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Cairo Cuisine

Atlanta, Georgia, Dekalb


Cairo Cuisine

Atlanta, Georgia, Dekalb


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mercer grimes

19 April 2018

Excellent gyro platter, meat very flavorable, fresh salad, great tasting hummus. I've eaten at many Mediterranean/Greek/ Lebanese places around town and this was among the best for "fast" and even tops amomg the full service sit downs. Don't hold it against them that they are in a mall food court... If you eat street food then you should understand that sometimes you have to go of the beaten path for tasty food. More...


Kasey Kelley

11 February 2018

This place is so good! I usually get the eggplant dish. It is INCREDIBLE! The staff is very friendly. The young lady who was on the register today was very sweet and seemed to enjoy making small conversation with customers while she was ringing them up. You would think any place inside a small would be anything spectacular, but their food is top quality. Just awesome. More...


A.R. Hasan

11 October 2017

I've never had a bad experience here. I love the food. It's fresh and flavorful. Get the Chicken Shawarma plate! It's the best!


Sharon Joseph

5 October 2017

I really love this place. This is my first time eating here. The food is so good and the price is reasonable as well. I had the combo which includes rice and 3 sides for less than $8. The food tastes really good. I'd recommend this place to anyone looking for a Mediterranean food. More...


Shanon Murphy

10 August 2017

Really fresh and flavorful! Probably the best quality food I've gotten at a food court. We got great service too. It might take a little longer to come out than other food stalls but that's because it's real food with real preparation.


Koshary! Shall we bring our cart to you? It makes a great attraction.