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California Infotech is a reliable Digital Marketing company that aims at helping businesses grow. With a team of experienced Digital Marketing professionals, we never fail to offer high-end solutions. We aim to deliver powerful marketing strategies to help you beat your rivals across the globe.

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18 June 2020

Accurate, not afraid to hit a little talk and solve it with a GOOD communication.
Very straight forward and sure know what they/he/she are doing.
They are stuck with us for a long time to come!
Thank you very much
MHS & More LLC
Christyna & Staff Members

Thank you Christyna for the review. It is your approach of open communication which has enabled us/her/me to serve you well. We are happily stuck!

3 June 2020

Jagmeet was the most professional person I have ever worked with. She was extremely dedicated and her team was very proficiant in finding exactly what I wanted. She worked day and night, keeping a constant interactive conversation with me. Even during the holiday and over the weekend I would still hear from her and her team. It was an absolute pleasure and I will definitely be using her services again! More...

Thank you for your feedback, we are glad that we were able to serve you!

24 May 2020

We haven't started the project yet. But we've talked and she gave me the information I needed in terms I could understand and was super friendly. Looking forward to this

Hi Mary!! Thank you so much for your feedback, this is highly appriciated. Thank you for your time for the tele call and listing to us. :-)

15 May 2020

Great customer service beautiful work

Thank you for your feedback.

9 May 2020

This was a very good logo and it is very eye catching and the fonts and pictures are well used. Keep up the good work spirit mate 👍🏼👍🏼

Thank you for your feedback, we are happy to serve you.

24 April 2020

Fantastic logo creation experience with this client, who provided creative license with a touch of direction, and offered great communication and availability throughout. Will be very happy to work with him again as needs arise. Thanks Jagmeet More...

Thank you for your feedback, we are happy to serve you.

24 April 2020

Another great creative asset design work . Working with California Infotech is terrific. project communication, direction, availability are all highly recommended.

16 March 2020

The team at California Infotech is very professional. Fast communication and fabulous services.

14 March 2020

CA did the great job for the US for SEO services.

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The creativity shows by the developer to get your ideas on paper makes a great website.

I ask for the project requirements, the vision of the client, the type of clients they cater too, anything which inspires them, if they have a dead line. The idea here to flush out clients requirements with is the ket to cater there need be it be SEO work, website designing, or logo designing.

When designing - My focus to be the stencil which can help the client materialize the ideas.
When SEO - Its a set of rules to be followed religiously, the only creativity is no close the loose ends.

Basic information, best time to contact them during the project, any deadline, and the project requirements.

These are short term projects, not long enough that I get bore of monotonous work. Every project is unique! I get to interact with people from different parts of the country. Also, the independence and flexibility of work.

Same thing which inspires most of us! The independence of work hours, the taste of risk. With my own work - Sky is the limit.

Quality work, timely delivery, regular project updates as per the project management plan. Competitive pricing!