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Anne Reed

24 September 2018

Ms. Chae has been a superb teacher for our son. I have had the opportunity to observe her in private and group lessons (about 30 of her young students) for a year and a half. She is always gentle and kind to her students. Ms. Chae has a light-hearted personality that sets our son at ease. She is always willing to answer his questions even if there are several in a row!

She herself has remarkable playing ability. When my son gets discouraged because he can't play as well as she can, she always encourages him by pointing out how far he's come and instructs him on how to advance. She uses humor to bring out the best performance in my son. I have never seen her frustrated with him or any student. Ms. Chae frequently adopts new methods to motivate her students, and they are often successful!

Her musical approach combines the Suzuki method of developing musical ears and learning by ear with sight reading skills and music theory. I love how well-rounded it is because I want my son to be able to read music and transition to other instruments later if he wishes.

Her home studio is spacious and comfortable. Information and expectations about studio policies, lessons, and recitals are clear. Each semester, she organizes a group recital where all her students play together, in addition to solo recitals played in public locations.

Ms. Chae provides high quality instruction while developing a love of music in her students.

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