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Carl Ureta

26 February 2019

brilliant idea to bring the best in you.


Jared Sellick

26 February 2019

Had a great experience! They really set you up in a position to succeed with all the equipment and assistance they offer you


Guidance Tungamirai Gunundu

14 September 2018

Amazing festival!!!! Can’t say more


Cassanova Productionz

1 September 2018

An exciting and wonderful film fest. And to top it off MY BROTHERS TEAM WON!!
check out "KIDS EAT FREE"


Nohely Guiao

1 September 2018

What a great time we had here :) Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Forrest Brown

1 September 2018

What a great time it was for me to be at U of A for CMF last night. My friend, Logan Tritt is a great cameraman who makes great film.


Jay Hunter

1 September 2018

Great opportunity really appreciate the students from Emory for creating CMF. �


Melissa Simpson

1 September 2018

Great opportunity for students & run by some incredibly passionate people!! �


Isaiah Bridges

1 September 2018

This is a great festival for all up and coming film makers.


Terrence Hutcherson

1 September 2018

This is a one of a kind empowering for event for filmmakers, actors, writers, editors and creators of all kinds. This festival should offered at every school worldwide.


Kerryn Loesner

1 September 2018

Campus Movie Fest is a brilliant idea with tremendous staff. It has given our daughter a place to show her comedy to new audiences. Hearing the laughter of her movies live in an audience is by far the best! Thanks for a great time as always!! � � � More...

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