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Founded in 2012, CakeHR is a growing HR software company that streamlines attendance and performance management for customers in over 1000 cities worldwide.

Unlike older platforms which can be painfully slow and complex, our innovative and user-friendly tool is designed to be fast and enjoyable to use for employees and managers.


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Janis Dubinskis

9 August 2018

New performance module is just Great!


Vlada Liashchenko

9 August 2018

The best soft for HR/Recruiters
Using it for almost 4 years. Highly recommended.


Julianna Gordimova

9 August 2018

Very intuitive and easy to use. Gives a lot of customisation options yet doesn't overwhelm me. I love it and highly recommend it! Your team will thank you :)


Kaspars Upmanis

9 August 2018

Certainly recommend! :)


Laura Liisa Lemetsar

9 August 2018

So easy to use and understand!


fahim tajwer

25 May 2016

Great application for our business. We have been using CakeHR for a number of months and are extremely happy with the functionality and support - highly recommended staff management solution for small businesses.

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If you think you know what you're building because you need to “scratch your own itch” then forget it & go out to speak with real potential customers. As slow as it may be, the best thing about Software as a service (SaaS) is its constant, compounding growth. You have to realise that with SaaS you're not building a business of today — you're building a business of the future.

We needed a way to centrally manage and communicate with members of our teams across the world – a method which could help us fulfill administrative functions as well with ease, regardless of the scale of our organization.

We aren’t going to throw you a sales pitch. We’ve worked far too hard on delivering a world-renowned product to need to employ “hype-man” sales tactics to convince you.



Forget about spreadsheets or paper forms. CakeHR handles requests & approvals digitally, then tracks them in shared calendars & reports. Create any custom time off policies (e.g. “Work from home”?) & let your employees to request their time off wherever they prefer - web, mobile app or even from Slack!

Timesheets are used to record the amount of time an employee has spent on a job for a defined time period, and then these timesheets become the basis for calculating employee salaries. Timesheets have evolved from sheets of paper with tabular entries to punch cards stamped by time clocks to modern timesheet monitoring software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

With CakeHR, you can simply create & edit shifts, then notify your employees with a click of a button. Everyone has access to their schedules from web as well as mobile apps.

Employees submit personal expenses simply by taking a photo of the receipt directly from CakeHR mobile app - it's that easy! Expense management covers everything from business purchases to mileage against business travel.

Give power to your employees to request time off, complete onboarding tasks & automate internal HR processes.

HR analytics helps draw insights, conclusions, and trends from historical data to predict future needs and behaviours, thereby ensuring that HR can truly partner with the business to achieve strategic goals.

Automate your onboarding process by assigning predefined task lists to new employees. Full automation & reporting package all in one.

Keep a record of all your employee current & historical data. Store any data with custom fields & run reports to pull out data at any time. A perfect place to keep your data safe & consistent.

The CakeHR mobile app transfers the power of self-service & simplicity from the web-based application to your hand-held device. The CakeHR mobile apps transfers the power of self service and simplicity from the web-based application to your hand-held device.