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• Fully managed, end-to end portfolio of services/solutions to address customer challenges supporting organisations on their journey through digital transformation to digital business.



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Giving clients cost-effective access to excellent suppliers to help businesses punch above their weight in markets in which they purchase only rarely often at no extra cost. It continues to be hugely satisfying to work with people at the top of their game and make such a difference to our client businesses.

The recognition that organisations of all size either don't know where to go or simply don't have the time to get into the detail needed to manage non-core expenditures effectively.

My name’s Ron Yellon and I'm the founder and principal consultant at Capitalworks Ltd.

Since 2011, as a member of the UK's foremost cost and purchase management consultancy network (with over 150 specialists serving over 3,500 clients) we’ve helped client’s make informed purchasing choices in markets in which they buy relatively infrequently, overseeing the implementation of any change and monitoring performance on an ongoing basis so that he benefits are sustainable.

By bringing speedy and efficient access to the highest quality expertise while retaining our independence, we’ve helped clients save time and money, reduce risk, improve profits and build a stronger platform for growth.

We maintain excellent relationships with leading suppliers who keep us informed of the latest developments in their sector and the uniqueness of their offerings.

But what if I just want one thing sorted urgently?

No problem. Not everyone is looking for a long-term consulting relationship to work across their business, even if it is often self-funding. We will happily and freely introduce you to a single supplier whom we know and trust with the expertise and service you seek.

And it won’t cost you a penny – just as if you went to them directly. In some cases, however, we may receive a small commission from supplier’s general marketing budgets.

We believe that consistency and integrity equals trust. Our consulting business comes almost exclusively from personal referrals and great relationships, and we hope one day you’ll be open to find out more about how we might help you succeed in other business areas. We respect your time and won’t spam you. All we ask is that you'll make an opportunity to speak with any suppliers that we recommend without any obligation.

All the best,

Owner, Capitalworks Ltd