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Cakey Bakey

La Jolla


Cakey Bakey

La Jolla


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Z B.

26 October 2019

I love this place . Everything tastes good and the owner is very nice.  I always order pastry and cake for different occasions and my friends and co workers always complement me on the items I bring. Thanks to Maryam.


Febby M.

15 September 2019

Ordered a birthday cake for my 1 year old girl.  My guests kept saying the cake was really good!! Gave them a design i like and they deliv


Bree S.

24 August 2019

Found this place on yelp while looking for a birthday cake, needless to say the reviews were VERY ACCURATE!!!! This bakery did not disappoint, the woman who works here greeted me as soon as I walked in, she was very helpful and accommodating. The cake was so soft and delicious. I will for sure be coming back. More...


Thao L.

3 August 2019

It was a little hard to find since Yelp dropped the pin in the Von's plaza but I called and was advised that they are located because See's.What a precious little gem!!The price for the cream puffs and eclairs were $12.99/lb so I grabbed 2 lbs for the family to try! Extremely delicious cream puffs and eclairs!!!Also got the tiramisu and tart that will be for later. More...


Kim S.

18 July 2019

The most wonderful bakery.  The pastries were beautiful and delicious!  My family loved the flavors without all the extra extra sugar taste.  Maryam was so sweet and pleasant.  We even called to have some pastries shipped to northern California. More...


Mita S.

10 July 2019

Wonderful customer service and delicious cake!!  I I highly recommend!  Everyone loved it and the cake was beautiful.


Dave S.

29 June 2019

Stopped in this morning to find a few small items for my moms birthday. Was greeted very warmly by both the ladies working and what a pleasant and wonderful little shop this is. I wanted something different then the big commercial 85 Degrees shop around the front side of the shopping center and was very very happy I took the time to go searching. Funny thing is I have been by the location so many many times and never really paid that much attention to it....won't make that mistake again! :o)Mom loved the items I got her and being 92, finding the right things that aren't overwhelming is touch. She especially loved the Vanilla Creme Sponge Roll Cake slice...it was wonderful. Ladies...tell the mall to get you proper signage and put the "Cakey Bakey" name up and bail the "Balboa Bakery" stuff. It gives you distinction and you are sooo deserving of it. Thanks for making part of my moms special day exactly that! More...


Red Valerie

26 May 2019

I recommend this place to all foodies!


Jenni Y.

13 May 2019

This place is a hidden gem that I can't believe I've been driving by for 6 years now. It's a small and humble looking bakery with a small selection of baked goods but the quality is great and I prefer have a small selection of delicious desserts of a vast selection of ok quality baked goods.I tried their napoleon cakes first and it's perfect. The combination of their flaky layers and the cream is to die for. I love how it's got a good balance where it's not bland or too sweet. It's perfect to have with a cup of tea. I went back recently to also pick up the bollet, mocha cakes, and cream puffs and am not disappointed. Looking forward to many more visits to this location for my dessert fixes.Another thing I wanted to highlight is how nice the bakery owner is. She's always super helpful and even though I arrived a bit before opening, she still welcomed me in and prepared my order. Can't wait to go back for more! More...


Michael C.

4 April 2019

Not sure how this place has not exploded yet. Got a fruit tart that was fantastic but my wife got two pieces of the baklava made with pistachios and that was the best. Also got a puff pasty that was out of this word and the wonderful older lady running the counter gave us two of the nut cookies that were just fantastic. Going back for a cake for my birthday and expect it to be just as good. More...


Hoda S.

28 March 2019

Balboa Bakery exceeds the expectations by all means. Ms. Maryam is a true artist; talented, kind, caring, and just wonderful. The pastries are fresh, delicious, and nicely presented. We have ordered pastries from them for a couple of events and could not be happier with the way they took care of us. I kept calling them to add/modify the order and every time they treated me with great respect. More...


Freddie D.

23 March 2019

Cakes Bakey replaced Balboa Bakery. Cakey Bakey is by far the best Persian bakery in San Diego and probably in all Southern California. They bake everything in-house. It's fresh and absolutely delicious. Persian baked goods are a mix of middle eastern and French style cookies and cakes. We discovered it a few years back and would regularly get cookies and cakes. It was sold to new owners, which didn't pan out. One of the original bakers bought the business back and the quality and customer service is now better than ever. We can't recommend this place enough!!!! More...


Danella S.

3 March 2019

I was fortunate enough to get a box of pastries from this bakery as a gift. I couldn't stop thinking of their cream puffs and eclairs! This is now my go-to if I need a quick yummy treat or if I need some sweets for a party. More...


Mariam E.

25 February 2019

Great, quality products. Maryam was a pleasure to work with, as she was really professional, and extremely responsive. We ordered a Napoleon for a party and all our guests fall in love with how light and tasty the cake was. Fair prices were another plus for this business. Highly recommend working with them. More...


Quyen N.

10 February 2019

love love love their cream puffs! Made to perfection!! Friendly service and not sure if its a good or bad thing that this is close to me. Mostly good for sure!


Iris R.

10 February 2019

The sign outside says Balboa Bakery but you're in the right place. You can tell the owner loves what she does and it absolutely showed through her food. I really enjoyed the baklavas, cakes and zoolbia and balmieh. I just wished their prices were by item rather than by pound so I'd have a better sense of the total price. I liked that they had Turkish coffee; the owner was so sweet she gave me a free sample of Turkish delight to go with it. :) More...


Evan C.

14 January 2019

Very tasty Greek desserts (and Turkish). The "Turkish" coffee is incredible and the place has a nice environment. Friendly people and again amazing desserts.


Jeff W.

22 December 2018

Found this complete gem of a bakery Thursday needing something to drop off at a couple of customer accounts on Yelp! Wonderful bakery, when you walk in the aroma is heavenly!  Mariam (I hope I spelled your name correctly) welcomed me and put together 2 excellent cookie trays for me.  They were excellent, both customers loved them. I now have a bakery I can count on in the future!PS the Napoleon cake was fabulous! More...


Pat M.

19 December 2018

We ordered a napoleon cake for my mother's 95th birthday - it was absolutely DELICIOUS and got so many rave reviews from our guests. Plus, the employee I dealt with (forgive me, I can't remember her name) was so kind and helpful. We will definitely be back for more! More...


Cyrus S.

7 December 2018

Best place for tea time and Persian cookies I love it and highly recommend it to everyone very friendly staff clean place and a lot of options


Kyle M.

5 December 2018

This place is highly recommended. The staff is very friendly and their coffee and pastries are excellent. They also make really cool custom cakes.


Natasha A.

24 November 2018

Delicious!  Picked up a napoleon, eclair, mocha cake slice, and vanilla rolette slice-each one was better than the last!  There are other Persian goodies and cookies which also looked great.  The bakery is in a little strip mall, definitely a place to stop by after grabbing some koobideh at Balboa market a few doors down. More...


Naz M.

4 October 2018

Maryam is great and talented baker who bakes with love and passion. Postachio and cream cake is so moist and delicious.


Hoda F.

8 September 2018

We come here often with family, not only they have personable staff but also fresh pastry. The owner bakes them herself in the back, ive seen her art piece.  Shes one of a kind as you'll c in the pic yourself.  A must come if you're nearby. Ooh also, try their coffees.. More...


Ramin G.

6 July 2018

This is an amazing family run bakery, their chocolate eclairs is out of this world, they will do birthday cakes as well. This bakery is a must to try.


Mo M.

6 July 2018

It is fresh and very high quality. It is hidden in back of mall well worth the triop.


Jumana A.

17 June 2018

Great pastries and many options to choose from. great staff members as well, very attentive and helpful!


David Y.

29 May 2018

the pastries here are the top of the line, best that I've found in all of san diego after months of living here. My favorite thing to get are the cream puffs, I have probably gotten more than 500 over my time out here. Its great!


Z P.

3 May 2018

Best cream puffs and best napoleon cake! Great service, everything is so fresh! Napoleon is a bit different than the one you find in Italian or Russian places, it's a bit more crunchy, but I personally prefer that and cream is to die for!!! If you have an event or just a get-together dinner, this pastries will be the hit of the table! Reasonably priced and so fresh! More...


Mary O.

14 April 2018

If you are looking for a top notch bakery, European style and high class, with great customer service and loving atmosphere, look no further. The wide variety of pastry, from eclairs, tarts and roulettes to Custom ordered birthday and wedding cakes, along with great loving staff and great prices make this place a gem! Maryam and her staff are so wonderful and great! Thank you! More...


Karina K.

31 March 2018

By far one of my FAVORITE bakeries. I discovered this when I was moving from SD and every time I've been back I've been dying to get a Napoleon Cake (it's really one of a kind and doesn't feel like a complete visit without this).The bakery has so many delicious and unique desserts (constantly experimenting/swapping out), that I've now always made it a point to pick up a tiny tray of the days assorted concoctions and take them to the family on my plane ride home whenever I visit. Hands down one of the BEST bakeries in all my travels. More...



4 March 2018

Lovely little place. Great cup of coffee. I mean delicious just black which is wonderful.Very tasty little treats. I tried quite a few. Some were not for me but others were quite good.Favorites were the coconut cookie and the cookie with jam inside of it. I wanted to love the Persian baklava but it was not for me though it was beautiful.The flowers on the table were perfect and things were fairly priced. I will be back when I visit the book store across the way! More...


Lariamne R.

23 February 2018

Been here only a few times. Initially, on a recommendation of a friend. The place is small but they are friendly and the cakes can be made to order or chosen from their fresh baked case. I recommend the pistachio cake if you're into rich flavors. I absolutely loved it. The cakes and pastries are reasonably priced and the location has two banks nearby Incase you need cash because unfortunately the last couple times  I've been there their card machine was down. More...


Kam Y.

11 February 2018

Excellent!  It is now once again a Persian bakery!I just stopped by today and all the yummy Persian treats that my family and I always enjoyed are back!  Come and enjoy like before...


Elly N.

31 December 2017

The best bakery with the friendliest owners Maryam and her husband who have great customer service and this place is wonderfully clean. She makes delicious roulettes and cherry cakes. More...


Jennifer H.

16 December 2017

The desserts here are really scrumptious. Just looking at the glass case it makes my mouth water.  If you see Maria shes the sweetest and most helpful lady.  You should definitely get what she recommends. You will not regret it. Everything was yummy. It's the best baklava I have ever had.  Love that it is a Mom and pop shop too. You can taste the quality and tell everything is made with love.  Cant wait to go back. More...


Thuy N.

10 November 2017

Wonderful desserts at an extremely reasonable price.  It's nice because you pay per weight and not per piece.  My favorite is the Napoleon.  It's flaky and the creme isn't super sweet like most places. More...


Albert M.

1 October 2017

Yum! Turkish coffee, baklava and other delicious baked goods and Turkish ice cream too!


Vijay M.

10 September 2017

Love this tiny bakery next to balboa international market. Simple, fresh, satisfying treats with Turkish coffee and tea


Debie B.

1 July 2017

Wonderful Turkish bakery. Great sweets to pass the morning with a cup of tea. Very nice staff answered all the questions graciously.


Brian T.

22 May 2017

A great Bakery and the owners also support local fundraisers such as Hope and Victory Cancer Care!!


Leanne B.

4 April 2017

The Turkish Delight, specifically the pomegranate-pistachio blend. There really are no words... it's just an experience. They are not only delicious, but uplifting to your soul. Must try. The baklava with the chocolate... insanely perfect. What makes delicious sweets even better? Friendly staff... this place is 10 stars in my book. More...


Stephanie B.

21 March 2017

I had never had Turkish delight, so they let me try some samples.  I purchased 4 different kinds, an assortment of cookies & cream puffs, and each is delicious!  Will be back for more! More...


Ayda R.

31 January 2017

If you are looking for quality pastry and cakes, this is the best place. I always order birthday cakes from here, the mocha cake is amazing! Customer service is always outstanding as well. More...


Starr C.

17 September 2016

Wonderful little speciality bakery shop, with tiny, perfect little divine fluffy pastries. Perfect for my once every 2 months sweet binge!


Reta B.

17 July 2016

Their cakes are really good!!! Not to sweet and good taste. Their customer service is really good. I have to try their drinks next time. They have variety of desserts and they also have some samples that you can try for certain items. More...


JustGin ..

7 December 2015

She said:Love the Baklava! It's so good I haven't tried anything else.He said:The baklava is a 5/5, but overall the bakery is a 4/5 for me. Awesome selection of middle eastern pastries and desserts. Worth a stop for the baklava. More...


Cathy N.

6 December 2015

This bakery is a good option if you need to buy sweets for a party or other occasion. I bought a selection of pastries, and they were very attractive. They also taste good, and they aren't too sweet. I'm glad we have this bakery in the neighborhood. More...


James W.

16 October 2015

We tried this place to have dessert after dinner at Sufi's Mediterranean and it was amazing. I rarely use that word to describe food but it was so good. We tried several different pastries and they were each perfect in their own way. There was one small pastry that had "rose water " in it and it literally tasted like a rose. I guess I'm too naive to know what that is but I was impressed at all of the different flavors. There was this one pastry that was a small croissant stuffed with a filling and pistachios and dipped in chocolate; it was like a cannoli only way better. We sat down with a cup of Persian tea and tried all of the different selections and it was awesome. Also, the lady behind the counter was so sweet and friendly and so was her mother in the back.  She took the time to explain each item to us and she was very patient and pleasant. Their service was the icing on the cake (pun intended) to our experience at this bakery. Do yourself a favor and try this place out. More...


Leanna Y.

22 September 2015

Omg!! We found this place on a whim last night. We will definitely be back. The woman that I presumed to be the owner was so sweet and helpful. We ended up leaving with a variety of items. My favorite were the cream puffs and eclairs. The filling in both was so creamy and milky. Both were full of it. I couldn't just eat one. The chocolate on the eclair was very pleasant. It was the perfect combo of sweet and bitter. Just writing about it now makes me want to go back now. I can't wait to go back and try some of their other delicious delights. I definitely recommend this place. More...


Tessa W.

18 August 2015

Try the Napoleon! The young woman who helped me was very nice. This is a great little bakery and perfect place to go for a custom order or just to grab something sweet and a  cup of coffee.


Kim T.

4 August 2015

Great little place to grab some desserts to enjoy with tea. The lady working there was very sweet & described all the different kinds of treats to us. Everything is sold by the pound. I like that you can pick & choose from the variety of cookies. We will definitely be coming back for these Persian delights. More...


Ahmad H.

17 May 2015

Awesome desserts and pastries for a really good price. Loved the cream puffs and the eclairs.


Amber B.

26 August 2014

i was craving delicious Persian almond cookies and they came through- also with beautiful pastries (napoleans and creme puffs!!)


Khoa N.

7 April 2014

My friend and I decided to give this place a try after stuffing ourselves at Sufi. The inside of the bakery is fairly small with a decent selection of yummy desserts. What caught my eyes right away is an assortment of delicious looking dark chocolate barks.At a whopping of $1x a pound, we were a little taken back by the price. It looked too good to pass up though so we went with the dark chocolate with raspberry and peanut. It was delicious! You can tell at the first bite that they use high quality dark chocolate and it was definitely worth the price. The dark chocolate had the right amount of bitterness and the slight sourness of the raspberry complimented each other perfectly.Definitely give this place a try if you're craving for dark chocolate! More...