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Missy Harling Ringgenberg

Tonja is wonderful with our dogs! Our dogs love going there when they need to be boarded!


Suzanne Hamel Walsh

Milly and I just finished our in home trainings! Tonya has made a huge difference in my puppy. She has a calming effect on the puppy and she gets immediate results. Tonya is the dog whisperer!


Adrienne Martens

We've been very satisfied with the in-home training our corgi has received from Tonja. After just one appointment we have noticed a marked improvement in his behavior, but we have much more work to do. Looking forward to working with her more! More...


Jennifer Harmeyer

Thanks to Tonja, my dog and I get many compliments on our walks about how well trained he is!!! This is something even a week ago I didn't think was possible.


Denise Roach

Awesome obedience class. My 4 month old puppy was sitting and much more after a 1 hour class. We also use them for boarding my 2 pups and they come home and are wiped out from playing. Tonja trains the human to be the pack leader! More...


Kate Swenson

Thank you Tonja for help with our Borzoi and Greyhound. We are implementing what you showed us and it is working to take control back of the house. No other trainer understands sighthounds like you do. More...


Kathy Donaldson

I watched Tonja give a few private behavior modifications this weekend. What an enlightening experience. Tonja is definitely capable of reading a dog, assesing the needed path to take and obtaining great results. I absolutely loved watching her work with the dog's! More...


Kathy Schmitt

In 2010 I had gotten a puppy ( Abby ) that I was wanting to have good manors. I was wanting someone that did positive training and also was interested in teaching us agility. We found Tonja, she is very knowledgeable and patience. In the years since team Abby have several agility titles in UKC, AKC, TDAA, and NADAC. In 2012 I moved back to Illinois and found a traing center to train. Now I help at the training center teaching beginners and intermediate agility classes. When we come back to Des Moines for a trial and Tonja comes to watch us, Abby gets so excited to see Tonja. We have learned so much from her and I am passing it on in my classes. Thank you for everything, team Abby and Kathy More...


Caitlyn Parrott

Tonja is awesome! Would highly recommend for all dog owners :) My beloved chocolate lab is finally becoming a well-behaved, calm pup!


Lisa Manternach Meline

My 4 month old mini Aussie has had 4 private, in-home, sessions with Tonja. She is amazing. Really understands dogs and how they think. In just the 4 sessions, I feel like my dog is better behaved and trained then most. I look forward to continuing to work with Tonja. I don't give 5 stars easily with most things, but it is a no brainier for Tonja. More...


Megan O'Boyle Neville

For anyone struggling to understand their new fur babies behaviors and to learn positive training methods, trust in Tanja Osborn. We have a large 4 month old land shark German Shepherd who was biting and jumping. In our first training session we learned many valuable tips and tricks for our new puppy and also corrections for some of our own behaviors. We've continued to build on each lesson and 4 short weeks later it's as is we have a different dog! Great experience for all! More...


Pat L'Estrange

I will be the first to say it my dog is spoiled rotten. She got what she wanted all the time. She use to rule the house but today with the help of Tonja I took back some of the control. I know it is a baby step but we are headed in the right direction. Tonja is an amazing dog trainer. I just put my dog to bed for the night and I can't wait for her to get up tomorrow to we can work more on what I learned in just an hour with Tonja. I wish I would have done this 5 years ago. More...


Elizabeth Peterson

The only place you should go for dog training at any ability level!


Jane Augspurger

Excited to work with Tonya again! Twelve years ago Tonya helped turn Opie into the lovable, obedient dog she is today. With a new puppy in the house, it’s time to go back to the best!


Heather Wright

Tonja truly is a dog whisperer. I can't articulate the peace that has come to our house since we all started lessons. She understands dog and human behavior better than anyone I've ever seen. Three dogs so far and more in the future, I'm sure. Can't imagine a weekend without obedience or agility class! More...


Jil Severson

I can't believe the progress my dog and I have made! I could see remarkable changes after each lesson. "The dog with no off switch" can now mingle with other dogs without turning it into a maniacal playtime and truly listens to me. I'll be back for more lessons and hope to do some competition down the line. More...


Amanda Hentges

Hands down the best dog trainer around. Besides teaching methods that are effective in communicating with your dog, Tonja Osborn definitely has a "Sixth Sense" when it comes to working with dogs. Watching her work with her own pack of well behaved canines, as well as others' dogs is simply impressive. Once you see Tonja working, you will notice immediately that she owns the title of Iowa's Dog Whisperer.

Besides working wonders with my own dogs, I recently witnessed another example of her amazing work. I have a neighbor with a boxer that, for years, has been out of control on walks through my neighborhood...snarling and lunging toward my dog while walking. One day, I started noticing the dog was perfectly behaved while on walks! A week later, when walking by that neighbor's house, I saw Tonja in their driveway! All of a sudden, it made sense...She has made a huge improvement on my neighbor's dog!

If you want results and are willing to put in the time/effort, work with Tonja. You will not be disappointed.


Whitney Alaniz

I have been to other big facilities in Des Moines with our other dog Canela. They were ok but didn't really address behaviors. I started searching for trainers for my second dog, Tara, and wanted somebody also knowledgeable about dog behavior and body language due to her difficulty around other dogs. Finally I found Mystic Moon. We have only completed two small group classes with her and already see a big difference in our dog. She enjoys the training, is much more calm and relaxed and could be in the same vicinity as another dog without going crazy. I like that they use treats but then work to fade them as well as preparing for off leash work. Highly recommend! More...


Brenda Lowden Pearson

Great training. Individual attention for the dog and trainer when need a little extra help. I really like the approach to training here. Thank you Tonja and Chuck!


Teri Thompson

We have just completed our first four week class with Tonja (and Chuck!), and we could not be happier with the results! Tonja's many years of experience makes her an absolute wealth of information. In particular, two critical points shine through:

1. This is the start of what will be a (hopefully) fifteen year relationship - training isn't over, it's just getting started!

2. The dog isn't the only one who needs trained. Tonja works extensively with the humans to ensure our messages to the dog are clear; this allows him a much better chance to succeed!

Most importantly, the class is a LOT of fun, for us and the pupper! We saw progress in every dog in the class, and it was all taught in a very positive way.
We'll be heading back soon for the advanced classes!

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