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Capture it! Photography is a full-service photography business servicing the Greater Toronto Area.
We specialize in photographing in studio and on-location.
We provide all the necessary equipment for a studio setting for any location, and for any assignment you may have.



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The secret to taking good photos is the understanding of light and where it is in relationship to the subject. One general tip is always to have the sun behind you and facing the subject. Open shade is the best light source for outdoor photography complimented with the proper use of flash. For people photography expression is everything. I strive to achieve the perfect look that the customer is looking for and I shoot until we get it.

The primary question is always, what outcome are you looking for? In order to execute the project the photographer and the client have to understand and agree to the same common goal and purpose. The other issue that always has to be addressed is budget. I work with every budget, but that sets the ground rules for executing the project. I like to be upfront and honest with the client and have no surprised during the project.

I love the human contact with the clients. Whether it is a product, head shot or wedding, capturing the essence of the moment is a very satisfying feel for both me and the client. When I do in studio work, I have the images instantly displayed on our laptops. The customer gets to see the photos immediately and we can make changes on the fly. When the customer is happy there is a great feeling in the room. It's like a performer performing in front of a live audience. The feedback is exhilarating. It's the same for me and photography. I never get bored of it.

I love creating photographs. We have so many creative tools at our disposal, the possibilities are endless. Working with people is the singular reason I do photography. My photography business allows me to do this and create wonderful meaning photos.

I offer a wonderful atmosphere for the client. I'm client focused and want to make the client totally happy. People that come to me for the protraits always come scared and leave feeling great after their session. One common thread is that they had fun and it was relaxed and inviting. This puts the client at ease which in turn creates the possibilities of make great photos. Thsi applies to all the services I offer.


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