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Business Owner! A quick question? Why should you be considering a Business Developer, rather than a Business Consultant, Social Media Expert or Business Coach?

Answer: A developer not only knows what a Consultant knows, but they actually works alongside you in a pro-active sense to get your Sales and Marketing tasks 'Done'.


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12 May 2020

Max is one of those people you just know has your best interests at heart and has a real passion for his work. A true professional!

The results are beyond our expectations and the process of developing our new company name, tag line and launch strategy was creative and great fun. I know we will be using Max on a regular basis.

24 December 2019

Quick, professional give it a try

31 July 2019

Great consultant and an incredible coach. His methodology, being clear and applicable, keeps you away from getting lost while setting up a new business. I highly recommend his services.

26 June 2019

Max is a very knowledgeable and positive coach to work with! I came to him for help starting my beauty business. We did a brandtsorm session which helped me get a clear picture of my next steps. I now feel prepared and ready to start selling! 10/10 More...

26 June 2019

THANK YOU MAX! I did the branding work shop with invisiblesalespro which has increased my online engagement by 43% and i have started seeing new customers interested in my services! I would never imagined to have seen such a big impact so quickly after the session! More...

21 June 2019

Great. Max has great energy and has been great in helping me to develop a marketing strategy.

7 June 2019

As founder of Power Moves Fitness the further success of my business rests highly on the quality of our sales, marketing & how viewers perceive our product. So developing a clear message is something we have had to work on. Max has provided undeniable insight, value and expertise. Highly recommend his services. More...

4 June 2019

I am a director at Lifetimedoubleglazin and Max has been working with us since the beginning and is the only business consultant which we worked with. He’s work and courses (easy to understand) made our business life smoother, knowing from where to start, to implement, proceed and succeed, having the best benefit from our business.
Thank you very much Max

4 June 2019

I am one of the directors @CloudDolphin and we recently had the 'Invisible SalesPro' over to our offices for some sales training for the team. Max was very knowledgeable and gave us a new way of looking at approaching sales that will simplify our processes going forward. Very informative and exciting training which engaged the team and I will be sure to be sharing great results with Max over the coming months.

100% recommend this service if you have a sales driven business!

4 June 2019

Man what can I say?! Max is a great mentor. From the first meeting, he helped us put our business together after years of trying to do it ourselves. He’s a great teacher, motivator and goes above and beyond for you. He’s honestly the best business investment we’ve made and we’ve made so much progress in the few months we’ve known him. Our team has grown bigger, we’re starting to make sales and it’s amazing to have someone to hold your hand through the process. If you’re wondering if you should have him on your team? You have nothing to lose especially if you are a new business or a business looking for that level up. Max does exactly what he says. No shortcuts, no fine print. Just solid great work! More...

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I love the fact that I am one of the very few people in London who has the ability to consistently show struggling business owners how to LIBERATE themselves and their families. I was a child of a struggling business owner; and I can tell you that watching your parents come home disappointed or worn out every day; SUCKED.

According to the University of Middlesex and the CPD, 70% of businesses in the UK have never thought about investing in Sales Coaching/Training.. It is no surprise that the minority of businesses; the 30% understand how to grow predictably and consistently. In many cases, members of the failing 70% are bought out by the successful 30% are then turned around and then either sold at a profit or just absorbed into the wider, ever growing company. That is if that member of the 70% hasnt burned through all of its cash and shut up shop yet, of course; 90% of UK small businesses fold within 3 years.

That does not have to be you, I want you to join the 30% not (unknowingly) the 70%.

I love to watch my clients who are business owners and sales managers develop themselves and their people to a stage where they have supreme confidence at operating in their marketplace because of their competency with the simple methods and systems that all of my clients latch on to .

I love to help people turn around their experiences of businesses, because it doesn't have to be hard and things do not have to be so have to be confusing or empty feeling.

You just need to be shown systems that work.

I have generated over 2 million in sales (in a relative amount of time) using them and I have helped clients double their sales in a month.

Which side sounds better to you? The 70% or 30%?

I started my agency because i have a track record for growing and turning around businesses quickly.

More importantly, I love watching and hearing my clients develop 'the twinkle in the eye' that comes from watching them become masters of their market. The inner confidence and (emotional, mental and financial )security that this feeling breeds is infectious and I am on a mission to help more people who are humble, deserving and vital, OWN that feeling.

I am on this mission because I have seen how losing in one's career can affect a family unit and a community. It does not have to be that way. I know because I have used to change my life (a few times over!)

This is why I get out of bed in the morning. To help business owners OWN the feeling of control over their destiny as opposed to OWNING worry, fear, and loss in their lives.

You should choose me because I am so confident in my ability to help you drive growth, that if i fail in our agreed upon target for your growth I PROMISE to always:
-Give you back a FULL REFUND if you are unsatisfied.
-Even in that event, I will continue to work with you until we get there; together (I never give in, never!). This is about a lot more to me than your money.

My agency carries a rating of 8.9 out of 10 according to TRUSTPILOT. This means a lot to me and I will be gunning it to ensure that this does not drop! Check my reviews out here: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.invisiblesalespro.com?utm_medium=Trustbox&utm_source=MicroStar



Looking to build a brand for the ages and not just a business. Good move... Only brands sell in the age of social media. If you want to know how to get your message across to the consumer; and make it stick so they come back to you (and only you) again, and again and again, you need this in your life. Get in conatact and we can set one up. The Brand Story session that i offer lasts 90 minutes and has a crazy record for changing how you look at what it ios that you are trying to do. A must do, for all serious start-up founders and people who want to increase weekly revenues. See you at the top ; ) Max.

Want to generate revenue, in the easiest way possible online? Ok, so there are a billion people online that reckon that they can transform your business. My way of thinking is this.. If they couldn't sell your product face to face, guess what? The internet isn't going to give them a magic ability to be able to get it done. Contact me so that i can tell about how we build social sales funnels that get results. Invisible SalesPro is all about putting 'numbers on the board' for our clients. i'm not kidding here, the way we work is proven to work and gets tangible results(not like the marketers who have spent a bit of time on youtube and read a couple of books, which is 90% of marketers today). If you are looking to implement a lead generation system, contact the 'real' sales experts. Speak soon : )