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Paul Donohue

18 May 2019

We can't say "Camp Bow Wow" in our home. Our three Italian Greyhounds go nutz, even refusing to eat, until they get there! The staff there is so incredibly caring, cheerful, and competent, that we know they are incredibly well cared for. It's always clean and there is always constant supervision. The on-line cameras allows us to check in on them and their activities and see all the fun they are having. We couldn't ask for a better place for our fur babies to play. If I was able to rate them with an 11, then I would give them a 12. Well deserved! More...


Michelle DeLuca

25 April 2019

The staff is very friendly and accommodating! I love the cameras & was able to check in on my dog during vacation. They are quick to reply to emails as well, my dog takes medicine and I wanted to check to see if he was taking it.


Julie Dorcey

26 March 2019

I love being able to watch my Annie play. The Camp Counselors all genuinely care for all the pups. All day play is terrific. Price is very reasonable. I recommend Camp Bow Wow of Hudsonville!!! More...


Renee Donohue

24 February 2019

We love Camp Bow Wow Hudsonville! We have one puppy and two senior Italian Greyhounds. We have been to three locations across the US. This location has exceeded our expectations for care for our babies. They administer medications properly. Our babies get VERY excited when they hear "Camp Bow Wow" or the shortened code they now know "CBW". It is especially great to get them tired during the long Michigan winters! We appreciate the staff at Camp Bow Wow Hudsonville more than you will ever know! Love the cameras to creep on them all times during the day! Thank you thank you thank you! More...


Pamela Mazzola

24 February 2019

we love taking our dog there. on our breaks at work, we look in on him via the doggy cams. Maxwell is always having fun. the staff is amazing. you can definitely tell they love dogs and their jobs. More...


Tom Nichols

25 January 2019

Camp Bow Wow is THE BEST place to bring your dog for day care or boarding. Our Sam has been going there nearly weekly for 11 years and there has never been a problem or an issue. Alicia and her crew are just first class! More...


Janina Spokas

25 January 2019

This place is fantastic in ever way. My dog looks forward to going. He pulls me in the door but not out. The staff is friendly. Easy reservations. Clean facility. I can check the live cams when I want. Love this place. My dog is a regular there. More...


Kathy Holt

26 November 2018

Camp Bow Wow Hudsonville is awesome!! Tucker loves going there and has a blast. The staff clearly know him and love him! The environment is warm and friendly. Tuck gets excited as soon as we turn in the parking lot and can’t wait to get inside. It makes daycare and boarding easy for us!! More...


Michelle Van Hall

26 November 2018

All the staff are always very friendly, knowledgeable and caring. The always remember our dog, even if we haven’t been there in months. They know his personality and recognize if he’s having an off day. The staff truly love their jobs and the dogs. More...


craig archambault

28 June 2018

Camp Bow Wow is the best! We have taken our dog Harley there since he was 5 months old and now we take our new puppy Marley there. The entire staff there is amazing and they treat the campers and the parents like family. They also do our grooming and bathing when needed and the groomer does an awesome job. We boarded Harley there while we were on vacation and it was a great experience. Thanks everyone at Bow Wow for all you do for the campers! More...


Karen Yates

4 May 2018

Great experience! Very friendly staff. Enjoyed being able to watch Daisy on video cam. Could see she was having fun and was safe. Our first visit went wonderful. Thank-you Camp Bow Wow! More...


Katie Halter

2 May 2018

I loved how easy it was to schedule both the trial day and boarding for my dog on relatively short notice. Everyone I spoke to was very professional and seemed to really be concerned with my dog's comfort level in adjusting to the camp atmosphere. They gave us feedback at the end of the test day, and being able to access the cameras made me confident about boarding Winnie there. More...


Rachel Hull

7 March 2018

It was great to be able to watch my dog on a live feed during the day. It definitely helped put my mind at ease. And it was a fun little break from work!


Anne Williams

12 February 2018

Have had wonderful experiences with Hudsonville Camp Bow Wow. We have a VERY LARGE still puppy energetic dog and he LOVES to go there. If you say the words Camp or Bow Wow in front of him watch out he gets super excited. The groomer there is wonderful and puts up with our crazy boy's energy. When I went into labor on a weekend in the summer they were super accommodating and took our dog at last minute notice. We love Camp Bow Wow and will always come back. More...


Barbara C.

8 August 2017

Took our dog here  for grooming  with Acl injury after her regular groomer of 4 years  at woof and wags in Grandville Mi refused to take her because of her injury even with vet approval . They said for us to take  her to the vet yo have her groomed    Heidi the groomer at camp bow wow was amazing so kind and gentle and loved our golden retriever and happy to groom her .  She did an amazing job . Plus said our dog  didn't even move during  grooming and was so well behaved.  Contrary to woof and wags ..  Heidi will be our groomer from now on.  People should remember that Customer service is part of a groomers business .  There are times when a dog needs special attention from a groomer and this is what she got at Camp Bow Wow from Heidi.  I highly recommend Heidi at Camp Bow wow . More...


Ginger W.

20 July 2017

They treat my pup like part of the family. I never feel bad leaving her here to play. She comes home exhausted from playing all day. I love being able to watch her live from the website in case I do want to check in on her. They are very sweet and also offer great grooming  packages. More...


Kris F.

4 May 2017

Incredibly friendly staff who take great care of our anxious dog.  The grooming services are the absolute best in the area.


Amy H.

31 March 2017

Super friendly staff, webcams to check up on our puppy, and very clean facilities - well worth the price for us! Our puppy comes home with all of his excessive amounts of energy burned and ready to snuggle. Win-win!


Chelsea H.

28 November 2016

I love that we don't have to have a reservation, and can keep a payment method on file. We often need short notice care for our dogs and this is a great option and is very close to home. Our dogs always come home tired, content, and happy. We also love the half-priced days, veteran's discount, and package discounts. I feel like other reviews that mention flea dirt, and kennel cough - you have an animal. They get sick and sometimes have bugs on them. They're animals, that's what they do. So if your expectation is to have a super clean dog all the time with no illnesses, keep it in a purse and don't let it socialize with other animals. Or get a stuffed animal from the store. More...


Laura K.

11 July 2016

We left our dog overnight recently while on vacation. She LOVES it there! We can tell because we get to watch her on the live web cams, which is pretty cool and amusing. :) The staff is very friendly, they interact a lot with the dogs, and took the time to show us around when we first brought her. They also gave us an update when we picked her up. Great place to leave your pet for the day or overnight! More...


Devin N.

21 June 2015

We were in the Detroit area visiting friends and we had our dog (along with our friends' dogs). We dropped off all of the dogs at Camp Bow Wow for half a day while we were doing a tour. Everyone there was so friendly and helpful. If I am in the area again, I will not hesitate to leave my beloved pooch in their capable hands. More...


Alix M.

15 June 2015

We loved the tour, loved the web cam, and loved that our girl could run inside or outside as much as she wanted. She came home with a lot of confidence, which means a lot to us as our sweetiepup was a rescue and came to us very insecure. Every bit of confidence for her is a win! More...



30 November 2010

We love Camp Bow Wow! We bring our little one here to play and love when she comes home so tired after a long day at work! She has been coming here to 2 years and loves all the dogs and all the counselors love her! We would recommend this place to everyone! More...

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