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Chris Scalise

7 September 2019

Knowing my nostalgic affection for the Carpenters, my wife made a reservation to see this tribute show at Michael T’s. I was initially skeptical but ultimately blown away. The look and sound were spot-on, and the performers had an excellent rapport with the crowd. At times, I really did feel like I had gone back in time to witness a live Carpenters show during the band’s prime. Not one person got up to leave during the whole 90-minute show. Really amazing stuff. More...


David Slocum

28 August 2019

Sally Olson and Ned Mills are the best at recreating the sound and look of Karen and Richard Carpenter. No Carpenter fan should miss their show. You will be taken back to the Carpenters day of the 1970's. You will not be disappointed. More...


Cathy Macbride-Plows

27 August 2019

This show recreates the look, feel and sound of the Carpenters. The authenticity is remarkable, musically and visually. The show is entertaining for anyone, Carpenters fan or not.


Bob Dlugos

25 August 2019

i've seen several carpenters tribute shows in recent years, only to be disappointed. this is the first that truly entertained me, and made me feel like i was back in the presence of karen carpenter herself. sally's warm impression of a singing legend is both pure and sincere, and the musical arrangements are spot-on. it's as close to seeing a carpenters show as the real thing. plus, both entertainers were very pleasant and friendly offstage. i would highly recommend this duo for any carpenters fans! More...


Sally Olson

19 February 2019

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Rena L Wynkoop

4 December 2018

Sally 's betrayal of Karen is so good that when I listen to Karen on tape I think it's Sally.


Barbara Brighton

4 December 2018

She’s the best Karen Carpenter and a warm, gracious lady


Cyndee Johnson

4 December 2018

Great Duo with so much talent. You think you are hearing the originals!

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