrown away as each has a story to tell which is something to look out for when repairing.


I have become a trusted name when it comes to deeply clean and faster drying carpets at your convenience. Since carpets and rugs get a lot of use, dirt, stains, and spills on them are highly inevitable. While regular maintenance can help keep the dirt away, there is no substitute for professional cleaning. I use the best solutions and state of the art machinery to provide an immaculate cleaning process of your carpets.

I can come to your rescue and restore the damage and patches caused due to unfavourable circumstances. It is my passion to professionally repair carpets with absolute perfection. I consider every piece a work of art that only needs a few fixes to restore its beauty and appreciate its originality and value.