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Nikita Burshteyn

What an absolute pleasure it was to work with Candace. I needed some great new actor head shots, and she gave me exactly what I was looking for. Her talent with the camera is so appreciated, and if I would have to go back for more shots, I most certainly would! Thank you Candace! More...


Cara Cordoni

Candace has an amazing presence and eye - she is able to be both witness, encourager and almost invisible, such that she captures truly intimate and beautiful moments in photos. She is experienced, skilled, kind and fun. I highly recommend her for your photographic projects, business, family or art. More...


Raitis Stalazs

I just had a photo shoot with Candace and it was such an incredible experience. Candace has a very in depth process which started with a survey about my brand as soon as I sign up with her for our photo session. The shoot itself was fun and she made me feel very comfortable in fornt of the camera. More...


Caterina Rando

Candace is an incredible photographer. She takes amazing pictures for all my business events and has taken great pics for business in all kinds of settings. Candace is professional and positive and everyone I have recommended her to is so happy with their experience with her. I will continue to use Candace for years to come. More...


Laurie Ongaro Zerga

I had a branding photo shoot with Candace Smith last month. I am thrilled with her work. I'm not typically comfortable in front of the camera. Candace made it easy and she took time to get to know me and my business through a questionnaire and discussion. She was very creative and I really have been pleased with all of her. She also had been photographer at my business events and those were great too! Laurie More...


Tanya Powell

Candace knows exactly how to make a person feel comfortable in front of the camera. I am always super nervous and uncomfortable getting my picture taken and Candace made it easy and fun. She truly knows how to capture who you really are...simply incredible! I highly recommend her, especially for those business professionals who want to show your clients the true essence of who you are! More...


Sahar Nafal

Thank you for photographing our March Worshop!
I have facilitated over 250 Live Events and Candece has been one of our best photographers who found a way to capture the essence and the feeling of our events.
Thank you for sharing your gift with our Bright Side of Life Community Candece
Sahar Nafal


Cory Center

Candace does more than take pictures of people; she photographs the essence of an experience.

I have worked with Candace several times; every time is an absolute pleasure. I love the way she is able to capture the feeling of a moment - regardless of the setting or context.

Candace captures the energy of the room during any kind of event (of BOTH presenters AND participants), she captures the natural beauty of a child at play, and she captures the essence of relationships in a way that expresses the deepest connection.


Linda Basso

Candace Smith is awesome to work with! Easy going, funny and kind, you can spend hours with her in total enjoyment. And her photos are beyond amazing. Her event photos capture genuine moments and real connection between people. Business photos are well done and natural, as opposed to staged and stiff. Her individual shots get at the essence of the person and show them in their best light. I LOVE working with Candace!!! More...


Geneva Fortson

Candace Smith is an excellent photographer! If you are someone who is not entirely comfortable in front of the camera (like myself) her easy going and uplifting style will help you forget about that. Her system is also excellent for getting your pictures (upgrades) to you in a timely fashion. I have waited months for pics from other photographers but Candace gave me my edited photos in a timely manner. I would definitely work with her again! More...


Claudia Castillo Holley

I am thrilled to have been working with Candace for the past 2 years. She has been my personal photographer for my business images, with my family and now at my events. She is not only extremely talented, but she really captures the unique essence of the moments with such grace an ease. I highly recommend her and her studio as well, for events and parties! More...


Amanda Elo'esh Johnsen

The very first ad I put out with one of Candace's images got instant response: 'I want to be in that photo!' Candace captures the magic of my events which attracts the perfect people who are looking for what I offer. Medicine ceremonies and trips to the Amazon can be intimidating, but Candace's images clearly show the fun and connection that's happening and magnetizes my ideal clients to events that can be otherwise difficult to fill up. More...


Jill Brogan

The entire experience of working with Candace exceeded all expectations of how I imagined my first professional photoshoot going. The initial telephone calls we had and the specific questions she asked allowed her to get to know me as a person, not just as a business woman. That familiarity definitely comes through in the photographs. Her playful but professional personality helped me to feel at ease so when she picked up the camera and starting shooting I felt comfortable to really let myself shine. What a feeling to be truly seen! I was also very impressed with her creativity in suggesting shoot locations. That part was overwhelming to me at first, but again, Candace made the process fun and engaging. The locations were perfect. The moment I published these new promotional photos, my business was taken to the next level. Literally, it happened in an instant. I’m very grateful for the experience and can’t recommend Candace enough. Everybody needs to work with her! More...


Melanie Munir

I needed new brand photos for my business but was honestly dreading the experience because my postpartum body looked SO different from the last business photos I had taken several years ago. The last thing I wanted was to be in front of a camera, but it felt important to me to have an honest, authentic set of shots to go with my new brand.

Candace began putting me at ease from our first conversation and her support lasted through the shoot and beyond. She's not just skilled with the camera, she's skilled with PEOPLE. She's smart, kind, creative, and so easy to talk to and be around. Even though I was a bit of a nervous wreck on the day of my shoot, she saw right through that and helped me capture the exact shots I was hoping for.

Add that to her overall professionalism, prompt communication, and inspired vision and she was just the perfect photographer to work with. I'm recommending her to all of my colleagues. Thank you so much, Candace!


Malaena Grace Lily

Thank you Candace Smith and The Essence Project for such beautiful photos!
Candace offered me photographs where her intention and commitment to capturing ones most authentic self absolutely shined through. She helped me and my relationship to my deepest inner knowings, essence, and soul, show up to be expressed and witnessed. If you are wanting help connecting to who you know yourself to be, to transformations you have undergone, and to show that to the world, be it for your business, dating profile, or for your own validation that your inner work is embodied and alive.. look no further, she is your lady! More...


Angela Serviss

Candace is the BEST! She has a warm and engaging presence that made me immediately feel at ease with having my photograph taken. She allowed me to move at my own rhythm, has a keen eye for beautiful settings, and made my entire experience enjoyable! Candace truly makes heart connections with her clients and is a breeze to work with from start to finish! I highly recommend Candace if you are wanting to capture your inner and outer beauty! More...


Michael Cinquino

I got to work with Candace while I was traveling to the west coast for business. One of the things I loved most about Candace and the way she worked is that she knows what it's like to be on the other side of the camera. She has a playful manner that inspired me to take risks and be who I really was in front of her camera. She delivered my proofs speedily and I was thrilled with the results. I highly recommend her for not only a beautiful finished photos but also for the end to end super positive experience. More...


Lorie L Solay

I'm so grateful for the beautiful photos I had taken with Candace.

Let me set the scene. I was presenting at a corporate event, and I hired Candace to photograph the event, and then take some professional head-shots for my business. We arrive early, and Candace immediate started to scout the location for great settings.

I really appreciated how self-directed she was, because that meant I could focus on getting ready for my event. She took some wonderful shots of the event, in the scope that I needed them. I wanted to show the size of the room, and the number of attendees, while providing a sense of privacy for the attendees. She accomplished that directive with ease.

We then set out to get some beautiful head-shots, that had specific requirements for my website. I loved the fun, playful way we achieved them. She was patient, well organized, and helped me to ground into my body when I was getting too heady. It really took no time at all to accomplish this photo shoot. She absolutely delivered.

Once the shoot was over, she was speedy in delivering an easy-to-use digital album for me to choose. Once I chose the ones I wanted, she quickly polished them up. I now have a half dozen photos that are beautiful, represent my essence, and are incredibly versatile for all my marketing needs. I highly recommend Candace if you're looking for a highly professional, creative, and easy-to-work with photographer.


Jackie Madden Haugh

I just had my shoot with Candace. At 65, I was terrified because I'm finding the face I see in the photos isn't the one I remember in earlier days. But, I didn't want to be that woman who stops have her picture taken because she can't handle time marching on. When they arrived, I was shocked!! They were beautiful and how I truly see myself. She was fun to work with and the proofs came back in just a few days. I plan to have her take them every few years. Everyone should have the experience of her magic. More...


Mariana Martinez

I met Candace through a Story Telling & Branding Mastermind Meetup group; I enjoyed my time there very much that I signed up for Candace's Introduction Photo shoot. I absolutely loved how my photos came out! During our time together, she was giving me great tips and how to be naturally confident in front of the camera, asking questions about my passion and my business - so naturally that lights me up. I highly recommend Candace if you are looking for a branding photo shoot, she definitely has the talent and eye! Thank you once again! More...

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