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Ching DG

4 May 2019

My daughter and her cousin really love spending time in their classes. Very accommodating too.Highly recommended.Attention,listening skills and following instructions have improved,just a few of it’s positives ,many to mention.


Shannon SK

20 February 2019

My son has been going to Resende Academy for almost a year now, he/we absolutely love it. He’s excited for every class and I’ve notice an improvement in his physical fitness, his attitude and discipline. We have all made great friendships and I can’t wait for the coming years watching my son grow and learn at the academy! Thanks for a great program! More...


Tony R Howdle

5 February 2019

My son goes here, he loves it. I'd go too if I had the time!


Allen Hurst

5 February 2019

Great environment, awesome atmosphere! People are openly welcomed no matter their experience.


Cherrie Zem

5 February 2019

Great community to be in. Outstanding instructors and very family oriented. Offers programs for Every member of the family. Got to try it!


Emi Sanchez Olson

5 February 2019

Best place for familys to learn together the art of Brazilian jujitsu


Rob Thompson

5 February 2019

The best place to learn martial arts in a safe and family friendly environment! Professional instructors for all levels from preschool kids to highly competitive adults. Beginners, Hobbists and Enthusiasts all have a place at Rodrigo Resende Academy. More...


Morgan Rae

5 February 2019

The first day I put on my stiff new gi and walked onto the mat, I was nervous, anxious and excited. That day, I was the only female. I wanted to run back to my truck! But, I was warmly welcomed by every team member.
This gym is more of a second home, and a big family than I could ever imagine. Everyone is treated with respect, no matter their belt color. The higher belts are like big brothers and sisters. They share their knowledge and help you grow.

I owe a lot to the members and Sensei Rodrigo. Thank you for everything!

If you've ever thought about joining, come and try it!! You won't be dissapointed.



Tony Mantis

24 January 2019

Getting a membership here was one of the best decisions I made this year. Do yourself a favor and try it out - first few classes are free right now. Outstanding coaching, great workouts (for all ability levels), and a really good group of people to practise with all make for an excellent experience. More...


Monique Atkins

26 October 2017

My daughter joined the kickboxing class almost a year ago and she is loving it!!


Dan Hewko

20 June 2017

Honestly, I've given this gym a few months of my time and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to continue on and see what the future brings. I have 6 kids, full time job 60hrs one week and 70hrs the next, a home business and college on the side so extra time for me is hard to come by but this is worth every minute. The atmosphere is amazing and coach Steve is awesome. Thank you to Martine for being friendly also and helping us remember the date for sign in as well lol! You and Steve make a great team at Hybrid. If I can find time then so can you and I'm telling you that you won't regret it. Thank you Hybrid for being a badass gym close to home and treating your students with patience, respect and focus. If you're interested then don't hesitate, if I can find time, then so can you. I was somewhat nervous working up the courage to try it out but realize now there was nothing to be nervous about. Friendly environment and great people. If you want to do it then put your excuses aside and come out and try a couple classes, what do you have to lose? Hybrid, thanks again. More...


Ryan Babee

4 November 2016

Thought its a great class .to learn all new for me and having the whole family join is even better and to meet new people and there expierence.���


Joe Forte

29 September 2016

I have been to many schools over the years and I can honestly say Coach Steve, the owner and operator, couldn't be a better instructor. He is on the mat right with me, doesn't let me perform a move incorrectly as learning the basics in BJJ are hugely important. The class structure is well planned out and paced to learn on actual bodies not standing in rows doing loads of falling and repetitive cardio. If you want to stand around and pay for belts learning very little as you go, then don't come here. If you want a great workout and a coach that loves the the sport so much he gets right in there w you then you should come out. Steve's wife is usually at the desk and is super pleasant and welcoming and will gladly get you set up, I think there is even a free trial session or something as well. Totally worth the time to check it out. Side note, everyone training has been incredibly friendly and inviting at this gym, my wife does Muay Thai and is a girly girl and absolutely loves it, never being intimidated by anyone at any level. Lastly, the gym is very very clean, which I was surprised at, even as hot as it is training in July there is no lingering smell of gross stale mats. Well done hybrid! More...


Dennis John Smith

26 August 2016

Best gym ever! Come see Coach Steve Neuman! If i can do it so can you! Train at Hybrid Martial Arts.


Marc Arsenault

25 August 2016

This is such I great martial arts school and coach Steve is the best


Martine Newman

10 July 2016

So excited for the future of this club. Certainly the place to train in the Fort!


Jocelyn Naughton

23 April 2016

Coach Steve is great. My son has gained so much confidence and he really enjoys jujutsu.


Ben Pearson

23 April 2015

awesome place to be , glad i found somewhere i feel so at peace away from home


Tony Chin

10 February 2015

A great place to roll with friendly people, with a willingness to help everybody.


Fahim Ahmed

22 March 2014

Can't stop while having fun.


Travis Marshall

17 March 2014

Great friendly and fun environment weather your in it for fitness or want to be a great competitors. Coach Steves attention to detail and teaching methods are second to none. Focus is on technique and drilling which i love. More...

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