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I am a teacher and writer from London. I have over a year’s experience teaching abroad both in Vietnam, and in Spain. I have extensive experience working with learners of all ages, especially with young people. Previous experience also includes four years teaching native English speakers (often bilingual) ages 13-18 in London.



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I love getting to know students and inspiring them to further themselves through learning. As a writer, I love connecting with people by sharing my work on both the stage and the page.

I have always wanted to pursue writing as a career and have spent a long time building up additional skills and experience in order to combine my passion for education with my enthusiasm for writing.

I am extremely hard-working, reliable and efficient. I put maximum effort into everything I do, and my previous record of success speaks for itself.



I can write a range of different genres, and for a variety of audiences. My focus is in poetry, but I am also able to write creative prose and journalistic pieces (often concentrating on the arts). I also have experience copy-writing and blogging. I have had work published on online platforms, as well as in print.

I have been performing my own poetry from around 2006, and ave perfromed as a feature act for various events, as well as at festivals in London, Norwich and Bedford. I have supported artists such as Kate Tempest and Francesca Beard, and have most recently performed as part of the 'Word's a Stage' project, organised by Apples & Snakes, where I produced a 20 minute piece.

I worked as a Poet Shadow as part of the 'Shake the Dust' project, organised by Apples & Snakes. This involved running workshops alongside poet Ross Sutherland. I now work as an English Mentor, tutoring GCSE and A-Level students in English Language and English Literature. I am an EFL teacher with over a year’s experience teaching abroad in Vietnam, Spain, and the UK. I have extensive experience working with learners of a range of ages and levels, as well as those with various Special Education Needs.

I also illustrate my written work and enjoy using the visual arts in my practice. I also have experience in acting and dance.

I have managed my own events where I have curated exhibitions and organised performance and discussion segments within these spaces. I regularly run an arts night which has recently completed a run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and I've published an anthology that I edited under the same banner by Burning Eye Books.