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Roberto B.

25 March 2019

I highly don't recommend this cleaning service they told us they would be at our house on a Monday at 8a.m. When the time came no one showed up we tried giving the company a call and also to the worker that was providing the service but no one would answer. I highly suggest to look elsewhere for a carpet cleaning service More...


Emily S.

6 June 2018

Just called these guys to make an appointment after seeing their $60 deal advertised on Yelp.  The guy who answered the phone was very unprofessional and answered with "yeah?" I had to clarify if it was even a business because he made no effort to be polite or attempt to engage in the conversation.  After stating I was a customer and verifying if they were even interested in business he told me the price would be more expensive for my area. This was despite having yelp advertisements targeting my city with a deal of 2 rooms for $60 total he told me it would be $89 each room because of my location.  I obviously passed at that point because thats $178 which is not only the highest quote I've received but also they were the most unprofessional company I've spoken with.  This seems like a questionable business and frankly even if they honored the $60 deal I wouldn't be very comfortable having them in my home. More...


Shana P.

25 August 2017

If you look at my yelp reviews, you'll notice that they are overwhelmingly positive, and I've never written a one-star review.  Until now.  We decided to hire Franklin Paz to strip and refinish our kitchen linoleum floor, despite the fact that he was significantly more expensive than the other person we got a bid from.  Based on what he said and his price, we believed he would do a better job, but we were wrong.Unfortunately, we paid him before we could get a close look at the floor since it took a few hours to dry.  When we were able to examine the area, we discovered there were all sorts of hairs that were sealed into the polish.  When we contacted him, he advised us to get the hairs out with our fingernails.  This is impossible because the hairs are sealed under multiple layers of wax.But even worse, he was not careful with the wax, and it splashed all over and ruined our baseboards, cupboards, and adjacent hardwood floor and saltillo tile floor.  There was also wax all over our porch and driveway.  We had to re-paint all of our baseboards and touch-up our cupboards.  He offered to come and clean, but the wax did not clean off, the only solution was to repaint and after they damaged our home, it did not seem wise to have them come back.  They were unwilling to refund the money to cover the cost of the repairs.   We wanted to share this so this does not happen to you. More...


C M.

25 April 2016

That's my black and white checkerboard floor in the photos.  I didn't know much about Linoleum flooring when I moved into my new apartment.  I tried 3 times to clean the floor when I realized that the dirt and grime were worn into the wax.  It was depressing and disgusting!  I called around and had a hard time finding carpet cleaners who strip and wax linoleum floors.  When I found Frank, he was extremely responsive - which goes a long way in my book - not always the case with LA companies!  Frank and his team showed up the next day, as scheduled, to clean the floor - all 3 were very nice and friendly.  When they were done, I was literally in shock - the floor looked brand new!!  Even areas that I thought were permanently damaged or stained were sparkling and shiny.  In less than an hour, I went from being depressed about my grimy floor to feeling so good about my new apartment!!  Thank you, Frank!! More...


Jeannette H.

19 March 2016

These guys saved me!  My doggy had a #2 accident on my wool rug. They were able to come same day and were the cheapest in cost of 5 places I had called. Very nice, punctual and effective. I would use them again. More...