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Danielle Mo

11 May 2019

We brought our dogs to daycare when we traveled for a Funneral. The staff was excellent and the babies had a great time!


Hank Hanson

4 May 2019

They take good care of my furry baby!


Dave W

25 April 2019

Awesome staff, and they seem like they genuinely love the dogs.


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25 April 2019

Employees are friendly, great staff and they love my dog! I like I can check in on my doggy anytime. He gets to socialize with other dogs and he is so much better in the house at home. Such a great establishment! And clean! Oh! And I like the options that if my dog is not eating they put healthy choices that I can choose from, and add in his food and provide the camp treat before bed (for overnight stay)! Camp Bow Wow has all the details and perks to provide a fun and safe environment for my boy. More...


Melissa James

25 April 2019

Bella has been going to camp for about 3 months now and we love the Concord location! All of the staff are extremely great and know her by name every time we go. I love the camper cams so that I can check on her during the day, plus she gets so much time out. By the time she gets home, she’s pooped. Best service I know around with reasonably priced packages! We LOVE Camp Bow WOW! More...


Laura B

26 March 2019

One of my dogs wasn't accepted as a "camper" after a fair interview process. I apperciated their honesty telling me she needed training instead of allowing her to possibly be agressive toward other dogs / in an uncomfortable situation. My other dog was accepted & had a positive & safe experience at "day camp". More...


David Ledbetter

26 March 2019

I think the thing that is most reassuring to me is how excited Ziggy gets when we make the turn into the complex and he realizes he gets to spend the day at camp. It's also nice that when we come through the door the staff is practically pushing each other out of the way to get to him. Makes my wife and I feel like he's loved as much at camp as he is at home.Thanks.David L. More...


Natalie Weber

25 January 2019

Great facility with sweet and compassionate people who genuinely care about the dogs in the facility. It’s great that they preform interviews prior to allowing them to stay, and they have cameras to so you view your dog through out the day.


Megan Jowdry

25 January 2019

My family and our Aussie are so grateful for Camp Bow Wow. It is so wonderful that he has a safe place to go and run off his energy with his doggy friends.The staff always greets Fergie with excitement and I know he is going to be cared for and treated well.I can’t recommend them enough! More...


Megan Harman

25 January 2019

Camp Bow Wow Concord watched our 2 boxers for 6 nights. The staff was very friendly and made us feel super comfortable leaving them overnight as it was their first time being boarded. One pup was nervous and not eating. The staff effectively communicated with us every day and eventually got him to eat. Loved how we could watch them play on the webcams. They had a bath and their nails trimmed the day we picked them up - don't have any complaints. Thanks Camp Bow Wow Concord! More...


Jennifer Ward

29 March 2018

Our dog is well cared for at Camp Bow Wow. Many of the staff have gotten to know her well, and although she is not always an entirely well-behaved creature they know and appreciate her sweet nature and seem genuinely happy to see her come through the door. She's clearly excited to be with them for the day, and that's a great thing to observe when you're leaving a member of the family in the care of others! More...


Julie Tobin

11 January 2018

We really appreciate the hours and flexibility that Camp Bow Wow offers! Staff is always courteous. Plus, my dog leaves happy!


Vinu Vivek

21 December 2017

During my first visit, I loved how clean the facility was & how everything was in its place. I got a very good first impression. Hope it stays the same. My only concern was that no one stays on the premise between 7:00pm - 7:00am. So not sure how it'll put my mind at ease while overnight boarding. They seem to have everything under control. So lets see... :) More...


Adam Freeman

7 November 2017

We're very happy with the service we have received with Camp Bow Wow. We drop off our fur baby and whenever we pick her up, she is thoroughly tired!

Its also great to be able to check in on her using their camper cams which is a great piece of mind when we're traveling.

Staff is always friendly!


Brenda Alvarez

22 September 2017

Dogs play all day which good to reduce the energy of my puppy when she gets home. Also I liked the welcome folder after her first day interview. Free live web cams which is great. Only cons is that I don't think small dogs/medium dogs get much outdoor playtime. I would like to see that incorporated. Other than that, is a great daycare facility and my dog loves it. I even bought a package to continue taking her regularly ! More...

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