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Witney, Oxfordshire, England



Witney, Oxfordshire, England


Basic all round counselling services. Person Centred Therapy mostly. Also CBT .
I specialise in people suffering from neurological diseases , as well as their families and friends.
In a disabled friendly building.

I also do Hypnotherapy.


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The satisfaction of seeing someone seeing the end of the tunnel and feeling able to move on in life with more confidence and a better understanding of themselves.

Helping the friends and family members, of people suffering from neurological diseases, to understand what their loved ones are going through and seeing how a better understanding brings people more together.

I get a lot of satisfaction when I hear how a client has overcome some difficulty on their lives due to therapy.

With Hypnotherapy I love it when people contact me after to say they have managed to conquer their fears or habits and how much better they feel.

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I had to give up my music career.
I realised there is a lack of emotional help both for the afflicted and their families in dealing with the ramifications of many neurological diseases.
I think I am able to help more due to my condition.

I am easy to talk to.
I have a lot of life experience, in many areas,
I have unique insight into people with disabilities and neurological diseases.
I am bi-lingual, English/Spanish