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Welcome Canine Concept, Focused Dog Training

At Canine Concept, Focused Dog Training, teaching you the Foundation to understanding and developing trained Focus, which is, the process of teaching one’s dog to seek out for a chance to work, and to value that training time above everything else.


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Angela NW

21 May 2019

I completely 100% recommend Carolyn! Noble and I have been working with her since Oct 2018 and have done private sessions, 2 focus classes and continue to take freestyle classes. I found the focus classes to be very informative and I've personally learned valuable skills from them that have helped improve my handling skills. Freestyle class is fun and unique. Noble also enjoys this class so much and I can see it in the way that he works so hard every time. Carolyn's also spent a significant amount of time with me after class, helping me through issues and has never made me feel like I'm impeding on her. She is caring and knowledgeable and knows dog behavior and body language very well. If you need a knowledgeable and caring trainer, I highly recommend her! More...


Michele Jarvis-Wonnacott

29 April 2019

From the first day that I met Caroline, I knew that she had the it factor with dogs. Its in all that she is and all that she does. #thedogpsychic


Kate Brereton

6 April 2019

My dog learned so much and I have seen such an improvement in her behaviour after our Focus classes with Carolyn. I also learned a lot about my dog and how she learns. I highly recommend signing up for a class. We will be back for agility classes! Thanks Carolyn! More...


Sarah Cousineau

7 March 2018

Amazing classes!! Both Focus & Freestyle classes are inspiring and teach you to think outside the box and be creative!! I’m always looking forward to my classes. I would recommend any of Carolyn’s classes in a heartbeat!! More...


Sara Scott

16 February 2018

I cannot reccomend Carolyn enough! She has transformed my relationship with my dog and makes learning so much fun! Her classes are small , always upbeat and exciting.


Barb Wright

18 January 2018

Focus classes are my favorite. Carolyn teaches you that your dog is capable of amazing things! A huge confidence builder for owners and dogs.


Angelina Loglisci

20 August 2017

Thank you so much Carolyn for the wonderful set of lessons! In particular, your focus class has been tremendous for Cooper and although we still have work to do, he's a different dog! Thanks for understanding Aussies and all dogs! You're a natural and Cooper LOVES YOU �� More...


Patti Smith

28 January 2015

Piper & I have been training with Carolyn for 6 months now. What Carolyn has drawn out of my Lab truly astounds me. Her talent & creative "thinking outside the box" makes me yearn for more. Piper & I look forward to many more adventures with Carolyn & her dogs. If there was a 10 star rating I would be happy to give it! More...


Philippa Sloan

20 July 2014

Wonderful training area, very safe, fully fenced, great footing..Highly recommend going there!


Keri Ward

25 April 2014

I have had the pleasure to have Carolyn work with us and our dogs in both obedience and agility. She knows her stuff is all I have to say and makes it fun for both dog and owner! Her passion for dogs no matter what breed is obvious and it amazes me how they want to do good by her! She has all the knowledge and tricks of the trade! More...


Sandi Lovas

6 March 2014

I've only taken one class with Carolyn, or else I'd be giving her a 5 star rating. I will be going back for more classes, so will upgrade the star rating at that time. She doesn't have any Obedience background but what she does know, she knows very well. She's positive and upbeat ~ eager to teach and eager to learn. Marshall and I had a wonderful time with Carolyn. We will definitely be going back to learn more of her 'tricks'. Fun stuff...... More...

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6 Week group classes Developing Trained Focus CREATING VALUE ON THE OWNER, WHICH IS OFTEN OVERLOOKED If you have a dog who works well at home but you struggle to maintain that connection in public? If you struggle to keep and maintain your dog’s focus during training or in public? You know you have been consistent in training and your dog knows all of the work, but he can’t seem to focus or stay engaged? Play and training are two main components in dog training that have been underestimated It is essential, in order to have a happy and well-behaved dog. But most important of all, by playing with and exercising with your dog, the VALUE becomes You! How You ask? By providing your dog access to fun. when you become the source of the play, your dog likes you more, pays you more attention and you have more control over other situations that have nothing to do with play. Teaching you the Foundation to understanding and developing trained Focus, which is, the process of teaching one’s dog to seek out for a chance to work.

6 week group class Tricks for better thinking skills really explore the dog’s mind in all its dimensions, allow you to see how your dog thinks and learn how he learns. Teaching tricks that will focus on teaching your dog to learn the concepts of learning, we’ll be working on their problem solving, complex thinking and generalization skills

Confidence! Focus! Drive! Desire! Impulse control! Agility Foundations Covers everything from first introduction to agility elements to building amazing foundation skills, from perfect turns, to great distance, sends, speed, commitment, obstacle discrimination, come to hand, obstacle and handler focus. Foundation is everything when it comes to being a successful in the dog sport of Agility

Private Training The benefits are immense, we tailor each hour of training to your exact needs. Whether you would like your pet to stop barking, redirect that jumping energy, walk nicely on leash, or listen to you while off leash, leash reactivity, confidence building, focus and impulse training, Canine Concept can help.