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Canine Scholars Dog Training

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Canine Scholars Dog Training Reviews


Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by Crystal Gibson
5 23/05/2018 Crystal Gibson

We adopted Fritz, a 115+ lbs cane corso mix, and started working with Chris at Canine Scholars when Fritz was almost a year and a half old. Chris was great with Fritz and without hesitation I can now walk or take him out in public by myself.

Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by Karin Goepp
5 17/05/2018 Karin Goepp

Our 8 month old Lab is amazing and so much easier to handle, thanks to her time at camp with Jason. She knows how to walk off leash,come sit and place. No more pulling and jumping. Thank you Jason for all your help with training her. Canine Scholars is the best!

Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by Stephanie Morgan
5 26/02/2018 Stephanie Morgan

We had our German shorthaired puppy, Molly, got to camp to be trained with Chris. GSPs can be challenging dogs given their high intelligence and energy level, and Molly was no exception. She went from being destructive and all over the place on our walks to obedient and able to walk off leash. I was also able to use the ecollar to correct several undesirable habits at home...think sleeping on our bed our trying to hunt our outdoor kitties. Chris was great with her and I would definitely recommend Canine scholars. Chris happens to own a GSP who is Molly's age. The two of them are great friends and still love playing together to this day!

Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by Matthew M.
5 26/01/2018 Matthew M.

Jason truly has a passion for what he does and you can tell immediately. He provided tools for us to use with our pup that will be useful for the long haul. His puppy classes were a great investment as we will now have a well behaved dog for years to come.

Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by Megan Sharp
5 25/07/2017 Megan Sharp

We signed up for the 1 week board and train with Jason for our 1.5 year old GSP pup. She is Super friendly so we were looking for jumping on people and other small obedience training, help on walk pulls, and the biggest of all-off the leash training. We were skeptical of the short time and the cost at times when choosing between companies, but Jason is hard not to trust and like. When we picked her up at a public park on Sunday afternoon we were super impressed. She was all we hoped for and it just got better when we took her to our property up north and could trust her off leash running through woods, lakes and to free roam! We could really enjoy her there and since then while hiking locally and running her on bikes, and I swear everyone kept saying what an amazing dog she was! Which trust me, 2 weeks earlier was not something we heard a lot. Thanks Jason! Very much recommend.

Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by Marti Myer
5 Marti Myer

Jason is awesome. . He has taught me so much and Zoey is doing great. .

Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by BG Franklin
5 BG Franklin

Our two Australian Shepherds were running our household. In just three sessions we are seeing significant results. Jason does an excellent job coaching us on how to work with our dogs, which is exactly what we needed. We look forward to our training sessions!

Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by Karen Charlton Barbee
5 Karen Charlton Barbee

In less than two weeks Jason had me walking both of my Goldens on loose leads! Nothing short of amazing! I wish I had known about him two years ago. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, organized, thorough, and punctual. Jason helps you get immediate results. Instead of boring you with a lot of useless information, he just helps you train your dog.

Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by Shearee Guenther
5 Shearee Guenther

Today on my day off I took Cheyenne for a walk she did absolutely marvelous (illegal to be off leash on greenway). We practiced stay on the manholes on the Greenway a bunch of dogs walked by and she was not remotely interested. We also practiced (off leash) in the front yard and we had the mailman stop & some lady selling some junk pass by and each time I told her to go place which happens to be the front stoop and she went. she sat she did not move. she didn't even bark. I realize Cheyenne didn't need training it was me the owner. It's amazing what proper tools and time can do. Thank you canine scholars and Jason Toy in particular.

Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by Megan Reed
5 Megan Reed

We have an almost 10 month golden retriever pup who is a sweetheart but was getting completely out of control. He weighs 65 pounds and would pull me down the stairs to the point that I would almost fall, yank me around the block, lunge at other dogs to play, jump all over people that walked into the door and run around our house with our belongings like a maniac. We weren't sure what, if anything could fix it. We've had four lessons now and the difference is hard to believe. He doesn't pull the leash and will sit on his bed (or any assigned place) until I give him permission to leave, even when new people walk through the door. He comes when he's called and we're even working on being off-leash in crowded places. It makes every experience more enjoyable for us and our pup! Jason and Chris taught our pup so much but most importantly he taught us the concepts and gave us the tools we need to understand the way our dog thinks and how to act accordingly. We can't thank them enough :) - Mac, Megan & Matt

Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by Cayt Sinkovitz
5 Cayt Sinkovitz

Jason helped me get my goldendoodle off to a good start as a puppy. Then also walked me through the late puppy stages. Everyone who meets Wrigley says for a puppy he is so well behaved. They Can’t believe he’s only 1. Thanks to Jason. !

Review of Canine Scholars Dog Training by Crystal Gibson
5 Crystal Gibson

We adopted our cane Corso mix when he was about 14 months old and 115 lbs. I knew to have a dog of that size he needed to be well trained if I was ever going to be comfortable taking him out in public. Chris at Canine Scholars was great with Fritz. Now he can be trusted off leash when we are out enjoying the front porch and I do not hesitate to take him to the park or for walks by myself.

Canine Scholars Dog Training

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