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C A.

22 August 2019

Our dogs are like family to us right? We check places out before allowing our dog's to stay but you never really know if they are really good until you board your dog. After several bad boarding experiences with our previous dog where he looked stressed, thin or exhausted when we picked him up like he was escaping a hostage situation, I thought I knew what to look for in the pre board tour. But some places just put on a great show when you tour then don't maintain that standard during your dog's stay. We adopted a 4 year old husky shepard and needed to board her about 6 months into her joining our family. We toured CVR at the recommendation of a friend with huskies after trying an in home boarding option we had thoroughly checked out but from which our dog escaped and was loose within an hour of being dropped off. Our dog loved the tour, I did too but was still cautiously skeptical when we took her back to board for a week in June. She happily jumped out the car and into the office. When we picked her up she was happy, calm, looked well rested and wasn't racing to the car to leave. This to me is proof she enjoyed herself thoroughly.  Canyon View's facilities are beautiful, expansive and secure. The staff is loving and knowledgeable in dog behavior and psychology. They're process and procedures keep things safe, fun and secure. I hate leaving our dog. The best thing about Canyon View is the peace of mind they give you that your dog is safe, well cared for and having fun so you can focus on what you need or want to do. I highly recommend Canyon View. More...


Megan G.

15 August 2019

We love CVR! Took my pup with aggression and obedience issues to complete the 4 week training course (vet recommended) and I can't begin to say how significantly ranger has improved since returning home about a month ago. Family and friends have noticed a huge change in his behavior and I keep passing along the message about this gem of a place :) From the staffs knowledge efficiency and compassion to the impressive setting and amenities this was an all around five star experience and we can't wait to come back for boarding or refresher training classes. Xo More...



30 June 2019

This is THE only place to consider for training. They are wonderful!!!!


Chris Sullivan

18 May 2019

Nobody takes better care of our dog. Great training. Great boarding. Great service.


Alice Howe

25 April 2019

I just love this kennel , the owners are super professional and very loving with the animals and always concerned that everything is going well. The trainers and the office employees are sincerely nice. My dogs jump out the car every time we go there. It’s a peace of mind for any dog owner. Thank you Canyon View you save my life after the fires and I will forever grateful ♥️ Alice Howe More...


Amanda F.

19 December 2018

After not being able to find a boarding option for my dog that allowed time outside in the sun (he LOVES sunbathing), I found CVR where I was able to not only board him while I was out of the country, but also work on training. Kevin, Monique and everyone there has been great and I'll def be back next time I'm traveling ! More...


Jake Hum

27 October 2018

When Celebrities come to town they stay here and their "handlers" get a day or two off! At least that's how it worked in our house. My hubs and I decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary in SoCal. I desperately wanted our pals with us for the camping part of the trip but LA and Malibu are terrible places to bring a dog. It was so nice getting to drop them off and all the worry about whether they are too hot, cooped up, or bored along with them. It was easy to see that the pups were in good hands and as you can tell by the goodbye picture, they were just like we named them, Happy (Dalmatian). Pax (Golden). Lovely (Rat-Something). The property is quite a ways away. Especially when you take in Backroads it is well worth the $15 hours to have their shuttle service pick the dog up from Malibu and take them to their location. It was fun getting to see the place but if I could do it over I would have definitely done that.It is a kennel but the dogs definitely got a chance to socialize and play. We really enjoyed our trip and really appreciate Canyon to you for being a part of it. More...


Jacob H.

10 October 2018

When Celebrities come to town they stay here and their "handlers" get a day or two off! At least that's how it worked in our house. My hubs and I decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary in SoCal.  I desperately wanted our pals with us for the camping part of the trip but LA and Malibu are terrible places to bring a dog. It was so nice getting to drop them off and all the worry about whether they are too hot, cooped up, or bored along with them. It was easy to see that the pups were in good hands and as you can tell by the goodbye picture, they were just like we named them, Happy (Dalmatian). Pax (Golden). Lovely (Rat-Something). The property is quite a ways away. Especially when you take in Backroads it is well worth the $15 to have their shuttle service pick the dog up from Malibu and take them to their location. It was fun getting to see the place but if I could do it over I would have definitely done that.It is a kennel but the dogs definitely got a chance to socialize and play. We really enjoyed our trip and really appreciate Canyon to you for being a part of it. More...


Tara M.

2 October 2018

I don't know how I'll be able to say everything I would want in one posting, so I'll just give you the highlights.  About 19 years ago, I lost much my hearing and realized I would need a service animal.  I bought a teacup Maltese and figured I would find someone to train her to be my "ears."  Not as easy as I thought.  Living in California at the time, I researched trainers everywhere extensively.  It was clear that many weren't up to the task... but I soon became confident that Canyon View Ranch was the right choice.  I took Ruggles (the Maltese) and met with the owners Joe and Randy.  They assured me that -- though Maltese might not be the "usual" choice for a service dog --  they would work with her.  And boy, did they ever!  After their training, not only was Ruggles one of the most behaved dogs that many people met (even strangers would comment), but she my ears!!!  I am not exaggerating when I say she has saved my life by alerting me to emergency vehicles that I would have driven right in front of... she alerted me to smoke alarms, to the doorbell ringing, to my babies crying and so much more (multiple times a day).  I could take her everywhere -- restaurants, hotels, airplanes -- without a worry of her ever misbehaving.  She was an absolute pro... trained by absolute pros.  When Ruggles was about 16 years old, I realized it was time to let her retire and be the family diva... and get a new set of ears.  By now, I was living in New Jersey.  People suggested I look at trainers in the tri-state area, but I knew that there was only one trainer for me.  And that was Canyon View.  So when Snoop Dawg (another Maltese) came to live with me, I contacted Joe and asked if he would be wiling to train my next set of ears.  Joe was thrilled to hear from me and immediately asked about Ruggles (clearly, these four-legged paws become family to them, just like to us... further evidenced by a beautiful arrangement of flowers that Canyon View Ranch sent to me when we sadly had to say goodbye to Ruggles at the age of 18).  When I explained the situation, he told me to bring Snoop on over.  I cannot tell you how accommodating EVERYONE at the place was knowing that I was over 3000 miles away from home.  Snoop was treated like royalty, and Joe and Tyler were key in training her to be my next set of ears.  I left Snoop for a number of weeks and received daily updates as to how she was doing.  They knew I missed her greatly and would send pictures to keep me laughing (you can see some of them on earlier posts -- as well as pictures of Joe with Snoop -- on the dedicated facebook page to Snoop at facebook.com/EarsForTara).  When I came back out to pick up Snoop (and boy, could I tell that Snoop LOVED Joe!!!!!), and did some one on one training with her, it was JOE who said he wanted to keep her just a bit longer -- at HIS expense -- to make her even better (sometimes with service dogs it takes some time to transfer the dog's knowledge from the trainer over to their handler which, in this case, was me).  NOWHERE else would have offered this to me.  The generosity floored me.  I couldn't believe it... the kindness of Joe and Randy and everyone there is just the type of kindness I wish we could find everywhere in the world.  So Snoop stayed for another two weeks and wow! was she the summa cum laude graduate after that!  She has been with me for over a year now, and is absolutely stellar at her job.  When an issue arose that was due to her new home environment, I emailed Joe about it and he immediately emailed me back extensive directions on how to help Snoop figure out the proper way of doing it.  With his direction, Snoop had the new situation down pat within 24 hours.  I could go on and on and on... but let me just say I can't recommend Canyon View Ranch highly enough... not only did they help me -- twice -- become a "whole" person by giving me my unbelievably well-trained service dogs -- but their goodness as PEOPLE make me hold them close to my heart. More...


L S.

13 June 2018

I wish I could go to camp here!! Canyon View Ranch has an incredible staff of dog trainers, and is located in paradise.  The owner really puts his heart into what he does and it shows.  The other staff have been there for several years, so they really know my dog; my golden doodle is happy to go to camp with mom goes away.  I couldn't recommend this place more!!! More...


Karey Dornetto

25 May 2018

Trained both my dogs here. Boarding school for dogs. They came back with all the basics—sit, stay, come, and no pulling. Worth it!


Arianne Fuller Meade

25 May 2018

Such a great spot! Very clean and well run...doggie parks are super cute also!


Erica Smalley

25 May 2018

Once we toured Canyon View we knew it was the right place for our dogs! The staff is great and we loved the fact that they bring the dogs in for naps several times a day so they don't get over-tired!


Vick M.

4 May 2018

Canyon View Ranch is an amazing resort/hotel for dogs. The staff is amazing!  They really care for the pets they look after. They are very courteous and pay attention to detail. The facility is clean and full of things to keep your dog entertained. The staff makes sure to take care of pets with special diets and medical conditions. If you are looking for a great place to leave your dogs when you are traveling, you found the right place. I recommend them without reservation. More...


Paul L.

25 April 2018

We have been boarding all of our pets (children to us) at canyon view ranch for 18 years. We also have engaged them for training our labs. Lets be honest. It is difficult for any dog lover to kennel their dogs. However, I cannot recommend a facility more worthy of praise than Canyon View Ranch. The facility is immaculate. The guests (our pets) are fawned over. They are allowed to roam about freely in a open air doggie heaven. Toys, pools, interaction with other pets and staff...It just not get any better than this... More...


Courtney M.

2 April 2018

Not even sure how to begin to explain this amazing place! I adopted a new pup and found out he wasn't the best with other dogs, I searched around trying to find a training facility to accommodate us and our issues. I called Canyon view and spoke with them for like a half hour about my dog! They invited me out for a free consultation. I drove out and the facility was stunning  to say the least! It was pristine and not a single dog smell anywhere on the premisses. They allowed me to walk around and take a look and i was sold. I ended up doing a three week program hopefully to help my pup once and for all. I watched as they introduced him to other dogs and was amazed at how quick they are to see when something is about to go south and stop it before it even began......after seeing this i was CERTAIN he was in great hands, although it was very hard to leave him for a few weeks, it was just what he needed. I had NO problems at all, and if you start to miss your pup they will send pics or video on request!!! After the program was over and i picked him up, our big test was meeting other dogs at home on our own......they gave us the tools we needed to succeed and all i can say is it has been the best decision EVER. He has not been grumpy once to a strange dog since we left CVR ...He is like a new super friendly pup! I couldn't be any happier!!!!! Thanks CVR for all the help and dedication to the dogs of Cali!!!! :) More...


Claudia M.

10 March 2018

My dog Charlie LOVES Canyon View Ranch! It is the only place I feel comfortable leaving him when I am out of town, and he starts squealing with joy when we drive through the gates! The staff are all very considerate and lovely and you can tell they are all passionate about dogs and will care for them like their own. Special shout outs to Tyler and Justin for answering all my questions over the years! More...


Molly S.

20 December 2017

Just moved to the area and we already can't wait to go on a trip so our pup can stay over night at the Ranch. Really impressed with staff and facilities.


Kai Y.

12 November 2017

A HOME AWAY FROM HOME & THE BEST TRAINER I'm a mom of two dogs, Australian Shepherd (7) and Weimaraner (3) and I have been going to Canyon View Ranch for several years, even before I had my Weimaraner.  It started with bringing my Aussie to the ranch as a vacation home since I was traveling a lot for work, and eventually it became a home away from home for both of my dogs.  Truly a familial kind of experience, Canyon View has always provided great care and love for my boys and I'm very grateful that they exist. Their facilities are great, they are extremely sensitive to your pets needs and always treat them like family. One thing I'd like to note is that TYLER (head trainer) is an absolute gem and one of the best trainers ever. Period.  Tyler has not only helped my Australian Shepherd become more social and comfortable in groups, he also gave so much care to my Weimaraner and helped him become a fantastic listener and gentle dog.  My Weimaraner was very energetic and a bit rambunctious, however Tyler was able to help me become a better communicator which granted me the ability to have an even better relationship with my dog.  After the 4 week training program with several one on one lessons, my Weimaraner transformed into the most gentle and best friend ever, and I was able to effectively work with him. If you're looking for a home for your pets when you travel, or if you're looking for someone to help you with your furry kid, please don't hesitate to call Canyon View Ranch and ask for Tyler. I promise you'll be so happy you did! More...


Jocelyn J.

10 November 2017

Canyon View Ranch has been an incredible home to my dog Hugo on multiple occasions. His trainer, Tyler, is an absolute miracle worker and taught my mischievous little guy to sit, stay, leave it, and even how to crawl! I couldn't possibly be more grateful to have somewhere I can leave Hugo where he will be loved as much as he is at home. More...


Bonnie G.

25 September 2017

I cannot say enough good things about Canyon View Ranch. I brought my 2 dogs for the 4 week training program. They were scared, unsure, unhappy dogs. The bigger one had bitten the smaller one and my other small dog. I was so unhappy, I had tried individual trainers at great expense. Each week I was trained by Brian and learned how to help my dogs be the great dogs they were meant to be! My dogs came home totally happy, self confident and trained. I look forward each day to walking them and working on their skills. I wish I had known about Canyon View Ranch years ago! Everyone there has been so kind and helpful and supportive. I am so very grateful to them for helping me and my dogs become the happy, loving family I had hoped we could be. Thankyou, thankyou. thankyou from Bart, Kai, Belle and Bonnie More...


Katie D.

21 September 2017

I was blown away by the love and care for our dog, Gus, at Canyon View Ranch.  We were traveling for a month so we needed to find a place for Gus.  I was very worried about leaving him for so long.  We found Canyon View Ranch and I could not believe how much they went above and beyond to make sure Gus was happy and well taken care of while we were gone.  They also were amazing at communicating with me about Gus while we were away.  When we came home, Gus was great.  We used the van service to have Gus picked up and dropped off and they were timely and extremely professional.  I cannot recommend them enough. More...


Diane J.

19 September 2017

We love Canyon View Ranch! Our dog Kate, loves Canyon View Ranch too! We could not be happier!!! We've tried several places and nothing compares to the loving attention that they give. First of all, the property is the finest. Nothing compares. It is like a Disneyland for dogs! When you go to visit the property, you instantly feel happiness and joy. It is a breath of fresh air with a large property where dogs can play and discover and meet new friends. They have pools for dogs, tunnels, grassy hills...a pure heaven for dogs and kept very clean! We've tried other places and nothing has this type of outdoor playtime area. Also, they pick up and deliver in air conditioned vans! Who can beat that? Our Kate is always happy when she comes home. We never see any signs of distress. The best part too is that they offer training and Kate has learned how to beautifully socialize with other dogs, so when we take her to our favorite dog park, she has the best time, and she knows to listen to us when we call her. Their training is incredible.Overall, if you have to board your dog, you have to try Canyon View Ranch! If not, you and your dog are missing out on a wonderful experience. More...


Susan M.

15 August 2017

We can not express how great our experience was. TILLY was there 4 weeks boarding/training. She is just a year old and her manners are great. The staff is very accommodating and friendly. Being a puppy, I called several times to see how she was doing and every time the staff gave me all the time and information regarding her stay. Tyler is an expert trainer and took the time to assure her and our needs were accomplished. Yes, it is costly, but after the scary and horrible other places we visited we felt it was well worth it. Thank you Canyon View Ranch..... More...


Jimmy H.

12 August 2017

The ranch in topenga canyon is one of the best places you could leave your dog while you take a family vacation, or an unexpected business trip in Los Angeles. The owners and the staff truly care for your dog as their own. The kennel is always clean and safe for your dog. The dogs spend hours outside each day, playing and socializing with each other while learning important skills they take home with you. I love leaving my dog with them. She is high maintenance and they still can handle her care. They take troubled dogs and special care dogs as well and rehabilitate them. They have immaculate small and large yards for different sized dogs and behaviors, with waterfalls and pools for them to play in. Medication and feeding schedules are strictly administered by the staff. The training program for puppies and/ or stubborn dogs is highly recommended. I love the people that work there and trust them with my dog. Thanks Canyon View Ranch! Thanks Joe and Randy! More...


Steven M.

22 June 2017

My Greater Swiss Mountain Dog stayed at Canyon View for a few weeks while undergoing some training. Every time I visited he was happy, healthy, and well cared for. In addition, the trainers were knowledgeable and effective. The setting is beautiful, Joe (one of the owners) truly cares for the dogs and is a very warm and compassionate person, the dogs have plenty of room to exercise and play, and in general it is hard for me to think how the experience could have been improved for my dog or for me. Awesome place and highly recommended!!!!! More...


elizabeth bloze

25 May 2017

Our three German Shepherds including a rambunctious puppy stayed at Canyon View Ranch for weeks. The puppy chewed up the living room rug, all the pillows, and the leg of the grand piano! They all returned happy, lively, and well-behaved.Our dogs have gone back several times. They leap from the car with joy. We love it. They love it. It's like sending my kids to the coolest camp, and worth every penny. Thanks to Tyler's training, when Rocket carried an Anichini pillow out the dog door, all I said was, "Leave it!", and he never touched it again. We can leave our shoes out and nothing gets destroyed. More...


Guest 2.

1 January 2017

Canyon View Ranch treated my dog like she was one of their own!  Oh, and they trained our dog into a sitting, staying, drop it!, non-tugging leash walking, don't bark at strangers obedient love bug.So first off - as you drive up to the ranch you can't help but notice that it is secluded and BIG!  Once you get the full tour.....tunnels and ramps and pools!  A doggie wonderland.  A truly great thing about Canyon View Ranch is that your dog gets to play all day and have training - they are not stuck in a crate or kennel all day (contrary to other reviews).  Our dog had some pretty terrible stranger danger issues (barking at strangers she deemed as threatening - not cute for a 100 lb Rottweiler).  Immediately upon entering the office our dog, as per usual, started barking at the trainers and people. Our trainer Tyler immediately took charge and started what has been a truly transformative training lesson on our dog and us.  We opted for the 4-week stay program due to the seriousness of our dog's issue.  Yes, I am that dog owner - i called nearly every day to check on my baby and every. single. time. i was greeted warmly and given an update on my dog.  We had several training sessions where we were trained on how to handle different situations and how to continue to work with our dog once we leave the trainingWhile our dog still needs a lot of work, right out of training she is already sooooo much better.  Whereas before, greeting strangers was full of fear and anxiety for both of us, it is now a straight forward process where both human and dog know how to behave and respond appropriately.   We were so very nervous about leaving our dog in the care of someone else.  The Canyon View Ranch handlers truly treated our dog like it was their own.  She got play, training and loves!I'd also like to add that our dog did get sick while there (to no fault of Canyon View).  We were alerted and she was treated immediately.  We received updates regularly.  I have read some of the previous reviews and after actually going to The Canyon View Ranch and meeting the handlers and staff - it is just impossible for me to think that my dog would get anything other than the 5-star treatment. More...


Lori S.

29 November 2016

I foster dogs and know a couple of people who absolutely love this place. One person used their trainers while they boarded their puppy there and got back a well-trained dog having learned sit, stay and heel! I highly recommend them.


M R.

21 November 2016

A colleague of mine suggested I bring my dog here for the 3 weeks that I was working an event.  I checked it out and I liked it.  I did check the Yelp! reviews and some of them scared me, but you have to take them with a grain of salt.Anyway, things went well.  My dog did end up with an infection (UTI) which she most likely had prior to arriving (it's not contagious) and the staff were on top of their game when it came to my dog.  They would call me and give me updates and ask questions like "she's drinking a lot of water, is that normal for her? etc."  Since I have an 11 year old small dog, what's normal for my dog is not normal for other dogs.All in all I liked it and they took great care of my baby!  I look forward to using them again in the future. More...


George K.

1 November 2016

We sent our one year old Havanese, Brody, to Canyon View Ranch for a one month training program.  When we toured we were so impressed with the facility and staff.  It made us feel so good that our little guy would be spending such quality time outdoors for supervised play and training at this beautiful facility.  It is truly like a Disneyland for dogs.  One month felt like a long time for him to be gone, but when we visited once a week for our training, he seemed so happy to be there.  Long story short, when he came home he was like a different dog.  He was so much calmer and of course smarter.  He came home with a vocabulary that we enabled us to really communicate with him.  It was the best decision we ever made regarding how happiness and satisfaction with or puppy. Now if we need to board him we feel so good leaving him at Disneyland and not some indoor kennel.  The facility and staff could not have been cleaner, nice and more professional, and little Brody loves, loves, loves the supervised outdoor play.  It hardly notices were gone.  Our heartfelt thanks to Justin, Tyler and Joe.  Your love for the animals really, really makes the difference. More...


Liz R.

30 October 2016

Five months ago my husband and I adopted a precious dog who was very anxious and aggressive.  Our dog Prius not only was living in a house in deplorable conditions but was also lost for a few days causing his trauma to be intense.  Thus our search for a good trainer.When looking into training programs I wanted to make sure the facility I selected had an outdoor playing area.  After looking at a few locations I decided on Canyon View Ranch.  I was initially a bit skeptical reading some of the YELP reviews but after touring the grounds and meeting the staff I knew this was the spot.  THIS WAS THE ONLY TRAINING/BOARDING FACILITY THAT DIDN'T HAVE ANY PET ODOR!!!!!  I read some negative reviews in regards to bugs and scratches...GUYS, it's the TOPANGA CANYONS!  Bugs are a part of nature along with dirt, grass, and fresh air.  If you don't want the possibilities of having any bugs bothering your pooch or dirt getting on his coat take him to another facility that's vacuum sealed and enclosed in an unnatural office setting...there's plenty of these around.  Canyon View Ranch is basically glamping for dogs.  You want your dog to be a part of nature whether you choose Canyon View or another facility.I enrolled my dog in the 4 week training program where he literally has become a more confident and happier dog.  My husband and I visited our dog after the first two weeks for the human training which is equal parts important.  Joe and Tyler taught us the tools to become better dog owners.  Is it hard?  YES.  But the corrections and discipline we were taught to give Prius are all sandwiched with praise and love making it very easy to discipline.Do your research.  Obviously you should read reviews but go check-out facilities.  You know when it feels right and Canyon View felt right for us.  I found some facilities with 5 star reviews falling short of what the reviews claim but only to find big discounts when giving great reviews on Yelp...keep that in mind.Elizabeth, Liz, Justin, Tyler, Joe, and on on,  Great staff.  5+ stars More...


Malone Hedges

3 August 2016

These people will truly care for your dog while you're away. I have yet to see any other place so passionate about making sure your dog is happy than Canyon View Ranch


Diederik V.

23 February 2016

Our Vizsla girl Charlie has a few needs: outdoor space, lots of activity, kind and clear guidance. She found all of this at Canyon View.We have used this quiet, clean Dog Ranch for both boarding and training. You cannot go wrong with the boarding, the dogs get so much play time. But we are especially impressed with the training.Both Tyler and Uriel have helped Charlie to become a confident dog. Lately Uriel has been working with her. He has a special ability to connect with Charlie. It has been amazing to see her change and gain confidence as he guides her, with firm clarity and gentle understanding. He brings a mix of positive reinforcement and corrections when necessary, which works wonders. Charlie's tail is up, her eyes are clear, and she joyfully understands her place.All of this thanks to the staff at Canyon View! More...


Linda E.

11 December 2015

We love Canyon View Ranch.   We never worried about leaving the doggies there for extended vacations....They were trained there as well as boarding.  Unfortunately, we had to find a new place to board our pooches...They raised their prices to 80 dollars per night and we just can't afford to send them anymore...We're all very sad.  The owners are awesome.  If you can afford Canyon View, then use them!!! More...


Kazu S.

24 November 2015

We had similar experiences as Saul G., Wren B., and Anne M.  We have Jindo dogs, which are known to be notoriously untrainable.   That is until Tyler Wilson and the CVR team came to the rescue.  Everyone told us it could not be done, but they did it.  And they worked with us patiently to keep up the good habits they developed.  This was the best decision we ever made! More...


Anne M.

21 November 2015

After spending thousands of dollars on every type of training imaginable,  from private trainers to a bootcamp for police dogs... All with the same results ...... NONE....I finally listened to my husband and called Canyon View to invest in the four week training program.  BEST INVESTMENT EVER.  Tyler (trainer) invested hours of time on the phone and in person prior to our dog's first day to learn about the issues we were having and to interact with us and our dog.  He really wanted to understand the issues as their training is unique to every dog.  Over the course of four weeks Tyler also trained us.  We brought a dog who was incredibly loving to us but fearful and aggressive to everyone else.  In the first week, Joe, one of the owners, took our dog under his wing and from conversations it felt like our dog was his dog.  With the continued support, love and training of everyone there ... Just to name a few ....Carey in the office to Uriel, another one of his other incredible trainers.... Our dog is TRANSFORMED.... Friendly and confident, well trained and obedient.  While we as owners have a lot to do in continuing "our" training, our dog has the best base from which to grow.   Tyler and everyone, we cannot thank you enough.  Now we can go for the occasional trip and leave our dogs there knowing the care is second to none .... Just like the training.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts More...


Sarah AnnMarie S.

19 August 2015

Having tried various doggy boarding or daycare facilities from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills over the last 5 years, Canyon View Ranch is the ONLY place in & around LA where our dog is happy. All the other other places we took him, the dogs are crammed into a tiny airless hot room and seldom given enough fresh air or walks - and he'd hated even walking through the door.Our dog has been to Canyon View quite a number of times in the last 18 months - and every time he arrives there he is happy to return running down the path to the door every time. As a pretty stubborn dog, he does not do this lightly. And when he leaves he's always healthy and clearly had a great time. The staff are all incredibly friendly and fantastic with the animals. In summary, I cannot recommend Canyon View Ranch enough to any caring dog owner who wants a great place to send their well loved pet where they are well looked after by a great team and where they will be  happy. More...


Ron M.

13 August 2015

Wow!  Fantastic place.  I am gobsmacked that anyone could give this place a poor review.  First of all, I have a Mini Australian Shepherd name Camo.  I am slightly disabled and he is my service dog.  We began training him at 8 weeks and he and I have been together virtually all the time since then.  He is so smart it's almost scary. but a few months ago he became very protective of me and possessive and began snapping and sometimes even biting inappropriately.  This is especially dangerous because he is such a good looking, diminutive and loving little guy, overall.Camo had been trained two times, both by two of the most highly recommended trainers in Los Angeles.  Retraining an extremely smart dog is a tremendous challenge.  After touring CVR and meeting the head trainer, Tyler, I was convinced that if anyone could help, it was CVR.  Tyler is not one of those trainers who keeps reminding you that he is a trainer.  To the contrary, every time i spend tiem with Tyler, I learn more about Camo and dogs in general.  He is constantly providing informative clues.  Yopu literally can not be around him without learning quite a bit.  Bear in mind that Camo is essentially my canine son and I am very discriminating about entrusting him to anyone's care.    I signed him up for a month of doggie (sleep away) boot camp.  I knew Camo would be terribly homesick and he was.  Camo was a very tough case and the possibility of an occult injury or illness was raised.  CVR, with my permission, took him to their vet for a full exam.  Fortunately he was deemed healthy.  He was progressing well when after two weeks, he bit Joe, the owner of CVR,  on his hand.  I was so disappointed.  We talked and agreed that although they had progressed well, I should probably come get Camo and bring him home.  Joe, of course, insisted on refunding That is not the end of the story.  Camo thrived again in his normal environment, so I decided to use that to my advantage.  I had Tyler come out a few times to train camo at home and at our usual dog park.  CAMO HAS BEEN A MODEL DOGGIE CITIZEN SINCE!  I will probably invite Tyler back a time or two, in future, to reinforce Camo's most recent lessons.  But the bottom line is this:  I KNOW OF NOWHERE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WHERE YOUR DOG WILL GET MORE LOVING. EXPERT AND PROFESSIONAL ATTENTION THAN CANYON VIEW RANCH.  THANK YOU TYLER, THANK YOU, JOE.  THANK YOU CVR STAFF! More...


Ivy B.

28 July 2015

This is the second time we've boarded our dog, a female pit mix, at Canyon View Ranch. And once gain, she was taken care of in a beautiful, safe and loving environment. First, it's paradise for dogs. The facility is located high in the rolling hills of Topanga, the grounds are stunning and when you get there, you'll see happy dogs frolicking in the open air.  Each dog is evaluated by the staff BEFORE you board your dog. So the staff is aware of what works for your dog and your dog's personality. When we arrived, one of the owners, Joe, took the time to work with her because she was scared and shaky. He was full of solid advice and was great with her. And when we left, we knew our dog was in excellent hands for the next two weeks. When we picked her up, she was happy and healthy. The price for boarding was competitive. And for our dog, I know she's better playing in the great outdoors rather than stuck in one of the many indoor boarding facilities in LA. There's no other place I would board our dog. And if she needed training, Joe would be the man I call! Great place! More...


Tina M.

26 July 2015

Sending my dog to Canyon View Ranch for training was the best decision I ever made for him! My pit bull, Joey, was a crazy 10-month-old puppy who acted like a bull in a china shop when he was inside my house. He wouldn't calm down and I couldn't get him to sit still long enough to even try to teach him some commands (not that I know anything about training a dog). He pulled so hard on his leash when I walked him, and although he has always been a sweet, affectionate dog, I was stressed out and at my wits' end with Joey.I made the decision to bring him to Canyon View Ranch for training. Truthfully, I looked forward to having a break from Joey for a month. Tyler, Joey's trainer, took him under his wing, and the results were incredible! I came to Canyon View Ranch for a visit, after Joey had been there for two weeks, and Joey was walking on his leash beautifully! Tyler had trained him to sit, lie down, stay, and heel! Joey also learned "leave it," so that he wouldn't try to chase birds, cats, squirrels, etc. when walking on his leash. Not only that, but Tyler also taught Joey "time out," so that I could put Joey in the corner and he would stay there! It's such a great tool that I am still using at home just to get Joey to calm himself down for a few minutes when he acts rambunctious.Joey no longer jumps on the bed or couch uninvited. He sits in the living room with us like a sweet, calm, civilized dog. When he is invited on the bed with us, he also behaves himself.When Joey came home from Canyon View Ranch, it was as if I had brought home a different dog! It's been about three months since Joey has come home from Canyon View Ranch, and he still remembers all of his commands. I honestly don't think I've enforced the commands as much as Tyler said that I should, but it doesn't seem to matter, because Joey still obeys and hasn't forgotten anything!Because I am seeing a lot of negative Yelp reviews from other people, I have to comment on Joey's health. When Joey returned from Canyon View Ranch, he had the worst case of explosive diarrhea I've ever seen. I immediately took a stool sample to my vet, and it tested negative for parasites. Thinking that Joey might have some kind of bacterial infection, my vet put him on antibiotics. The diarrhea lasted two months after I brought Joey home from Canyon View Ranch, so his problem must not have been bacterial, either. Otherwise, the antibiotics would have taken care of it. I assumed that his ailment was viral, and, therefore, the ONLY option was to allow his body to fight it off on its own. I have been feeding Joey grain-free, chicken-free, EXTREMELY natural and healthy food ever since his diarrhea started, and I've been adding a little bit of canned pumpkin to his food each day. And now, three months later, although the diarrhea is 90% better, it's still not totally gone. Joey never had any diarrhea before I took him to Canyon View Ranch. However, that having been said, it's hard for me to blame Canyon View Ranch for some diarrhea that he still has three months after returning from Canyon View Ranch. Although it seems very coincidental, I think that the more logical assumption is that Joey developed some kind of food allergy during his stay at Canyon View Ranch. If the diarrhea IS Canyon View Ranch's fault, then the only criticism that I can make is that maybe they should require a recent vet checkup from every dog who enters the facility. That would have been something that I would have been willing to do for my dog before bringing him, because I would never want my dog to bring an illness to any other dogs, and a requirement like that would have made me feel like my dog was entering a very safe facility. I can't imagine that any dog owner would be opposed to taking their dog to the vet for a health checkup before bringing the dog to Canyon View Ranch, and I hope that a vet checkup is something that Canyon View Ranch implements in the near future. It would just be a good idea, because when you have SO MANY dogs in one facility, it's really difficult to keep out illnesses.Anyway, Tyler took Joey from a crazy, annoying, rambunctious dog and changed him into a well-behaved member of our family! I've had other dog trainers in the past, with other dogs of mine, and those other trainers were clueless compared to Tyler. Tyler made good on all of the things that he said that Joey would learn at Canyon View Ranch, and I am SO HAPPY with my decision to take Joey there! Tyler is SOOOOOO AMAZING!!! He is the dog whisperer!!! I CANNOT say enough great things about Tyler!! THANK YOU, TYLER, from the bottom of my heart! Joey thanks you too, and I'm sure he misses you!!! More...


Chris M.

23 July 2015

Ive been taking my dogs to Canyon View Ranch for years for boarding but never took advantage of their training. I just started taking my 6 month old pup there for training and he absolutely loved it and has been so great with his comes and sit stays even after just one visit! I was lucky enough to get the owner Joe as my trainer. He spent a lot of time with us and made sure my pup was happy and able to understand all the commands given. He let my pup socialize and made sure he was learning but also having fun during his session. I would never trust just anyone with my dogs but I always trust Canyon View. They go the extra mile when my dogs board there and definitely went above and beyond with my new pup to make sure his training was equally as enjoyable as when he stays! This place is the best! More...


Jay F.

10 June 2015

9 years ago, they trained my boy husky and he's been the best over the years. We recently had them train are 1 year old husky and after weeks of dedication... Our dog is so well behaved. Tyler put countless hours of TLC in and we now have a member of the family that is great all the time. I highly recommend their services. Thank You Canyon Ranch. More...


Scott C.

24 May 2015

This place is really really on the ball. Everyone there is very friendly and amazing with dogs. I brought my lab in for a long stay and some training. He had leash aggression and needed a little help getting back on the right track. The head trainer there is really great and helped me get the program really quick.  Every time he stays here he has a ball. I pick him up and he's all smiles. I will definitly be bringing him back every time he needs a place to stay. More...


Alyson S.

16 January 2015

Two years ago my fiance and I adopted our dog, Django, from a shelter.  He was around 2 years old then and had been living on the streets for a while. Naturally, when we got him home he had a big transition to make and while he loved living in a home and getting fed like clockwork, his days on the streets made him very afraid of most people and somewhat aggressive toward other dogs.  When we took him out he would pull on the leash and bark at any dog he saw or heard even if we had already walked away and were out of sight.  He would cower when someone came to say hi to him or to pet him. It was not only embarrassing for us to be dragging a barking dog down the street but it was obviously a huge anxiety trigger for Django.  We wanted to help him feel more comfortable and confident....STEPHANIE W. steps on to the scene and Django went through the most AMAZING transformation in the 4 week on-leash program at Canyon View with her.  Not only did he start walking right next to us, sitting and lying down on command, but he stopped fearing other dogs.  She was absolutely amazing and built his confidence so much.  We walked him around big dogs, little dogs, on leash dogs and off leash dogs and Django stayed pretty steadfast in his training.  Not only did she train Django but she trained us, too.  She made sure we knew that it would still take constant work from us and we finally feel like it's attainable. She gave us the tools we need to finally help him.Then when we left we stopped for lunch in Topanga Canyon where a big dog was completely off-leash and came right up to Django.  In this situation we both would usually freak out and get in the car but instead, Django and the other dog greeted each other with some sniffs and without barking or pulling.  It was bliss.From now on I will not get another dog without getting them trained with Stephanie.  It's actually life changing.  Hooray! Canyon View gets 5 stars from me. Their facility is great and lets the dogs get plenty of exercise and playtime with other dogs. The staff was super friendly and helpful.  Django was not crate trained prior to going and I was a little nervous about him being in there at night but he did just fine.  They said he barked at first but then he got used to it and knew it was his space to relax.  Definitely spend the extra $25 to get them a bath as they are pretty grody at the end of their stay but that just means he was playing extra hard!100% worth the money and the drive. YAY! More...


Irina G.

20 August 2014

My dog had really bad dog aggression problems and she pulled like crazy, after a couple of ugly bloody fights I was desperate for help so I came here. Since I knew my dogs history, my expectations were pretty low, I literally said, I just want to be able to walk my dog and pass other dogs without losing my arm, I don't care if she stays mean, I just want to able to walk her. Two weeks into the process Stephanie the trainer had my dog walking like a champion, around other dogs, and even playing!! I was so excited I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.They trained her and us, we learn how to walk her properly, when to give corrections, etc.I can't give these guys enough praise, I went twice a week to see my girl and practice training. Even though they are pretty busy, every time I felt like I was their only client, Stephanie is the sweetest person, you can tell that the dogs don't fear her but respect her, it's pretty amazing to see her work. More...


Ellen K.

28 July 2014

The paragon of dog kennels! My dog is pampered and cared for by the fun and  loving staff. He makes new doggie friends every time he boards. They offer great training and bathing services as well. This is the only place I will leave my dog. More...


Pat MacNeil

26 May 2014

We have taken our Dog to Canyon View Dog Ranch off and on for the past 12 years.I have had dogs all my life and never seen a more caring and helpful staff. I think it is the cleanest and best maintained kennel you can find. The health of the animals in their care is their main concern. My dog has gone there several times a year and is 13 years old and they give her all the attention possible. More...


Cathy S.

17 March 2014

We brought our almost 2 year old viszla/lab dog  ("Parker") to Canyon View Ranch as we needed serious help with training.  We have worked with our viszla since the moment we brought her into our home at 9 weeks but she wouldn't listen to any command consistently, was anxious all the time, and would bolt out the door whenever the opportunity arose.  We tried puppy kindergarten, Training videos, private training, etc but nothing seemed to work.We decided to board her for 1 month and have Stephanie and crew work with our dog at the ranch.  Included in the 30-day on-leash training (and boarding) were private lessons with us and Parker at the ranch.  First, I want to say that Stephanie is amazing.  She really listened to our needs for our dog and addressed every single issue that we had AND she gave us good critique on what we were doing right and wrong in working Parker.  It wasn't just our dog that needed to learn a few things.Our dog has surpassed our expectations (comes when called, fetches and drops the ball, heels, stays, does not bolt out the door...the list goes on and on).  We feel like we finally have control over Parker - thank you Stephanie!!!  Also, in terms of the boarding, she was taken very good care of during the month long stay.  A big thank you Echo, Tyler and the rest of the crew!One last thing - I have to be honest, we have used a local doggie daycare (closer to our home) that has watched our dog on and off for a year, and every time our dog comes home she is sick - we were a little worried about leaving our dog for an entire month at a facility.  I do know that it is common for dogs to pick up parasites and other illnesses at boarding facilities  - but the good news is she came home germ free!!!We will definitely take our dog back for boarding at Canyon View Ranch and I highly, highly recommend the training programs. More...


Caroline B.

2 February 2014

Our two young large breed dogs (lab and golden retriever) were in desperate need of an intervention. Though loving and adorable they were so rambunctious from lack of training (mostly our lack of training) that routine complaints by neighbors of excessive barking, relentless chewing of all things (!) and on leash aggression by one of our dogs, lead me to Canyon View Ranch. Stephanie, the dogs' trainer, was amazing!!!  This is my first yelp review because she deserves the recognition. She was patient with us humans, including my two young children, ages 8 and 11, and tremendous with the dogs.  Our dogs now quietly sit a few feet from us in "down stay" while we enjoy dinner and we can take them to our favorite outside restaurants without fear they will drag the table with them. Our lives have changed and it was well worth the investment (7 weeks combined). I urge anyone who feels their home is out of control to contact them. We now enjoy pull free walks and a calm home life thanks to Stephanie and the staff at Canyon View Ranch! More...


Brian T.

11 December 2013

We took our great uncle's German Shepherd "Sam" out for a few weeks stay that turned into 2 1/2 months due to family health problems.  Our experience was nothing like the one star and two star people's experiences.   We would drop by at various times throughout the stay and Sam was always clean, healthy and notably playing with the others.We also paid for obedience training to see if Canyon could "teach an old dog new tricks or behaviors" and 4 weeks of training proved so; Sam didn't lead the leash any longer, he didn't chase after small creatures.   We the family also received training on how to best handle Sam.Unfortunately we had to admit our uncle to long term care and had to find a home for Sam; which ended up being a posh estate nestled in the Bel Air area complete with two other alpha German Shepherds.  Canyon once again took the main alpha and over a week's time, introduced him to Sam and the crowd.  This proved very successful when it came time for Sam to go into the new home of the other two.   It's been some time now and they all get along.I'm not sure about the other comments and the lack of communication, but we did not have that experience.  The kennels are for the night time sleeping arrangements.  You want your dog safe and among a large group, dogs are not only safe from others, but also have their own den where they can sleep in safety.  Although not a law by any means, it is rather common among boarding places, including your own vet.  It's about protection of your pet and obviously protection from another owner's pet that might become aggressive and ultimately on the liability for the facility.And no, I'm not an owner, a friend of the owners here, and was not asked in any way to post a glowing commentary.  I did read the comments by people here and yes, they are free to post them and their views just as I am doing with mine. More...


Dorianne M.

22 August 2013

I can not say enough good things about this place!  I have a 2 1/2 year old toy American Eskimo named CoCo.  She is adorable in every way, but she is also a handful (and that's putting it mildly)!  Barking, biting, jumping and running around in a general panic was her day to day temperament.  My life had become consumed with trying to control my dog who was quite literally, uncontrollable.  It was exhausting, embarrassing and incredibly frustrating.Before I found out about Canyon View Ranch, I spent 2 years cycling through one trainer after the next.  Nothing worked and I was starting to forget what it felt like to have a moment of serenity in my life.  I thought I was out of options until one of my friends mentioned something about a 4-week training program at a place out in Malibu.  After some research, I found out the place was Canyon View Ranch. I was extremely skeptical at first, mostly because I had already spent thousands of dollars on other trainers with no results.  In fact, I mocked the idea and went on another 4 months without even giving Canyon View Ranch another thought.  That is until I had a long 2 week trip to take over the Summer and needed to board my dog.  I figured with the amount of money I'd be spending on boarding, I might as well give Canyon View a try.I am SO pleased that I did, because it really has changed the quality of my life.  The owner and trainer at Canyon View Ranch (Joe) is really exceptional with dogs.  By Joe's own admission, CoCo was one of the more unruly dogs his ranch had seen.  I was worried when he said this, but he also reassured me that he would be able to help.  And he delivered.  I can't tell you how satisfying it is to have my dog actually listen to me now.  I very rarely have to repeat my commands to her twice.  Don't get me wrong, CoCo is still her crazy and energetic self...that I don't think will ever change, nor do I want it to.  But I now have the control back, which is all I ever wanted.  Not only is my life better, but so is CoCo's.  She is no longer constantly being sequestered and reprimanded for her bad behavior.  And best of all, she gets a lot more love and attention from everyone because she understands now how best to get it.The truth is Joe and his whole team do a phenomenal job with getting your dog back on track, but it really is then up to you to make sure your dog doesn't just revert right back to square one.  That means staying very firm and consistent with everything Joe teaches you.  If you do that, then you will be all set.If you are on the fence about this place, ask yourself if it would be worth the money to you if you knew it would work.  If the answer is yes, then go for it.  I promise you will be so much happier for it. More...


Estella B.

7 August 2013

I have been taking my older dog to Canyon View Training ranch for 9 years.  This included a 3-week stay while I was travelling in Asia.  I then adopted a second dog and started taking him as well.I have never had a bad experience, far from it.  I do have big dogs and I can see that they "built up" after each of their stay.  They are always excited when they get to the ranch, and I am being given a report card when I go home :) Their weight is checked at drop off, and checked again when they leave, so I am surprised that people would say they found out of a weight loss when they got home.  The ranch also requires for dogs to have had their Bordatella vaccine within the past 6-months - vets recommend to have it only once a year.  Bordatella vaccine prevents kennel cough.  If your dog developed Kennel cough, it was most likely not from Canyon View, but before getting there while your vaccination was overdue.Last December, I noticed a slight rash on my older's dog face.  I took him to the Training Ranch two days later thinking it was something mild.  I was notified by email - only communication available because I was out of the  country - that his rash had expanded.  They were asking me if it was ok to take him to the vet.  I didn't have daily access to my email, and when I checked two days later, they had already taken care of it.  My dog had a virus, and he had already started healing when I came back.I also tried their training, and they were amazing!I recommmend this place to all my friends, and being a big animal lover, I wouldn't take my boys there, if if I had the slightest suspicion that something was off. More...


Burt H.

21 May 2013

If you love your canine companions, then this is the only place to leave them when you can't take them with you.  It's truly a resort for dogs.  They get to play outside all day...not cooped up in a kennel.  The staff and owners are terrific.  They love the dogs and their jobs.  When driving up to drop off my dog, as soon as we get close, she knows where she's going and gets sooo excited!  I know my dog will be in great hands, so whenever I have to be away, this is the only place I'll leave her. More...


jojo m.

2 March 2013

I've been bringing my dogs here for years! LOVE this place, my dogs get so excited when we turn on the road that leads to "camp" as we call it! It's expensive (and the prices seem to keep going up), but I trust Joe and his staff to take care of my babies when I'm away. More...


Grace S.

10 November 2012

We just got our dog back from Canyon View Ranch where she stayed for over a week.   Though it's pricey, this place is worth it for the dog's sake.  These guys aren't pulling any tricks, some other places I've tried out seem better at marketing than actually caring for the dogs.  I almost got the sense that they didn't really care what I thought about the place, in a good way - like they were really secure with their product and their own competence, and nothing changes when a customer is around.  When we walked up to the front office, unnoticed by staff, a staff member was out with the little dogs happily playing and talking in an adorable voice.  I just get the best feeling from everyone there.  The staff members are experienced trainers and all seem to love animals.It is pretty expensive though.  Also the dogs are crated for a pretty significant portion of the day, according to the schedule that they send.  Also I wish that there was a live webcam or updates like some of the other places have.  But I think that those are just minor issues, I am still very happy.  My dog came back happy and exhausted from running for 7 days. More...


kathy a.

28 August 2012

My dogs love this place.  I have 2 beagles and some of the main reasons why I prefer to take them here over other places are...1.  The dogs get to roam free, playing for 6-8 hours a day, in a stimulating environment.  The small dog yard is big with multiple levels, has underground tubes to connect the levels, has short rock fences the dogs can jump on, has turf, trees, and 2 waterfalls with wading pools for cooling off.  As hard as it must be with so many dogs the yards are kept really clean.  (The big dog yard is spectacular too.)  2.  More than just a job, the staff seem to really like dogs.  And, the people interact with the dogs while they are in the yards.  Some places put dogs out, but don't give them much attention.  My dogs are people dogs and love to be talked to and played with by people.  So, this is a big plus for me.  I also like that there is someone in the yards all of the time for safety reasons and that someone is there at night, just in case anything happens.3.  They watch the dogs condition by doing assessments.  Just like day care for children, when putting dogs in a group environment I know there is the chance of illness or injury.  I accept that because I prefer the group environment over an individual kennel environment for my dogs.  And, it seems that they do everything they can to reduce the risk (requiring the usual vaccinations, having people in the yards at all times, keeping the place clean, etc).  They also weigh the dogs regularly, take their temperatures, check their bodies, and watch for any problems during eating and stooling so they can address any issues that do come up as quickly as possible.  I've seen some other reviews that tell of dogs coming home sick.  Maybe they have started these routine assessments because of those incidents.  In any case, I'm glad they do.  One of my dogs was stung by a bee.  They noticed it right away, they called my vet to check and see if he had any allergy to bees on record, and they kept him in the front office with the staff for a bit to keep an eye on him.  It happened just before I picked him up and they reported it to me right away.  I saw no signs of swelling.  So, thankfully my dog is not allergic to bees.4.  They cater to individual needs.  Food is included in the price, which is really convenient.  But, one of my dogs has a sensitive stomach, so I bring my own food for him.  I also have a tooth gel for keeping the teeth clean that they happily put on my dogs teeth each day at no extra charge.  They will put my 2 dogs together to sleep or leave them separately.  (I prefer separately.)   They have fresh clean bedding for the dogs each day, but will also put my dog's own blanket in the kennel if I bring it.5.  I like to call and check on my dogs and they are great about giving me a report.  They don't just say, "They are doing fine."  They tell me what they are doing in the yard (i.e. playing a lot, relaxing, exploring); if they are eating well, stooling well, and sleeping well; etc.  These are the things that are important to me.  So, Canyon View Ranch gets 5 stars from me. More...


Melissa Yoes

26 May 2012

You can see for yourself when visiting this place that the dogs are so well cared for, healthy and happy. I love how they have trainers in the yards playing with the dogs. They screen the dogs to make sure they are healthy and sociable. My heart feels so good to see there are places such as this. Much better than putting your dog in a kennel where they aren't getting the exercise and social interaction. Love this place. Highly recommended! More...


Jenny D.

28 December 2011

Like others, I have referred to this as "Doggy Disneyland".  My dog stayed a week, it was quite an expense, however, since we were vacationing in Kauai, we figured, our dog, our heart, should have a good vacation as well.   While on vacation and at our request, we got an update of how Rommel was doing.  He got along with the other dogs and ate all his food.  It gave us a comfort that you couldn't put a price on.  For that, we are indeed fans of this establishment because they cared for our dog like they do their own. More...


shila h.

2 August 2011

They are the friendliest people i have met. They love dogs and love their job. Johnny and Tyler have helped me out of situations when i thought i had no other choice. They watch my dog when i am away, walk my dog every day, and have actually become friends through the process. They are wonderful! And anyone would be lucky to have their pet taken care of by them. More...


Todd M.

27 July 2011

This place is like a doggie fantasy land. Now I know what dogs dream about when they sleep. I boarded both of my dogs here for a few days. One stayed in the big dog area and the other stayed in munchkin land. We had gone in a week prior for their evaluations and to have a tour. They are very structured with feeding, rest and play times. They have a very courteous and friendly staff on site 24/7 and the owners live on site as well. They also have vet techs on staff. And if you are looking for dog training or a doggie day camp...they offer that too. I am always a little nervous when I leave my pets at a new place but they made me feel very comfortable and I didn't worry about them too much. I will definitely keep my dogs there again and have recommended CVR to a number of my friends. More...


Kerry G.

28 June 2011

I've been coming here since 1998 with my first dog DJ - Don Juan - who is on their website.  DJ went on to be the Hawaii "spokesdog" for "Big Dogs" clothing company and he never would have been able to do so if it weren't for the amazing training he received from Joe.  I now have my new dog DT -D'artagnon there for day camp and training and he is doing great.  The care is spectacular - they watch everything - report everything and I don't worry one single bit about whether he is safe or secure.  DT is on the large side and can be a bully but the staff doesn't let him get away with a thing and he is becoming a gentleman every stay.  I'm so grateful to Joe, Dustin, Sami & Tyler for all the love and care they give my son DT.  He's ultra special and they are helping me develop a dog that is able to go anywhere at any time.  Once again,  THANK YOU CANYON VIEW! More...



22 June 2011

We have been boarding our dog here for several years.  Betty is not a fan of dog parks or vets or any place that smacks of other dogs.  That said she scrambles in every time we drive up and doesn't look back as she gets led through the door to dog world.  Every time we pick her up, she's energetic and happy and a little sad to leave.  When I see the staff interact with her, there's clearly a lot of love and care.There's not much more you can ask for when boarding your dog.Highly recommend. More...



5 April 2011

We've been to many dog boarding facilities but this one is definitely "Top Dog". It's like a resort for the dogs. They're not caged up in a narrow cement run like most others. They get plenty of exercise and staffing makes sure the dogs are all compatible with each other for their safety.I had both my chocolate labs trained there from Manny Hernandez that has been training dogs for over 20 years. His expertise and years of experience was able to help us understand the behavioral problems we were experiencing, and gave us tools on how to correct it. It's the best training for us and the dogs I've ever experienced. More...


Greg C.

1 April 2011

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "Precious" is very codependant on me and I really didn't want to board her but had to.  She was so happy at this place she gave me a very brief greeting when I came to pick her up, then turned around and wanted to go back to playing with the other dogs.  I was floored.  Needless to say, Precious will be back if I must board her again in the future More...


Mia G.

28 December 2010

Canyon View Ranch is amazing!  I was so nervous about leaving our puppy, Peppers, when we went out of town for Christmas.  She gets very stressed out when we're not around and then has behavior problems.  After researching a bunch of places, I decided Canyon View Ranch was the best.  My fiance was so impressed when he took her for the walk through and saw the play and sleep areas.  The bone shaped pools are adorable and the sleeping area is beautifully decorated and comfy.  I dropped her off and was greeted by an office of warm, friendly, professional dog lovers.  Still I was nervous about Peppers being away from us so long.  I called the day after we dropped her off and got a full report on how much fun she was having.When I picked Peppers up today, she was the happiest I've ever seen her and, when she saw the Ranch's owner (who is just wonderful) she jumped right on him to give kisses. I am so pleased to have a safe and fun place to leave Peppers when we go out of town.  We'll definitely be bringing her back. More...


aimee p.

26 December 2010

I can't say enough about Canyon View. My dogs have now stayed there twice and each time they come home happy, healthy and exhausted. It was very hard for my husband and I to find the just the right place to board our kids because our oldest dog has issues. She is scared of all people ( we have been together three years now and she still isn't perfect with me, she's his dog) so our fear when we were going away for 16 days was that we would come back to a dog that was more terrified then before. From the first moment we walked into Canyon View for our meet and great Dustin made us feel completely at ease. He saw Daisy's fear right away and started telling us how we were holding her wrong or giving in to her fear with our body language. Unlike another boarder we went to who just walked away with our dog and didn't tell us what they were going to do. Dustin gave a break down of just how he would make Daisy feel at ease from the type of exercise and type of human and dog interaction, and that was just for the meet and great. He was so loving towards her, we just knew that she would be ok there.Jump ahead to coming home after leaving them there for 16 days. Daisy had lost a little weight, but that was excepted. She was nervous and didn't eat much at the beginning. But the dog who was scared of people received not just the 10 training sessions we had paid for, but tons of face time with people through out her whole stay. They kept her close to people to show her she was safe while still giving her hours and hours of play time. Daisy is now a different dog. Before she would run to the top of our hill in our backyard when any stranger came over and just bark till they left. Now she barks for one minute and after 20 minutes or so she'll come sniff them and maybe let them pet her. We owe it all to Dustin and Canyon View.Oh yeah, our other guy, who is just a normal hyper pup loves loves loves Canyon View too. More...


Laura D.

27 August 2010

There's nowhere else in Los Angeles that I would board little Joey when I need to go on a trip.  The only downer is that the Ranch is two miles up an unpaved road AFTER you've done the couple of miles of winding Topanga Canyon Road.  But the place is a marvel, acres upon acres of beautiful nature somewhere between high desert  and wooded paradise.Joe is the owner and he's usually there, watching over things.  The trainers are the best.  Dustin is Joey's trainer and he loves him.  The little dogs get a bit of a bad deal, because their enclosure is quite a bit smaller than the big dogs, but it's sufficient, and there is always someone outside with the little dogs, making sure no one gets humped or injured.  Joey is a traumatized rescue dog but he adapts very well to the Ranch, and comes home much calmer and more socialized.  The little dog enclosure has a tunnel, and two levels, and they give them naps in their cages. Most of the time they run free.  If your dog eats special food, they'll take care of it, and also administer medication.The big dogs really get the good deal.  The big dog enclosure is huge, with multi leveled play ground, dog pools, hills, runs, landscaping.  You can look down on the big dog place from the top where you park, and it's great to see the big boys enjoying themselves.It's a little pricey, $50/day or $80/day if you want training, but it's worth it. You can be sure your dog is being well taken care of.  Charlie Sheen brings his dog here, as do many other entertainment types.  They will pick your dog up if you want, but I don't like sending Joey off caged in a van, so I always drive him up.Woof. More...


Angela A.

2 June 2010

I recently boarded and had my (now 9 month) old puppy here again and was happy to find my puppy healthy and happy. We worked with Manny again as our trainer and had to focus on the command of "come" and "stay" with our puppy. I have a lot of take home work I need to stay consistent on with the dog in order for his training to stick. Luckily, they allow review training sessions with you and your dog anytime!!This is a big plus. I see the value in that. More...


l f.

11 February 2009

My mother and I own a Papillon named Missy. We brought Missy to Canyon View Ranch on the high recommendation of another dog owner. Missy had never been to a ranch of any kind before this stay. Canyon View offers such a beautiful, peaceful setting for the dogs unlike any we have ever seen. Yes, there are many kennels or ranches where you can leave your dogs. But Canyon View Ranch offers something special, the special talents of its staff, but also a special setting crafted expressly for dogs. We wouldn t feel comfortable leaving Missy anywhere else. We cannot imagine what we would do without Canyon View Ranch. More...


bo k.

30 January 2009

Best K9 help Manuel Hernandez of Canyon View Ranch I feel very comfortable recommending Manuel Hernandez at Canyon View Training Ranch. His ability to work with dogs has been very impressive. He has helped us solve behavioral problems with our two dogs and provide them with structure and guidelines in a short time. Along with their training he has educated my wife and myself with useful skills necessary to continue reinforcing their obedience training. Manuel Hernandez, is confident and knowledgeable in his dog training skills. Along with his capability as a trainer we found him to be very congenial and pleasant to work with. I know you will be pleased with the progress your dog makes under his guidance. More...


Derek H.

13 November 2007

Canyon View Ranch has been called "Doggie Utopia," a "Canine Shangri la," a "Wonderland of Waggling Tails". Time Magazine said, "Forget the dog - I want to stay there!" All of that is so true! i wish i could have stayed. the trainers are great and the facility is clean and safe. i sent my puppy Dolce here for a month of on leash training and ill be sending here back next year for one month of off leash training. the only thing i don't like about this place is that i ask them to give Dolce a bath once a week and they didn't! but they did give her a free bath right before i picked her up! Anyways this place was still great! More...


Legsy B.

29 August 2007

LOOVE this place! They take amazing care of your pups so you don't have to worry. Your dog is on vacation while you're are on holiday! Seriously, it's the "Disneyland" of Pups--acres of land to run around in, bone-shaped pools for the doggies to play in...the staff is great and my dog always comes back exhausted and so happy! More...


Jill S.

9 February 2007

I took my dog "Crash" for four weeks of Training at Canyon View Ranch in Topanga. I couldn't believe the difference. My family & I came to the ranch for lessons every couple of weeks so that we were getting trained along w/Crash. Now that he's been home for a month, the difference in him is AMAZING. He won't win any scholarships to MIT, but he's a much more relaxed & behaved family member. He almost doesn't fit the bill of "Crash". (That was how he greeted you before training) We have family outting fun now instead of scolding. He's a pleasure at TV time. We actually have a fun member now thanks to Canyon View & their tremendous caring staff. Canyon View gets five stars in our family. More...


Anna L.

30 January 2007

Doggie boarding utopia for your pampered poochThis amazing, magical place will have you wishing you were a pooch, too.  You'll first be surprised at the steep drive to get you to the top of the hill from Topanga Canyon Road but soon will see the that it overlooks a view of the ocean and surrounding ranches.  Just driving up to the entrance you know it's worth the $50 per day to house your puppy while you are away.  Canyon View Ranch features multiple areas to care for your doggy friend:1.  Small dog area includes Astroturf (helps with upkeep and totally safe for the dogs) with bridge over a small waterfall that leads to a small pond area and covered patio.2.  Big dog romp which includes AstroTurf, dog bone swimming pool, artificial climbing hills, trees for shade and constant supervision.3.  Indoor sleeping area for all dogs where each gets their own kennel and is kept constantly at 69 degrees.Note that the small dogs are able to go to the Big dog area after the big dogs are sent inside for lunch and to nap in their kennels.  So everyone gets the full experience.  Of course there are toys and lots of humans to play with not to mention dogs.  But you can't just be any doggy.  Go in advance to make sure your puppy passes the test to get along with all the others.  My dog Rocco came back fit, clean and happy when we picked him up after our five day vacation.  Visit the site for photos and additional information on address (sorry lost the exact address).  They also have training and grooming as well. More...

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