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Vancouver based photography company
House photo studio in North Vancouver

We capture all of your special moment at Outdoor, Indoor.
• Wedding, Engagement, Honeymoon
• Baby, Family, Couple, Maternity
• Commercial, Product, Food, Event


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Kings Cross†

26 August 2019

Studio is very clean and kids friendly. Owners of business is a young couple and surprisingly, they harmonized with our kids, trying to get their attention with toys and gestures for best shots every moment. I would recommend this studio to my family, friends and colleagues.Jennifer Park and family. More...


Liz Kim

2 August 2019

we had such a fun time with our little ones during our family shoot for our sons 100 day celebration! thank you for making it such a fun and memorable experience



9 July 2019

저는 휴가 겸 웨딩 사진 찍으러갔는데 정말 섬세하게 잘해주셔서 정말 기분좋았아요!! 일단 스튜디오가 손에 꼽힐 정도로 깨끗하고 분위기도 환했어요 마치 여기서 사진만 찍지만 결혼하는거 같은 설레임과 이제 드디어 하는구나! 라는 실감도 많이 났어용^^ 또 외국 메이크업과 헤어 정말 걱정했거든요... 근데 스튜디오 내 메이크업 실장님과 jenn 매니저님이 꼼꼼하게 스타일링도 해주셨어요 드레스도 오픈숄더 입어보고 싶었는데 이쁜 것도 많거ㅠㅠ 사진 작감님도 솔직히사진찍으면 어색하잖아요 작가님 매니저님이 칭찬 폭발 잘찍는다 표정 좋다 이쁘다 칭찬 많이 해주시니 저도 모르게 자신감이 넘쳐서 나중에는 길에서 찍는데도 재미있게 찍게 되었어요!!! 덕분에 잘 놀고 잘 찍고 갑니당다음에도 또 찍고싶어여!! More...


Edison Chen

9 July 2019

We took our one month old baby to take her passport photo. Our baby was crying and moving all the time, but Canada Story Photography handled it patiently and professionally. We understand that taking a simple passport photo is so minor compare to all other studio sessions, but Canada Story still gave us their 100% utmost care. They are super friendly, skilled, and professional. We enjoyed our time and really love the final photos! More...


Paul Rome Kim

6 July 2019

추천 합니다!! 최고의 포토그래퍼 :)


Jennifer Park

4 May 2019

Took my daughter’s 1st bday photos with Canada Story Photography. Their studio was perfect to take the family photos!! They were so professional and my two daughters loved them. I definitely would like to go there again to take another family photo shoots later. - 연아엄마- More...


Reina Kim

25 April 2019

Took my son’s 100 days and first birthday photos there. They are so professional and have patience for little one. They will do anything to make your little one laugh and getting lots of good original photos and hard to pick just few. We hired them for my son’s first birthday party and because of them we were able to leave so many good pictures that we can look up anytime. More...


Kevin Lee

26 March 2019

No question. Just go here. You will find out the quality right away. Highly recommend to everyone.


Sandra Shin-Woo

6 February 2019

민준이 100일사진 잘 찍어주셔서 감사합니다 :)
다들 이쁘다고 하시고 맘에 들어하세요~ 수고하셨습니다~


Susan Lim

6 February 2019

오늘 캐나다 스토리 사진관에서 비즈니스 상체상 찍고 매우 만족스러웠습니다. 앤디, 젠 선생님들 모두 친절하시고 신속하고 만족 스럽게 해주셔서 감사드립니다.


Bona Yun-Kim

6 February 2019

We got our maternity photos done at the studio and was very pleased with the work and time they put into our photos.


Mivy Chang

6 February 2019

Very friendly and professional!
We had a great time during our visit to the studio.


Jinnie Jeon

6 February 2019

Amazing service! We had a lovely experience celebrating our daughter's 1st birthday. The photos look great and we highly recommend Canada Story to everyone!


Sebastian Ahn

6 February 2019

Andy and Jenn are amazing! They go above and beyond and their services are first rate. Love our photos! Would definitely recommend!


So Jung Kim

6 February 2019

We had our baby's 100th day photoshoot recently, and it was the second time we met Andy and Jenn. They are not only professional as a photographer-editor team but also very dedicated and warmhearted just like old friends. If you want to picture and remember those special life moments with your beloved people, we strongly recommend to choose Canada Story! More...


Hee Kyoung Hwang

6 February 2019

I went there for taking a photo for my passport. It was very clear and much better quality than others.
Great service and friendly as well.
If you have plan to get some photo where I strongly recomend this place.
They do all kind of photo.
It will be a good choice! Trust me!


Anna Choi

6 February 2019

Very satisfied with their services on my pre-wedding and wedding. :)


Eun Mi Han

26 December 2018

I can’t say enough good things about them. Their service is very professional and the pictures turned out exceptional!!! I got so many compliments from family and friends. They were even jealous about our pictures because they look so good!! I’m glad i found this studio and i highly recommend to anyone looking for family photo shoot, baby pictures, or anything! More...


Sun Kelly

5 December 2018

We went to Canada Story for our daughter's 100 day photos. the studio was so cute and stylish, and the staff was amazingly friendly and skilled. I would go there again for all of our future family and baby photos! More...


Nanhee Yoshida

27 October 2018

Probably the BEST photo studio you can find around here especially if you are trying to take nice pictures of your baby/toddler. After trying local mall photo studio, I was so suprised by how bad the outcome was and how expensive the pictures were. I think I paid nearly $200 jusr for 10 pictures I didn't even like. That's why I searched very hard to find a nice studio for my baby's first birthday and finally found here.The entire house was a studio so the atmosphere was very comfortable and they had everything you need; bubbles, rattles, whistle, toys, super cute baby clothes, fun baby music, etc,. The interior was also very beautiful and cute and they said they change the interior design every year for the photo. We just had so much fun taking pictures the whole time. My 33M boy and 11M girl laughed and smiled so much! They just know how to make the babies happy. :)Their photoshop skill is another thing. Of course the original pictures were too good to be true, but after photoshop, we all look like some kind of models. So satisfied.Anyways, I highly recommend this place. I know you won't regret. :) More...


Jo-E Cycles

28 August 2018

My wife and I had a really great experience with Canada story for my second son's photo shots in the studio. They were absolutely spectacular. Their professionalism and deep interest in creating a comprehensive work for us made it a really good experience. I'd like to thank Andy and Jenn for making happy day for my family. More...


Jooyul Kim

22 August 2018

둘째 아들 100일 사진 찍는 내내 행복했습니다!! 아기들과의 작업을 많이 해보셔서 그런지 세심한 배려도 감사합니다!! 앞으로 가족 사진은 무조건 캐나다 스토리!! 감사합니다!! More...


Christine Cho-Lee

29 July 2018

an absolutely wonderful experience with my daughter's 1st birthday photo shoot. Lots of background and outfit options that are stylish and fashionable (it looked like a dream)



29 July 2018

I had four family photo sessions with different photographers I would say this was the best experience I had. My two boys(2.5yrs&11mons)were so happy throughout the session. The photographer and the staffs put a lot of work to keep them entertained the whole time even before and after the photo shoot. So happy that I did it with them. More...


Johnny Park

25 May 2018

We had a very pleasant experience with Canada Story. The place was well maintained for photo shooting and the photographer and his assistant were both very nice and professional. They took their time to make my child feel at ease and comfortable, and therefore the shooting went really smooth. They offer excelLent service at unbeatable price. I strongly recommend this place for your family events. More...


Hyeeun Shim

25 May 2017

Canada story was awesome. When it comes to photo studio, Canada story is best. If you want to take attractive picture indoor or outside, I will recommend visiting here. Abiously, you won't regret your choice. I was happy with taking picture here. Thanks a lots photographer, Andy and Jenn! ❤️ More...

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