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I am a Photographer/ Videographer based out of Louisville Kentucky. My true passion is telling a story through a form of digital media. Being able to capture the heart and soul of a moment so 10 years down the road you can go through the pictures/ re live the experience.



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What is the purpose of this Video/Photo?
How long would you like the video to be?
Is there a certain aesthetic you would like?
How long will I have to edit/get the footage to you?
Is there certain gear you need?
Will this require a budget outside of my services?
Is this your first time being apart of a professional shoot?
ect, ect.

Being able to tell a story! Waking up and knowing I am living my dream. To me passion is everything and without it life can become bland. So the simple fact is, what I love most about my job is just that, Im able to do it as my Job.