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5 April 2019

Have worked with Kandhu on various projects now and I can’t recommend a better team. Quality professional music videos, a very organised and cooperative team, quick turn arounds and great communication from like minded professionals.

4 December 2018

Profesionales cien por cien,excelente calidad y trabajo.

4 December 2018

Hired one of the members to do some freelance work with us and was very happy with results. Understood the brief and editorial needs of the work plus reflected it in a very professional way. Top filming skills.

20 November 2018

Me gusta la forma de trabajar de sus componentes

4 October 2018

Just Amazing!

5 June 2018

You couldn't work with a better team of professionals. From the start of the project to finish everything was organised professional and amazing enthusiasm on and off set. Jacobo is a superb director who puts you at ease. They work with you closely on the project bouncing ideas off each other. You'll see a well planned out story board for the filming. The final edit and finished are top quality with an extensive eye for detail. Excellent company. They are so much fun to work with. More...

16 January 2018

Last Summer, I produced my first music video with Kando Creative Collective production company. Pre-Production: When I first contacted them, it was their genuine enthusiasm that excited me, and from there it got better! When I met them to run over my initial ideas, they had already been thinking of some of their own, and they were great! I felt honoured to be working with such an enthusiastic and professional team!! Even the conversation about payment was pleasant (can you believe!). They made it as easy as they could for me to get this video made, considering any of my financial difficulties and the premature state of my music career. In production: The first thing I would like to compliment the team on is their punctuality and commitment in capturing the very best quality take each and every time. The passion they showed for getting the very best footage they could for my music video was really compelling. As an art and concept driven musician, there were times when I wanted things done a particular way to convey particular ideas. Regardless of how bizarre my ideas may have been, they were always open to try things out and, whenever necessary, would suggest different (better!) ways of doing things in a kind and diplomatic way. As tiring as it was, they made working from 11pm to 6am, climbing up walls and crawling on the floor in a mask with tiny eye holes and a wig with a mind of its own a very enjoyable experience! Post-Production: Not only were they punctual with arrangements and enthusiastic about making my video, they were also amazingly understanding whenever I experienced set backs that would post-pone or effect their schedule last minute. The post production took a little bit longer than planned because of my set-backs and I was really grateful for their patience at this time. They always expressed their genuine interest and concern in me and my personal life before business talk and I really appreciated that approach, I felt like I was meeting up with friends as much as with a professional company working for me. I really hope to work with these people again. Absolute genuine and humble talent. Thanks again guys, until next time! Emma @pikcmusic More...

20 September 2017

I had the pleasure of working with these guys early on in their careers helping me on various projects from filming, editing to event organisation and general creative thinking. A project they helped me a lot on was @harboured sounds. Their passion gave me the drive to carry on with the project even when everyone else would take advantage and disrespect it. These guys are genuine, kind, thoughtful to your needs and of the project at hand not to mention they are all talented which progresses each day. That passion and hunger is second to none! Its rare to find people like this in the industry so give them a go and you won't regret it, i didn't! More...